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there are two of us, me (and me) that bitch is just another part of me and will harm thee if you harm me

17 years old
United States

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November 29 2020

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GeneralI like to write, listen to musical soundtracks, Watch musicals, and sing (don't ask us to sing, it's not that pretty)
Music(do we need to write anything here? --)
Televisionanime mostly (wow, that was a big change dude.) I like MHA, 7 deadly sins, Naruto (and I like Death Note, Death Parade, Tokyo Ghoul, Kaguri)
Books(we don't read much, except for manga --)
Heroes Heroes....hmmm (I don't think we have one) I guess not.

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Here for:Dating, Friends,
Orientation: Not Sure
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Characters: Carrie Osborn (Justine) anime characters and musical characters
Verses: anime, musical theatre
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Drama, Heroes/Villains, Open,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 23, 2020

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About me:
I'm pretty basic (we're crazy) I don't have a lot of friends (sorry, I scared them off QwQ)
Who I'd like to meet:
I guess anyone who likes a crazy person (you have to get used to me, a lot) Oh, but I don't do ERP, so yeah...(WTF?!)

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deั•ฮนred roleั•

Nov 23rd 2020 - 8:25 PM

Desired Roles of Tolkien/Fantasy

Happy Potter

Charmed & Anime Verse.


Welcome into our wonderful but tiny World my new Friend. Thank you for accepting our Page here. How are you today? It is a pleasure for us meeting you.

Are you tired of being on that Place here, and noone ever talks, roleplays and just ignores you? Are you tired, of just being a Number in a List and looking beautiful there?

Well...Then you are right here.

Our Groups are always looking for new and active Members, which love to talk and roleplay, which are NOT only a Number in a List.

We look for Members which like to be a Part of us, loving the Tolkien/Fantasy--Harry Potter--Charmed and Anime Verse, the same we do. Peoples who like being Dark at Times, but also Epic, who likes to be Fighters and of course just normal beings, by having a Family and Friends, living a Life in Peace.

We look for YOU!

Members of Verse, which seems dead, and which you like being active again. In our Group Peoples talk and roleplay and noone gets ignored. We are there for each others, trying to have a good Time, while we are online... in Peace.

We do one to one Roleplays, but also wonderful Blog Roleplays, where everyone is allowed to join. We also always celebrate Parties, for what we are known here, and whenever it should be needed, we create Layouts and of course Edits and Gifs, so you see, all you would have to do, would be opening a Account and the rest Members of our Group would enjoy to do for you, so you only have to sit back, enjoying the Layout, Pictures and Gifs after, having a wonderful Time while roleplaying.

So.. Interested of being a Part of us? Then... Message us, and if you should be interested in more, we of course will tell. We really would be happy to Welcome you.

Love Desired Roles Admins
discord: Will be given to you / Tolkien/Fantasy-Harry Potter-Charmed-Anime / est. 2020
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