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23 years old
United States

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January 22 2021

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Jan 21st 2021 - 4:27 PM


Since weโ€™ve both managed to get on each other friend list. I figured Iโ€™d best to introduce myself. The name is Zagan Masi. I own a church called eternal shadows. I am the dark priest/dark lord of the church. My parents were two of the first group members and I was conceived during a ritual the church holds. The church goers and leaders believed their next priest would be conceived during the ritual and it would be a boy. Zagan was born 8 months later from the ritual and automatically was treated like royalty. Since this was going to be the next leader of the church. By 18 I had taken the church under my reign. Much like my parents and leaders wanted me to. However I got caught up in the greed and power thirst. I started my own drug business that works closely with my church. My mafia is called truculent. I have sold to many well profiles people. Iโ€™m very well protected from all angles. I can be a bit of a self titled asshole. But hey we all got our quirks. Iโ€™m more up front about mine. Letโ€™s work something out sometime, yeah? Got the booze and drugs your heart would ever desire.
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