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AU Ezri Dax here. No celebrities, p0rn accounts, wrestlers, mafia, furries, anime, no drama,no gangs, no one liners please, NO RPG's (I have my reasons), Crossovers welcome. If you are here for sex, don't bother adding me. I am here to write period. No god-modding, or judging.

24 years old

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February 25 2021

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GeneralHelping people, forming friendships, working for Deep Space Nine, Thomas Riker because duh, He's adorable and handsome, Listening to Thomas play the guitar, spending time with Thomas, hanging with the crew, Getting to know Thomas better, Getting to know the crew better, Being a Counselor on the USS Emmett, defending the ship, going on missions, acting as captain on the bridge, flirting with Thomas Riker
Heroes Thomas Riker, Karen Farris, Selar, Nog, Captain Sisko, Kira Nerys, Garak, Worf, Arabella Teaffey, more coming soon

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Characters: Ezri Dax
Verses: AU, Crossovers, Star Trek
Playbys: Nicole de Boer
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Member Since:January 26, 2021

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About me:
Ezri Dax was a joined Trill and the ninth host of the Dax symbiont. She served as counselor aboard Deep Space 9, beginning in 2375. Dax, formerly Ezri Tigan, was born on New Sydney in the Sappora system. Her mother, Yanas Tigan, was a successful mining magnate on Sappora VII, and she and Ezri disagreed on many occasions. Her father was often absent – Ezri noted it was because he couldn't bear to be around his wife. Ezri's closest family member was her younger brother, Norvo (who gave her the nickname Zee), while her older brother, Janel, was someone whom she looked up to. Ezri dreamed constantly of ways to escape her family, and eventually managed to do so by joining Starfleet. (DS9: "Prodigal Daughter", "Field of Fire") Rank: Lieutenant junior grade Occupation: Counselor, acting captain on the bridge, going on missions, and defending the ship Sibling(s): Two brothers: Norvo and Janel Tigan||For Roleplays, I am multi-para to novella.
Who I'd like to meet:
friends, Star trek, crossovers

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