He doeth what he pleaseth. (AU Johnny Rotten account where he lives in the present. Imagine that.

28 years old
Possessed in Gunter Grove, London,
United Kingdom

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November 30 2020

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General(I’m up for any and all crossovers within realistic reason. Supernatural can work as well as horror. Isn’t that just reality anyway?)
MusicMarried to the most beautiful woman I know and my eternal partner in crime, Nora. Tolerant, accepting, uplifting and just plain loud.”
Movies/a friendly PSA: I don't do things for competition on here. Please stop doing it with me if I add you on my friend's list. If you cannot handle IC controversy (I am always IC when being rude on a post) and you do not read bio's and exhibit disrespectful behaviour by deleting my IC comments it is your fault and only yours for not understanding how RP works. I will delete you and blank your existence forever. Not hard to do with most on here. Unsure as to how competition is most people's motive on here but-- there it is. Pure empty shallowness in my eyes, no heart to it. Won't put up with it!!

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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Finsbury Park, London
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Some college
Occupation:Lead Singer for the Sex Pistols/Public Image Limited
Characters: Johnny Rotten, John Lydon, Mr. Rotten, ROTTEN.
Verses: Open to all and sundry, crossovers.
Playbys: Rotten
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Band, Comedy, Drama, Hollywood, Real Life, Scene,
Status: Married
Member Since:October 25, 2020

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About me:

Johnny Rotten is the alter ego persona of John Lydon and because of this he'll remain in character and will stick to his guns when in Rotten mode. He isn't going to be supernatural or demonic so he will not be cruel to an unnatural extent so fear not. He's just a normal young man with an occasional attitude problem; dubbed the "King of the Punks," Rotten was slashed in the face and the arm after performing a song that spoke out against Queen Elizabeth, "God Save the Queen." He was attacked at least twice in public because of his Rotten persona yet he continued to boldly perform in public despite the death threats, attempts to silence him, and the numerous smear campaigns against him and his bandmates in the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited, a new band he created when the Pistols were all but coming to an end. He loves to sing, dance and has an extensive record album collection consisting of songs from all music genres and categories. As long as they speak to him and make him feel something, then there they are.

He is outspoken/opinionated, generally rebellious against the "shitstem", and unapologetic in his mannerisms and dominant/bold personality. Should he feel bad for being himself? A typically wise lad, Rotten usually escapes out of most sticky situations unscathed, ranging from escaping another knife attack and only getting stabbed in the wrist to diving into the river Thames after the police raided the Pistol's party boat due to it being directly downstream from the Queen's Silver Jubilee, whence they began dishing out arrests. Even Rotten's younger brother Jimmy was arrested that night as well as Sid Vicious. (Yes, the Sid and Nancy movie was wrong about that part). The authorities considered the Pistols a nuisance to public peace and consequently shut down their boat show based on these charges, despite having reserved the boat under their name. In reality, they considered it as them crashing and disturbing the queen's peace. Many reckoned that she watched for a bit before deciding to have the authorities shut down the wild and raucous punk rock party.

He's usually rather guarded/aloof and difficult to get to know or even get close to; mutual effort should be put in if one wants to establish a relationship with Johnny. (Or not). But usually he's alone despite his bandmates seeming friendly with him at times. It simply wasn't that black and white and he could only count the amount of friends he has/had on one hand and then some fingers would disappear on and off. Granted he can be rather difficult, usually described as a "cactus". Nice to look at but try getting close and you are likely to get pricked at least once. So his personal relationships will clearly suffer here; the writer expects angry tumultuous relationships at times. Do not take anything stated by him personally. Please. It's just roleplay and I want to really remain in character no matter what so have fun and enjoy the show. Otherwise I couldn't care less about the childish smear campaign on this site against me due to the mannerisms of this man/character.
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🇷‌ 🇦‌ 🇬‌ 🇪‌

Nov 28th 2020 - 12:52 PM

Johnny “R A G E” Lawrence
Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy
Johnny had just gotten out of high school and he was having a tough time with life. He lost his girl, he had to quit karate because it wasn’t fun anymore since his sensei tried to choke him out and kill him, and he had no ambition to do anything. He was lost and didn’t know what he would do with his life.

But at that moment, that night at the sh*tty club he stood there in front row, beer in hand, looking up as the band shat out their sh*tty punk. He knew all the words, yelling with the singer, headbanging and letting off some steam.

He stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd. His blonde locks and blue eyes, red leather jacket in a sea of rainbow colored, dark clad punks.

He noticed how their bass player was f***ing up their sound. He began to heckle, already tipsy.

“Oh booo! YOU F***ING SUCK. YOUR BASS PLAYER SUCKS! FIRE THAT ASSHOLE!” Johnny yelled, downing his beer and throwing the can towards their obviously heroined out bass player.

A blonde chick from the side of the stage had saw and walked over while the band was performing, looking down at Johnny and screaming at him.

“F*** you you f***ing bitch! He’s a f***in’ narc! And F*** you you f***ing whore! Suck my f***ing d*ck!” He yelled holding up two fingers to her.

When she kicked him, Johnny suddenly jumped and began to climb the stage and a brawl began.
🇷‌ 🇦‌ 🇬‌ 🇪‌

Nov 28th 2020 - 10:13 AM

Dude I am the same f***ing way. I also play Shannon Hoon. I play my characters the same way you do, using the 80s/90s playby but existing in the current world. I think it's just the punk in us to butt heads. There are alot of pussies on here.

We need to stick together bro lol. Do you have a discord? I resisted the discord at first but it can be utilized well! Lol. 
🇷‌ 🇦‌ 🇬‌ 🇪‌

Nov 28th 2020 - 9:42 AM

Nice f***in' character bro. I love punk!
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