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☣ 𝒲.𝓑.

20 hours ago

Usually, his wife, Annette was the one on the other end of his relentless research, and trying to coax him away from it was never a simple task. Despite her being almost equally invested in the project, she was still a caring wife and tried to make William take breaks to eat or rest. Wesker obviously had other intentions. He wouldn’t care if Birkin didn’t take a break. The only reason he would want him to take his mind from his research would be something along the lines of bragging about something or querying something he had no answers to, but assumed that Birkin might.

Or in this case, Birkin had hoped he had finally located Sherry. Although that turned out to be disappointing, when the girl revealed was not her and was in fact Alexia Ashford. The girl had been presumed dead for the longest time, and although he never outright admitted it, Birkin had been glad about the news. She had been his only real competition, after all. Until the revelation that in actual fact, the Ashford had injected herself with her own T-Veronica virus and subjected herself to cryostasis in order to bond with it and gain control. The one thing where the rest failed was a lack of control. Once the parasite or virus had taken over the host, there was no stopping it. This, although Birkin would certainly never admit it, was the work of a brilliant mind, and he couldn’t stand the fact that he hadn’t considered it. He also believed it didn’t matter. He was on to something himself, and didn’t need to take notes from a child. Albert had requested to get a sample of her virus previously before the man left Umbrella, but at the time, Birkin objected of course. He wanted nothing to do with her or her research.

And yet here she was. So of course he hadn’t been thrilled by it. But he no longer had such an input when it came to decision influencing upon Albert. Evidently.

As the other listed curious details about her obs, William stared at her with an unfading unimpressed expression across his face. William had already heard about her experiments, and already knew she had used herself as the subject, so for a moment, he had no idea what Wesker was intending with this, but one detail did jump out at him. All viruses in their collective research had proven one thing in common. Instability. So what was this? “External stimuli factors further increase the instability of the virus within the host – mutation is an inevitable consequence.” William muttered, more to himself in wonder than to Albert. In other words… “Why is there no mutation after such an injury? It makes no sense...” Could it really be the case that she could control it to such an extent? Even down to the mutations? It seemed impossible.

☣ 𝒲.𝓑.

Nov 21st 2020 - 7:45 AM

It had been three months since the total annihilation of Raccoon City, and by all rights, Doctor William Birkin should have died before then within his NEST facility, after Umbrella sent agents to retrieve the samples of his G-virus. What they did not know, however, was that Birkin had made other arrangements due to anticipating he would wind up trapped in a similar fate mirroring what happened to his old mentor, Doctor James Marcus, ten years prior. Birkin only wanted credit and recognition for his entire life’s dedication to the virus research. That and to be promoted into the executive circle. Why was it so much to ask? He knew he deserved it. Hadn’t he proved himself by now? But after Umbrella ignored and overlooked him for the post, he changed his mind. If they were going to treat him unfairly, and ignore him undeservedly, he would make them pay attention and this time, it was going to be on his own terms. Sabotaging operations and contaminating facilities, letting the hunters escape, getting rid of anyone who might be a threat wasn’t difficult, and despite his wife and fellow researcher, Annette Birkin, warning him that this was a risk, she stood by him through all of it. Spies were an ever-increasing problem, so none of them could be trusted anymore. Security had been breached a number of times, so he had assigned Byron Cartwright to be in charge of stepping up security around the facility and in the chemical plant and sewers with orders to shoot anyone on sight for tresspassing. Raccoon City Police Chief Bryan Irons had been told to do the same. Nobody could interfere with his new plan, and nobody was going to get their filthy hands on his G-virus. Nobody. It drove him to a paranoid mess, that was only intensified by the imminent, hastily approaching idea of setting his plan into motion.

He knew his days were numbered, but couldn’t allow Umbrella the satisfaction of winning. If he were to die trying to execute his ‘get out of Umbrella’ plan, then so be it, but he was sure it would work, but to give it the best possible chance, everyone had to be kept completely in the dark about it. Including his wife. She knew nothing. She was completely oblivious to the fact that Birkin had been meeting up with former colleague Albert Wesker to formulate a plan, and since Albert owed him for helping him with a very similar issue of trying to get out of Umbrella’s iron grasp, he was obliged to help. In fact, William had been working on clones as part of his G-virus research almost since its inception, since this virus seemed to work best when genetically transmitted infections occurred. Hosts with a similar DNA had the best chance of survival, whereas others were deemed incompatible and were consequently killed by it instead. One clone – well two, actually, but one kept failing the tests and was too unstable – one clone, however, passed every test, and after undergoing a series of experiments and mind-altering treatments, once conditioned enough the subject could not only look identical to William Birkin himself, but could easily pass for him with forced mind and memory manipulation, and as he hoped, Annette knew no better. She had no idea whatsoever that the man she was working alongside was not William Birkin but in fact a mere decoy, with the sole purpose of throwing Umbrella off his trail. The subject would take the fall in his place, and William was safely out of Raccoon City, in a base elsewhere – where, he didn’t know as all was strictly kept from him – with none other than Albert Wesker himself. The events that unfolded after went pretty much exactly as he anticipated. The agents attacked the clone, the clone used the adapted G-virus sample, hunted them down and killed them, then went after his daughter Sherry Birkin – but this was still a part of his plan. Other than being a way to escape Umbrella, this operation doubled up as the biggest experiment of the G-virus testing thus far. This was the ultimate test, unleashing his G-virus progress so far on Umbrella. They deserved it anyway. Sherry was part of that experiment, and through the entire time, Birkin watched via a monitor and took notes on G’s progress. Despite the experiment itself ending in failure, and concluding that the G-virus was still too flawed and needing more work, the plan otherwise proved successful, with the only problem being that Annette turned against ‘G’, before ‘G’ ended up attacking and critically injuring her. William had gone on a temporary strike at that point until Wesker’s team went back to fetch her and save her life, which was also successful. Obviously his wife hadn’t been pleased with any of this after William was finally able to explain everything to her, but she understood his reasoning at least, and he had no regrets at all. Even after the U.S government made the decision to nuke the city and executed it, Birkin continued with his research unphased. He had no idea whether Sherry was still alive or not, but both he and Annette hoped she had made it out of the city in time with the help of that Redfield woman and cop.


Albert had left the base and through a very brief conversation during a short coffee break with him before the man left, had informed Birkin that he had something to take care of, but couldn’t tell him what it was. William had gone back to his research in the meantime, but wondered what Albert was up to and why he couldn’t tell him. It was unusual for him to keep his plans and ideas from him during their lengthy history of working together and knowing each other well. In fact, despite their on-off rivalry, Albert was probably the closest thing William had to a friend, outside of his wife, of course, and Albert had always treated him as such. So why, all of a sudden, was he keeping things from him?

A sudden beeping startled him from his deep concentration, causing him to knock over the mug clumsily on the workspace he had been sitting at. “Damn it.” He muttered, annoyed at himself but glad that there was only a small amount of the cold, forgotten liquid remaining in the mug, and thankfully, it hadn’t reached his papers. He stood the mug up and shifted on the swivel chair across to answer the call, not really surprised at the interruption or the fact that it was Albert contacting him, but the excitement on his voice couldn’t be ignored, and left William curious as to what was so important that he had to put the G-virus on hold. He had asked him what it was, but his only reply was static before silence. “Asshole.” William mumbled, putting the device down again, and sighing, moved back to his papers. He wiped the small coffee spillage before staring down at his notes again, but couldn’t focus for wondering what Wesker wanted to show him. This went on for the remainder of time it took for Wesker’s return, William moving in and out of focus, and managed to get nothing else done, and once the automatic door of his personal lab opened, William turned around to see Albert there with the most annoyingly smug of smirks on his face. His words caused Birkin to frown in response.

Guest?” William scoffed the word like it was definitely not a suitable reason to interrupt his work. The notion was absurd. By why did he have such a bad feeling about this? Perhaps it was because clearly Wesker was messing with him. Something told Birkin that he would not appreciate this guest… not unless he had located Sherry. The idea of that was what caused him to decide to get up and follow him out of the lab and to the subject holding cells…

...where he saw a familiar blonde haired woman that was obviously not his daughter, or anyone he was even remotely pleased to see.

Alexia f***ing Ashford.

Are you kidding me?” William muttered, glancing from her to Wesker again. “What is she doing here?”

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