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Daddies little girl is no angel....I’m far from it. Sorry Dad!

25 years old


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GeneralName:(Alexis Marie Nolan/Redfield)(Lexi) Occupation:(Pandemic Survivor, Sanctuary Resident) Age:(18) Height:(5'6) Eye Color:(Blue) Hair Color:(Blonde) Personality:(Stubborn, Bitch, Protective, Smart, Strong) Weapons:(Dual Pistols, Semi-Shotgun, Long-bow, Hunting Knives) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------———————————————————————————————-(Family) Mother:(Evelyn Nolan/Redfield/Hale) Father:(Trey Nolan A.K.A Chris Redfield) Step-Father:(Gerald Hale) Brother/s:(None) Sister/s:(Half-Sister Eretria Hale, Half-Sister Nikki Hale, Half-Sister Cassia Hale, Half-Sister Desire Hale) Aunt:(Claire Redfield)

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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Sanctuary Resident
Characters: Lexi Nolan-Redfield
Verses: Resident Evil, Last of Us, The Walking Dead
Length: Multi Para
Status: Single
Member Since:December 31, 2020

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About me:
Alexis “Lexi” Nolan-Redfield is an eighteen year old teenager with a back bone to kill, she is known to be very protective of her sisters and her mother and refers to others around her as incompetent. Lexi was born to Trey Nolan A.K.A Chris Redfield and Evelyn Nolan the two of them survived the pandemic crossing overs state lines protecting each other. neither one of them settling in one place for to long. When Evelyn found out she was pregnant and explained the situation to Trey, he automatically panicked and bailed on Evelyn when the two were taking shelter in a factory. Evelyn was left alone and pregnant and spent the majority of her time tracking Trey down till she was picked up by several of Gerald's men. Evelyn was taken straight to Gerald and the announcement of her pregnancy took her off any chances of working in the Sanctuary. Gerald soon afterwards fancied Evelyn and married her in bonds she never left his side. Lexi was shortly born nine months later and the four years she had with her mother were easy going she avoided Gerald and kept to herself. Her mother soon welcomed her second daughter Eretria and things with Gerald took a turn for the worse his demeanor toward Evelyn became violent and the abuse took a turn for the worse. Even as the years went by and three more daughters Nikki, Cassia, Desire were born Lexi became protective over them sheltering them from the arguments of their parents. Lexi though sheltering her sisters wasn’t safe from Gerald's wrath she usually took the beatings when her sisters stepped out of line but eventually Lexi had enough. The day the Gerald had left the Sanctuary was the day Lexi escaped taking her mother Evelyn and her sisters away from the complex and thus began their long journey states wide. They were looking to earn their freedom when they found a cottage in the state of Maine it was secluded and untraceable. They soon settled into a new life style with out looking over their shoulders for Gerald, but Lexi still was missing something she wanted to take Gerald out with out him alive her family could feel safe. Her decision alone was to face her step-father in battle, she had preparing her self for months in her new home and chose to leave her mother and sisters behind. not taking the family car she headed out. her journey was long and the state of Colorado was months away on foot. Three months had gone by when she found her self now in the state of West Virgina, there were only a few states to go before she could complete her own mission. Through out the endeavor Lexi nor her mother new the true identity of Trey his real name happened to be a secret agent by the name of Chris Redfield. He was on a mission when he crossed paths with Evelyn and in turned she helped him with his mission which he didn't mention. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------———————————————————————————————--- The Sanctuary: is a facility that was established by Gerald Hale who is the leader of the complex, the Sanctuary is known to be a civilized area holding over 1000 civilians and 5000 mercenaries. They are all survivors after the out break and all work to keep the Sanctuary running, civilians are forced to work starting at the ages of sixteen. Males are chosen for the harder tasks such as being chosen to be a Scout. Their job was leaving the Sanctuary and scouting the area, killing any dead or unwanted visitors from the location. Mercenaries were also chosen for the young men they were chosen to protect the Sanctuary and were often sought to fight other complexes. The last option was either to work on machinery or expanding the complex and they were tougher jobs which most men chosen not to work for. Young girls were chosen to field workers, their jobs were to take care of the live stocks and crops. Another option was to be nurse or doctor aiding those who are injured. Than there was the educators who educated the younger children. For adult women who had children were exempted for jobs their main priority was to raise the children accordingly and place them into jobs at the proper age. Those who have been forced to into a working career is stuck with that career till they pass the jobs consist to be a 8am-6pm shift with breaks in between. The Sanctuary functioned as if civilizations still were functioning. The Sanctuary is currently located dead center in the middle of Colorado it’s surrounded by massive acres of dense woodland and a river is located near by.
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