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"Who could resist this pretty thing?"

20 years old

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July 26 2021

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Characters: [MELODY] |any theme|not new to this site or rping|I never add first I stalk lol|
Verses: ["MELS"] |no furries!|iffy on cartoons!|no wrestling!|no socials!|
Playbys: [LOPEZ] |check blog post for verses|
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Member Since:July 21, 2021

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About me:

♚ harmona,

Full Name Melody Marie Lopez
Nicknames Mels
Gender Female
Date Of Birth October 21st, 2000
Ocupation: Instagrammer
Orientation: Bisexual
Piercings: Tongue, nose
Relationship: N/A

Melody Marie Lopez was born to a middle class family, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are immigrants from Cuba, she has lived with both parents growing up. She is an Instagram star, and was always know for her interest in street fashion which you can see her wearing all the time. She is know for being sweet, but having a funny and sassy side. She can lose her temper quick, but she usually is only shown being a sweet, funny girl. She has long, curly, black hair, hazel eyes. She is petite and only 5'4, with tanned skin. She loves pastries but also likes to eat healthy, but hates working out. She can have two sides, her girly side, and her tomboy side. She loves money, and earns her money from Instagram sponsers.

She is a lover, she devolopes crushes quickly. But she only likes to get intimate with someone she truly loves. She loves making friends and is a huge extrovert, and she hates being stuck at home she loves being out. It is very easy to become friends with her, and she likes to build strong relationships with people. She will want to be by your side that it might start to get annoying, but she loves attention. One of her bad traits is constantly needing attention, or she will feel as if you don't care about her. She is also a strong lover of all animals, but terrifed of bugs, and spiders. Animals are a way to her heart, and she just has a connection with them. She also has this connection with babies, they are so cute and she just loves to play with them. (KEEP IN MIND ANY OF THIS INFO CAN CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE ROLEPLAY!)

Computer Hope
Computer Hope
forever and always,
Was it truly selfish of her to never want him to leave her side?
Or… would her own sacrifice be enough to make it worth it, in the end?
Even if she would never see him – any of them – again…
to know they’d be happy, living in peace…
It would be enough.
… right?
So why did it feel so wrong, leaving him behind?

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