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Characters: Jackson \'Jack\' Gearheart
Verses: Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart, Once Upon a Time, OUAT, Disney, Any
Playbys: Cameron Monaghan
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Member Since:January 23, 2021

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About me:

Jackson Gearheart

Firstly never touch the hands of your clock, rule number two, keep your Temper under control, and last but not least the most important rule, whatever else you do never fall in love.

Jackson Gearheart, was born on the coldest day on earth, as a result his heart had frozen into a cube, but luckily Madeline saved him by replacing his heart with a clock embeded into his chest. He has to follow three strict rules, he's to not touch the hands of his clock, he can't lose his temper, and no matter what he can never ever fall in love, if he does any of these things he could possibly die. After he was saved by Madeline Jack's birth mother left him with her fearing Jack's safety if she were to care for him herself, Madeline happily took the boy in as her own. Madeline made sure to work relentlessly on a way to fix Jack's heart, and made sure he did everything a growing boy needes to do, and despite the fact he had to constantly wind up his heart, he was a normal boy. But, one day Jack got into an accident, one of the town bullies tried to pry his heart open but ultimately stabbed himself in the eye with one of the hands of Jack's clock, so Jack ran away from home, he just disappeared, Madeline being the best mother she could be took the fall for Jack's accident and died in prison of a broken heart. Eventually Jack found his way, he's a loner since it seems everyone he gets attached to eventually leaves him one way or another but deep down he's a really nice and timid guy. He now lives in Storybrooke adopting the surname Gearheart as a subtle jab at himself, he also makes it a point to never tell anyone of his heart out of fear of being shunned from society again.

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