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Jul 6th 2021 - 12:46 PM

Kash came back from a week-long mission away from camp to find a letter sitting on his bed. He smiled to himself as he picked it up. “Finally something from her.” He ripped open and began reading the letter as he found his way to his desk as he was reading. He didn't waste any time before starting to write a new letter.

June 19, 2019

Dear Beautiful,

Well, I am most happy that you got the letter before school was over. As you can see I will probably only send you stuff to your home now. Orange probably wouldn't look good at all. Everything you sent me is perfect. I couldn't ask for anything else honestly.

I tried telling them you were a black belt and I just got laughed at that you probably kicked my ass to read the book in the first place. Mind finding me some love story war books? Maybe I'll look more manly or something.

I could use some homemade cookies right about now. That sounds so good right now. Maybe a cake? I haven't had those things in a long time. You wanna live on a farm? If you want to your not far from my farm and house. I could let you check things out there. Maybe you could start putting a few animals out there. Just take care of them. Well, I'm not saying the main house but there is a trailer out there if you wanted to you could stay out there. If you told me, yes, My aunt that lives a couple of farms down could let you in.

Just the one relationship in high school that ended so badly. How could any man cheat on someone like you??! How stupid could anyone be? You do know no all men are like that right?

I've included a shirt of mine. Please be sure to wash it. No washing machines here so we hand wash everything.




Jun 28th 2021 - 11:00 PM



The loudspeaker rang through the camp once again. This time Kash nearly jumped hearing it to rush to the mess hall. He had hoped for a letter from Willow and the kids. He was excited and had been waiting to hear from them. It was something he had to look forward to. He quickly jumped from his bunk and head down to the mess hall.

He waited in line for his turn. Once he got to the front they handed him a box. It weighed a lot more than last time. “What the hell did she put in this thing!” He laughed as he made it back to his tent. He wasted no time at all ripping open the box. He searched the box for the letter but didn't see one. He picked up the book and opened it. He saw the letter and the photo of her. He smiled to himself looking at her photo. She made him smile so easily. He propped the photo up on his nightstand and looked at it for a few moments before beginning to read her letter.


March 18, 2019

Dearest Willow,

Well, Let me start off by saying that I am going to be sad that I won't see anything else from the kids. I understand they must go up another grade at some point. I hate that it takes some time to get the letters back and forth but it's just how the mail runs for us. I would love to continue. You're the only person I get letters from. I don't have any family back home anymore. I lost my father before I enlisted. I've been serving since 2007. This is my third tour and should be my last. I plan on staying on the reserves after I come back to the states.

I think these reeses will last me a little while. They work as good trade with the locals also for things. Also the other soldiers for other things. Thank you for the paper, pens, and envelopes. They are worth a lot around here. This will last me a long time. I would like to continue receiving letters from you but I would also like to speak with you and hear you're voice. It's an 8-hour difference for us. So I don't know how often we will be able to skype but we can try if anything you can send me messages.

Wilson is all farmland in that area. Yes, it's nice if you want it quiet but if you're looking for anything to do you have to go to Greenville or Raleigh. Virginia Beach is beautiful. Maybe when I get back to the states you could come to visit? I don't have a place off the barracks but that doesn't mean we couldn't stay down on the beach. I'd get you your own room.

American Books are gold here. I will be reading this lovely book you have sent me but I think the guys are going to make fun of me a million times fold. I love to cook. I used to have to cook for my father. Not good with baking though. Everything always falls in on itself. If I didn't enlist I would of stay back in Wilson, I would have been a farmer. My father owns farmland in those areas. I still do but I just rent them out to the farmers in the area now.

Well, there are your first three things about me. Here are three more. One of my favorite movies is Pearl Harbor for the love story. I love to go fishing at night. It makes it funnier if there's someone to go with. I've never been to a drive-in movie with anymore. Bonus fact! I've never had a true girlfriend before. Basically, single my whole life.

I can't wait to hear from you again. Till we write again. I'll be looking at your photo every day. I wish I could give you a better one of me. I guess you could go search for my old Facebook if you really want to.

With Love,



Skype – K.Larson721


Jun 26th 2021 - 10:40 PM


Jun 26th 2021 - 9:12 PM

It was nearly the end of February before there was another mail call. They didn't happen often due to being discrete on their location. Once a month trucks came in and it also depended on if the truck even made it to the camp. Kash was sitting in his tent when one of the other Marines popped his head in the tent. “Larson, I got a package from you. Someone named Willow sent you something.” Kash looked puzzled at him. “Really?” He quickly got up grabbing the package and took it over to his desk and sat down with it. “Thank you, Peterson.” He moved his hand in a way to wave him along.


Kash ripped the box open looking around in quickly grabbing the letter. The letter was wrapped around a photo. He looked at the photo, it was a class photo of the class that wrote him. He smiled to himself before noticing Miss Cunningham. He ran his finger over her. She was very pretty. He couldn't believe how pretty she truly was. He looked over all the rest of the class with their smiling faces. She had a wonderful class. He propped the photo up under his lamp on his desk. He picked up the letter and began to read it as he pulled out some Reese's cups from the box.


He didn't wait this time to get another letter out to her. He pulled out some paper. He didn't have much left. It was tough to get a hold of things in his parts.


February 23th 2019

Dear Willow,


I am surprised to hear from you again. Sometimes we get those first letters and we never receive anything ever again. I hope the kids enjoyed the candy I sent them. I don't really have anything else to send this time besides my words. If there is anything you can think of please don't hesitate to ask me for it.

Thank you so much for the art. You don't know how much it means to me. The class photo is amazing now I can place a face on you also. If you don't mind I would love a few things honestly. I could use some more paper that doesn't have my headlines on it so that I can write you more. I know it sounds silly but it one of the hardest things to find over here. Any junk you send is great. I love it all. I can transfer money to you if you would like. Only send me your name and the bank you bank with. I will make the rest happen. I don't really have any needs.

It is very nice to meet you Willow. Greenville is a very nice area. I grew up right outside of it in Wilson, NC. When I am not here in the middle east. I am stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That's been my station since 2008. I have to say Miss Cunningham you are a very beautiful woman. I would love to find some time to maybe skype one time. That's about the only we can do. It difficult with all the routing of location and not letting out location be pinged. Maybe one day we can do that? I hope to hear from you soon.

Kash Larson.

P.S. It takes about a month for me to get your letters. Please don't get discouraged.


Jun 25th 2021 - 3:35 PM


Jun 24th 2021 - 8:37 PM


That rang through our camp over the loud horns. These troops were currently in the middle east. Kash himself had been serving for the last two years. He hadn't been home in nearly 18 months and still was going to be sometime before he was shipped back home to Virginia. Being a Sergeant he was pretty important to what he did with his troop. He still had another two years away from home for the most part. All he could do was count down the days till he went home. Not that there was much to go home to. His father died before he shipped off and his mother had taken off when he was a kid.

Kash pulled up to the mess hall where they were passing out mail, instead of just letters he saw a bunch of boxes. They were all done up like Christmas presents. He killed the truck and jumped out along with a couple of privates. “What's this mess?” He called out to one of the guys. “Christmas care packages like last year!” Kash looked around at all of them. You never knew what you would get in one of these things. “One for every soldier?” The private nodded at him. “Take your pick, Sergeant Larson.” Kash looked around at them all before picking up a green and red box and walked over to the truck with it and stuck it in the passenger seat before getting back in the truck and taking off to his tent on the other side of the camp.

Kash had his own tent since he was a Sergeant. He sat down on his bed with the box and started to rip it open. Once he had it open, he noticed the glitter that was all over the box. He laughed softly as he picks up the letter that was near the top and dusted the glitter from it. He looked around scanning the items before plucking out the beef jerky and ripped the bag open. He started to eat the jerky as he ran over the letter.

He had gotten one of these boxes the year before but had to share it with another soldier since there were twice as many of them. He sits the letter down on his desk and picked up all the drawings and started to look through them before getting up and putting a few up on his bulletin board. He looked down into the box one more time before plucking out the small teddy bear. It was small enough to fit in one of his pockets. It was like one of those beanie baby's he had when he was a child. He sat down at his desk to write a thank you letter but was called away by one of the solider and lift the bear on his desk with the letter under it.


-----Twos weeks later-------

January 6th, 2019

Dear Miss Cunningham Class,


I want to say I am very thankful for the pictures that you have all drawn for me. I have in fact some of them hanging on my bulletin board to keep my day bright. They get me through my day here in the middle east. If you don't know where that is, I am sure that Miss Cunningham can show you on a map.

Whoever sent me Reese's cups, I just want you to know that is my favorite candy ever and I haven't had one in nearly two years. It was a little melted when it got to me, but it tasted like heaven! Not much food you guys know here. I have included in my package back to you guys some candy from the middle east for you to try. It's like hard candy. Maybe like a jolly rancher is the best I can describe it.

I want you to know that I would love more pictures and care packages if Miss Cunningham is willing to let you do it. Maybe include your first names on the pictures so I can say thank you to you all with your name.

I have included a picture of myself, maybe I can be your soldier mascot in your classroom.

Sergeant Kash Larson

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