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Amell - Hidden Cousland. || Dragon Age Verse. || Fantasy only! || NOT MARVEL AND NOT MODERN. || I could go modern but I don't think so, sorry. || Multi-Love Interest until I change my mind. || Prefered ship is with Cullen or Alistair, but I will be open. || I don't instantly look for relationships when adding, accepting. ||There is a chance her childhood 'Freind' could change, if asked.

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About me:


Eir Clarke.


-Am fear a shlànaicheas: The one who heals.

-An sgoilear: The Scholar.

-Eir bheag: Little Eir.

-Calman beag: Little dove.

-Lulu: Calm and Peaceful.

-Avalyn: Beautiful, Breath of Life.

-Amari: miracle of God.


-Eir, the name of the Norse goddess, epitomizes healing, mercy, and help, which she is associated with. This light and the airy name are multi-cultural, beautiful, and somewhat neglected. So we’d suggest Eirny if you are looking for something traditional, but not super common.

-Clarke, Scholar, cleric, or secretary.


-Lady Clarke.


-Amari: miracle of God.

-An sgoilear: The Scholar.

Pet Name:

-Eir bheag: Little Eir.




-Calman beag: Little Dove.

-Dove: A dove is a classic symbol of peace.

-Amari: miracle of God.



Real Age:


Age Appearance:



February, 19.



Zodiac Sign:



Eir has always been the Empathetic person, even the other mages considered her as a extremely empathetic person with a lively imagination and a friendly disposition. She has a boundless capacity for empathy even with those who they barely see eye to eye with. The grand enchanter noticed her interest in art and how knowledgeable she was of it. Seeing her skill in it she is considered very Artistic her creativity has no boundaries. Her dormmates have said she has a unique perspective on the world that allows her to see things in a very creative and artistic way.

Emotional to the point of being too emotional? Eir tired to deny this. However, If she sees tears, then she will likely cry. If she can sense hurt in your voice, it will sadden her also. Eir will love anyone unconditionally no matter who they are. During her years growing up, she is considered selfless and generous. Call her whenever you want but she is always kind. Not matter how badly you treat her, the concern she has bring her back and she will always be there when you need someone.

Eir has been a natural gifted healer since birth. The power exaggerates her ability to console the heartbroken. This power gives Eir the ability to heal any physical or emotional trauma. In the end she would most likely use this power very liberally in helping needy people. On the bad side she is easily Negative When feeling down a she can’t get over things easily, which often prolongs her recovery time after a bad experience and during that period she is likely to become negative. Idealistic Pisceans because of their idealistic nature, often find themselves walking alone. Her idealistic natures usually mean that Eir, can be overly trusting and often leave themselves betrayed, hurt and vulnerable. Some call her as an escapist. She has also been called a dreamer and escapist who get lost in her own mind and imagination. Just when you she is very close to you, She can elusively slip away from you.

On the days when she is okay, she can be very positive and send it to other people. People like her are energetic and dynamic, everyone considered her enthusiastic and optimistic in a tight situation. However, Eir would not sit and waste time cribbing about the situation. Instead, she comes up with an alternative plan to be executed. Granted if she fell to the depressive stage it is hard to get her back. In strange moment she also knows that sometimes bad things happen and people do face unwanted and unstoppable situations. Eir won’t say she is strong, not really, and anyone telling her so are blind. On a rare day, she will feel emotional about something and then turn very brave because of it. Friends, the group she has been with are usually the case of this. After being attached to someone... Eir has a bad side, in fact she is very clingy and has no issue with personal space due to her small body, even if she is in fact a lady. She has been known to seek attention and will get very grumpy and childish when she doesn’t have it.

Immediate Family:


Secret father: Teagan Guerrin.

Secret mum: Unknown.



Eye Colour:

Baby blue eyes, one is blind.

Hair Colour:

Natural blonde.



Small, petite.


Eye, face.

Birth mark on back.

Circle markings.

Distinguishing Features:

When she heals her eyes, which are blue turn a bright violet.

Then a golden mark comes to her forehead.

Without she has a cute baby face besides being very small like an animal.


Sunflower, wild fruit of all kinds.






Necklace Ring from Alistair.

Her father's ring.


Bag pack.

Book of spells.





When she was very young in the circle her understanding of Templar and mage was very little, she was often seen running around and creating a ruckus. The templars were mostly unsure of what to do with a child. They are cute, but mages are mages after all. One day, when they gained a new student one of them bumped into her and took it on himself to punish her with his sword - Well, Templar magic. The light was used to force mages down or make them weak. However, Eir stood there quietly with nothing done to her until she screamed. The side of her face burned, the light underneath her eye creating a burn mark over the eye and leaving her blind on one side.


-Drawing, using nature to make art.

-Cooking food, eating food - mostly.

-Learning to write and read some more.

-Learning about the world.

-Reading books when they have free time.

-Trying to understand witches and there ways.


-Bringing healing magic to small wounds, bruises, bleeding internally, and near at death.

-Uses magic to scan damage.

-Creating barriers.

-Using the barrier to grow over people while they move.

-Has potions that are used incase she is attacked.

-Knows a lot about herbs.

-Still learning so you'll find out more later.




-Getting her childhood friend back again.

-Leaving the circle to see the world.



-Dancing and singing - due to her height she couldn't dance until now.


-Being judges being small.

-Alistair being king, but knows she has to encourage him. (More like fear.)

-People bad-mouthing magic without knowing the good side of it.

-Being compared to a monster.

-Being emotional.

-When everyone ignores her.

Pet Peeves:

-People hating her because of magic, or anyone.

-Mage cage.

-Alistair protecting her too much.

-Being pushed out of the topic.

-Being treated like a child.

Closet Hobby:

Creating things out of magic - No one would take them if they knew, so she held it back.

Major Events

Ages 1-9 (Childhood):

When Eir was first born she was dressed in a white gown to big for her small body, as a baby she was full charm and words to say in her baby talk. Her baby blue eyes glittering at her parents. Her mother was a servant woman with a hidden past. Taking the eyes of a noble man in Redcliffe. The arls brother, in fact was known as Teagan, a well known flirt among things. He fell for the act of the maid and pulled her into his bed one night, only to find out later in weeks did she only use him for his power. The servant ran off with his child and he didn't even know it, part of him decided it wasn't his child and ignored the pang of hurt. Then one day, the death of the maid came around to them. He had to make a choice, see her or ignore her.

Ages 10-16 (Teens):

At the age of ten she grew on a farm not far from red cliffe, she found a friend in another boy who was taken in. For some reason she saw him in the stables a lot. His name was Ali, which was a shorter name for something else. In the shadows, her father watched them with a conflicted feeling inside of him. The kings son and his little girl, who would have thought? He could see a lot of heartache in that. His brother, the Ari had plans for the kings son and it wasn't for the better - If it came to that he would help him. Eir and Alistair were fast freinds, she always looked younger than him even then. Her life was good, too good to be true. She was his light whenever the evil step mother came to them - Well Aunt. Eir personally pranked on them for revenge every time he was hurt though.

Ages 16-20 (Adulthood):

At the age of sixteen herself and Ali became closer than before and confessed that they were in no way going to let go of each other. Eir believed, but life was very unfair to them. One day, while Alistair came to the stable he handed her a necklace with a ring dangling it. This was the only thing he had of his mother, he wanted her to have it. He promised if they were ever separated he would find her again. Eir was confused, regardless of the warmth of his promise it made her cry a little. The afternoon she came around look for him to find him with a bunch of Templars, everyone warned her that going to them would make them see her magic. She went to him anyway, the Templars stepped in away and Eir glared at them for once. The light magic bubbling inside of her sparking interest. Someone shouted mage and she felt blackness take over.

She spent years getting into magic, no matter what they taught her she went back to magic and healing was her best skill. However, she couldn't go around with nothing to protect herself. Eir was often made fun of being a one-trick pony, little did they know she studied secretly away from them. This healer knew more than anything else. At the age of eighteen. Teagan was told she was in the circle, and was wounded during a newest Templar being inside of circle. He was furious, taking it with his brother to have him removed. For some reason, Eir overcame it. Though she stayed away from Templars if she could.


-Draws pictures of the groups in her spare time.

-Believes she will be taken away from them at any moment.

-Knows Alistair will leave her when he becomes king.

-She isn't sharp enough to know who Teagan is until he tells her.

-Emotional person.

-Easily depressed.

-Is hard to console.

Who I'd like to meet:

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