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I wouldn't try that... I'm Invincible.

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Characters: Mark Grayson, Invincible
Verses: DC, Image, and Marvel.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Comic, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction, Video Game,
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About me:
Mark Grayson was born to the Viltrumite Nolan Grayson and the Human Debbie Grayson. Mark lived a mostly normal life until his seventh birthday, when his father revealed his identity as the famous superhero, Omni-Man. Mark also learned that his father had come from a planet known as Viltrum, and that Viltrumites were a supposedly advanced and peaceful race. This new normal continued until Mark turned 17. While taking the trash out at work, he realized that he'd developed his father's super strength. After getting his superhero costume, Invincible made his debut stopping a bank robbery All went well for a few months, before Mark saw his father's hand impaled in another superhero's chest. With no other choice, Nolan began to tell the true history of Viltrum. The peaceful paradise was a lie, and instead the Viltrumites were violent conquerors. Nolan had been sent to the planet to claim it for the Viltrumite Empire, as well as see if humans were suitable for breeding. After Mark's powers developed, Nolan knew that he had to begin the takeover. Not wanting to aid his father, the two fought all over the world. The fight ended with Mark brutally beaten begging for his father to come to his senses. Nolan, unable to kill his son or finish his mission, deserted the planet. With Nolan gone, Mark stepped up and took over his father's place as Earth's new protector. In addition to his new duties, Mark also began college, struggling to find a balance between his normal and costumed life.
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