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Who Knew by Pink So is what I am listening too. Never seen this one coming

32 years old

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February 28 2021

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Characters: Trin Trin 2.0 1 is hiding the morningstars. And on that fabulous Black Eyed Ruby
Verses: The Devils Family Saga. Trust me its nothing like Twlight.
Playbys: Carrington Girl who is feisty. So me if I was rich.
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Mafia, Supernatural,
Member Since:October 31, 2020

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So not the begining

Just the part I came in. As the dust settles

For starters I am one whose mind is forever changeing. I mean like what is in last year. Is not in this year right? So its often hard to say what trend you will catch me wearing. What I never expected was my sister I barely knew at the time. Would see my return as her replacement. With out all the annoying picture comments or the desire to be a daddies girl really. Nor Had I ever had a clue how that is what lead her to ruin my parnets marriage the first time around at the time.
But hey we can't control others nor should we ever stop living for them. And back in those days. I mainly just dated this boy and that one. And always felt like for some reason. It had bothered gramps. After this odd conversation, we had one night. But this was all ages ago. And I say that almost in a literal sense. After we moved here. And Daddy became obsessed with stoping who he thought was his ex at the time. It just seemed once he won. And they all went away. Slowly had his love for all of us. Just started to fade. And yet again to no avail. He once again breaks not only my mother's heart. But my very own. I mean like at this point I was just done. And only even stuck around due to mom had. Then one day she was barely around. Then I decided to just let myself drift off into that empty void. We all go too if we don't login in enough. No less I am back and better than ever. And I must say my taste in men has greatly improved. Now I am ready to be a boss bitch. And let them see how this show is not only filmed but directed and produced. However, knowing how it always goes. I am sure some bad boy type will get the best of me. And I will once again think. You know this time will so be different than the last. I am not sure if I get that from my Mom or Dad. But I get it from somewhere.

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King of Devils Dom

23 minutes ago

Yes I'm from jersey shore and you are right it is the depths of hell he says laughingย  and don't worry I don't plan on letting the curse affect me I want the best for hell I want peace and I have a feeling you want the same as well he says smiling pouring her more tea also if youany suggestions on how to make hell better I would love to hear them if your willing to I don wanna keep you from any plans you may have
King of Devils Dom

56 minutes ago

Idk why they would cause such issues either but I would like to get to the bottom of it and since I'm back I have a feeling that more problems will acure soon I hope I can bring hell back to the place it was a peaceful place and I form the lowest depths of hell it was there where climbed up the ranks and became king
King of Devils Dom

1 hour ago

Ahh I see so alot has happened since I've been gone h says sighing and put his cup I should have never disappeared maybe I could have stopped everythimg from happeningย  h says pouring himself more tea and taking sip as he stared at her idk what happened with Caleb I haven't really been told details only that the rosarios caused alot of drama since I've been gone
King of Devils Dom

2 hours ago

He would smile floating two cups into the room and a bottleย  as he set the cups on the table and poured the drinks from the bottle here you go it's some tea I brewedย  he would look at her as he drank form his cup so I'd like to know what's happening how could help I'm hearing alot of things since I returned about the rosarios do you know anything I'd like to have someone I can trust to talk and since I knew your mother and she was a friend of mine I feel like I could trust her daughter he says smiling and drinks moreย 
King of Devils Dom

2 hours ago

He would look at her confused watching her just walk in "it's nice to meet you I'm Dom the Demon King but I feel like you already know and really your there child I knew your mother how is she he says watching her walk around ,oh well I've been the demon king for awile but I disappeared for 6 months but I was finally able to ame my return toy kingdom that uses is going through a ruff time I hope to fix everything and make this place safe again he said sitting in a chair in his living room come sit let's talk would you like something to drink
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