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Can your body hold up to 200,000 volts of electricity?...I think not

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July 30 2021

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Body type:Slim / Slender
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Characters: Cameron Wyatt
Verses: Marvel, DC
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About me:
Cameron Wyatt is not your typical eighteen year old kid he was the only kid in his school with a unique ability to control electricity through his body without having nerve damage. In fact he able to with stand almost 200,000 volts of electricity at one time and is able to redirect the flow till objects. Over time hiding his identity began to get harder as time passed on which led him to leave home and into a place of his own in the city of Detroit. From there he worked on the sidelines helping the cops taking down criminals and this is where his code name "Sparky" came to play. He could take out the criminals just by touch sending volts of electricity paralyzing any individual.
Who I'd like to meet:

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you can put anything you want here.

Kitchi, it literally means brave. I don't know if it fits but it's my name. Had since I was born thanks to a Native American mother. I've had something else since I was born with too. The ability to change my body into the shape of a a giant f***ing wolf. Kinda cool right? I was born in 1864 the year before the end of the Civil War in the good ol' U.S. of A. I am 150 years old and through my life I've seen quite a bit, but I haven't changed, I'm still a cowboy at heart and still a drifter to boot. I move around from place to place. My mother was a Cheyenne lady and my father was a drunken union soldier. He's the reason I change from man to wolf, and he wasn't a nice guy. In a fit of drunken rage he killed my mother. And fled to the desert I haven't found him yet to make him answer for that. I don't even remember his face. I wandered angry for many years until I found my pack. My family. We don't work like most packs but that works for us. They taught me what it means to be a wolf and I taught them very little -laughs- so that's my story so far? You sure you want to get involved?

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