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Love dark themes including corporate schemes, MK Ultra mind control, and other dark topics. Feel free to add and or message me I am pretty friendly as long as you aren't a puppy kicker... Then shame on you Bih
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May 7th 2021 - 12:17 AM

Hello! :) Thank you so much for the request. I just wanted to give you a quick description of what I can do as Baby. Yes I rp as Baby the Impala :) and I can rp her in four different ways depending on what you prefer. 1) Simply a car, descriptions less feelsy.2) A little more feeling, where Baby seems to have some kind of spirit inside her. 3) She is virtually alive, talks and feels but only trusts Sam and Dean and a few others to reveal herself. 4) Baby has a human form she can use if a situation calls for it, given to her by some sort of angel spell. I am still toying with the details of this option but it is there if you are interested.You can decide which, I am perfectly okay with any of them. I hope to rp with you soon
The Impaler Lord Draculea III (RES)

May 6th 2021 - 3:08 PM

In his rustic sounding voice he spoke in his native tongue.

Salutări pentru tine și vreau să vă mulțumesc pentru prietenia ta.  Și speranța în timp va crește în putere și să devină una care va incasabil. Sunt Vlad Draculea.  Cel cunoscut sub numele de Domnul Impaler și pentru un motiv bun. Mi-ar plăcea să discute un SL cu tine, atunci când veți obține un moment liber sau două. Tot ce trebuie să știi e pe profilul lui, din cauza faptului că viața lui nu a fost decât o problemă după alta. De a fi violat și bătut în fiecare zi de către turci, a fost închis pentru că a luptat împotriva lor. Singurii care i-au ținut companie au fost șobolanii care-mi împărtășeau întunericul și singurătatea. Dar cu timpul o creatură a venit la el și i-a schimbat viața pentru totdeauna. Creatura aia se numea Caine. Dar acesta este un alt personaj de-al meu și povestea din spate a lui Vlad. Dar Și vă mulțumesc încă o dată. 


Greetings to you and I want to thank you for your friendship.  And hope over time will grow in strength and become one that will be unbreakable. I'm Vlad Draculea.  The one known as Impaler Lord and for good reason. I'd love to discuss an SL with you when you get a moment  or two. All you need to know is on his profile, because his life was just one problem after another. From being raped and beaten every day by the Turks, he was imprisoned for fighting against them. The only ones who kept him company were the rats who shared  darkness and solitude. But in time a creature came to him and changed his life forever. That creature was called Caine. But this is another character of mine and Vlad's back story. But thank you once again. 

To find his information it is under the eight smaller images of him.

May 4th 2021 - 11:39 AM

Sophia could hear the commotion around her as she continued to fake pretending to be passed out in the man’s arms.
“Someone call an ambulance, quick!” He called out cradling her face in his hand. All at once, the flashing red lights and the screeching sound of the alarm burst through the event hall. Many patrons covered their ears as the alarm pierced through them. Sophia even flinched and squinted an eye open to look past the man holding her. The FBC agent and the statue were gone. Sophia then pretending to wake up and struggle with the man.
“Let go, I’m alright! She called out as she saw several people on the phone calling 911. She needed to get away from the scene fast. “I have to go,” she scrambled as she pretending to stumbled and limped out of the event hall. She had actually twisted her ankle. Once she was out, she assured people she was alright and was going to take herself to the hospital which was only three blocks over. No one made a fuss and let her go.  All others had to remain inside.
“What sh*t security,” she mumbled to herself at the thought they let her leave.

Once Sophia was clear out of sight, she began to act normal although still sporting her limp, she made her way to St. John’s Cemetery where she hoped the FBC Agent was waiting. What was his name again? She thought. Felix? Philip? Something like that. This was her next challenge. Fighting with him over jurisdiction over the statue. It was a key piece for her to link these murders together. She had thought about some of the comments he made about the statue. That she didn’t want to be alone with it without knowing what it really was and that he wasn’t with MIB and dealing with aliens. She wondered what he was going on about. Eventually she called herself a cab as she couldn’t walk on her ankle any longer.

Arriving at the cemetery, the gates were locked as they closed at dusk. This didn’t stop Sophia as she paid for the bill in cash and slipped her way out of the car. Waiting for the cab to be out of sight, Sophia pulled out a small key from her nude clutch and opened the padlock that kept the chains around the iron bars. Once inside, Sophia relocked the gate behind her as to not raise any suspicions of civilians walking nearby. She had received the key from a grave shift security guard who Sophia had befriended. Sophia looked for the FBC What’s-his-name Agent but didn’t see any sign of him so far. She figured he may be trying to shake off other law enforcement himself and decided to wait.

She lingered around the graveyard. She didn’t look at any of the statues or headstones as she knew them all. She spent so much time here, nothing stood out to her anymore. She would wander here after her boyfriend’s death, Ethan. He was also a police officer in the same precinct as Sophia. She remembered the last time she spoke with him.

“It’s just a short detail that’ll bring us extra money,” he said pulling over his vest and pulling the Velcro tight. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Sophia stood, leaning on the doorway with her arms crossed in her pajamas.
“You better be back soon. I don’t like you working nights.”
“It’s no more dangerous than working the days,” he said walking to her and cupping her face. “I promise.” He kissed her lightly on her forehead as he walked past her to grab his keys to head out of the door.
“Before you know it, we’ll be on the beach of Mexico drinking margaritas and coming up with a plan to never come back.” Sophia smiled at him and his excitement to go on vacation in the upcoming weekend.
“Love you,” he said kissing her again.
“I love you, too.”

This would be her last moment with Ethan.

The aimless wandering brought her to his grave. A lonely headstone underneath a maple tree that decorated his grave with orange and brown leaves. Sophia brushed off the leaves from the stone and stood – gazed – feeling the numb all over again. She took in a heavy sigh as the autumn chill whipped around her bare shoulders, blowing her chocolate curls around and her scarlet dress to reveal her leg again. For a moment, she forgotten what she was here for as she gazed. For a moment, she wished it were her in the ground and not him.

For a moment.

May 2nd 2021 - 6:06 PM

// Thanks for the addage, give me a shout when you have a minute to discuss getting something started. 

Apr 29th 2021 - 3:45 AM

Hey im Audrey.
Whats up with you tonight?

Apr 21st 2021 - 5:56 PM

Sophia had wandered off a little to ease the feeling that someone was watching her and to make sure she wasn’t at risk of being seen by anyone from her precinct. She continued to sip onto her champagne to relax her nerves only to realize her glass was empty. Her eyes jumped from nameless face to nameless face. One after the other and thankfully no one she recognized she was there. She clutched onto her handbag as she turned back and saw a man standing awfully close to the statue. Her eyes locked onto him like a missile, and she watched a security approached him. Could this be the suspect? She thought. Or another potential victim? Sophia then watched the man flash a badge. But she could easily recognize the badge was not NYPD or FBI. She thought it might be risky to speak to him, but again – it is a public setting. It wasn’t a courtroom. Before she could make her way to him, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Sophia turned and saw a handsome man with another flute of champagne in his hand.
“I thought you’d might like another one,” he said offering it to her. Sophia lightly blushed and accepted it.
“Thank you,” she said, still slightly distracted at the interested man at the statue.
“I see you’re interested in the statue,” the stranger said to her motioning to the hunk of jade. This set off a small panic alarm in her head.

Could THIS be the suspect? She thought again as her eyes peered up to him from her flute.
“Well, it’s uh… certainly – unique.” She said trying to find her words carefully.
“Probably the only piece of art here, actually,” the man replied. Sophia chuckled as she was taking another sip from the champagne and glanced around the exhibit.
“You’re absolutely right,” she said, feeling slightly relieved that someone else had agreed with her on the stance of modern art. “I’m assuming you’re going to put a bid for it?” Sophia continued. The man shrugged.
“Only if you are.” A chill when up her spine as his response seemed very sure of himself.
“Well, that statue is coming home with me no matter what,” she said as a tease. The man nodded.

“Then we’ll just have to bet then, won’t we?”
Sophia nodded as the man took her hand and kissed it. “Good luck,” he said looking up to her. Sophia nodded again as he turned and disappeared into the crowd again. For a potential serial killer, he sure was charming.
“You, too,” she hummed to herself. Reminding herself of why she was here in the first place, Sophia lightly shook her head and got herself back into the game.
She felt a little more at ease when she heard the woman’s soothing voice over the intercom to announce the start of the auction soon. It made her remember where she was. She was in a public setting – not trespassing onto a crime scene. She was allowed to be here. She took another gulp of champagne to finish her glass as a “celebratory” sip before placing the flute on a nearby table. She turned to the statue again and saw the same man still lingering about, missing the entire altercation between him and security. She slinked his way, exposing her leg with each stride she took.

 “So what do you think?” She said as she stood next to him hoping to catch his attention. “Do you think it’s really cursed?” She said. “If you ask me, I don’t buy it. I think it’s just a gimmick to get someone to purchase it,” she continued. Her head stayed lifted to the statue while her eyes tried to make out his features in her peripherals. She could feel the commotion behind her as the patrons begin to take their places and the music had died down. Sophia looked around her and she realized there wasn’t a lot of time left to obtain the piece. Her voice grew low and sultry as she leaned into him from the side, pretending to examine the piece.
“I saw your badge. I’m assuming you’re interested in the statue for the same reason I am and you and I both know that this piece cannot fall into someone else’s hands.” She finally turned and looked at him. “Sophia. NYPD. Hi, nice to meet you. We’re friends now. When you have it, meet me in St. John’s Cemetery. I won’t be far behind.” With that, she turned whipping her chocolate hair behind her as she promptly and purposefully twisted her ankle in her heel and fell onto another elderly patron causing a scene. She hoped the stranger would be able to catch onto the fact that she was causing a scene for him to have a way to escape.
“What is the meaning of this?!” The elderly man’s wife proclaimed.
“Now, honey, it’s quite alright,” he said not too upset that a young woman like Sophia fell into his lap.

“I’m so sorry,” she said also clumsily getting up and accidentally knocking into someone else causing them to spill their champagne all over the floor. Sophia was starting to cause quite a fuss that required the security to come over to her place.
“I’m so sorry,” she pretended. “I just don’t feel so good.” The man who offered her drink earlier re-approached her.
“Miss, are you alright?”
“Hm? Oh, yea, of course! I just…” Sophia then pretended to pass out into his arms. The patrons all began to scatter now. Some calling for an ambulance to be called, others called to have her tossed out onto the street with the other bums. All she could hope for was that by the time she was magically better, the stranger and the statue would be gone.

Apr 18th 2021 - 12:14 PM

Bright beams illuminated the concrete face on the MOMA museum against the dark city sky that was obsolete from any stars. Fancy luxury cars dropped off their lavishly dressed passengers that made their way into the event where the faint sound of music from cellos could be heard echoing through the halls, somehow overpowering the horns and sirens of the city streets before one could even enter the museum. Sophia arrived in an Uber since she didn’t have a vehicle of her own. There was no need as every place she needed to go to was in walking distance. She stepped out in her a Ferrari Scarlett red satin dress with a slit clean up to her hip exposing her olive skin. Her chocolate curls cascaded down her bare back, bouncing in synchronized fashion with the sound of her heels clicking up the stone stairs. A few heads turned. Sophia figured it was because of the look of mild panic on her face.
Relax, she thought to herself. She saw help. A small table of champagne immediately to the right. Sophia grabbed a flute and quickly took a couple of gulps, trying to swallow her discomfort. Her caribbean blue eyes danced around the large exhibit that expanded the entire first two floors of the building. The museum was featuring not just art but antiques as well for the event. Auctioning off some of the items to raise money for a new art building at NYU. Clocks, paintings, guns, even candle sticks.
As if they don’t have enough money already, she thought again. Sophia didn’t really care much for modern art that consisted most of the exhibit. It all looked so bland and almost childish – something she could probably do herself within half an hour. She was here for one rather odd piece. A terrifying statue of a squid with its tentacles wrapped around a mermaid, strangling her. A morbid but exquisite piece as it was entirely made of jade stone and gold inlay. It would easily be a sold piece tonight. Sophia had a feeling, however, that whoever bought the statue would never truly own it.    With every owner it had, they mysteriously wound up missing. This was something Sophia had discovered through – inappropriate means. Sometimes it was snooping through the evidence lockers, sometimes it was snooping through the victim’s homes after a day or two after crime scene left. Either way, she was looking in places where she didn’t belong.

Victim #1 was an old English woman who moved to the U.S. 43 years prior and purchased the statue at an antique store. She was a retired art museum curator and appreciated the piece rather than be revolted by it. She only had the statue for a few weeks before disappearing. Her family and returned it back to the antique store where it had then been purchased by victim #2. A stoner college student who thought the piece was so edgy that it had to be the main decorative piece of his dorm room.
It was only days before he was missing. The most recent victim was a newly married man who obtained the piece from the second victim’s family after selling it on Facebook Marketplace. His wife begged him not to buy it. She had an uneasy feeling about it and he quickly dismissed her. They were both missing two months later.

Sophia linked all of the murders together through this one piece. Other detectives noticed the statue as well but there was no other concrete evidence to link the cases together. When Sophia heard of the statue being auctioned off at MOMA, she had a feeling that whoever would purchase the piece would soon end up missing as well. She initially thought the statue was some sort of a death warrant. Whomever owned the statue would be the next target for a serial killer – maybe a cult sacrifice. Sophia had an inkling that maybe the killer would attend the auction to see who his next victim would be and begin stalking them. She felt as if she were walking into a lion’s den. Chills ran up her spine thinking that someone in this very building has killed four people and is now walking around in a fancy suit or dress, sipping on champagne and munching on whatever was being served on the silver platters. It almost made her angry – yet nervous at the same time as it could be anyone.

Sophia inched her way around the museum. Looking at the pieces, looking at the patrons around her. Then she spotted it. The jade and gold statue sitting in the far side of the room in a glass case and a small card reading: The Cursed Statue. The card went on to explain that the past owners have disappeared. Lingering in front of the case, Sophia wondered how MOMA knew this information about the cases as they were still open and active. No one should really know this information. To her, this was further proof that the killer was not too far away. She made the decision to linger around the case, scanning the room now an then to see if anyone was watching her seem interesting in the piece. But like the 3rd victim’s wife, it gave her the creeps. She kept sipping on her champagne, lingering, and now had the feeling that she was being watched.
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