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the low down

what happened was...

■ FULL NAME: dinah elizabeth blake
■ NICKNAME(S): Dee; self explanitory.
■ DATE OF BIRTH: 11/08/98
■ PLACE OF BIRTH: New Orleans.
■ AGE: 23.
■ SPECIES: Species (empathic clairvoyant).
■ GENDER: Female.
■ SOULMATE: Insert the name here.
■ CURRENT RELATIONSHIP: Playfully mingling.
■ EYE | HAIR COLOR: Colorful. | Brown.
■ HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 5" 6'. | 160 pounds.
■ FAMILY: Anita Blake (twin; deceased), Mom&Dad (deceased).
■ FRIENDS: Winnie (FOREVER), Name Here (since).
■ OCCUPATION: Animal Shelter.
■ SIGNIFICANT KILLS: Anita Blake, Name Here, Name Here.
There’s a little story that needs to be told about Dinah’s history. It’s not a good story; in fact it’s down right depressing, but it needs to be heard. Dinah Blake wasn’t an only child. She tells everyone she was, and from what she remembers she was! That’s not the case. She had a twin, Anita. They were inseparable from birth. When one of them would be getting fed, the other would whine and fuss. When one of them would be getting changed or cleaned up, the other would throw a tantrum. As they grew older and into their toddler phase, Dinah and Anita did everything together. They even wanted to dress alike! Their hair was also always done the same. Their parents loved how close they were, but their mother wanted them to have their individuality as well. She began separating the girls every once in a great while and taking one to run errands while Dad watched and cared for the other and vice versa. Once Mother saw the girls were starting to be ok with the idea of being their own separate person and were ok with going their separate ways, she tried to do it more often. At first the girls were ok and when they were reunited at home they loved each other more and were still inseparable, but just at home.

It wasn’t until the girls were around the age of seven and Dinah knew of her abilities and tried to explain to her family that Anita became jealous. She didn’t understand why Dinah was so special and had these abilities but she didn’t, when they were born at the same time. Anita could sense and feel her sister Dinah, but that was the twin bond. It wasn’t the same as what Dinah was experiencing. Dinah got a premonition about her and Anita and became afraid. However, she didn’t want to tell her parents because she was afraid of Anita getting hurt or in trouble. So she kept the vision to herself. When Dinah saw it coming to pass, she tried talking to Anita and telling her that she didn’t know why she had these abilities but Anita didn’t. Dinah also told her that she didn’t even want the abilities! She didn’t want to be able to see the future or everything else that she could do because it scared her. They were only children after all.

Anita didn’t believe her. They screamed and shouted at each other before they eventually fought and Anita began hitting and pushing Dinah. Dinah, getting more and more afraid as she felt Anita’s anger turn into rage, kept taking steps back. It didn’t help. Anita lunged at her and attacked her. Dinah, defending herself, shoved her really hard and Anita flew down the flight stairs behind her. Not wanting her to get hurt, Dinah tried to grab her wrists but it was too late. Anita was already lying upside down at the foot of the staircase. Dinah cried out for their parents as she ran down the steps. Arriving at Anita’s unconscious body, Dinah picked her head up and placed it in her lap. Their parents rushed to the scene of the accident and immediately picked up one of each of the girls, hurrying out to the vehicle.

They didn’t want to wait for an ambulance, but Father called the authorities to let them know what was going on and they even got a squad car to lead the way so they had a clear path to the hospital. When they arrived, they were rushed to ICU so Anita could be looked at. She had banged her head on the hardwood floor which caused a hemorrhaging in her brain. They were all completely devastated and were afraid she wouldn’t last the night. The doctors had stopped most of the bleeding, but they couldn’t get to all of it without damaging major parts of her brain. Anita was laid up in the hospital for only a day before she seized and then just stopped breathing. The doctors performed CPR but by the time they began, she was already gone; they were just giving CPR to a corpse at this point. It was devastating to say the least, and Dinah took it the hardest since she believed it was her fault that Anita died. Thankfully she was young enough that her parents were able to admit her in a psych hospital so they could help her through this traumatic time. What ended up happening though, was they practically made her forget that she was even a twin! So when she’s asked about siblings and family, she tells them she’s an only child because in her mind she is. The event was just so incredibly hard on her that they heavily medicated her for almost three years! That’s what helped her forget! It’s deep down in her psyche, but it has to be drawn out to be known to outside people.

i love you

like a fat kid loves cake

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Dinah Blake

❝ you never know who you're dealing with

Dinah is an empathic clairvoyant. She was born with these abilities and learned the very hard way to keep them to herself. Growing up Dinah was a sweet child but around the age of six years, she began getting teased for being little “Miss Goodie Two Shoes” and always doing as she was told. They called her vanilla and mommy and daddy’s little girl. Dinah was thirteen when the car accident came to pass and her parents died. Dinah survived from sitting in the back seat and having her seat belt on, but admitted to hospitalization for quite a few days. The first three days she was unconscious. The hospital kept her for another night and full day before trying to turn her over to Child Protective Services. Before they put her foster care however, the neighbor mother asked if she could foster her since she would watch her while the parents were away. They granted her permission which made them all just delighted.

Living with the neighbors, Dinah found out within a year that the oldest boy was a gang member. Didn’t take long after she found out that she realized just what kind of gang they really were. He was given a task to fulfill so they could see just how loyal and obedient he was to the gang. When he told her what he was to do but didn’t do it, Dinah immediately cried and threw her arms around his neck. She thanked him over and over again. He swore that he would never be the one to harm her and if he found out that someone had, he would take them out. After that, he and Dinah had gotten very close. His mother actually liked how close they had gotten but was worried about how aggressive he was becoming about her. She never said anything because she knew it’d be fine. It was when Dinah really felt like part of the family that she sat them all down and told them about her abilities. At first the two girls didn’t believe, but they’re young. She expected that. The parents and of course the oldest son believed and spoke on it. They suspected something because they noticed that she knew when to act certain ways around specific people. She felt so much better after telling them and after the parents left and the oldest son went back to what he was doing, Dinah crouched down in front of the girls and separately told them how they were currently feeling. At first it scared them and they kind of distanced themselves from her for a short period of time, but they finally came around.

The oldest son and Dinah had been dating for quite some time and when he got his own place, Dinah spent most if not all of her time over at his place. Mother didn’t mind and knew they’d be safe. After a few months, he had just asked her to move in since she was there all the time anyway. Dinah lived with him for years before the incident. She even came out of her shell, going out to party with him and friends, but he began getting threats from the gang and he tried to hide how scared he really was about it. She could tell he was unsettled because his personality changed along with his attitude. He was becoming even more protective around her and of those that he cares about. Dinah received another premonition that she didn’t want to come to pass, yet knew would somehow or another. In fact she ended up scaring the shit out of her boyfriend because after she came out of the vision, she just immediately screamed in fear; tears streaming down her face. The threats continued and became even more hostile than ones sent previously.
It happened while she was at work. That’s something she didn’t see. Their home exploded and everyone within a decent radius felt it. They didn’t just hear it, they felt it. It practically destroyed the city! When she felt it, she froze. Her boss looked at her, knowing what had happened because Dinah told her and shook her head hoping she wouldn’t just run out. She didn’t. Dinah stayed put. Her eyes teared up and she could barely see what she was doing, but she kept working. Her boss didn’t want that either. All her boss did was gently touch her arm and Dinah fell apart. She fell to her knees and cried. She was given the rest of the month off to start the grieving process. She took off more time than they bargained for, but her boss was ok with that. Dinah started off as a volunteer her senior year of high school. They would be ok if she never came back, but her boss hoped she’d eventually would.

After the explosion, Dinah didn’t go out for anything. Nothing, unless she desperately needed something for which she couldn’t take care of herself. She didn’t take one step outside and her friends and family were worried about her. They contacted her, but nothing got through her head. Her emotions were too much for her to bear, let alone trying to deal with everyone else’s. So she just stayed to herself and got a job from home. Almost a full year later, she began stepping outside to grocery shop and do small errands. She knew she couldn’t isolate herself like that forever. It’d slowly kill her. Once the girls found out she was getting out of the house, they tried to get her to go out. They never pressured her, but they hoped she’d at least go out for drinks and she did. She went out once a month. Then once a month turned into twice a month. Over time she went out to the clubs with the girls and seemed as though she were back to herself. It was only when she were alone when she felt like she could just die.

Almost three years after the incident. She went back to work at the animal shelter. They were all happy to have her back and knew that she’d be different. Losing someone like that and someone that close to you kinda ruins who you once were. Makes it extremely difficult to go back to who you were before it happened. She still doesn't even go out unless it's absolutely necessary. Feeling other's emotions drained her frequently. Her girl friends worried about her; they knew of her secret abilities and believed in her. Her friends are everything to her, but it can be tiring being with them for long periods of time sensing their insecurities and other emotions. Dinah learned that almost everyone is insecure in one way or another. She just tries to live her life as best and safe as she can, but tries to keep people safe in the process; especially those closest to her.

family ties

❝ family ain't always blood, and blood ain't always family

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