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31 years old

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January 19 2021

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Characters: POD Coven
Verses: Reality warper,Runner,Uniquie misunderstood beauty.
Playbys: Victoria and James
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Romance, Real Life,
Member Since:November 24, 2020

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POD Amara Jade Turner

The Heart

Whom: Complicated
Dated: Apr 10th 2008 20:00
Promise 00/00/0000
Engaged: 00/00/0000

comments: Most often do not get me. They see as an outsider always looking in. At a store where the books are on display but no longer for sale. Sometimes my greatest fear is they will un private their pages to really rub it in.

Castellano Archer Court

started out in Ethen's court but as he has many of his sisters over the years. He thrown myself out. However the son of his former wife revived my title and powers under his court He loves me He loves me not He loves me He loves me not He loves me He loves me not Once I finally stopped running I realized where I belonged and finally met and fallen for the one who broke Ethen like he had broke me. Amara is sweet but she has a cruel impulsive side

Why is it that love is related to heart? Can psychology explain this? And what does it feel when we experience a broken heart?We find someone and fall in love and before we know it, something happens and boom, it's over. There is a grieving process that goes on after our heart is broken, from denial to anger to depression and finally acceptance. Some of us get through these stages faster, some slower. Some never get through and feel stuck. Why different people respond to this differently requires multilevel explanations. It depends on one's emotional maturity, one's level of connectivity, and one's type of personality. But a broken heart, like any other part of life, can be healed, it just needs time, patience, self healing and determination to start the healing process.


x Love Is quite the

Powerful force We must never forget we can and will love again. If we allow oursevles too. Amara had never realized how much she fascinated Ethen's first born son. She had seemed to love on deeper level than himself. Yet was so reckless with her intel missions to always keep up with what his father had been doing. For him he never looks not even a peek. For whatever his father makes no contact with him. So it lets him know its time for him to build his own coven and leave that of the one he once knew behind him.What Amara does not know is if she can truly break her heart free from the twin brothers she has spent so many years longing for.

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