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discord: The Lonely Stoner#2267

Vanesa was born and raised in Hoboken NJ, small and an expensive place to live, but a party city. There was many bars, and clubs to go to. The main reason her dad was never home, leaving her all alone, since her mother passed giving birth. She wasn't completely alone. She did have 4 older brothers who picked on and bullied at a young age, but she didn't really count those cretins. Her early childhood was the worst part of her life, having no escape from the toxic environment she was left in. That is, until she became a sophomore in high school and met a classmate named Susie. Susie had a older friend named Julie. Julie quickly became someone Vanesa looked up highly to. Following her everywhere she eventually met Julie's older boyfriend named Frank. Vanesa had a big crush on Julie, she didn't realize it until she saw Frank and Julie kiss for the first time. It was enough to make Vanesa's blood boil.

Frank had a friend named Joey who they all met from always hanging out together, running the streets of Hoboken, a group full of bandits. No limits when they put their masks on. Frank being the ring leader of them all, his friend Joey a loyal servant, and his girlfriend Julie just as loyal as a man's best friend. Vanesa only agreed because she did everything Julie did. And Susie went along with it all because she looked up to Julie just as much as Vanesa did. One day Vanesa was venting to Julie, about this boy at school who wouldn't stop being a creep. To the point Vanesa thought she was being stalked. Julie being Julie she told Frank, and Frank being Frank he told the group Vanesa should catch the perp red handed. Vanesa was against it, but Juliet pleaded. Doing as Julie wished Vanesa agreed. To set the bait, Vanesa left her shades up, making everything she was doing alone in her room visible. Only she wasn't alone, Frank and Joey hid outside her room in the bushes and Julie and Susie were in the closet ready to pop out at any second.

Vanesa began to slowly strip, down to her bra and panties. And that's when it happened. The perv took a step closer, cracking a twig as the male shuffled forward. Joey and Frank rushed to the sound throwing the male to the ground. Julie and Susie heard the commotion, and came out of the closet to go to the window opening it. Vanesa quickly threw her t shirt back on and ran to the window as well. “Dad?” Vanesa's eyes welled with tears and her heart raced quickly. “Is this why you've been coming home so late? You've been stalking me?” She cried and started to slap her hands at her dad's face. Frank being the sick and twisted person he was he suggested that they torture him. For being a sick perverted old man, Frank said, he deserves it, he said.

Overcome with emotion, Vanesa was so numb she went along with whatever. After taking him to the old abandoned lodge they would kick it at, and after her dad was tied up, she had enough of his screams, his pleads, his cries. Vanesa snatched the knife from Frank's hands and launched at her father. Screaming at the top of her lungs and she stabbed him in his eyes, “YOULL NEVER LOOK AT ME AGAIN!” she cried and stabbed him in the face 30 times. No one did anything, Frank stopped her once chunks of his face started falling out and he was past dead. Julie was crying and Joey was shocked. Julie was begging Frank to help her bury the body. She begged Frank to help keep Vanesa out of trouble. Agreeing to help his lover's friend, they ended up dumping the body in the river.

10 years later and they still never found Vanesa's father. The kinda town that Hoboken was, they new him as the town drunk and junkie. They wrote it off as a runaway and him abandoning his children. That night though sparked something deep inside Vanesa. Although she got her revenge she was still angry. Angry with sick perverted men who did that to little girls. Since then she has dedicated herself to do the world a great justice. She would rid the world of these sick sick men. Keeping track of her victims in her diary, 10 years later she has successfully completed 14 murders. It was all too easy too. Tricking them, pretending to be a minor, getting them secluded so they could take advantage of her. Pretending to drink their spiked drinks acting helpless. That's when she got them. They made it all too easy for her, as if they did all the hard work themselves.


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Characters: Precious Law
Verses: youtube
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Drama, Hollywood, Horror, Mafia, Romance,
Member Since:February 27, 2021

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About me:

Vanesa Kuma

⋆ ˚𖤐Darling you'll be okay𖤐˚ ⋆

chaotic | obsessive | charismatic

NAME Vanesa Kuma
HEIGHT 152.4 cm
HAIR | EYES Brown | Black
PIERCINGS nose and naval
TATTOOS arm, thigh, hip
PERSONALITY She weighs words carefully and can be tenacious. A calm and discreet nature, tender, thoughtful, sensitive, and impressionable.
EMOTIONS Sweetness itself. Convinced of their ideas and strong-willed. She is foresighted and willful. She knows how to trust. She appreciates all the good things in life. She appreciates and protects Nature.
COMMUNICATION She has difficulty expressing herself. She does not talk much, she does not speak just for the sake of it, but when in the mood, can talk a lot in a big burst of conversation. Prefers to work in remote and quiet places. She is discrete and philosophical.
LOVE LANGUAGE Physical touch and words of affirmations. Sincere, frank, and warm affections. She is full of tenderness. High hopes in love. She likes to live and satisfy her passions to the fullest. Can be possessive and might even seduce for the sake of seducing to prove to herself that she is attractive. Very proud in love, and warm-hearted and generous with loved ones.
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bad guy.

Mar 10th 2021 - 8:25 PM

Put on your best Halloween costume and enjoy a night full of spooky vibes, deathly good food and creature of all shapes and sizes. I hope to see you there. 👻

Mar 1st 2021 - 2:19 PM

The story of the degenerates that make up Morana, Colorado is simple yet tragic. The Degenerates are a group of people deemed to be nothing but a bunch of liars, cheats, and hypocrites that are getting their fair share of karma, trials, and tribulations courtesy of two of the most infamous names to have ever struck Colorado, Macheta and Daeva. One by one the wicked duo is outing the residents of Morana’s deepest darkest secrets while tormenting them with some of their worst nightmares. There is no hiding from Macheta nor his accomplice. They are able to hack into every device you can possibly imagine. There is no security camera, cellphone, or any piece of technology for that matter, that the duo aren’t able to work their way into. There is no use in running, there will always be a cyber trail leading them right to your front door.

Will you be able to survive the wrath of Macheta and Daeva? Will your secrets and worst nightmares be too much for you to bare?

Will you make it out of Morana, Colorado alive? Come find out.
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