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Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

5 hours ago

Finola was trying to divert attention from what had happened, wanting to keep the focus on anything but what had happened. Her thoughts were genuine, but she herself knew that she was putting off talking about what had happened.


As Spencer gently chastised her, seeing straight through her, Finola forced a weak smile. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world. You know that?” Even though her hands were now safely gloved, she felt the gentle pressure of that kiss to her knuckles. “Only around that many words, with the amount that you use, that doesn’t seem like very many.” She teased softly, resting her head on his shoulder. 


“You’re going to make me talk about it, aren’t you?” She asked quietly. She knew the procedure, either Emily or JJ were waiting to interview her. She knew that they were waiting for her to calm down, then Spencer would leave her for the statement to be made and interview before. Spencer couldn’t do it, he was too involved. “Who’s interviewing me?”

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

6 hours ago

Finola sat with Spencer quietly. Being able to focus on Pierre had brought her some much needed distraction. A gopher and Spencer. That’s all she have mind to. He’d been out side the door when she been examined and her injuries photographed and documented. She’d asked him to leave when they’d started, not wanting him to see, not yet. She especially didn’t want him seeing some of her injuries before she could explain them.


She’d had him back in with her though when her cuts were being cleaned and her wrist being set. He stood outside the shower as she’d got cleaned up and helped her on with a clean bra when she discovered she couldn’t do it herself. 


“Trust you to have a french gopher as your spirit animal.” She chuckled softly,her good hand moving to touch his sleeve. She’d not touched him yet, not wanting him to ‘see’ when she’d been feeling to weak to shield him from her thoughts. Being away from people in the large room was helping though and she was feeling stronger. The coffee and chocolate that Spencer had got her from the vending machine was helping too.


As Spencer turned serious, she met his gaze. “I...It’s my job...your job.” she swallowed hard. “A thought found me, what if we hadn’t met. What if something bigger had planned for me to be here, for our paths to cross here. If we didn’t know each other...would we have found each other here and now?” She rolled her lips. “If we hadn’t already met...we could have missed each other...passed each other by...” Her gloved hand suddenly gripped his. “I love you...”

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

6 hours ago

She could feel the reassuring weight of his arm across her shoulders, he intentionally didn’t touch her exposed her skin. She struggled to her feet, letting him lead her. Her hands, still cuffed, were held to her chest, one gently holding the one that appeared to be  broken at the wrist. The walk was slow, painful. 


Spencer’s voice was bringing her a calm that Finola had not felt in days. She focused on his voice, not even really comprehending the words, just finding familiarity and comfort in the pitch, the rise and fall. “I...I think my wrist is broken...” she mumbled, stumbling a little, but finding her feet again. 


As a gopher was mentioned, it brought a genuine laugh. “I know...I saw, he was French.” She said quietly. “I didn’t know I could do that..” There was awe in her voice. “Enter dreams...” she swallowed hard, her voice hoarse. “I’m so sorry about this Spencer...” she apologised, her voice catching. “I didn’t mean for this to happen...” she felt guilty, ashamed, both feelings confused her as she knew she’d done nothing wrong. 

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

7 hours ago

Everything was a blur, too much pain could do that. She stabbed blindly with her snapped underwire, the handcuffs making her movements clumsy and inaccurate, but still managing to get some successful hits in. Granted, not as many hits and kicks as he was, but it still gave her a sense of accomplishment. If this was it, if she was about to die, she was going out fighting. 


It was then she heard it. “F.B.I, let me see your hands!”


The firing of guns made her flinch, cowering into a corner, her arms raised as she tried to hide herself. Feeling something going around her, she let out a strangled cry, only for it to become a sob when she saw who it was. Her bottom lip trembled as she seemed to fight and inner conflict of if she wanted to be near him or not. She didn’t want him to see her like this, but she was so relieved to see him. 


For the first time in their relationship, tears fell, leaving damp tracks on her filthy cheeks. Moving forward a little, she let him wrap the coat around her, trying to avoid his fingers touching her. “Spencer...? The girls...” she moved her head toward the wall opposite that were lined with beds. “So many dead...voices in my head...” her voice broke. “To loud...” her bruised eyes moved to look at him. “You came...I knew you’d fine me...” her brow rested on his shoulder, unable to look at him.


Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

10 hours ago

Motioning with her hand, Lucy climbed up into the tree house, peering down the hatch at the agent. “Up here, you can see the opening.” When Spencer joined her, Lucy pointed through a makeshift window. “See. The gap between the trees.” As if by some Devine Intervention, lightning lit up the sky, revealing the parting in the trees and a cave mouth in the distance. “The big boys play Chicken near there...but, I’ve never been down there. I’m too little.” She rested her head against Spencer’s arm. “You can’t see it from the ground. Only from up here.”


The Facility...


Finola was slumped in her corner. Bruising was blossoming over her face and body. Maybe biting off the holy man’s c*ck hadn’t been her brightest idea, but there was no way that she was going to make raping her easy for them. Fortunately her actions had the desired effect, she’d recover from a beating. This was what she kept telling herself, she’d recover from being beaten with fists, boots and belts...beaten to the point where her skin had split and she was fairly certain her wrist was broken. Rape...rape she knew she’d not cope with...not now that sex had meaning. 


Contact with Spencer had helped. She’d never known she could do that, enter his dreams. That brief moment, the feel of his mind, his presence, it had given her strength. She’d fought back, biting, kicking, yelling abuse. Even now, alone, she was fighting back, deliberately snapping the underwire in her bra and easing the two ends out. She set to work, digging the wire into the keyhole in the handcuffs.


It was then she heard movement, lights flickered on. Hiding the wire in her bra, she felt herself being heaved to her feet and shoved against a wall. The impact brought forth a cry, as insistent hands tugged after her panties. “No!” She struggled, her cuffed hands moving for the concealed wire and grabbing it from its hiding place. Slamming her head back she felt her head impact against the face of her attacker and heard the profanities that followed. She was thrown to the ground and again grabbed at, she was ready this time though and slashed both of her hands out with the wire, the sharp end cutting through the arm of her attacker.

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

11 hours ago

“Wow...” Lucy’s eyes widened, she was clearly impressed. “You’re a proper good guy,  not like the police here. You’re Finnyola’s boyfriend, she said that you were called Spencer, that you’re the nicest person in the world.” She nodded her head with a smile. “She said that she thought she might need help finding the people and that you’d help.”


As Spencer mentioned the underground facility, Lucy looked uncomfortable. All the kids knew about the facility. She looked around, her face a little afraid. “I might...” she whispered, her eyes wide. “The tree house is near a place, it’s...haunted, by the missing...and the dead girls that we find in the school yard. I...I can show you...”


The world suddenly lit up and Thunder rumbled in the distance, the bad weather was moving in. “Can...can you take me away from here...from my family...” she asked quietly. “I don’t want to be taken when I’m older. I...I think my parents would give me to the bad guys.” Admitting it made her eyes tear up. “I’m not the way a girl should be.”


Reaching a hand for Spencer’s, Lucy put on a brave face. “I’ll take you to the tree house. Girlfriends and Boyfriends should be together.” Tugging on his arm she started to lead Spencer to the nearby woods.

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

11 hours ago

Lucy looked at the stranger curiously. She knew all about ‘stranger danger’, but in this town the people who’s names that you knew were usually a lot more dangerous.


Lucy kicked up her skateboard and caught it as the man asked how she knew Finola. “Finnyola is staying with Old Sheriff Jones, he’s a good guy. He’s my neighbour.” She explained, wiping her hand on her jean leg she offered it to Spencer. “I’m Lucy, Finnyola’s friend. She was trying to help find the missing cousin, Tia, is one of them. I’ll probably be one of them when I’m older.” She wrinkled up her nose. “I’m gonna run away before they can take me though.” She whispered conspiringly. “Girls like me go missing here. Are you F.B.I? Can I see your badge?” She asked with childlike curiosity, before latching on to the fact that this man was important to Finola. “How are you important?” 

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

13 hours ago

Little Lucy Carmichael skated her way along the road, she was a little past her curfew but she knew that her folks wouldn’t care. They were out of town at a beauty pageant with her elder sister, Abbie. Abbie was the perfect daughter, all soft curls and poise. Lucy was the complete opposite. She always had scabby knees from coming off her skateboard and climbing trees. Lucy knew that more bodies had turned up in the school yard...a warning to girls like her, who weren’t like her sister. 


Lucy shuddered, she wondered that if one day her Dad would give her to the correctional bad guys, like her Uncle had done with Tia, her cousin. No one had seen Tia since she disappeared, her Uncle had said that his daughter had ran off with a boyfriend. But, Lucy knew that was a lie, Tia’s boyfriend worked at the gas station. Tia wasn’t the first person to go missing, the correctional bad guys took girls who weren’t ‘normal’ and changed them. Some were sent their by their folks, others were simply taken. When ever a body turned up Lucy would pray it wasn’t Tia. 


The physic lady, Finnyola, who was staying with Lucy’s neighbour, Old Sheriff Jones, she’d been looking for Tia and the other girls who gone missing over the last forty or so years. Lucy liked Finnyola, she could guess what colours Lucy was thinking and what song was in her head, it was like superpowers. It had given Lucy hope that she’d find Tia, but now Finnyola was gone, missing...


Lucy had seen the big SUV’s full of people arriving at Old Sheriff Jones’ and knew that they were the good guys. She trusted the old sheriff, he was a good guy, the current sheriff and his gang...not so much, they were bad guys...


Seeing a stranger walking along the road, Lucy became wary. When she recognised him as one of the good guys who’d she’s spied at Sheriff Jones’ she skated over. “...‘cuse me, Mister, have they found Finnyola yet?”

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

Jan 18th 2021 - 6:39 PM

“I was blindfolded...I’m sorry...but...” she swallowed hard. “Can you keep me safe...?” She asked, her voice desperate. “If you can keep me safe I can tell you who I know is involved...but they’ll kill me if they find out...”


Seeing her desperation Morgan nodded. “We can get you somewhere safe.”


“Don’t you dare Poppy! You were one of our successes, hell waits for you should you betray those that cured you.” The raised voice of Father Emmanuel yelled.


Choking on a sob she looked down as it became apparent that she too was a victim. One who had survived the abuse and was deemed a success for the town. “Father Emmanuel forced himself on the missing girl. The psychic. She is being held, along with others by the town’s Sheriff and the Deputy, the Town Mayor and the past Mayors are all involved...anyone of any parents ‘gave’ me to them to ‘fix’ when I came out as a lesbian...” she burst into tears. “They raped and abused me... purging me of sin...”


Spencer’s phone rang, Rossi’s voice came over the phone. “We’ve got some seriously bad weather coming in and we’re losing day light. Additional agents, ones we can trust are coming to town tomorrow to shut this place down and get some answers. We’ve had some girls, nurses, turn up here and they’ve given statements of abuse and rape at the hands of the Sheriff and other officials. It crazy kid, it’s like every adult in this town have been handing over their daughters to be abused... I know you want to get to Finola, but we need to make arrests and interrogate so we can find her tomorrow. She’s alive, she came through to you and some of the nurses claim to have been sneaking her water and food...she’s hanging in there Kid.”


Morgan was comforting Poppy as Father Emmanuel was pushed past them on a bed. “When he is out of surgery, he is under arrest.” Hotch said with authority to the surgeon. 


Looking at Spencer and Hotch, Morgan he let out a breath, his hand still in Poppy, the nurses, shoulder. “Do we lockdown the Sheriff’s office? Or do we leave it and let them think we’ve got nothing? Finola might be safer if we play stupid and let them think we have nothing...”

Finola Jones; Cᥣᥲιrvoყᥲᥒt

Jan 18th 2021 - 5:12 PM

He needed a lawyer. Should he ask for a lawyer? He’d not coughed up to anything in over forty years. The local law enforcement and the church had good dealings, so did the hospital, earning extra money with the surgery side of things. “I want my Lawyer.”


The curtains parted as a young nurse appeared. “Umm...are you the FBI Agents, I need to talk to you-“


“Poppy Thomas, don’t you dare!”


“I’m sorry Father Emmanuel...but I can’t do this anymore...” Tears steamed down the nurses cheeks. “I...I’m one of the nurses who check on the girls in the facility. I change there IV’s and Colostomy bags...” 


Morgan’s eyes widened as they moved to a spare cubical with the nurse. “You know what’s going on here?”


The nurse nodded. “I didn’t know what was going on at first. I thought it was a new treatment. They blindfold us when they take us to and from the facility. We were told it was a top

Secret program...but...I started seeing signs of abuse on some of the girls...and they’ve got a girl down there and she isn’t in a medically induced coma like the others.” The girl shook like a leaf. “I thought I was helping with a new treatment for extra credit...then they harvested the organs of a girl...I couldn’t get it it out of my head.”


Spencer’s phone rang. “Hey cutie, I’ve Spoken work with Sheriff Jones and there are man made caverns, designed to be a natural nuclear bunker. Apparently the entrances and exits were closed off years ago, I have blue prints of them and they are huge, as in massive.”

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