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Legal Information
NAME: Thranduil Oropherion
NICKNAMES: Elvenking
ALIASES: King of the Woodland Realm
DATE OF BIRTH: Before SA 750
PLACE OF BIRTH: Middle Earth

Physical Details
ETHNICITY: Elvenking
HEIGHT: Input info
WEIGHT: Input info
BIRTHMARKS: Input info
SCARS: Input info

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Other Information
OCCUPATION: King of Mirkwood
JOB DESCRIPTION: Ruler of Mirkwood and the Elves
EMPLOYER: Input info
STRENGTHS: Fightings with two Swords


Traits: Input Info
Disorders: Input Info
Addictions: Input Info
Likes: Input Info
Dislikes: Input Info
Quirks: Input Info


MOTHER: Unknown
FATHER: Oropher
Other Family: Legolas (Son)

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Abandoned. Stranded. Betrayed. With friends like these... I don't need my enemies

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Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Movie, Romance, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 19, 2020

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Do not speak to me of dragon fire for i have encountered it myself Do not talk to me of dragon fire!


Thranduil, son of Oropher, was an Elven king who ruled over the Woodland Realm in the Second and Third Ages. Though inherently cautious, he eventually committed his kingdom to fighting against Sauron in the War of the Ring. He was the father of the Elven prince of Mirkwood, Legolas, who was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Thranduil was the only son of Oropher, the King of the Woodland Realm. He was born sometime during the First and Second Age. At the beginning of the Second Age, the Sindar travelled east and Oropher eventually founded Greenwood the Great.

In SA 3434, Thranduil and his father fought in the Battle of Dagorlad. Oropher was slain and Thranduil returned to Greenwood with roughly a third of the army that had marched to war. He claimed his inheritance and some time before TA 1000 inherited Oropher's title of King of the Woodland Realm, reigning over the south of Greenwood the Great.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows? Where does your journey end?
Present Day

At the beginning of Thranduil's reign his kingdom encompassed all of Greenwood the Great and was known as the Woodland Realm, but as the Third Age progressed, the shadow of the Necromancer advanced, and the Greenwood grew dark and became known as Mirkwood, and became infested with Orcs and giant spiders. The Wood-elves of Mirkwood were reduced in number and retreated to lands in the north of Mirkwood. By the time of the events of The Lord of the Rings Thranduil's title was King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood.

When Thorin Oakenshield and his party of Dwarves entered northern Mirkwood, the party encountered visions of a feast in the woods, which unknown to them was Thranduil's court Different members of the party tried to enter the clearing where the feast was being held, but each time darkness would fall and the interruptor fell into a deep sleep. In this manner was Thorin separated from the company, and captured by Thranduil. He provided no information when interrogated, and Thranduil in turn sent him to the dungeon cave "not too gently, for they did not love dwarves and thought he was an enemy". The rest of the party was captured shortly after and brought before Thranduil. When the party proved uncooperative with Thranduil's questioning, he accused them of wandering in his kingdom without leave, interrupting their feast, and stirring up trouble with spiders. They were sent to the dungeon as well, in separate cells and unaware that Thorin was captured

You seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule the quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon. 'Such is the nature of evil.

Legolas my Son

“Because I’m King, and as King, I can and shall do what I want, and what I want now is to take the day off and spend some quality time with my son, whom I have not seen for many a long years, and that is final!” The Elvenking sat back in his throne, arms and legs crossed, his soft lower lip protruding ever so slightly forward in what could only be described as a pout. His son stood before him, accompanied by the King’s advisor, trying hard to remain serious and not laugh at his father’s rather childish expression. The advisor sighed, smiling ever so slightly, knowing that he could not change his stubborn King’s mind. “As you wish, my Lord.” Thranduil cleared his throat, his face returning to its usual regal calm and he nodded his dismissal to his advisor, who quickly left, leaving behind the father and son. Thranduil’s expression immediately softened as he stood, smiling down fondly at the golden-haired elf before him who was chuckling. “That was really selfish, Ada.”

Thranduil smirked, blue eyes sparkling as he made his way down the throne’s steps, long robes trailing out behind him. “Oh, I do believe a King is allowed to be a little selfish once every couple of centuries.” He reached the prince and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder before he strode past him, knowing that Legolas would follow right behind. “Come, let us converse in my chambers. I haven’t had much time to hear your tales after you returned home, ion nin, and I am quite anxious to hear them.”

Some time later, the two were lazing about on Thranduil’s bed beautifully carved of cherry wood atop with a feather mattress and silken sheets, a tray full of sweets and seasonal fruits and goblets of the King’s best wine spread between them. Thranduil listened intently as Legolas spoke of his adventures with the Fellowship, how they had tragically lost members and split up, how he had eventually traveled through the forests of Fangorn, and how he had finally become reunited with his friends once more after the Ring had been destroyed and Aragorn had become King. Legolas finally finished his story and sighed, sitting back against his father’s pillows as he tried to regain his breath. He suddenly chuckled, taking a small sip of his wine as Thranduil fondly peered over his goblet at him. “What is so amusing, ion nin?” “Oh nothing, I am just remembering the times when I was an elfling and we would cuddle up on your bed at night, just like this, while you would tell me stories of times past.”

In time all foul things come forth ou seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule The quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon By all means, warn him I have spent enough Elvish blood in defense of this accursed land. No more!

My Son Legolas

Thranduil smiled, reaching out to idly run a hand through his son’s long silky locks that so resembled his own. “Yes, except this time it was my pleasure to be told a story, and a magnificent one it was too.” He glanced down, his heart swelling with gentle warmth that he had not felt in a very long time. “I am very proud of you, ion nin.” Legolas felt his breath catch in his throat and he suddenly had to blink very fast, turning away slightly as he tried to regain his composure that had been broken by those simple words that meant so much because of who they came from. “Le hannon, Ada.” He sniffled, a fair hand coming up to wipe away at his eyes as he smiled bashfully, his cheeks growing pink. “…….Gimli would probably call me his silly little princeling if he could see me now.”

Thranduil raised an eyebrow at this, and Legolas suddenly froze. He had told his father about the friendship that had grown between himself and the dwarf, but he had been careful not to reveal just how much they cared for each other. He knew his father’s past with the dwarf race had not been entirely pleasant, and how he still harbored distrust and ill feelings against them. As it were, the King’s blue eyes had narrowed slightly and Legolas gulped, suddenly fearing the consequences at this slip of the tongue. Thranduil noticed this and sighed, taking a sip of his wine before glancing back at his son with what he hoped was an open smile. “This Gimli you speak of, he sounds like a nice fellow, strong, and loyal.” As much as one could be for a dwarf, he added in his mind, but would not say it aloud. He could see how the prince had stiffened and saw the distress in his son’s eyes.

Legolas relaxed slightly, a sweet smile spreading across his face, a smile that spread to his eyes, Thranduil noted. “Yes Ada, he is a very nice fellow.” The King’s eyes lingered over his son for a couple of moments before he smirked. “Legolas, tell me the truth. How close are you?” The younger elf suddenly stiffed up once more, fidgeting ever so slightly as he glanced away, his eyes darting around, refusing to meet his father’s gaze, a blush springing to his face and up to his ears, confirming the elder’s suspicions. Thranduil took a deep breath. Already he could feel his blood boiling, his mind instantly screaming out no. No, how could his son, his precious little greenleaf, fall in love with something as disgusting as a dwarf? No! He would not stand for it. Too often had the dwarves given him trouble, too often had they caused his people harm.

But….he gazed at his child, near trembling before him, his eyes filling with tears, anticipating the explosion and disapproval from his father he was sure would come….and Thranduil let out his breath in a gust of wind. He could not yell at him. Instead he busied himself with his wine, quietly fuming to himself, as he tried to process this information. After a long while of utter silence, which had felt like years to the poor Greenleaf, he hesitantly reached out for his father’s hand. “Ada…I’m sorry…” He half expected the King to pull away in disgust, to possibly disown him and throw him out, but instead Thranduil grasped his hand back. “Are you happy, ion nin?” “Ada?” Legolas sat in shock, confused. Of all the things that he was expecting to hear, this was far from it. “Yes….I…I am happy….Ada, you’ve given me such love, a wonderful home, a wonderful life of-of course I’m happy.” Why this suddenly? Was he really going to kick him out? If he said he was happy would his father respond with that’s good, now go? Legolas felt his lip tremble as his vision blurred.

If I am not mistaken, this is the Halfing who stole the keys to my dungeon right from under the nose of my guards Go to the North.

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Hon Galad ➳ Loves her ғαмιly☆

6 hours ago

Please accept my Present of Friendship my dear King.
May this Gondor Ent find a new Home in your beautiful Realm,
and protect you from everything bad.

Love Verdarianna Elessar
☆vαɴιмα ѕιlмα

9 hours ago

My dear Friend.

Please know, I didnt forgot about your reply.
After my Christmas Cleaning is done today,
I will do my reply to you.
Big Promise!

Thank you for being that patient.

you are wonderful!

Nov 21st 2020 - 8:54 PM

Meereen was… miserable. It was the only true way to describe it, really; the sun, burning like the hottest pyre known to man, hung high in the sky and scorched the earth below mercilessly, day in, and day out. It was brutal, and it made the land surrounding the great city nearly inhabitable for just about anyone or anything. The only escape for the common folk was to dress light, hide under whatever shade they could find, and to bathe in the river whenever the heat became too much. For Rhaella, thankfully, she got to enjoy a life of comfort from within the safety of the Great Pyramid’s thick walls, which kept the blistering heat at bay. If she wanted to, she could recline in her terrace pool all day long, enjoying the cool water and eating platters of fruits and sipping on apricot wine. There was always a kind of.. guilt, that came with enjoying such things, though, when others toiled down in the heat of the city below.

Her mother told her that it was not only natural for her to feel such a way, but that it was something she should hold on to, something she should keep close to her heart.  It would keep her kind, and keep her grounded. It is important to know and accept that you are privileged, so that you can use that privilege to help those who are not so fortunate. “You will need to know this when you rule one day.” Her mother had said, though Rhaella had little to no interest in ruling Meereen-- or anywhere, for that matter. After all, she had only been informed just a year ago of her true heritage; a princess of the dying House Targaryen. Just a year ago, she had been splashing in the Sweetwater River of Braavos with the other girls her age. And now, she was standing in the Throne Room of Meereen with her mother, helping her decide the fates of those who came seeking an audience with the Dragon Queen.

The city of Meereen had once been a city of harpies before her mother had come, Rhaella had been told; harpy statues of bronze and clay used to dot the entire city, and a humongous golden statue of the mythological creature once stood atop the very pyramid they now called home, before her mother had ordered it to be torn down and melted into coinage. Now, it was a city of dragons; though it was said that the city’s inhabitants still secretly had effigies of the harpy in their homes, but who could say for sure? Rhaella knew very little of such things. All she really knew was that this was not her home, and doubted that it ever would be. A full year had passed since they’d come to this place, and although she had grown used to the ins and outs of life here in Meereen, Rhaella still longed for the simple life she’d had in Braavos, and probably always would. 

Daenerys and Rhaella had been in court for only two hours when Daario, captain of the Second Sons and the closest thing Rhaella had ever known to a father, burst into the Throne Room, followed closely behind by two of his best men. They were holding a man up by his arms, dragging him along until they’d reached the bottom of the stairs, where they promptly dropped him. Daenerys seemed unperturbed, if not at least a little inquisitive; Rhaella, however, who had been preoccupied daydreaming for the last two hours, was suddenly quite invested in the situation, leaning forward in her seat with sudden interest.

“My Queen,” Daario addressed with a bow of his head. Then, glancing to Rhaella, he offered her a playful wink. “Princess,” he smiled, earning himself a girlish grin from Rhaella. “We found this.. strange man lying out in the sun. He’d have died if we hadn’t come across him.” But why bring him here? Rhaella wondered. Why not take him to the shade and give him something to drink? Though, upon closer inspection, Rhaella could puzzle out their reasoning; it was altogether strange for a man dressed as fine as he to be out wandering in the wilderness alone. Perhaps he was a merchant who had been attacked, his cargo and horses stolen from him..? Though, that couldn’t be the case; they’d have taken his rings, and if he’d fought back, they either would have killed him, or he’d have killed them. There was no blood on him to be seen, so that couldn’t be.. Clearly, he wasn’t from around here, or he’d have dressed cooler, and with his strange, pointed ears, it was quite clear to just about everyone that he was from someplace very far away, and for them, foreigners usually meant trouble. Usually, foreigners came from all around to ask for her mother’s hand in marriage, and that wasn’t the case, they came asking for Rhaella’s betrothal to their sons, and were always very vindictive after being given a flat “no”. 

“Has he spoken?” Daenerys asked, her violet eyes studying the stranger. Interestingly enough, Rhaella pondered, he had a very similar color of silver-gold hair as her mother, and it was long, reaching to at least his mid-back, as far as she could tell. Perhaps it was the intuition of a queen, but Daenerys knew immediately that this man had to be royalty of some kind. No common man kept their hair that long and well kept. None except the Dothraki, and he certainly was not one of them.

“No,” Daario replied easily, clutching two swords under his arm; they must have belonged to the man. “not yet at least.”

There was a long silence there in the Throne Room as Daenerys seemed to ponder what should be done with the odd man. While he hadn’t necessarily done anything wrong, there was no telling who this man was, and one could never be too careful. This could be a ploy for sympathy in order to get close enough for an assassination attempt, something Daenerys was far too familiar with. Without warning, though, she turned to her daughter. “What should be done?” She asked, earning a very wide-eyed expression from the young princess.

“What?” Rhaella uttered; when Daenerys did not further clarify, the girl shot a glance towards Daario, who gave a huge shrug of his shoulders. “You’re really asking me??” 

“One day,” Daenerys started. “the time will come where you will be the one making these decisions. They are never easy, and each one comes with consequences you could have never foreseen. You would do well to learn that now, rather than later.” 

Rhaella still stared at her mother as though she had gone completely mad, but when she did not back down, the young Targaryen relented with an uneasy sigh, turning the view the strange man once more. The idea of throwing him in some dark cell and interrogating him was not even on the table for Rhaella; in her eyes, he was innocent until he gave her a reason to think otherwise, and she didn’t care if that made her naive. Besides… he had clearly already been through a lot, suffering in the heat for gods knew how long. Treating him with fairness seemed to Rhaella the only option. After a quiet, thoughtful moment, Rhaella spoke. “... Give him.. a room here in the Pyramid, somewhere cool and comfortable, and see that he is taken care of. Station guards outside the door, though, until we know who he is exactly and why he was wandering out there in the heat…” Trailing off, Rhaella peered at her mother, looking for approval. 

Daenerys gave a nod of satisfaction, much to Rhaella’s relief; Daario didn’t seem so sure of Rhaella’s decision, but he saw to it anyway. As per Rhaella’s order, the man was taken to one of the upper rooms of the Great Pyramid where the breeze was strongest, keeping the room nice and cool. Water was provided, as well as food if he wanted it, and an ointment was lathered onto any burns that he sustained while out in the scorching sun. Then, he was left to rest; that is, until sometime later, when Rhaella came creeping into the room to see how he was fairing. It was possible that he was still resting, and if that was the case, she would just leave and come back later. As she tip-toed into the room, her hand was rested upon the hilt of her sword, just in case he got any funny ideas of escaping; Daario had taught her well, though she never liked the idea of actually using it to hurt someone, even to defend herself. Maybe she just had too gentle of a heart. 

Hon Galad ➳ Loves her ғαмιly☆

Nov 19th 2020 - 2:21 PM

Verdarianna Elessar

Hello my new Friend. Mára amaurea mime sinya nur. Man aur nin siniath mellon.

I am not a Friend of long Intros,


If you have a to-do list here, put me on it please. *smiles*

I want to welcome you here into my World, my Name is Verdarianna Elessar, and I am the oldest Daughter of King Aragorn and Lady Arwen. There is nothing more I would like, as having a Adventure, just like Frodo and the Fellowship had. If you think, you could be the one, I could go through the Mountains with, meeting this and that evil Creature, maybe Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves, you are right here..

It is a pleasure for me, meeting you.
How are you on that beautiful sunny Day?
I hope, that whenever you find a free Minute, we can talk about a Sl.

Until this, I wish you a beautiful Day and a wonderful Time around here.

Hope hearing back from you...

multi-para and novella writer. looking for active & friendly writers.

Verdarianna Elessar
🌿αrαɴel -o ɢoɴdor

Nov 19th 2020 - 8:11 AM

Andúnië Elessar
Princess of - Gondor
Daughter of King Aragorn and Lady Arwen
Sweet and wholesome as Apple Pie. *laughs*

multi-para & novella writer
looking for active and friendly Writers!
this page was established June 11th 2020

Good Morning-- Afternoon-- Evening

my Friend.

Andúnië Elessar is my Name, but you can call me An.
It`s much more easier if you ask me.
I want to thank you,
for accepting me,
and for being my Friend.
It is a pleasure for me meeting you.
How are you on that wonderful sunny Day?

Since I am not a Friend of long Intros,
I will do my best,
to keep it short.

My whole Life I lived in Lothlórien,
with my beloved great Grand Parents
Lady Galdriel and Lord Celeborn.
I had to do that,
because I am special,
I have some Fire in me,
which need to be handled.
I needed to learn to handle that.
I got teached a lot about Nature, Creatures, Languages and of course different Weapons.
There is a beautiful white Warg, I can call mine, which became a good Friend and Companion,
but about that, you will read in my Starter.
Since War once more is on the Way, to destroy our beautiful Middle Earth,
my great Grand Parents decided to send me back Home, back to Gondor to help and well..
I wont to say to much.

If you are interested in talking about a Sl,
I would love hearing back from you.

I wish you a beautiful Day.

Andúnië Elessar

☆vαɴιмα ѕιlмα

Nov 19th 2020 - 7:47 AM

My Name is Elenya Diamond Elessar

and I will not sign it away.

Welcome into my wonderful tiny World my new Friend. How are you today? It is a pleasure for me meeting you.

Sometimes to break the Ice, something funny for sure does help,
Why shouldn't you piss off a dwarf?
Because he's got a short temper.

shhh dont tell them, I joked about them.

I think, since I am not a Friend of long Intros, I will tell you a bit about myself.

Like you already know, my Name is Elenya Diamond Elessar, and I am the Daughter of King Aragorn and Woodland Elf Tauriel. I am one of the Princesses of Gondor, and I got a little Brother, which I can call mine, means who is also a Child of Aragorn and Tauriel. My Sister Verdarianna Elessar, is the oldest of us all and the Daughter of Aragorn and Lady Arwen. I know...I know... its not that easy to get, but I can tell you more about that, whenever you should be interested one Day. Ahh..I fogot, I also got adopted Sisters... Diamond of long Gleeve Took, Serenity Boffin, which are Hobbits and Lady Isabella which is a dark Vampire, Sauron once secretly created.

I am a typical 18 Years old Girl, which slowly becomes a Woman, and there is nothing more I hate, as to act like a Princess. I want a Adventure and do some Journeys, meeting Creatures, maybe fighting them. I want to become a Hero, just like my Father and the Fellowship was, making him proud by that. I like to use my Sword and of course my Bow and I also like to ride over Fields, dreaming about to fight some last Orcs.


you think, you could be interested in going on a Adventure with me, maybe teaching me some more about Life and what it brings, I would be happy hearing about you again.

so if you are interested, after you read what I wrote, I would love to talk about a Sl with you, whenever you find a Free Minute. I also do AU Sl`s.

Until this, I wish you a magical Day, and a wonderful Time.

Love Elenya
discord: in work / Multi Para & Up & active writer / est. 2020
deѕιred roleѕ

Nov 19th 2020 - 7:12 AM

Desired Roles of Tolkien/Fantasy

Happy Potter

Charmed & Anime Verse.


Welcome into our wonderful but tiny World my new Friend. Thank you for accepting our Page here. How are you today? It is a pleasure for us meeting you.

Are you tired of being on that Place here, and noone ever talks, roleplays and just ignores you? Are you tired, of just being a Number in a List and looking beautiful there?

Well...Then you are right here.

Our Groups are always looking for new and active Members, which love to talk and roleplay, which are NOT only a Number in a List.

We look for Members which like to be a Part of us, loving the Tolkien/Fantasy--Harry Potter--Charmed and Anime Verse, the same we do. Peoples who like being Dark at Times, but also Epic, who likes to be Fighters and of course just normal beings, by having a Family and Friends, living a Life in Peace.

We look for YOU!

Members of Verse, which seems dead, and which you like being active again. In our Group Peoples talk and roleplay and noone gets ignored. We are there for each others, trying to have a good Time, while we are online... in Peace.

We do one to one Roleplays, but also wonderful Blog Roleplays, where everyone is allowed to join. We also always celebrate Parties, for what we are known here, and whenever it should be needed, we create Layouts and of course Edits and Gifs, so you see, all you would have to do, would be opening a Account and the rest Members of our Group would enjoy to do for you, so you only have to sit back, enjoying the Layout, Pictures and Gifs after, having a wonderful Time while roleplaying.

So.. Interested of being a Part of us? Then... Message us, and if you should be interested in more, we of course will tell. We really would be happy to Welcome you.

Love Desired Roles Admins
discord: Will be given to you / Tolkien/Fantasy-Harry Potter-Charmed-Anime / est. 2020
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