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Armani Makkonen

29 - Photographer - Hedonistic Bastard

┋NAME: Armani Makkonen
┋JOB: Owner, Photographer, & Editor at House of Balloons
┋DATE OF BIRTH: February 16th, 1992
┋ETHNICITY: Ethiopian
┋EYE & HAIR COLOR: Brown // Black
┋HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'11” // 145lbs
┋HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY
┋CURRENT: Astoria, OR
┋MOTHER // FATHER: Samra // Makkonen
┋RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Engaged to Serenity
┋CHILD(REN): London
┋DRINKS: Excessively

Raised by his Ethiopian grandmother, Armani was taught and could only speak Amharic until age six. Once in school, Armani knew very little English and was shunned by the other children. He was the typical problem child, acting out, unsure of how to positively interact with his peers because of his inability to speak English fluently. Up until eighth grade, Armani struggled with learning English, but picked the language up well, retaining most of the information he would learn from his self-taught methods and excelled accordingly after many attempts.

High school was a time of experimentation for Armani. He cared very little for his classes, graduating because of his interest in photography. All throughout high school, Armani competed in over thirty competitions. He was published twenty-eight times before graduating. Two years passed and within that short span of time, Armani had entered a relationship, had a child, and said relationship had ended due to his excessive drug use and drinking. Since graduating, Armani had spent his time partying it up in Brooklyn and photographing those experiences, many of his creative art being sold off to upcoming musicians looking for 'something different yet familiar,' alluding to their wildest fantasies most could only dream of.

Armani's ex-girlfriend and child ended up in Los Angeles, living with her parents, and Armani visited when he wasn't selling himself as a fashion photographer to desperate young women. Showing up in LA for a week-long Chromatic Photography Contest, Armani befriended Seraphina and the two grew close within the week, though Armani's ex-girlfriend sadly passed away during the week of the competition from Lupus. Seraphina saw the lack of ability to care for a small child, called Child Protective Services, and prevented Armani from getting custody of his daughter. Armani then returned to Oregon in hopes to work towards being able to see his daughter once again.

Settling back down in Astoria, Armani is now running a very successful nightclub and photography business called House of Balloons. The building is set up with many different rooms, all able to customized to his customer's fantasy. Nothing is too safe or too extreme - Armani doesn't seem to mind, as long as both parties are consenting adults. When Armani isn't editing or shooting his clients, he's spending time on the lower level of House of Balloons, picking up women desperate for the spotlight, or a one-night stand. He's up for days on end, indulging in heavy drug use, and drowning himself in alcohol. He also performs from time to time at House of Balloons, singing songs that can only be compared to haunted strip club music.

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Being heartless, I get that.
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