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November 28 2021

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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Athletic
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Save the world.
Characters: Diana Shepard
Verses: Mass effect mainly, Marvel/DC, open to crossovers/normal custom.
Playbys: Citadel favourite
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:March 05, 2021

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ℬlack Ƭarantula™

Mar 12th 2021 - 7:40 PM

Year: 2186
Looking out the window of his office, Captain Anderson had an unwanted guess that had people murmuring about why they’d like a sick demented killer into his office when this individual is on the list of wanted criminals for The Alliance.  Anderson slid a glass of whisky to his guess who then wrapped his right fingers around his drink.  He’d left his mask only to reveal his mouth to gulp down the hard liquor.  Carlos LaMuerto known to his enemies as Black Tarantula holds the legendary title that was given to him by his ancestors.  He placed the cup on the desk and folded his arms over his shoulders, cupping both of his biceps. 

“People are looking at you, Captain.  Even questioning your character as to why you called in a crime boss into your office.”  Anderson listened to Carlos’ words and sat down.  He was always a serious man and Carlos could sense in the eyes of the captain; he was serious what he was about to say.  “To be honest Mister Tarantula-“ Carlos extended a hand in front with a slight wave. “Please just Black Tarantula or Tarantula for short, no need for the Mister.  Please, continue.”  He gave Anderson the floor as if he owned the office. 

Anderson swallowed hard and continued.  “You’re in the top five of the most wanted lists and you rank number three.  I figured instead of putting your ass in prison for an exceptionally long time, I thought it would be best if we worked together to handle a common enemy.”  Carlos chuckled a bit under his mask.  “Captain, if you had the ability to put me in prison I’d be there right now.”  Anderson slammed his palms on the desk.  “This isn’t a joke Tarantula and I feel the smirk on your face while you laugh it up.  The reason why your number three is because number one and two are more dangerous and you know of who I speak of.”  The tenson was so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Carlos slowly unfolded his arms and rested them on the armrests of the chair he sat upon.  “The Illusive Man and his top assassin Kai Leng.” 

Anderson lowered his head. “I’m willing to make a deal with you, Tarantula.  You help the alliance stop them and we can give you a price…a reasonable price.”  Carlos stroked his chin as he thought of what could possibly be equal to his help.  “Well, two things.”  Anderson quickly added.  “Name them.”  Carlos stood up revealing his seven-foot talk frame.  He walked to the whisky and pour another drink.  “I want all of my crimes erased and the pleasure of killing The Illusive Man.  That’s it.”  Anderson responded with some frustration in his voice.  “I couldn’t care less of how The Illusive Man dies but erasing your entire record?  No way.  Best I can do is offer you a head start to get away after the mission is done.”  Carlos looked over his shoulder and laughed a bit. 

“So, let me get this straight, amigo.  You called me to come to your office and promised me free passage to and from but my requirements to kill The Illusive Man is too much?”  Carlos placed his already drunken cup on the desk once and continued to walk toward the door. “Carlos that has to be something else besides that.  The Alliance would know it is faulty if I did that.  Think about it, I gave you a free pass for today in public.  People know that you’re here and if your record is erased, they’d know it was me.”  Carlos stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder.  “Good point and well played, Captain.”  Carlos inhaled the air around him and exhaled it out in a heavy sigh.  “Alright then Anderson.  You promise me after the mission I have free passage to and from and I will deliver The Illusive Man’s head.” 

Carlos extended his right hand outward for a handshake.  Anderson placed his right hand in Carlos’ to seal the deal.  As Carlos touched the doorknob to open the door, Anderson caught his attention once more.  “Just one more thing, Tarantula.  You see, I don’t trust you and that’s why you won’t be going alone.”  Carlos frowned under his mask as Anderson continued. “My most trusted Commander will be babysitting you in a sense.”  Carlos smirked under his mask and finally left the meeting. 

The Next Day:
Carlos waited by the docks with Captain Anderson.  “So, this commander of yours does he know that the notorious Black Tarantula is joining his ranks?”  Anderson chuckled a bit.  “Well, SHE has a knack for shooting bad guys so be cautious around her.”  Carlos watched as The Normandy parked and the bridge opened.  The squad of Shepard left the ship one by one until Anderson extended a hand to the redhead.  Carlos thought to himself, it must be her.  The Legendary Commander Shepard. All this time he thought she was a dude but the legend being a woman gave Carlos’ a sense of excitement.  Anderson would introduce Black Tarantula and the legends would finally be introduced to each other.  Anderson would fill her in on the situation to why he is asking for Carlos’ to join her crew.  But like Anderson, Carlos waited for a response…a yes or a no.
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