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Chuck Shurley I'm hands-off. I built the sandbox... you play in it. But when things get really bad...that's when I have to step in.

Chuck Shurley is an ancient primordial being who created the universe and nearly everything it contains, including the human soul. Amara, his twin sister, is the only entity surpassing his power, and prior to his demise, Death comparable to him in power. Together, Chuck and Amara serve as the balance in the Universe, as the dark cannot exist without the light and vice versa. If either one of them is lost or destroyed, existence itself would cease. His sister couldn't resist destroying whatever Chuck created, so Chuck created four archangels and, with them by his side, waged war against her and eventually locked her away with a mark which he entrusted to his most loved and valued angel, Lucifer. However, over time, after Chuck created the Universe, the mark corrupted Lucifer and drew him to rebel when Chuck created humankind. After Lucifer was bound in Hell and Gadreel was locked away in Heaven's dungeon, Chuck left Heaven and went into seclusion on Earth.

After thousands of years, Chuck eventually reappeared and partially aided in The Apocalypse. After The Apocalypse was averted, he disappeared again. Six years later, when his twin sister Amara was released, Chuck was originally willing to let his creations be wiped from existence and let Amara take over. But after being convinced by both Metatron and the Winchesters, Chuck eventually decided to help stop Amara. After being fatally injured by his sister in a failed attempt to stop her, Chuck was then healed by her and they both departed the Earth together.

Chuck later returned to Earth once he received Castiel's prayer, Chuck revealed that he had no method in helping with Jack and opted to have them kill him instead. However, Team Free Will saw through his ploy and accused him of manipulating events, resulting in him personally killing Jack and plunging the world into chaos to punish humanity for their defiance. However, during the confrontation, he was shot by Sam with The Equalizer, leaving Chuck in a weakened and diminished state. He has since recovered and is at full power. Unknown to Chuck, Billie has taken the opportunity to resurrect Jack and help the young Nephilim become powerful enough to kill Chuck which is revealed to be a plan developed by Adam over the course of 300,000 years. Using Jack to kill Chuck and Amara turns out to be another one of Chuck's plans to get the Winchesters to kill each other, although it ultimately fails.

Following his final attempt at getting the Winchesters to kill each other, Chuck merges with Amara and begins wiping everyone from existence, planning resetting the universe. The Winchesters are left with Jack powerless and most of their allies gone, including Billie who was planning to kill Chuck in order to take power for herself. However, they are left with Chuck's Death Book which reveals how Chuck can be killed after the first attempt failed. Chuck is later stripped of his power by Jack, rendering him mortal and making Jack the new god. The Winchesters and Jack choose to leave Chuck to live out a mortal life, eventually to age, sicken and die, alone and forgotten.

love all creation equally. wasn't supposed to have favorites. But you... You were mine. And when I saw that I was wrong... I hated myself.

True to Amara's claim that Chuck created things because he wanted something else to be bigger than, it's indicated Chuck enjoys lording over and feeling superior to others. Chuck expressed frustration at Sam's persistent defiance in particular, when he unsuccessfully tried forcing Eileen to remove the Equalizer bullet. He later showed a similar attitude when Sam and Dean once again foiled his plans for them to kill each other over Jack's sacrifice, frustratingly commenting on how stubborn and broken they were and likewise showing irritation when he commented on how Castiel of the main universe was the only one who defied him. Before destroying Earth 2, Chuck visibly reveled in the RadioShed clerk's desperate groveling, petting him on the face in a master-to-dog like manner and assuring the clerk everything would be fine. He also shows extreme arrogance, laughing at the idea of Jack killing him and believing that he cannot be beaten even while not able to read his Death Book and opting to beat the Winchesters hand-to-hand, continuing to do this despite being able to effortlessly kill them in order to truly break them, which ultimately lead to his complete defeat as the power released by both his brutal attack on Sam and Dean and his murder of Michael made Jack impervious to Chuck's previous ability to smite him easily and he was subsequently effortlessly overpowered and drained of all his powers in moments. The deity Fortuna stated Chuck was initially outraged that humanity refused to acknowledge his benevolence and created the Deities to serve as fall guys for when things go wrong.

After being defeated and having his powers drained by Jack, Chuck was speechless to see that he had been outsmarted by the Winchesters. Chuck showed no ill will to being defeated complementing the Winchesters for their ingenuity, stating that's why they are his favorites. He even asked that they be the ones to kill him now that he was mortal, since it would be an honor to die by their hands. However, it turns out that Chuck is actually afraid of having to live as a mortal and be forgotten and alone, as he was visibly horrified when Dean and Sam reveals that their revenge will be Chuck having to live a mundane existence as a human and when he dies, no one will care or remember him and was swiftly reduced to groveling and begging them not to leave him to live a mundane existence as a mortal, to no avail, showing how Chuck is so desperate to have his way with things that even if he loses, he still wants to go out in a way he wants and completely breaks down when he is refused of it. Furthermore, during his fruitless begging, he never said even one word of apology, indicating his lack of shame or remorse for any of his misdeeds, only pleading for them to help him, showing how Chuck is so unashamed of his crimes that he still has the galls to ask for the help of those who he had earlier tortured and revealing he can be reduced to being a total coward while still not feeling any remorse and only concern for himself, showing his egomania.

Chuck Prophet/Writer Supernatural Any Verse All Welcome
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And I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find its way. Being overinvolved is no longer parenting. It's enabling.
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For most of his life, Dean lacked faith in God, he felt this way after his mother's death and for all the pain that befalls people with the supernatural. Though he noted that the freak death of a human criminal seemed like "an act of God." After Castiel resurrected Dean and told him that God had ordered it, Dean was shocked but continued to lack faith as he didn't believe he was worthy of saving and couldn't understand why God would do it. He even stated his reasons to Sam and Bobby but only calmed down after they informed he was lucky to be alive again. After the failure of their plan to kill Lucifer with the Colt, Dean placed his faith into Castiel's plan to defeat Lucifer by finding God but lost his faith in everything when God, after sending Joshua to save them, told Sam and Dean through Joshua that he had no intention to help them further. Before this, as stated by Joshua, God had helped the Winchesters by teleporting them onto an airplane as Lucifer rose, resurrected Castiel to help them in the battle and granted them salvation in Heaven after Walt and Roy killed them. After the Apocalypse is stopped, Dean is disgusted when Castiel has a renewed faith in God and states "if you see him tell him I'm coming for him next." Castiel realizes that Dean is angry which he confirms he is since God resurrected Castiel again but Dean just ended up with "my brother in a hole." As Chuck Shurley, Dean was at first aggressive towards God before he was revealed as a Prophet and at first disbelieving about his prophetic books. However, he later turned to Chuck as a source of information for finding the locations of where Sam was confronting Lilith and the final battle between Michael and Lucifer. Despite this though, he threatened Chuck about not making anymore books during a fan convention. After Chuck reveals himself to be God to the Winchesters, Dean refuses to believe it's actually him until God teleports them to the Bunker and calls in the spirit of Kevin Tran before he sends him to Heaven, proving his claims. Dean was very shocked to actually meet God being silent in the meeting with him but unlike Sam who is awed by God's presence, Dean is a little more bitter due to God's refusal to help with problems in the past and his apparent lack of care about humanity. As God explains his reasons, Dean gets visibly emotional and starts crying. God eventually tells Dean to stop putting his abandonment issues with his father on him, as the latter looked at him with a sad expression. When God steps out as Sam and Dean talk about a plan for Amara, he states he always had faith in them before he pokes fun at Dean's previous lack of faith. After learning from Metatron of God's plans to sacrifice himself to Amara, Dean tries to talk him out of it and is shocked to learn that God sees him as the "firewall" between Light and Darkness. Dean tried to say he couldn't handle such a thing but God tells him he knows he can since that was why he had Castiel save Dean from his torment, causing Dean to have a different perspective of him. After God is mortally wounded, Dean manages to save him in the end by convincing Amara that revenge isn't worth it. Rather than killing Amara, Dean is able to get her to finally reconcile with her brother and end her long-standing grudge against him. In doing so, Dean uses his own relationship with Sam as an example of why Amara should forgive God. After God is healed by Amara, he removes the soul bomb in Dean and departs Earth with her, telling a curious Dean that he knows the Earth will be fine without him because it's got Dean to protect it. Dean's opinion of God seems positive up until he loses his mother, Crowley and Castiel during a confrontation with Lucifer. Dean tries to get God to help and bring the three people back, and blames God for putting everything on his and Sam's shoulders. When God doesn't answer, Dean believes that God just doesn't care. It appears he has still hasn't gotten over this as seen in A Most Holy Man where he tells Father Lucca Camilleri that he knows that God exists, but believes that God doesn't care about any of them and won't help. Lucca explains to Dean that he doesn't literally expect God to show up and perform a miracle but that he sees good acts as being God's work. This seems to cause Dean to let go some of his old pain. After seeing God again in The Trap, Dean immediately punches him in the face even though it has little effect. Dean comments that God knew he had to do that which God acknowledges before punching Dean back, sending him flying across the room. During The Gamblers, Dean and Sam decided to undo the curse God put on them and went up against the goddess of luck Fortuna. They told her they plan to take the fight to God or go out trying, something that caused her to restore their luck. Dean was surprised when Billie later revealed that God's book in Death's Reading Room reveals that Jack is the one who ultimately kills God. It also turns out that Dean and Sam will have role in this as well.

Dean Winchester
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Unlike his brother, Sam was always a strong believer in God, and prayed to him throughout his life. Unknowingly, Sam would meet God during the events of The Monster at the End of This Book, but would know him simply as "Chuck Shurley". It should be noted that God, as Chuck, expressed disappointment in Sam's addiction to demon blood. He chose not to add this piece of information to the Supernatural books to keep Sam from appearing "unsympathetic". Sam was initially disbelieving of Chuck's prediction that he would sleep with Lilith. When Lilith did arrive, Sam intended to kill her, but almost got killed himself until Chuck arrived at his location. This sent Lilith running in fear of the archangel that was guarding Chuck. Sam met Chuck again in The Real Ghostbusters, during which Sam threatened to harm Chuck if he continued publishing the Supernatural books. Sam was, however, glad to know that Becky liked Chuck. Afterwards, Sam rarely spoke of or even mentioned Chuck, and since Sam was a practical person, he did not rely much on praying, though he still prayed, even after he felt God had abandoned him and Dean during the Apocalypse. Sam's last known prayer was in Form and Void, which went unheard by God but was picked up by Lucifer instead. It wasn't until Don't Call Me Shurley that Sam and Dean discovered that Chuck was in fact God, as revealed by Dean's amulet. God also cured Sam from being a Rabid before they came face to face. In We Happy Few, Chuck admitted to being God to Sam and Dean by teleporting them to the bunker and even used the soul of Kevin Tran to fully convince the brothers. While Dean was displeased and resentful, Sam was notably enthusiastic with finally meeting God though nervous because of their last encounters, and began bombarding him with numerous questions until Dean told him to stop. Sam did grow a little uncomfortable with God's apparent lack of concern for Lucifer, who was being held captive by Amara. After rescuing Lucifer, Sam helped to bring father and son together through a therapy session. He then helped God devise a plan to attack Amara, and personally recruited the witches for this cause. God also put a protection around Sam, as noted by Clea. Privately, Sam and God discussed passing the Mark onto Sam, since Sam was the only candidate not yet tainted by the Mark. However, the attack on Amara failed, and God was left dying on the floor. Sam helped to carry him outside. Afterwards, Sam remained by God's side, occasionally checking on him, until God himself disappeared. During Moriah, God returned to Earth and appeared to the Winchesters with Castiel. Sam was shocked to see him again and, along with Dean, confronted him on his absence, before God intimidated them to stop. God cancelled out Jack's influence on the world while telling them that they had to kill Jack, who had grown out of control. Sam spoke with God, bringing up the words of alternate Michael about other universes and God's part in them. He was put off by God being vague about them, before he realizes that God feared Jack's power, and God told him Dean went to confront Jack. Sam arrived to Jack's location, where he saw God already there and watching the events unfold, and was disgusted by God's enjoyment of the scene. After Dean refused to shoot Jack, Sam saw God was surprised and confronted him on his recent actions. God tried to say Sam was babbling but Sam continued before he and the others accused him of manipulating events, resulting in God personally killing Jack. Horrified and enraged, Sam shot him, merely in the shoulder as he knew killing God would break the balance in the universe. Enraged by their audacity, God then unleashed all the souls from Hell to punish them. As a result, Sam and the others fought against swarms of the undead surrounding them. In The Trap, Sam had the opportunity to trap God but after seeing the visions he refused since it would bring chaos. After finally healing, God congratulates Sam before telling him that the visions Sam has been seeing were God's memories of the Winchesters counterparts across the multiverse. Later on, Sam admits he doesn't regret his choice of not sealing God away. In The Heroes' Journey, it is revealed God bestowed good luck on Sam and Dean their whole lives but since they have turned on him, he has taken it away. God forced Sam and his brother to suffer everyday problems. During The Gamblers, Sam and Dean decided to undo the curse God put on them and went up against the goddess of luck Fortuna. They told her they plan to take the fight to God or go out trying, something that caused her to restore their luck. Sam was surprised when Billie later revealed that God's book in Death's Reading Room reveals that Jack is the one who ultimately kills God. It also turns out that Sam and Dean will have role in this as well.

Sam Winchester
Of all the Sams and Deans in all the multiverse...you're my favorite show.
DISCORD: Dorkness#3306
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No doubt, endings are hard. Nothing reallyever ends, does it?
Amara describes her brother as being prideful and egocentric, saying he created other things because he wanted to "be big" - although Chuck admits this is true, he had also hoped to change her nature by showing her there could be things other than themselves, but he later deemed this as stupidity and naïveté on his part. When faced with the opportunity to reconcile with Lucifer, if he'd simply apologize for locking him away, Chuck opted to put all the blame on Lucifer in front of the Winchesters to save face. However, shortly after porting the Winchesters away, he revealed that he'd only punished Lucifer because he hated himself for what his actions had done to his favorite son and apologized. After billions of years of observing his creations and living among them, his disappointment caused Chuck to become somewhat cynical. He considered human nature to be toxic and was willing to let Amara destroy everything seemingly out of spite against humans, for fighting wars in his name and then begging him to fix everything, and generally not taking responsibility for their failures, as well as Angels out of disappointment of their actions. He also considers his creations to be experiments and also revealed that he abandoned the angels and humanity because they'd disappointed him. He later admits to Dean that it's more than disappointment: while he'd once taken an active role in his creations' lives, he realized that he was hindering them more than anything and he needed to let them find their own way like a parent with their child. Despite everything that's happened since he did so, Chuck believes he made the right decision. However, following the revelation Chuck views Sam and Dean, and seemingly his creations generally, as story characters for him to manipulate and observe for his own entertainment, much of this has been implied to be a facade masking his true colors.
Don't use the G-word
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Legal & Physical Full Name: Chuck Shurley
Current Residence: Earth
Ethnicity: Cosmic Being
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8" Family & Relationships
Sister(S): Amara
Other Family: Archangels, Angels
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): Input Info
Past Relationship(S): Becky
«Just...just call me Chuck.»
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I'm a writer. Lying's kind of what we do.

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