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Worry more about what you don't see, than what you do...

24 years old
Los Angeles , California
United States

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January 02 2021

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" in the end, do we really belong anywhere? "

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Sean is bisexual, but is homoromantic, he finds it easier to have a solid relationship with a man, than he does with a woman. While he has been to date women, they usually never last, he has had a handful of relationships with both genders, but has a hard time finding someone who can fit well into his life.

He becomes focused on work a lot, and has a track record of solving a majority of cases he has been assigned to. However, he tends to take his work home with him and can become obsessed with unsolved cases.

He drives an unmarked black ford crown Victoria, lives in a bachelor apartment with a black cat he calls Mirrors.

Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien.

More info to be added at later time.

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Homicide Detective
Status: Single
Member Since:November 30, 2020

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About me:

in the kingdom of the blind...

two eyes are better than one

He has a secret, one that very few know. His father, a human, his mother an angel, you know how the story goes. Sean is a Nephilim, part angel, part human, and a homicide detective working for the LAPD force.

Sean has abilities, power as it were, being half angel. He has heightened speed and agility, skilled with a firearm and is very resourceful. He can jump higher than most humans, run faster than most humans, he has above average skill in hand to hand combat, has never been physical ill a day in his life and has been known to heal at a quicker rate than most. However, he is not invincible by any means.

As far as his personality goes, well, he is certainly charismatic, at times sarcastic, witty and quick with comebacks. He is very good at reading people and can more often than not tell when someone is lying to him, and in that, he is not afraid to call somebody out for it either. He has a way of opening others up, prying just enough to get the kind of information from someone they might not normally volunteer. It is part of the reason he is as good of a detective as he is.

He spent much of his childhood with his father, went to a good school, went to college, and did serve as a police officer for two years before branching off to become a homicide detective. It was his father's death that persuaded him to become a detective after his father was murdered in cold blood, a case that had gone unsolved for a year until he took it upon himself to find his father's killer.

Genre: Supernatural. (Original Muse Based Off Of The TV Show Lucifer)
Tell me what it is like to be a part of two worlds, but truly belong to neither.
Who I'd like to meet:

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