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19 years old
Raccoon City,
United States

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November 27 2021

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Body type:No Answer
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Characters: Claire Redfield
Verses: Resident Evil, TWD, FTWD, Zombies, The Last Of Us, Apocalypse,
Playbys: Kaya Scodelario
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Undead,
Status: Single
Member Since:April 14, 2021

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Oct 14th 2021 - 2:54 AM

Hi There
Thank you for accepting my request.
My profile is still being work on so please ask me anything about my character.
I hope your day is going well.
How are you?
I hope to roleplay or chat with ya soon.
Nᴏᴛ A Hᴇʀᴏ

Apr 24th 2021 - 5:19 PM

❰ ❰ Family Business

The sound of the helicopter's rotors echoed into the hallway, drowning out the sounds of boots, weapon checks and the typical sounds following the team of well armed BSAA agents as they prepared to embark on a new mission. Chris stopped at the doorway leading to the roof and held it open with his heel, watching each agent as they walked through and then made their way to the helicopter. Once situated and with his headset on, they were off.

He took a laptop offered by the analyst of the team and he set it on his knee, using one hand to keep it steady while he clicked through a few of the images they’d received from local law enforcement. “We’re being met by a rep from TerraSave,” Nevans said from his seat next to Chris. Chris gave a nod, informing the younger male he’d heard what was said. “Your sister works for them, right? She’s faced these things before, maybe it’ll be a family reunion.”

“She’s new to their organization. And I hope not, she’s capable but I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of her being in harm's way,” he replied, his gaze remained glued to the screen before him.

“Roger that, sir.” Nevans replied and looked at the images on the computer. “How many dead so far?”

“Just shy of two hundred civilians confirmed. They’ve barricaded part of the city, it seems to have kept the infected inside but there’s still people in contact,” he said then shut the laptop. “Okay people! We’ve got a hot spot, the area is secure for now but we’ve got uninfected civilians inside. We need to go in and get them out. They, and ensuring the infected stay secure, are our top two priorities! We’re going to do this precise but we need to try and get them out fast. We’ve got a four block radius the military has secured, a high number of infected are being drawn because of the gunfire so that’ll give us some slack but don’t get sloppy. TerraSave is onsite or will be to assist. Any questions?”

With no takers for questions Chris closed the computer and set it under his seat as the helicopter began to descend. Once they were down the team began to file out. “You two, go see what we have for surveillance, maybe we can get an idea of where we need to go,” he said as he nodded to two people from his team who gave quick nods and followed while Chris began heading towards the command tent.
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