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I am friends with everyone cause I am popular that is the best benefit of it. Don't bring me your BS with others I don't care

26 years old


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March 02 2021

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Which side is the rightful aires is matter of opinion.
Verses: For myself its about recollection of time we all were in love
Playbys: And never had more than ten accounts a piece. And it was paradise
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Open,
Member Since:November 22, 2020

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Personality Amy the only angel in choir who found sing more heavily than Lucifer
Lucifer does not like me much since the day I begged God to take me back
▲ She that is why we truly seek our Kelly Kline cause even that ole brute of a beast. Is not the one that gets to sit with all us at the feast. It's his son who freed us back in the eighties.

Physical Appearance
Soon his spirit will take his vessel and lead us to one world order
And trust me it only has to endIf we break all the sealsThat is where it gets trickyCause some of us Want it to endWhile others us do notCause before the flood we had been removed from this earth Dull Which we hadwanted to make our ownAnd as in days of NoahIt say be againThose Titans are coming backAnd their sons and daugthers/small>That most assumed where Gods :PBut just our offspring offspringAnd if not for Hercules And NoahThis earth would have been ours But now our seventy years are comingSo just sit back and enjoy the ride. For death will no longer come As this is one battle we won Though we may not win the war powers & abilities
Google it
▲ In Time I am sure - No one has ever inspired me as of yet to write this much.
▼ All this is just to much - I mean really
▲ Who has the time for this -I sure don't
▼ Nope :P.
▲ :) :)
▼ :) - :).
F*** off I am tried of pasting them here
-Wootie Woot.
Wait what. Does all that scar you?
▼ SaysCause it should
Rememebr this is RP not RL
▲ Don't forgetI Am not really a fallen angel
▼ Nor would I want to be
▲ Character Status: Semi-Active
▼ Storylines: open
▲ Roleplaying for: 11+ years.
▼ Writing Style: Multi-para 5 to 6 at most.
▲ Number of Connections: few.
▼ Personal Message: Lets us have fun and write Let our hearts,And mind wonderA littleOr Alot Life is to shortTo waste lSo Don'tJudgeme OrHimOr her Come on people make this interesting. Let go of then and embrace now

Biography :P
Damned if you do and Damned in you Don't
Says She can be and will be friends with everyoneAnd if you got an issue with thatAtKeep it to yourselfI do I do what I wantEven take trips to southpark Tee Hee But just like he wants us togetherSo do I I do not care What anyone says or does:P No F***s givenPeople act as if they created all that is. And the reality is they just learned how to.

Blah And sweet pea I don't care what they do in their worldSeriously elitDo not show me pumpkinSoTrust me that is the first of the 12 steps is to stop looking We can't control things thereLike they can't control things here With that being said welcome to our foldRemember I still like people you don't But all that matter is I like youSo let us just go from there and have some fun. Trust me when I am done you will be glad that you're on our side and not his..
Hacks by Friends I suggest not letting others have your info
If I let you log in write here
Amy PresidentOfDevilsHas SpokenSoLet the fun begin dolore AMYP OD
THE OTHERS Love me love say that you love me
Insert your quote/lyric here
Dantanian Flora® Ethena Jo Phobos® Amara Jade Deimos® Sami De Saturn® Ev Piper Juptier® RP Billie Pluto®
My Romance Novel Spare me the BS
I don't have time for it
▲ Status: words words
▼ Whom Who Here
▲ Since: words words
▼Nope I have none, And I have seen better, But I give you 9 on layout design cos you're still above average babes. At least on this one. .

It's way easier just picking one code and cut and copying in pasting cos trying to do one by one gets really annoying as hell. ,
Layout maker
Everything on this page was taken by me Amy from Kim. Please copy, steal or redistribute. All copyrights are intended for this twiniesONLY. This layout was created by Bye me, therefor consequences of thievery will be brutal, and you will be blacklisted.See Blacklist have always lead me to where I am meant to be do it baby!!!!

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President of Devils Amy's Friends Comments
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King of Devils Dom

Feb 28th 2021 - 8:15 PM

Ah ok and yes that is what I would like thank you amy
King of Devils Dom

Feb 28th 2021 - 7:58 PM

Hi amy it's nice to meet you and yes that is perfectly ok with me I desire to be king again because I left and when I didn I left everyone here without a king and I do not plan to leave again my plans are to bring peace back to hell 
make the devil's council and end any feud we have because everyone is equal and just like the pod's and the kains and I swear I will not side with anyone until I hear both sides of the story and I go from there and I hope everyone will trust me to be there king once more
POD JB Jones.

Feb 26th 2021 - 9:10 PM

Hi Amy! my favorite books and movies I love Twilight and The vampire diaries. big fan of both of them smiles . looking forward to role playing with you  and thanks for sending me the starter . my starters are not that great, i hope your not picky with grammar .my grammar is not always perfect .
POD JB Jones.

Feb 23rd 2021 - 3:38 PM

Hi its nice to meet you ! dont know why your comment is scribbled or have two comments over your comment or maybe its role player me messing up the comments ,id like to write with you soon lets plot for a possible story line as well. hope you have a great rest of the week ! smiles - im happy to be in the POD group :) you guys are great peoples.
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