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Feb 22nd 2021 - 10:34 AM

He shook his head and chuckled some with a scoff "You never cease to amaze me brother though I have to hand it to you seems like that clumsiness snagged you a lass" he said with a slight chuckle. "Uncle mentioned it but never fully disclosed who he sent he felt as though it was a mistake and he maybe right" he smirked.

//Thank you so much and yea would be my second time around watching these movies so it is interesting I like it to be honest both of them till the next one comes out. Before that I was watching John Wick as well other reason I am being lazy and slow haha. Well I believe you in wanting all three to survive since AU is always best normally I do it one dies the other two survive to have some burden in their lives such as one as king the other is free type of thing haha.

Feb 22nd 2021 - 10:12 AM

He crossed his arms as he looked at him raising an eye brow "Did you fall on her after falling off a cart?" he asked well he had to ask since his brother was soo clumsy. He sternly looked over to him waiting for an answer as he stared intently with a smouldering look.

//Ah sorry for lateness was watching Fantastic Beast and where to find them haha. anyways what to do what to do well we could always do CANON or we could do something AU like what if they survived the battle of the five armies?

Feb 22nd 2021 - 1:54 AM

Nelly tied the horses up near the treeline, it was best they stay near the forest so they were not exposed and out in the fields. When he mentioned getting firewood, she looked over and nodded, making sure both Golieth and Agnar were settled. As she looked out toward the South near the Barrow Downs, she heard orc cries and whistles, though they were miles away, part of her felt her stomach sink at the thought. Orcs were not new to her, she encountered a couple on her journey, but over the years more and more have made their way back into Middle Earth, people were growing uneasy. 

Before Kili made his way back she picked up some dry grass and twigs for kindlin, making a small pile not to far from the horses, but enough so they wouldn't be bothered by the flames yet still feel the warmth. When Kili returned she walked over and took some of the wood from him to help, her hand brushed over his and she looked away quickly, feeling silly about it as soon as she did, but she made her way over to the small pile she started. "The arrow, that must've hurt?" She asked, looking up at him again, "I've only been cut by blades here and there, never anything too bad though."

Feb 22nd 2021 - 1:23 AM

The pride in Kili's voice as he spoke of Erebor and the war, she realized he was passionate about the moutain, it only made her want to see it more for some reason. They were closing in on The High Hay and the moon was starting to take over the sky, darness was setting in and they would have to stop soon, but the moonlight should guide them into The Old Forest before they had to stop. "Bilbo's told me stories of those days, where you the dwarf who took an arrow to the knee?" She looked over at him with a teasing smile.

As they rode into The Old Forest the sounds of the night began. Owls sung their nighttime song, bugs chimed in for the moon. It wasn't as thick forest, not has dark as many in Middle Earth, but for the hobbits of The Shire, it was scary enough. Nelly had rode through it many times, she knew the path well, and something told her that they were not the first this evening to make their way through. Not many took the path through The Old Forest, many took the long way around to avoid the darkenss it would cast at night. It didn't take long for them to near the edge of the forest, only an hours time, by then it was very late and the moon had hidden behind some clouds, casting a shadow on Middle Earth. "Should we stop for the night? We should be able to get to The Trollshaws in two days time."

Feb 21st 2021 - 7:53 PM

Like you falling off the goat or was it the cart? Could not remember but then again we both were drink haha.

//Take your time since work comes first and all that fun stuff and of course when your ready we can get something going.

Feb 21st 2021 - 6:39 PM

Always glad to see ya up and about.
-hugs him back patting his back gently-

//I would like to get something going with you when you have the time.

Feb 21st 2021 - 8:34 AM

"The Shire is my home, but I feel I never really understood it," Nelly followed close beside Kili as they began to ride East, toward Buckland and The Old Forest, "I remember sleeping in the fields South of Hobbiton, I loved looking down from the hills upon The Shire, I could admire the warmth it seemed to radiate." Nelly watched as Kili looked over at her, confused by her comment, she nodded lightly, her raven colored hair falling over her shoulders as she did, "I was an orphan for many years before Diamond took me in." She looked on ahead, wanting to avoid anymore talk of the time she spent alone, the years were not fond memories. From getting sick from the cold, starving at times, and climbing trees to escape the snakes, the years she spent avoiding interaction with the hobbits in Hobbiton always made her feel sad.

The sun was setting in the sky, Nelly looked around as they rode through Buckland, the small colony of hobbits were asleep, not even a chicken wandered the path from there to Brandywine River. "We will have to pass the High Hay before hitting the Forest." Nelly knew this area well, growing up she always ran around The Shire with her friends or family, pretending they were on an important journey like Mister Frodo or an adventure like Mister Bilbo. "Tell me about Erebor." Nelly looked over toward him, she did not expect him to already be looking her way, she sucked in a short breath as they locked eyes again. For a moment she admired how brown his eyes were, how they read much more than anyone she had ever met. There were stories behind his eyes, stories that her heart began to wonder about and her ears yerned to hear. Nelly looked away after realizing she was staring, she cleared her throat lightly and looked ahead, they were almost near the High Hay, a large hedge the hobbits of Buckland grew as a barrier between them and The Old Forest.

It was quiet, the cool breeze trailed through The Old Forest and blew the loose leaves around the earth floor. A group of orcs were also making their way East, aiming for the Trollshaws, the large upland woods that lead to Rivendell. Over the years orcs had slowly began to enter Middle Earth again, many of them having retreated to the North after Sauron's defeat. There had been only sightings, no attacks, but the whispers were worried ones. Why return? Where were they headed? What do they want? Nelly didn't know what was going to happen near the upland woods, neither did Kili. Little did they know their paths would cross with the four orcs there, little did they know what was ahead of them.

Feb 18th 2021 - 8:28 PM

When Nelly pulled out of the hug with Diamond she looked into the familiar eyes of the woman who was so kind to her so long ago, took her in, fed her, loved her. It was happening again, she was leaving her, Nelly felt all she was ever good for was leaving people, hurting them, but that feeling needed to change, she wanted for prove to herself that she would never leave the people she loved, "I'll come home, I promise." The sureness in her eyes, her voice, she squeezed Diamond's hands, "I love you mum." Diamond and Nelly hugged again, then when she heard Kili's voice, she turned to him, locking her eyes with his she nodded, she was ready.

When the door closed behind her she looked back, seeing Diamond appear near the window to see her off, it was the same thing she did ten years ago when Nelly first left The Shire. All of a sudden she felt worried, nervous to leave again, although she loved adventure and dreamed of seeing Mirkwood and the moutains, she feared leaving again, remembering having to bury her friend. Then, Kili turned and looked at her and for some reason, she felt certain, there was no nerves, no worry. Nelly watched him smirk at her, she took a deep breath, looked back at the window and smiled at Diamond, before following Kili out the front gate.

"Wait," She watched him stop and turn to her, "My horse, Agnar, he's at the stable." As they arrived at the stable she walked over to a stall, a smile large on her face as a light gray horse bowed it's head over the stall door, Nelly ran her hand up his nose, her fingers touching his mane as she spoke, "Anand an another lend." Her voice was now, elven words flowed and the horse nudged his head up a bit, "Good my friend." Nelly looked over at Kili, "I've had Agnar for many years, he strong and loyal." She smiled softly his way before opening the stall and getting Agnar ready.

It didn't take her long and she was riding out of the stable to meet Kili, she looked over at him and smiled again, "Ready?"


Feb 14th 2021 - 9:13 PM

Nelly wanted to say more, she felt the ease of him listening, how he seemed to obsorb her words instead of simply hear them. Before she could say more though her mother pulled them himself with talk of tea and dinner, Nelly had to take a moment to pull Diamond aside, leaving Kili alone in the kitchen, "Mama," with her word, Diamond's face softened, this was a feeling she had once before, almost ten years ago.

"When are you leaving?" Diamond asked, taking a quick breath and standing up straighter, ready to hear the answer.

Nelly licked her lips gently, she shook her head lightly and sighed, "Today."

Diamond nodded, she knew this would happen. The Pimpernel Took that walked out that door ten years ago was not the same girl who returned to her. "Then we better make sure you have everything you need."

"Mum," Nelly fiddled with her hands, "Kili..."

"Is a wonderful dwarf," Diamond smiled, "Trusting, kind, and brave. He is one of Bilbo's afterall." Nelly smiled a little with how Diamond refered to Kili as Bilbo's dwarf, "And I would want nothing more for a traveling companion for you."

"He's going to Mirkwood mama." Nelly brighted up, "Mirkwood."

"Then we better get you going," Diamond said with a smile, but Nelly could see the saddness in her eyes.

"I won't be gone long, not ten years this time." Nelly reached over and pulled Diamond into a hug, Diamond looked out into the kitchen as she hugged her daughter back, she saw Kili looking their way and something told her that her daughter may find a new home away from her.

Nelly pulled away from Diamond, she smiled, "I'll grab my bag," she nodded before leaving the hall to enter her room. There was mumbling from the kitchen, but she didn't try to listen. Nelly gathered her bag she had carried with her before, putting her sketchbook, daggers, and a comb in with her other things. After a moment she walked over to her wardrobe to change, not even an elf would leave for a journey in a small blue dress. Pulling on tight grey tights and a brown corset she tightened her boots and looked over to her coat hook. There hung her dark green long coat, she pulled it on, feeling the fabric brush over her skin made her shiver a bit with nerves. Although she had travled farther than Mirkwood before, she felt this journey may prove more...memorable.

Walking out into the hall she saw Kili give Diamond a hug, then the hobbit handed him a bag of food. Nelly caught Kili's eye, she watched him stare at her for moment before saying something to Diamond. They walked over and met her at the door, Diamond pulled Nelly into a hug and kissed her cheek, she then looked over at Kili and smiled, "Take care of my girl."

Feb 14th 2021 - 8:23 PM

Looking over at him she slowed as he picked up flowers from the vendor, she smiled softly as he paid the hobbit and when he held them out to her she was taken back. Not in a bad way, Nelly just wasn't use to someone giving her something, especially flowers. In her teenage years she had seen Samwise Gamgee's son, but he never gave her flowers. Nelly took them gently and looked at them, let her eyes graze over the petals, feeling her smile grow.

"Daises are my favorite," Nelly looked over at him, her eyes focused with his,  "Thank you."

Soon they began to walk again, their pace patched. Kili's words kept making her lips curl, her smile kept pulling. Ten years of being away from home, it was nice to hear someone wanted to spend time with her, but this felt different. Kili had just met her, just learned her name, yet he looked at her as though he had known her before, or maybe he just saw her as she wished to be seen. Nelly held onto her flowers and basket, she looked down the path as her home came into view, "I actually travled to The South Land. I wanted to see beyond Middle Earth, to see what had become of was a joy to find elves inhabiting it. It isn't so dark as it is in the tales Bilbo tells." Nelly looked over at Kili, "I saw a lot, learned a lot..." Nelly felt a pinch of saddness as she thought about her friend Maddie who had started the adventure south with her, but never came home, "I lost a friend..." Nelly shook her head, "I'm sure my adventures are nothing like yours though. I hear you travled with Bilbo." 

They approached the door and before they could even knock it flew open, Diamond was standing in the door way with wide eyes and a smile to match, "Kili!" She stepped forward and gave him a big hug.

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