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About me:
My name is Destinee and I'm the only person to be on both Flight 815 and Flight 828. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

Destinee Jo Anderson was born April 3, 1995. Her name has 8 letters, 2 letters and 8 letters. A nod to Flight 828.

At the age of 4 Destinee was involved in a near death accident. (The idea is that she drowned but was revived and brought back to life. But I'm willing to change this if a more interesting near death idea comes about) After her near death experience she began to have dreams that seemed to predict something that was to come. She also was able to get feelings about people by touching them (but this doesn't work on everyone and doesn't happen all the time.) These feelings usually show her something about their past. Some examples of these two callings are:

- One night Destinee dreamt that a kid climbed a tree and fell out and got hurt. The next day her dream happened. A boy climbed a tree, fell and hurt his arm.

- On the LOST island Destinee sympathetically touched Rose's leg to let her know things would be ok. In doing this she suddenly got a glimpse of Rose in the past during a time when she was sick.

Fast forward to July of 2004. One night Destinee had a dream that her father who lived in Austraila died in a terrible car accident. The next day she and her mother got the call that he in fact had died in a terrible car accident. Destinee and her mother flew to Austraila for the funeral. A few weeks later Destinee and her mother got on Flight 815 to go back home to California only the plane never made it. Destinee's mother died in the plane crash but she survived along with several others including Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and many more.

In January of 2005 Destinee and a few others managed to finally get off the island they crashed on. They would later rescue Sawyer who was left behind.

Fast forward again to April 2013. Destinee now 18 goes to Jamaica with some friends for a Senior trip. On April 7th while waiting at the airport to go home, Destinee decides to take the later flight, Flight 828 to get home. During the flight they experience some scary turbulence. They return to find out that they have been missing for 5 and a half years and have all been presumed dead. However it had only been a few hours to all the passengers.

Now some of the passengers are experiencing voices and callings. Destinee is one of them. She fears that someone is after her since she is the only one who was on both flights.
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𝖿𝗂𝖾𝗋𝖼𝖾 𝗏𝗂𝗑𝖾𝗇

May 21st 2022 - 12:24 PM

Sarah was aware of whose DNA or sperm rather had been used to make the baby. She foudn this to be rather disgusting that they would use that man’s anything for this. Sure Sarah was kathryn’s daughter and yes most would think she was going to take over her mother’s work for the worse rather than the better. “I’m aware of who they used for the pregnancy, but now that the baby is born they are going to try even more to take her regardless ifthey are fooled or not. Any baby born from the passengers is top priority to them now.” Sarah said with a sigh, wondering how she could convince Destinee that she was on her side.

“Look, you can believe me or not, but if there’s anyway I can proove myself to you that I’m not out to hurt the passengers I will do anything.” She said with a shrug, she was willing to do what took to prove that she was on the good side of this. Many people had looked at her as a bad person since the news got out about her mother’s cruel experiments, and not just the ones towards passengers. Her own view of a loving mother had been shattered in a mere moment of the truth. She tried to keep her composure. “I love my mother dearly even after her death, but she was a monster. I know more about her actions than anyone. I wouldn’t want to follow those steps.”

Sarah thought for a moment. “If I gave you full access to my lab and all the research as a worker here as well, would that show you I’m on your side? I won’t hide anything there will be full transparancy. I know Kate may even think I’m out to get the passengers, but if we can’t trust each other we’re not going to be able to save you all in the end.” She said honestly, knowing from her own knowledge that what the government programs have done up until this point was nothing compared to what was coming

May 10th 2022 - 9:20 PM

There had been a lot that happened while TJ was away in Egypt. Not that the Stone family didn’t keep him up to date on everything. The more he heard the more that he knew he had to be back here, so here he was. A lot wasn’t making sense, not that any of this ever did even since the start had been a huge mess of questions. “I have a feeling all of us were brought together for a reason. As Cal always says it’s all connected.” TJ started by saying, trying to put some of the thoughts together, why he seen all the passengers graves and she had only seen her own. He thought this over for a moment.

“What if you and your baby need to get all the passengers to come together? Maybe that’s why you only seen yours and I seen everyone’s. You and Faith are meant to bring us all together I think.” Sure he didn’t know if this was the exact reason, but what really made more sense than that? Destinee had been on both flights after all, having a baby that was undoubtedly meant to be more than an experiment that Eureka had made. None of this happened for a reason. Again, all connected. “I know that your family and the Stone’s would do anything to keep you and Faith and rest of the kids safe. Sure Eden is a miracle baby as well, but seems to be something more to Faith.”

Of course there was. She had two elements instead of one, right? Wasn’t that was what he was told, or was that a misunderstanding on his part? Either way his own theory on their connected callings was one he wanted to try to figure out and if that is the case he would make sure they brought everyone together, he would help Destinee, knowing her family and the Stone’s would as well. Ben wasn’t having much luck on that front, but maybe needed a little help. Help from Destinee
Paris Born™

Apr 29th 2022 - 7:28 PM

Alex had watched as Destinee finished up with her work and then came back over to her with a plate of food. She nodded as she spoke “I’ve heard about that, I guess my friend Penny comes here a lot” she offered with a shrug, She took a bite she was actually quite hungry, “mm” She began as she took another bite “You weren’t kidding , this is delicious” she offered, She then smiled as she said “I wouldn’t say weird but I do get these cravings for Mint Ice cream in the middle of the night when most stores and ice cream shops are closed” She said laughing a bit.

She shrugged as she looked back at Destinee “Do you think maybe the government was working with uh “the Others?” She pondered “I mean the same time you were being held captive, we are told you’re dead, it’s a bit to fishy to me” she continued , she then added “I agree though I am glad to see you are not dead and we found one another once again”

She nodded as she stole a fry from Destinee’s plate “I think so, I haven’t talked to my mom and Dad in awhile, Let’s just say they aren’t to happy about the baby or my choice of Baby Daddy” she said with a sigh and then added “but yes our moms were sisters” She frowned, she didn’t know what happened to her Aunt until then “so.. my Aunt.. Your Mom.. She really did die in the plane crash? I’m so sorry to hear that” she frowned

“I… I appreciate you saying that” She said squeezing her hadn’t back “for the longest time I hated myself for it, I know you almost died and I blamed myself, but. You’re right no need to dwell on the past” She said.

Spanish Editor

Apr 29th 2022 - 6:47 PM

Betty nodded as she looked at Destinee “Sure Mode used to be primarily a Fashion Magazine but I like to believe now that Daniel and I are sole editors it’s more then that, so to answer your question, we are extremely open minded, so I am eager to hear all of your ideas” She stated looking at her with a grin huge on her face.

She touched her lightly as she said “Honestly those are normal emotions even if you aren’t in the type of situation you are in” She said meaning the Eureka group being involved . She shook her head when Destinee mentioned she understood if Betty let her go, this had caused Betty to shake her head no “Oh please, we have been through  a lot worse then what you are dealing with” she informed her, “You are here to stay and if you need time off for maternity leave and all of that, or you just need to work from home, let me know, we can work something out” She said kindly.

That time would come faster then she had expected but she did as promised and would help her in any way she could. “Oh it’s okay I can just get some coffee or something, I’m not all that hungry” she admitted with a shrug “Of course, Just tell me what you need from me” She said kindly

Kraken Slayer™

Apr 29th 2022 - 6:23 PM

Bay nodded as she looked at Destinee, smiling back she mentioned “to be fair You did a great deal for me as well, You saved me from my bullies and protected me more then you know, Plus you gave me a place to leave, we are and always will be best friends” she said in all seriousness. She was eager for the baby to come along but she also truly wanted to help. “I won’t mind changing diapers, but yes let’s make Jacob do all of the Poopy gross ones” She said teasing right back.

Bay had to admit she was quite scared over seeing all the pain that Destinee had been in, It wasn’t so much that her friend was in pain (though that had been part of it) but that seeing someone giving birth was scary, she had heard stories from her Mama and Papa of how she was born on the deck of the Pearl, how her Momma screamed and nearly died,  She had no idea it wasn’t like that any more and there was pain medication , all she knew was hearing her best friend’s face contort in pain with each contraction. Once they were in the room and Saanvi examined Destinee Bay had returned in to the room “Do… Don’t worry about it… but.. but you’re in so much pain, is she sure?” She asked, She felt as though Faith would emerge sooner rather then later.

Once the labor had become more intense Baylee had to leave the room and go in to the waiting room, It was still scary for her, She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that her friend was in there giving birth or if it was the fact that she could hear other women screaming , All she knew was right then and there she would not have children of her own. Jacob had helped Destinee allowing her to hold his hand, coaching her, finally it came to the point that she needed to push, The baby emerged and cried, she bonded with her mom and Father figure, Jacob nodded “yes, I’m sure she will want to see. Her” He offered, he went and got Bay who entered the room, She smiled when she saw the tiny squealing baby “do I ever!!” She said as she rushed over to Destinee’s side.

Baylee had been in her room, listening to music , She watched as Blade rushed down the stairs , she was not afraid she knew it had to be Destinee , Jacob and baby Faith so she followed him “I’m here!” She said “Apparently Blade loves her already, just like old times, he knows who that is” She said.

Freckles™ ✈️🌴

Apr 29th 2022 - 6:00 PM

Kate smiled as she saw Destinee in the hospital room, At the moment it had been just her, Sawyer had mentioned picking up the older kids , They both agreed that despite being older in age they didn’t need to see or her Destinee giving birth. “Of course I wouldn’t miss this for the world” She offered, She nodded as she looked at her, She remembered with Aiden he had come quickly in a hotel room seeing as they did not make it to the hospital and Juliet had to deliver, but with Sami it had taken awhile “Just know she’ll come when she’s ready to” She offered gently, She held her hand letting her know she was there seeing how scared she may have been.

It had taken a couple hours when her sweet little grand baby had come in to the world, “She’s perfect Des” Kate mentioned, she could see the father like look on Jacob’s face, She knew they made they right choice in making him the father figure as well as the man who loved Destinee “She’s beautiful” Jacob mentioned as he kissed the top of Destinee’s head.

Kate was eager to hold her grand baby however she did try to be patient, she knew that the baby needed to be cleaned up, checked out and all of that. Once this was all done, Saanvi first held Faith to her Momma “First she can bond with you Destinee” Kate nodded “I can wait Des, Saanvi is right, She needs to bond with you and Jacob first” She simply stated.

Paris Born™

Apr 16th 2022 - 6:20 PM

Alex had a lot more then a falling out with her parents for several reasons, it would take a lot of therapy, and healing for her to forgive them but it was nothing her cousin truly needed to worry about. Perhaps the crash and losing Destinee had brought them all back together, had started the healing process, it was fate that she realised she was alive now. She nodded as she looked at her cousin “of course, take your time, I’m in no hurry” she was hungry that much was true but she didn’t want her to be fired due to the fact she chose to take care of her first and foremost.

She shook her head as she reached for Destinee’s hand, she couldn’t imagine losing your family and being in not one but two plane crashes “I’m glad to, and of course we would be there, We were upset I’m not going to lie but not because we thought you were dead and you came back, It was more or less odd you know, like the airline lied to us or something, although I’m not sure if my Mom and Dad even know you’re back and alive?” She said shrugging.

Alex sighed as she looked at Destinee “yeah.. I was the reason you almost drowned, I was supposed to be watching you but well.. I didn’t.. or rather I wasn’t good at it, I turned my back for a second and you were … you were in the water, I guess that’s why I became a teacher, I didn’t want that to happen again not to anyone’s kids , I’m so glad you didn’t die that day because I’m not sure what I would have done if you had” she admitted.

Kraken Slayer™

Apr 15th 2022 - 10:10 PM

Bay wasn’t sure why she was so excited about  Destinee’s baby, maybe because she never had siblings to dote on, and she wouldn’t have her own kids any time soon, she even practiced diapering her dog just in case Destinee needed her to change a diaper or two “Of course,… well Maybe not all of them but I do intend on helping you out in any way that I can” she said.

Bay had known she had to work the next day or at least that had been the intention, that had been why she had gone to bed rather then staying awake waiting, She thought she would have time to tell her boss she needed some time off, boy would she be wrong. She was awaken by her dog barking at her , she frowned as she said “Blade stop!! It’s to early for that” she rolled over until she heard Destinee scream , this had caused her to jump out of bed and race towards the hall way.

Jacob nodded as he allowed Destinee to hold on to him “Yes, Saanvi is already at the hospital and Kate said she is on the way, Just remember to breath” he said remembering a great deal of the Lamaze class. Bay shook her head excitedly “Yes!! Let’s go! Here hold on to my arm too if you need to!!” She beamed.

Spanish Editor

Apr 15th 2022 - 10:00 PM

Both Betty and Daniel had been much different in terms of editing Mode, before the two of them Mode had just been a fashion magazine, there was drama, not to say there wasn’t any now but Both Betty and Daniel were not afraid to let their writers grow, where as Wilhelmina and Fay refused to talk or even work with “the little people” as they called them. “I’m sure you will help us with so much, we value any of your input, and I’m hoping with your help we will appeal to so many different people and generations” She offered kindly.

Every time Betty saw Jacob and Destinee it had reminded her of herself and Daniel, It was more then just the fact that Daniel was older then her, it was the fact that Destinee reminded her a great deal of herself and Jacob reminded her a great deal of Daniel, she was so pleased when the two ended up as a couple, She smiled as a thought crossed her mind, perhaps they would be the next big faces of Mode.

Betty breathed a sigh of relief, She was not only happy that Destinee was not quitting but also ecstatic  about her having a baby. She nodded as she listened to her speak and then squealed hugging her tightly “I’m so happy for you!! Babies are just the best!!” She knew this from experiencing knowing how much everyone at Mode had loved her daughter Emily, though she had to assume that due to mitigating circumstances Destinee was a bit worried. It was for that reason she added “If you need anything, any sort of support let me know, Daniel and I will be there for you as much as we can be” she said.

Betty had walked in to Granny’s diner , Emily had begged her to come along but since this was work related she had told her some other time, for now she would stay home with her Daddy, arriving at her destination she saw Destinee and walked over to her seat “Sorry I’m late” she began and smiled “You wanted to discuss a few things with me?” She asked.

Freckles™ ✈️🌴

Apr 15th 2022 - 9:44 PM

Kate had changed a lot prior to the crash and being on that island, it was if that island had been redemption for not only her but some of the other passengers as well, That was why she would always be there for Destinee and her other children as well, besides if she would be honest with herself being a Nana was making her rather excited “Of course Des, I will always be here for you , you know that” she said patting her knee gently.

To be honest Kate had been surprised that her idea would work, She knew that Jacob was a sweet guy that liked Destinee but she assumed that posing as a Baby Daddy would send the poor guy packing, Thankfully that was not the case, Now Destinee had a huge support system with both Jacob but her best friend/Room mate Bay as well.

If Kate were to be truthful to herself being a Nana was rather exciting, Her kids were all grown , even her step daughter Clementine had been grown now, having a new baby to love on had meant the world to her, She had bought quite a few things for the baby but she figured she still had time to not only give the items to Destinee but to also throw her a special family baby shower, She had no idea that her grand babe would decide to come early.

Kate had been laying in bed eager for the next day , having taking a few days off to help with the baby and Destinee , she herself could not sleep, she had been mostly been staring at the ceiling when Jacob had called her telling her that Destinee was in labor “Of course, I’ll meet you at the hospital right away!” She offered as she quickly got herself ready and then practically sped to the Hospital.

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