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William Gregory Buckingham. 22. The son of Fleetwood Mac's very own Lindsey Buckingham and adoptive-son of Stevie Nicks. Lee Lee and Stella's overprotective big brother. Following in the footsteps of his parents as a musician, but paving his own roadway. Country music is his heart and soul.

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Mαcнιиε Hεαят

18 hours ago

Heaven. There was no other way to describe what she was feeling in this moment. Entwined in Will’s embrace, pressed against his frame, this was perfection. True, pure happiness was something she never had experienced until this moment. The man she loved with her entire heart was hers, and that beat out every moment she’d experienced up to this point. 


“Have I been talking to your mother about you? What kind of question is that? You know I have.” She whispered letting out a soft giggle as she gave him a gentle squeeze. “She gave me the push, told me not to wait a lifetime to tell you how I felt. She wanted us to be happy together. She knew we would be. And she was right. I guess mother does know best.” She said softly to him. 


The thought of letting his family know made her giddy. They’d been anticipating this relationship for a while. Part of her felt like they were in a movie or a television show the way his family was rooting for them. When he told her to smile, she leaned in close to him, with the biggest grin, seeing him shoot that off to his family she shook her head. “Oh man, do you know the can of worms you just opened there?”


Working seconds the texts started pouring in, and her phone rang in her pocket. Reaching back, Stella’s name and photo appeared on the screen. Pressing the green button to begin the FaceTime, she grinned. “So is it real? Are y’all finally together?!” The young woman asked. Nodding Krissy held her own phone back, showing Will in the frame. Leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Yes it’s real, we finally made the jump. And yes before you ask, I rambled like an idiot because I was nervous.”


Krissy couldn’t help but laugh as Stella threw questions at them left and right, “So when you get married can I be the flower girl? Speaking of the wedding, When is it?” She shook her head and laughed. “Stell! We just got together, slow your roll, chick!” 

ѕтєℓℓα яємι.

May 6th 2021 - 10:08 AM

Mαcнιиε Hεαят

May 4th 2021 - 10:22 PM

For the first time in a long time, Krissy could say she was truly happy. She couldn’t explain the feelings she got when she was with Will, and knowing now that he was hers, and she was his, she was hoping she wasn’t dreaming. Forehead pressed to his as they held each other close, she closed her eyes, taking in the moment, living for this right here. Her world was in her arms, and she had almost been too scared to grab it. 


Memories flooded back from their nights on tour, those nights and kisses that weren’t supposed to be more than two people and a fling. How did they get here? When did things change? A smile came to her face as she moved to nuzzle her face into Will’s neck, as she had many times before. She knew exactly when they changed. 


It was toward the end of their first tour, the show hadn’t even begun her set, when Will came running over to her. Placing a kiss on her cheek, “Good luck, pretty girl. See you after.” He took her hand and in it left a guitar pick that had their initials carved into it. Opening her palm, she couldn’t help the swelling in her chest that she felt when her eyes landed on the pick. The show that night was her best of the tour to date, and she credited the single guitar pick she used. 


As she stepped off the stage, handing her guitar over to her crew, Will’s smiling face greeted her. Throwing her arms around him, she took in the scent of his cologne, squeezing him tightly. Pulling back from the embrace, she glanced around to be sure no one was watching, before slowly pressing a kiss to his lips. For her this kiss was different from those she shared in secret, this was real, this was a glimpse into what life could offer if they tried, and by the racing of her heart she wanted to. 


“My shirts are your shirts if it makes you happy,” his words brought her back to reality, back into the precious moment they were sharing. “Everything I need to be happy, has been right in front of me for a long time.” She whispered. Was it cheesy yes, but it was also true. “The shirts are just a bonus.” She teased him with a smile. 


Leaning up, she pressed another kiss to his lips, she couldn’t get enough of this. Of him. Hearing talks of an official first date and the movie night he owes her, and she laughed a bit. “The movie night could be our official first date, or we could count this as our first date. After all, I couldn’t think of a better place for this to have happened.” 


Smiling Krissy, moved backward toward the overlook, turning in his arms, she looked out at the view. “I can’t either. I’m still wondering when I’m going to wake up in bed, with your Tim McGraw t-shirt on. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever. Remind me to thank Mama, when I see her next.” She said softly, leaning her head back to see him. “Speaking of Mama, what do you think she’s gonna say? And the rest of the family? I know they’ve been waiting for this, they haven’t kept it a secret.”

Mαcнιиε Hεαят

May 3rd 2021 - 8:54 PM

I love you so much 🥺

May 2nd 2021 - 12:29 AM

Monica and ross GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER
Just us dancing away on the dance floor. 😂😂

May 2nd 2021 - 12:11 AM

** Stream and bulletin based! Starts at 2pm est, but you can post whenever -- there’s no time frame on when the event ends. Hope to see y’all there! **


HASHTAGS: #hariagetsh*tched #westinlove

Mαcнιиε Hεαят

May 1st 2021 - 10:14 AM

Just wanted to say you’re an amazing man! I’m so glad to have you in my life. 😘 I’m one lucky woman.
Mαcнιиε Hεαят

Apr 30th 2021 - 3:02 PM

The seconds that passed in the moments after she finished felt like an eternity. This was it; this was where he told her that he didn’t feel the same way; that she just made a complete and utter fool of herself. Her knuckles were white as she held her hands in front of her waiting for his response. She’d take any response at this point, but silence that would kill her. As her gaze travelled down to the ground, she felt a soft hand against her cheek.

            Her head was lifted, and his lips crashed onto hers. The blonde melted into his embrace, arms moving around his waist. Returning his kiss, their first real kiss. Not the kisses with no meaning that happened on tour, this was passionate, filled with feelings, with love, love that both of them had held inside for months, both too scared to say anything to the other out of fear. It was true what she heard, things that scare you the most, usually have the best payoff, in this case it was true.

             Krissy’s lips curled into a smile as he pulled away, her blue orbs gazing into his brown ones. The breath that she had been holding finally released as he began to speak, unable to stop the tears that brimmed her eyes. Happy tears, tears of relief, everything she had ever wanted was right in front of her. He was right, what good is the career if you don’t experience life along with it. On tour, the pair had gotten a glimpse of what their life together could be like, and she for one was completely excited for their future. 

“I’ve been so in love with you, Krissy Bryan.” The words repeated over and over in her head. Leaning back into him, she buried her face into his neck, keeping him close. Now that she had him, she was never going to let him go. Never could she have imagined when she met him that they’d be standing here in this very position. 

“There’s always been something about you, you are seriously my best friend.” She whispered softly against his skin. “I’ve been scared to tell you for so long, afraid of what would happen if you didn’t feel the same. Because for me, having you in my life, even as a friend was better than nothing at all. You wrote an entire album about me, and I’ve written one about you too.” She admitted to him. Leaning back she laughed a bit. “Not sure how you didn’t figure out that Yeah, boy was about you.” 

Another laugh left lips as she leaned up to press her lips gently against his. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m yours, Will Buckingham. All in.” Reaching up she caressed his cheek, still unable to believe where they were now. “Does this mean I have to give back the t-shirt now? Or do I get to steal a few more?” Her heart was happy, she was happy. That was unusual when she was with him, but this was different. For the first time in a long time, Krissy felt like she was home. 

Mαcнιиε Hεαят

Apr 29th 2021 - 7:01 PM


She wrestled thoughts in her mind, what would happen if she told him, what would happen if she didn’t. If she did, worst case scenario, she lost her best friend, and that would devastate her, best case, he felt the same, but those chances weren’t high. If she didn’t tell him, well things would just go on as they were, she would be forever pining after a man that she’d never have. Could she live with that? Live with the fact that the man she loved was completely oblivious to her feelings, yes. Live with the fact that he ended up with someone else, not at all. 


Her mind was torn in two as they walked the trail, half fighting to stay silent the other half fighting for her to speak up. “Listen to your heart, your heart is telling you to go for it,” The words were whispered into her head, along with words from Stevie “Don’t let a lifetime go by. By God.” Taking a deep breath, Krissy knew what she had to do, opening her mouth to speak when they reached their destination.


Flowers surrounded them as they approached the overlook, fully in bloom putting a big smile on her face. “If there is any time and place to do it, it is now Krissy. Buck up, grow a pair, just SAY WHAT YOU FEEL!” As she curled into his embrace and they moved closer to the overlook she could barely see over the edge. This place brought to life the exact what she felt when she realized how she felt about Will. Everything was a slow and steady walk forward until she found the edge. 


Lips curling into a smile as he started to speak, “Your opinion matters a lot more than you know with this one.” A quizzical look formed on her face, why would her opinion mean more for this album than the others. Closer still they moved, and she found herself not getting distracted by the overlook, but distracted by him, the way the sunlight danced in his eyes, the smile that was etched to his features. Perfection. He was perfection, and if she could have a chance, even the smallest chance to make something more out of what they had she was taking it. 


“Will,” His name left her lips in a hushed tone, her hand shaking just a bit. “I don’t even begin to know how to say this. God, this was going a lot smoother in my head.” Separating herself from him, she moved to stand in front of him, her gaze still on the ground as she found her nerve. “I don’t know how you’re going to react, I don’t want you to feel like you have to say anything to me. I just need you to know something.” Her hands moved in front of her, fingers interlocking for a moment before she began to fidget with her fingers.


“I know we said all the stuff that happened on tour was supposed to be a fling. I don’t want you to feel like you need to feel the same, but somewhere along the lines things changed for me.” Her gaze found his, and she sucked in a breath to finish her words, almost in a rush. “Somewhere along this road, I realized that the fling isn’t what I want, not even close. I know you don’t want anything right now with your career…..but”

“I love you, Will Buckingham. I’m in love with you.”
Mαcнιиε Hεαят

Apr 27th 2021 - 8:29 PM

Life on the road wasn’t easy for many people. It took a mental, and physical, toll on the artist and their families. That kept her from initiating any relationships. Krissy didn’t want anyone she cared about to feel neglected or unwanted because she couldn’t pour into them what they needed. If she was going to date someone, it had to be someone that understood. She wasn’t expected to fall in love with him. 


Will had become her best friend so easily, they shared everything, embarrassing stories, funny stories, heartbreaks. It was natural, easy. There was no endgame set with them, it was a go with the flow piece. Both of them understood the lifestyle, the ups, the downs, good and bad, and how difficult it was to keep up relationships. Despite all of that, she fell anyway. 


As the music surrounded her, Krissy felt like she had been transported into another place. His lyrics and melodies simply transcended and took over her thoughts. They were perfect, and enticed visuals to play in her mind. Unable to wipe the smile from her face, she focused on the music as she swayed in the cab. This album was gold. It was going to be his biggest hit yet, and she knew that deep in her soul. 


The smile on his face as she danced lit her heart a flame. She had his attention, and he always had hers. Coming to a stop and the truck now in park, she hopped out. “Really Will? Gonn make fun of my sweet moves? I’ve seen you dance, Mr. yours aren’t much better.” She teased with a grin as his arm slid around her shoulders. Leaning into his embrace, she walked with him up the trail. “A full album review will happen, don’t you worry. Just soaking in what I heard.”


As they walked she searched for words, but not just words about his album. Words to explain how she felt, about him. What it was that made her fall for him in the first place, many came to her mind, but none seemed to want to leave her lips. At least not yet. Closer they climbed and Krissy looked over to Will, leaning up she pressed her lips against his cheek. “That album is your best yet. The passion you had writing and recording it comes through in the music. The melodies flow so well one into another, and the vocals are perfect, like everything you do. Listening, I could feel each emotion you described with complete clarity as if it were happening to me in real time. You took a moment, and placed the vision in my mind. It’s a masterpiece, Will. There is no doubt in my mind that the album I just listened to will be your most successful yet.”


Shaking her head a bit she looked down at the ground. “I loved it, and your fans will too.” Leaning back into him, her head rested on his shoulder. Mind and heart moving in two directions. Why was it so easy to spill thoughts on his album but not at all easy for her to spill her feelings. What was holding her back aside from fear?

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