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Daughter of Emma Swan and Killian Jones

16 years old

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June 12 2021

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Characters: Hope Swan-Jones
Verses: Once Upon A Time
Playbys: Meg Donnelly
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~ this is our home, and we will fight for it, and we will die for it ~

True Love's Hope

Hope is born to the savior, Emma Swan-Jones and her husband, former pirate, Killian Jones. She is half-sister to The Truest Believer Henry Mills.

During a family day in the Jolly Roger with her husband and son, Emma discusses her desire to have a second chance in motherhood with Killian and while she’s nervous she might not get it, Killian reassures her everything will be okay.

A few years later, after a desperate call for help from her son Henry, Emma arrives in the New Enchanted Forest and excitedly announces to her now-adult son that she and Killian are expecting their first child together. She assures Henry she’s fine, and the only reason she didn’t arrive with Killian, was because she'd acquiesced to his desire for her to rest. But she couldn’t wait any longer to share the couple's happy news with her son.

Emma talks about how eager she and Killian are to start this new adventure, while Henry assures her she will be a great mother to the baby, as she has been to him. When her son asks her how are things between her and Killian, she replies that the two of them are great and “a family, almost," clearly insinuating that the arrival of their child will complete their happy beginning.

Hope's story

let me paint a picture

Hope was born and raised in Storybrooke, where she grew up among her family. Living with her mother and father, and her sisters Taylor and Juliet, she has a happy life.

On her 13th birthday, Hope began to gain magic, which scared her at first but she soon learned it was due to her parents having true love, and her mother carrying that magic within her.

Despite having magic, Hope rarely, if ever, uses it, to the point where most people don't know she even has any.


Due to Emma’s pregnancy, and to ensure their child’s safety, they make the decision to return to Storybrooke, despite the realization that they must once again say goodbye to Henry indefinitely. They use a magic bean to open a portal back to Storybrooke. The goodbye is bittersweet and Emma is heartbroken to leave Henry, who opts to remain in the New Enchanted Forest in order to find his story and chase after his own love. But they know they must return to Storybrooke, because that is where their home is, and is where they can best raise and protect their child. Killian throws the bean and the portal opens, while Emma and Killian’s joined hands go protectively over their child before returning back to Storybrooke to have their child and live their happy beginning.

The baby is later born in Storybrooke to her parents and is taken to Regina's coronation.

Full Name: Taylor Swan-Booth
Relationship: Sister
Full Name: Juliet Grace Swan-Jones.
Relationship: Sister
Full Name: Emma Swan.
Relationship: Mother
Full Name: Henry Daniel Mills.
Relationship: Half-Brother
Full Name: Emma Swan.
Relationship: Mother
Captain Hook
Full Name: Killian Jones.
Relationship: Father
No one yet
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~ this is our home, and we will fight for it, and we will die for it ~

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Leather & Sapphire

Jun 7th 2021 - 12:45 PM

Genevieve Colter-Mills
-- Also known as 'Evie'.
Daughter of the Evil Queen & the Stable Boy
Thank you so much for the add/request! ♥
I'll keep this short and sweet (something I'm not)... 
I'd love to set something up with you!
If you need more info on my character, just ask.
Oh, and I do have Discord if that makes things easier.
𝕮𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖎𝖊 𝕸𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖘

Apr 26th 2021 - 7:32 PM

You don't need my greeting again

Apr 18th 2021 - 1:07 PM

With so many strangers filling the streets of Storybrooke things had become to get a little hectic for the mayor. She felt as if so many reports were just piling up on her desk and more and more were added as the day progressed - she was stressed and rightfully so! There were times that she could just drown from it all. The responsibility of having not only a town's well-being on her shoulders, but also her responsibilities as a mother. Henry was her anchor in the water that kept driving her on. Where would she be without her beloved son?

Although she didn't really see him much these days due to him having his own family to care for now, she still treasured the moments he was able to pull himself away to visit. She recalled a much younger Henry running through her house and leading a much much younger Hope around to show off his room and game consoles that he'd acquired over the years. Mostly as gifts from family members. She remembered Hope being enthralled with them when she would follow him over for a visit - and somehow always found her way into the kitchen with Regina who had, surprisingly enough, taken quite the shine to the young blonde. It wasn't uncommon for Hope to be a visitor in her home whether Henry was there or not. 

The Mayor's thought process scattered when the sound of the phone ringing startled her back to reality. Reaching to grab it off the hook, she placed the receiver to her ear - "Hello, Mayor Mills he- Leroy?" There was a deep frown etched across her olive complexion as news of.. Magic use was spotted? 
"Yes, I'll be right there." Slamming the phone back down onto the cradle, Regina pushed herself back from the desk and headed to her door. She grabbed for her scarf and jacket before heading out, and the door closed with an audible click.
By the time she reached Town Hall, the damage appeared to have been clearly done already. The gate that once stood tall and imposing.. Lay in a heap on the ground. Leroy and his brothers were doing their best to survey the damage and the Dwarves banded together to try and lift the heavy gate to move it, at least, out of the way so Town Hall was still approachable. But, no luck. The gate was too heavy to move.
"Er, think we could get a little help?" One of them asked, rubbing the back of their neck as Regina was asked for assistance. Without thinking twice, the Mayor's hands lifted out in front of her and a light grimace crossed her features from just how heavy it was even with magic! Slowly, it lifted into the air and was moved off to the side and out of the way where it would be taken care of later. However, the magic's signature on the gate itself was strangely familiar.. She just couldn't quite place it.

The signature on it was genetically similar to Emma's and yet.. Not? The Mayor began to run over the possible subjects in her head of who it could belong to and luckily the list was a short one. Snow and Charming had no magic. Henry didn't possess it and had no interest in it, either. Emma would have immediately called to inform her of the gate being destroyed by her own magic. Which left only one.. Hope. While it shouldn't come as a surprise, she was a little startled to think that Hope possessed the same magic as her mother.
"I have to go. Make sure no one touches that gate unless it is approved by me first." The Mayor was flippant in her tone as she left the scene, leaving the Dwarves behind looking confused by her sudden disappearance.

The brunette headed to the school first. Although she was, again, none too surprised to hear from her teacher that she had just left without a word.
"Did she seem off to you at all?" Regina inquired, searching the woman's face.
"Actually, yes. She looked distracted and when I tried to talk to her, she just.. Got up and left." The woman replied, looking worried for her student.
"Thank you, I'll see about finding her." Regina offered a terse smile and turned on her heel to head out of the school in search of the missing blonde.

She wouldn't call Emma just yet, wanting to get the whole story from Hope first. The magic in her fingertips pulsed as she searched for the missing teenager's magical signature and the search led her to.. The old playground? Just looked at the place seemed to raise her upper lip slightly in distate, because of the possible dangers that were imposed here, a newer more updated playground had been opened elsewhere and this one was condemed to be torn down soon. Not soon enough, she thought.
"Hope? Are you here?" Her voice called, tone slightly lowered out of worry as if expecting to find the girl buried beneath the rotting wood that had finally decided to fall. Thankfully, no such thing seemed to happen. Good, Emma would have my head if anything happened to her daughter.
Dark eyes skimmed the play area until spotting a familiar head of blonde curls hidden beneath one of the climbing areas. In three inch heels, Regina entered the area and knelt down to try and meet Hope's eyes, the girl was no doubt shaking with fear thinking she was in trouble but she wanted to put that fear aside.
"Hey, are you okay? You aren't hurt?" Dark eyes glassed the blonde over for any signs of possible injury and didn't see anything straight away.
"Do you want to talk about what happened?" With that, the brunette grew quiet, but stayed attentive and alert.

(Gah, I am SO sorry for the delay on this! I hope this makes up for it! ♥)

Apr 9th 2021 - 5:25 PM

Brat, brat, brat, brat.

Apr 8th 2021 - 7:31 PM


Apr 8th 2021 - 7:28 PM

You're my favorite, as well.
And I promise not to tell if you don't. :P

Apr 8th 2021 - 7:26 PM

Oh, no need to rush at all.
Please, take your time! I can assure you that I'm not going anywhere.(:

Apr 8th 2021 - 7:25 PM

Haha, I feel the same way as well!
Thank you for starting us off, I appreciate it!(:


Apr 8th 2021 - 7:21 PM

Yaass! Only if you'd like to.

(Excellent, because you've been claimed regardless miss ma'am! :P)

Apr 8th 2021 - 7:18 PM

Of course, sounds like a plan to me! :D

(Muahaha, that's perfectly fine by me! Only if I can claim you as my main Hope! :P)
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