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"I try never to get involved in my own life. Too much trouble." - Michael Garibaldi | Crossovers | Literate | Babylon 5

31 years old
New York,
United States

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March 04 2021

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Body type:Average
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Security Chief - Babylon 5
Characters: Michael Garibaldi
Verses: Babylon 5, All crossovers
Playbys: Jerry Doyle
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:January 21, 2021

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About me:

Michael Garibaldi's early life was far from easy. He was born to an Earthforce Marine by the name of Alfredo Garibaldi. A man who's cooking talents knew no bounds. However, his relationship with his father wasn't always peaceful. There would be times they wouldn't speak much to each other. He still proved to be an inspiration for him later on in life.

His career was cursed with conspiracies, murders, alcoholism, and corruption. His first major job on Europa as a member of Earthforce was to maintain security on a mining colony. The colony in question was heavily corrupted and barely secure, and Michael wished to change these issues. But in doing so, he was wrapped up in a conspiracy that had one of his best friends killed, causing him to slip to alcohol to bury the pain. He fled the job after being personally blamed for the death, and would never look back. He would continue to take on other security jobs, only to leave and fall to alcohol and repeat up until the outbreak of the Earth-Mimbari War.

During the war Garibaldi went into service as an Eartforce Marine otherwise known as a Groundpounder where her served planetside. Unfortunately, this meant that he would serve in some of the most brutal battles of that war. From ambushes to being overrun, the war would take its toll on everyone, including Michael. Yet he would survive the war and live on to serve Babylon 5.

The posting on Babylon 5 was going to be Michael's last, best hope for a career. He was at his wits end. But a new friend, Jeffrey Sinclair requested him to be his Chief of Security for the project. And he signed on. For nearly five years, Michael would continue to serve Babylon 5 as its security chief, despite being shot in the back at the end of 2258.

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