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About me:

I am Reign,I am destruction and I am death! I was created on Kyrpton by a group of three woman who knew the planet was doomed long before anyone else did and so they created myself and my sisters to be sent to your planet so that we can reshape it into New Krypton.

When the planet exploded my sisters and I were seperated and all crashed in different places. I was found by a woman who took me in and raised me as her own and so were my sisters. Being raised on your planet made us all slowly forget our true selves and why we came here and so we embraced the woman we were raised to be.

I became Sam Arias and when her daughter Ruby was born I was caged and left in darkness for a time. I awoke only when those who created us called to me in Sam's mind and thus I woke. My waking up was slow at first and I was able to take over for a while,but then Sam took back control and I was caged again.

Eventually I was able to take full control of Sam and her friends tried to stop me. The first time I faced off against the one you all know as Supergirl I almost killed her,throwing her off a roof top like she was nothing more than a feather in my hands.

I then went to find my sisters and when I did they were woken as I had been and together we caused panic and fear. Supergirl and her no good friends were able to destroy my sisters but not before we all became one and their powers became mine as well.

In the end Supergirl was able to stop me with Black Kryptonite and Sam was freed from my control making us two different people and in the end Sam grew some strength of her own finally and made me drink some water that made me weak and I was carried off by the shadows of that realm,thus saving the earth and reversing the damage that I had caused.

When Crisis was over and the worlds became one I found myself coming back as well,but this time I was my true self and no humanity within me because Sam and I are two different people now.

I remember everything that happened before Crisis and I intend to have my own fun with this world now that I am on my own and no longer have those who created me in my way. Your world will fall for I am Reign the one and only Worldkiller.

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Oct 28th 2021 - 10:04 PM

Jordan nodded "Being a teenager is not easy, it's actually quite frustrating. Trying to fit in with the IN crowd, being accepted by the popular kids. It's just so stressful when you add in homework and everything else. I just want to get through it as fast as I can." He said as he bit his bottom lip and looked down at the ground. He wasn't sure what it was about her but he seemed to be able to speak to her easily. Maybe deep down he could tell she was different even if she was keeping something from him. Which didn't bother him since he was keeping a secret of his own, a pretty big one.ย 

"I've gotten better at standing up for myself, it's just harder with my anxiety. That's why Jonathan usually saves my butt. It's a twin thing, we know when the other is having an issue. It's hard to explain. It can be a little annoying sometimes." He shrugged.ย 

Jordan continued to look around the mansion, he was fascinated by the art on the walls and the statues. He wondered if one day he would be able to afford a place like this, he doubted it but a guy could dream. He'd probably be stuck at the Kent Farm, living there with Jonathan and their wives, if they both got married that is. Jordan knew Jon probably would get married, but, he was the black sheep and oddball of the family. He didn't see himself finding the one for him. "It's a pretty cool-looking place."ย 

Lois smiled when Sam told her her name. Jordan glanced over with a confused look on his face, then again he doesn't recall asking her what her names were so that was probably on him. He kept looking around the room as she spoke, he knew it was more for his mother since she was asking all these questions about what Sam knew about Edge. "He has killed quite a few people, well not literally but their livelihood. Goes into small towns and promises them better living then when it falls apart, he packs up and leaves. All those people left worse than they were before he came into their town." Lois said as she crossed her arms to her chest. "I think he's experimenting on people, but I don't have any proof of it. I will uncover whatever he is doing and let everyone know what he is up to."ย 


Aug 30th 2021 - 11:26 PM

Jordan had heard the 'you're still young' speech so many times, he's even given it to himself a few times. He knew he had all the time in the world for things to happen. But like most teenagers, they want what they want right then. "I know. It's just the curse of being a teenager and wanting things to happen sooner rather than later. I'll live if things don't plan out in the next few years." He said as he gave her a slight smile.ย 

"Cool. It would be nice to learn how to protect myself and not rely on Jonathan to save my ass all the time. I know I can't outrun bullies either. I've tried numerous times, and that usually leads to a worse beating than I'd originally get. If I can knock them down at least, in self-defense, they might leave me alone." He said as he was looking forward to learning a few fighting moves. He would worry about how his parents will react to it if they find out he learned how to fight without his father present or teaching him himself. Jordan made a mental note to reign in the powers that he had while she was training him, he didn't need his secret to get out.ย 

While they were at Reign's place he listened to the adults' talk, his eyes widened as she talked about Edge being a scumbag and needed to pay. "I think so too. He's destroyed so many small towns and I won't let him do it to Smallville. But he's charmed the people here with promises of a new life, better wages and I know he's up to something that is going to hurt this town." Lois said as she placed her hands on her hips. Jordan sighed. "I'm in hell. I'm witnessing the 'I hate Morgan Edge' fan club meeting with the president and vice president of the club." He thought to himself, he wasn't going to say that out loud. Jordan glanced from his mother to Reign then over to Chrissy who was nodding in agreement.ย 

Jordan began to walk slowly around the big room they were in. "Lex, as in lex Luthor of Luthor Corp? I've never met the guy, but I have heard people talk about him. Another rich douchebag that wants to be a 'king' or something." He said as he hoped his mother would be too involved with her hating on Edge to have heard everything he had just said. "I think I'll be ok. I have a good sense of direction and with all the dust, I can follow my footprints back." He said as he wandered off into another room to let the grown-ups talk. ย 

Lois smiled then began to rattle off her questions. "What do you have against Morgan Edge? Is there anything you can tell us about him that we haven't figured out?" She asked as she looked over to Chrissy briefly before bringing her attention back to Reign. And lastly "Who are you?"ย 


Jul 29th 2021 - 10:49 AM

Jordan hated being a teenager. He wanted to grow up and be out on his own. Though he knew that wasn't going to happen for a few more years. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to go to college or not. He has enough trouble trying to keep his anxiety disorder under control at high school, not telling how bad his panic attacks would get in a college setting. Plus, that would mean that he and Jonathan would have to go to the same college. He knew he couldn't rely on Jonathan all the time, but he couldn't help it. Jon was always there and knew exactly what to say to him to calm him down. "I'm not even sure that I want a girlfriend. Relationships just seem to be too hard, unless you're old like my parents. My dad didn't meet mom until he was in his mid-twenties. So maybe there's hope for me at some point in my life."ย 

He was grateful that she agreed to show him some moves to protect himself. He just needed something until he got better control over his powers and he knew exactly how many he was going to have. "Thanks. I know my parents wouldn't like me learning how to fight. But, I can't keep relying on everyone else to bail me out of jams. I have to stand up for myself and hope that I can control my anxiety until after I defended myself and got away. Not when I was trying to defend myself. Time for me to stand up to my bullies."ย 

Lois smiled when she heard her say that she hated Morgan Edge as much as she did and wanted to team up and take him down. "That man makes me so angry. He destroys every town that he goes to. And I will not let him destroy my husband's hometown." Lois said as she placed her hands on her hips. ย "Mom we have to come up with a plan on how we can get rid of him. He has one of those faces that just want to punch." He said as he punched his hand.ย 

Jordan's eyes widened as he saw the mansion that they pulled up to. "Wow.. this place is awesome." He said as he looked around, he could get used to living in a place like this. ย "If you have a soda that would be awesome, thanks." He said as he couldn't believe the place was so big. "You live here alone? Seems pretty big for one person. I hope I don't get lost." Jordan said with a slight laugh. Lois declined a drink, for now, she just wanted answers as to why she was after Edge and how they can come up with a plan to take him down.ย 

Jun 30th 2021 - 11:57 PM

Jordan laughed a little bit, "My way of talking to a girl is to stutter and make a fool out of myself. My dad says it's my social anxiety disorder and I might outgrow it or when the right girl comes I will have no problems talking to her. I guess I will have to wait and see when the time comes. I'm not in any hurry, I am only fourteen and have plenty of time ahead of me to worry about all that." He said as he looked over at her. He still wished that he wasn't being so open to this stranger but he just felt the urge to talk about personal things. He usually kept to himself. Shaking the thought from his head he looked back down at the ground thinking it was a good time to shut up about his girl problem or lack of.ย 

He had never hurt anyone in his life, or at least not on purpose. The bonfire was the first time that he had injured someone. But that wasn't his fault, he didn't know that his powers were manifesting at that time. It was an accident and he already felt awful about it. "I do need to learn to protect myself. I can't keep relying on my brother to show up to save my ass all the time. Or for my parents to talk to the other kid's parents. That usually leads to me getting beat up more than usual. If you could teach me a few moves to defend myself that would be awesome. Thanks." He said as he hoped that she would agree to it. "We don't need to tell my parents about it."ย 

Lois looked to Reign then back to her son with her hands on her hips. "Jordan tends to like to try and make friends with people. And he is very helpful. I just wish he would have called me or his father sooner to give us a heads up he made a new friend, a new adult friend." She said as he softened up a little bit, she knew her son had good intentions and wanted to be a hero like his father. "Morgan Edge is a virus. He's out to destroy Smallville like all those other small towns that he promised better lives too." She went on more about all the horrible things that Morgan Edge has done or she suspected that he is guilty of. Jordan rolled his eyes but didn't say anything, he had heard all of this before and he was getting tired of hearing it over and over.

"Come on mom, let's trust her. You can call you know who if this gets to be a bad thing. We need to go, please." Jordan grabbed his mom's arm and lead her out to Chrissy's car. "Lead the way. I don't want to end up like some bad guy's victim." Chrissy said as she grabbed her purse and keys, then grabbed Lois' things for her since Jordan was in a hurry to get his mother out of there before anything bad happens. ย They piled into the car and got ready to follow Reign to her out-of-the-way spot that she said they would be safe at.ย 


Jun 19th 2021 - 12:52 AM

Jordan laughed a little bit. "Oh he's tried to teach me how to talk to girls, so has my dad. It's just, just not something that I can do. Sarah is one of my closest friends she's my only friend and I still stammer over my words and look like an idiot when I talk to her." He said as his cheeks turned a little pink with embarrassment. "I'm just not what girls my age like. I'm weird and have hair that has a mind of its own." ย He smiled slightly when she said the girl for him could be right in front of him so to speak, but it just wasn't their time to interact yet. "I hope so. It isn't Sarah. Since she made it clear multiple times that she just wants to be friends. Jon told me that once a girl puts you in the friend zone, you're pretty much stuck there. I've accepted it that she and I are just friends."ย 

"My parents seem to think that I'm made of glass. Like I'm so fragile that I can't defend myself. If I even asked my parents to take martial arts classes they would say no. My mom would be so against it. Though I think that is a typical mother, wanting to protect their children. Though my mom seems to be way overprotective of especially me. She worries more about me because of my disorder." He shrugged his shoulders, he doesn't know why he keeps opening up to this stranger. Maybe it is because it's so much easier to talk to someone that isn't connected to him and maybe getting an unbiased opinion is what he needs. He tried to be vague and not give away too much information. he wasn't even sure if she wasn't one of Edge's people that was sent to take out his mother once and for all. But he had a feeling that she may have a grudge against the jerk herself.ย 

When she spoke of Jonathan he smiled a little more. "I couldn't imagine my life without him in it. He's been there since day one, he is my twin brother. So he knows me better than anyone. I'm grateful for everything he does for me. Though sometimes I feel like I'm a burden to him. He's always looking out for me. We're always there for each other." He said truthfully as he glanced over at her. ย "He puts up with a lot of stuff, he has to cover for me when I have problems and can't go to school. He defends me when others say horrible things to and about me. I've started to stand up when people say things to or about him. It might get my butt kicked, but I have to be there for him as he is for me."ย 

Lois raised a brow and looked from her son to the woman that was with him, she did not like her son hanging around a strange woman. "I've had men and other people come after me many times. I think I can handle it." She said as she put her hands on her hips. "Mom, please. For me, let's just go with Sam. Trust me." He pleaded with her as she finally gave in. "Fine, I will go with you. But Jordan, tonight we WILL be having a conversation about this." Lois said in a stern voice, Jordan knew that meant a lecture with him possibly being grounded at the end of it. "Where do you suppose we go? Morgan Edge has his people all over the place." She asked. Jordan stood there looking between all the women as he waited for Sam to tell them where they were going and if she was going to give more information about what is going on.ย 


Jun 8th 2021 - 12:27 AM

Jordan thought for a moment at what she said about having his brother teach him how he does it. "Oh believe me he has tried to teach me how to fit in and well it doesn't work. I'm just not into all the styles and all that. I like how I am, how I dress. I mean yeah I could do without the anxiety attacks. I just want to be normal, but I have accepted that I won't be." He said truthfully, with his powers starting to manifest he knew that being normal wasn't in his grasp. He had to lie to people and hide things, be secretive about his life. He had to protect his secret as well as the fact that his father was Superman, if his secret got out, people would be able to put two and two together and realize that Clark Kent was Superman. "I'm sure there is some girl out there that is just odd as I am. I just think she got lost on her way to Smallville. Or maybe I am not meant to meet her until later on in life. I don't know, I know nothing about dating."ย 

He was relieved when she said he didn't have to keep talking about his grandmother. He missed her so much and he didn't get to say goodbye to her. He was looking forward to visiting with her when his dad said they were due to visit, then the next day she was gone. He had gone to the grave a few times to talk to her but it wasn't the same. He was brought out of his thoughts of his grandmother when she mentioned how he has to learn to rely on himself.ย 

"I do need to learn to defend myself better. I don't want to hurt anyone but at the same time, I don't want them to continue to pick on me. I hate having to rely on my brother to protect me. I feel like my family thinks I'm fragile and made of glass. I need to grow up sometime and I can't if they're always protecting me." He sighed as he knew it was easier said than done. "Jonathan is a great brother. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve someone like him. He's given up so much for me and I feel bad about it." He shut up quickly before he spilled that is because he had started to develop powers.ย 

Jordan glanced over to the building that his mother was in. "She's right over there, but I think going the back way will be safer. I don't need Mr. Edge's guys to get to my mom and hurt her. I'd never be able to live with myself if my mom got hurt." He said as he glanced back at her. He leads her around the back and stopped at the door. He knew it was unlocked because of fire safety. "We'll have to be careful, we might startle mom and Chrissy and get things thrown at us. So I will go in first and then you follow. I think my mom would like to have some help from someone with Morgan Edge. She can't do much, she's just a journalist." He said as he grabbed the door handle and slowly opened the door. He figured he would announce himself so he wouldn't scare the two women. "Mom? Are you here?" He asked loudly as he heard movement up front and he motioned for Reign to follow him. He laughed a little bit when he startled Chrissy "Why are you coming in the back door Jordan?" She asked as she had her hand over her heart. "Lois is upfront at her desk."ย 

Jordan nodded "I'm sorry it's a long story and I will explain once we're near mom. This is my new friend Sam. She needs to speak to mom." He said as he pointed towards her and smiled slightly. He figured that he better announce her as his new friend than just saying she's some woman that got lost and saved him from some guys with guns that are after him for some reason. He headed towards the front of the building to his mother's desk surprising her that he was there. "Jordan, why aren't you at home? What are you doing here?" She asked as her eyes drifted to Reign and she got a concerned look on her face as to why her baby was with this woman. "We need to talk to you mom. It's important. I'll let Sam tell you. It's confusing and we need to get out of here." He wasn't making much sense but he hoped Reign would be able to clear things up.ย 


May 29th 2021 - 3:48 PM

Jordan closed his eyes for a moment, he was afraid that he might be giving away how nervous he was and he was trying to keep himself from having an anxiety attack. Those were never good for him, he usually ended up destroying things that were near him or making a big mess that he would have to clean up after he calmed down. "I don't think anyone can help me with talking to girls. I don't think they like me that much, well at least not as anything more than just a friend. I'm not like Jonathan, he has no problems talking to girls and getting dates." He shrugged his shoulders and thought that maybe he was saying too much to a stranger. But for some reason talking about this stuff to someone that wasn't family and had heard him complain about it hundreds of times. "I'm sorry. I... I really shouldn't dump this all on you. I'm... I'm sure you could care less about a fourteen-year-old boy's problems."ย 

He wanted to get off the subject of his grandmother, he missed her and it was too soon after her death. Living in her house, seeing things that belonged to her. Stuff that he and Jonathan had made for her over the years, all just brought back so many wonderful memories. He had even taken a few of her things to display in his room, just to have it feel as if she was there with him. "Grandma was the best. And I miss her a lot." He said as he wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt before she could see the few tears escape his eyes. "Everyone loved her. The whole town, she was so special."ย 

Jordan smiled a little bit when she said she could teach him to fight. "My dad is trying to teach me how to defend myself. It's not going so well. I mean look at me, I'm a scrawny guy. I couldn't do much damage if I did hit someone." He lied but he couldn't too well say something along the lines of oh no I don't need to be taught how to fight. I have super strength and laser death eyes. He had to play off how he was before his powers decided to manifest. "I'm usually trying to outrun my bullies or Jonathan comes to take care of it." ย He frowned a little bit, that was usually what happened. He would get bullied, Jon would show up and get them to stop and if he couldn't, Jordan would run as fast he could away. Which he never really got that far before they caught him, and things were always worse for him when he tried to run.ย 

He nodded as she spoke about Morgan Edge, he knew all this was true and the fact that his mother was determined to expose him. "My mom has spoken about what a creep he is since he became her boss at the Daily Planet back home. She will bring him down, my mom always gets her story and expose the truth." He said as he looked back up at her. "My mom works just up the street at the Smallville Gazette. I'll take you to her. She'll love help in taking down a scumbag. Oh, my mom has had many death threats. Hell Mr. Edge had her station wagon blown up the other day. It kind of sucks because we're now down to just dad's old junkie truck. Follow me." He said as he pointed in the direction of the town newspaper.ย 

May 20th 2021 - 11:39 PM

Jordan just couldn't put his finger on what was off with her, but then again this was Smallville and a lot of weird stuff happened. People got powers, aliens from other planets show up. Nothing surprised Jordan anymore. Though he could tell that she was keeping something to herself or not telling the whole truth. He understood that he had secrets that he had to keep. "Oh, I know how cruel people can be. In Metropolis before we moved to Smallville, I was constantly picked on. I mean I am still picked on here, but back home, it was horrible." He said as he shook his head to rid his mind of all the horrible things that had happened to him when he lived in Metropolis. "This town is small, so I think I will be the bullies' target for quite a while. I'm a weird kid so they like picking on me."ย 

He smiled when they spoke about his dad. "My dad does make me laugh. He's a walking dad joke. He's great, except when he embarrasses me around girls my age. Not that I can get a girl to take an interest in me. That's another story for another time, like never." He mumbled as he can't believe how much he is rambling about his problems to this stranger. "I know my dad means well. And he tries so hard to balance things between me and my brother."ย 

A sad expression came across his face as he thought of his grandmother Kent. "I did love her, a lot. She was always so wise. She would listen when I would call her to talk about my problems. Always had good advice and so understanding. She didn't take my side every time either. Would make me see others point of view. I miss her so much now." He said as he swallowed to keep the tears back, he didn't need this stranger to see him cry. "That sounds like what my mom said, to keep her close and alive right here." He said as he placed his hand over his heart.ย 

Jordan smirked when she said that she could teach his bullies a lesson for him. "I am working on a way to get back at them. I don't need any of them to get hurt real bad. Jonathan tries to keep them off my case, but he can't be around all the time. I really shouldn't rely on him or others to fight my battles for me. I need to learn to defend myself." He was being truthful, he needed to learn to defend himself, and with his new powers manifesting he might just be able to do that. If he could learn to control them better.ย 

When she offered to help his mother with Morgan Edge he raised an eyebrow. "You know him? He's a smug jerk. Fired my dad, made my mom quit the Daily Planet. And he comes here and makes all these promises that sound good but my mom knows it will end in disaster. He has everyone here fooled and they won't listen to my mom. She's very good at her job, and she has her mind made up to take Mr. Edge down and she isn't going to stop until she does. I can take you to her and you two can talk about him and plan what to do with him." He wasn't sure why he offered that, but if she knew a lot about the man and had the same views of him as his mother, then maybe he won't get into trouble.ย 


May 14th 2021 - 11:19 AM

Jordan listened to her as she spoke, something seemed off to him but he couldn't place what it was. He wasn't sure if this gut feeling that she wasn't telling him everything was a true gut feeling or if his anxiety was acting up. "I wouldn't be surprised if you got weird looks and people whispering about you behind your back, some not caring and just whispering about you right in front of you. I just know things travel fast here in Smallville." He said shrugging his shoulders. "I'm just a kid, so no one listens to me or pays any attention to me."ย 

He looked around the small town and sighed. "My dad grew up here and he thinks it's the best place ever. He's also a walking dad joke, he can be so embarrassing sometimes." He said with a slight laugh. He smiled when she asked about his grandmother. "Grandma Kent was amazing. her heart was so big, and she cared about everyone. About this town. If you need help, she would give you her last dollar. I was close to her. We use to spend summers here with her. Dad was planning a visit just before she died. I wish we could have said goodbye." He said as he hurried and wiped his tears away before she saw him.ย 

Jordan glanced over at the Smallville Gazette across the street then back to her. "We are originally from Metropolis. In a big city, I was still a freak and outcast. My brother was the popular one, the one that had so many friends and everyone liked him, he had a girlfriend. They all tolerated me because of him. For me, it doesn't matter where we live, because no matter where it is, I'm the odd man out, the kid that is always bullied. Enough about that, it's depressing." Jordan shook his head to get rid of the thoughts. "I'm sure my mom can help you. Though she is preoccupied with Morgan Edge, he tried to blow up my mom. He had a bomb put in her station wagon."ย 

May 10th 2021 - 2:58 PM

Clark stood with his arms on his hips looking right toward the masked woman in black. He listened to her and while she spoke he was using his x-ray vision first to look through her mask to see her real identity. Second he started scanning her with microscopic vision to determine what she was. Her cell her very DNA. He noted a few similarities to Kryptonian DNA much like his own however her cells did not store solar radiation.

Soon he finished scanning her, Clark blinked his eyes a few times bringing his vision back to normal. Soon he would answer her back with displeasure within his voice over what he had heard her say.

"You can't just go around murdering people, even if these are killers you are not judge jury and exocutioner. So I would suggest you stop right now before anyone else gets hurt."

Superman finished speaking only to reach out and grab her by her wrist. She had to face the law for her own crime and he was the only one around to make that happen.ย ย 
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