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what the f*ck does headline even mean?

28 years old

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November 23 2020

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GeneralI. Well I collect all the Information given I guess I especially like Firearm engineering and post-mortem biology yeah I can see how those two mix up.
MusicYou still going? I like country I guess any music that's good
MoviesDoes anyone even watch movies anymore? Such a waste of time. I'd watch documentaries or historicals every once in a while. Oh right I forgot p0rnhub but fuck me if i'll watch the whole thing
TelevisionTV is cringe, get a streaming service
BooksOh I sure do read books. Don't hit me with your stupid fantasy shit though like those shitty modern books that have more sex scenes than actual plot. I don't read stories I real real shit and if it's a story It better have a message.
Heroes what the fuck does that even mean? I mean Donald Trump is like the closest shit we have to a superhero he can Be like "Cheetoman and the Enormous ego VS the Forces of evil" Funny they mention this isn't an erotic rp website when Half the trending profiles I saw were thirsty

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Member Since:November 23, 2020

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About me:
I'm still just a burning man
Who I'd like to meet:
Like to meet what that's so vague. I could want to meet ooga nigga from 200000 BC. Or does it mean who I'd like to meet that I know . Or maybe if i'd be willing to meet with whatever horny fuck go on about here? Who knows

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relentless royce,

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