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Demi-God. Son of Ares god of War.

22 years old

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October 20 2020

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Characters: Phoenix Adamos, Son of Ares
Verses: Percy Jackson, Greek Mythology, Once Upon a Time, fantasy, any
Playbys: KJ Apa
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Member Since:September 30, 2020

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About me:
It was a cold October evening when little Phoenix Adamos was born with little tufts of red hair, a major trademark of his godly father thus he was named Phoenix, Ares the god of war. Phoenix doesn't remember much of his father since shortly after he was born he split at the decree of Zeus banning all gods from seeing their half-bred counterparts, it didn't really bother him much mostly because his mom refused to speak about him but she wasn't mean or grieved about it but she was determined to raise this Demi-God boy all on her own and she definitely succeeded in it. When Phoenix was 13 he began to go through a change, his powers started to develop first it starte off as small things, he was able to react quicker, hit harder, and come up with strategies on a whim, then it became something much more stronger, he got into a particularly nasty fight one day when suddenly he knew the weak points of his opponent, and was able to turn anything he got his hands on into some sort of weapon, but all of that was due to a small voice in his head... a link between him and his father, he beat the kid and his gang of dengenerats without so much as a scratch on him. His mom found out and immediately knew what was happening he was coming into his god like powers and she had to tell Phoenix the truth, he was angry not at his mom but at his dad, his mom tried her best to contain the seething rage that had been planted into her son but he was already on a warpath he stayed with his mom until was 18 when he was finally old enough to set out and try to find his father he didn't know why he was on this journey he didn't even know what he would do if he got to his destination, he was just angry and spiteful. He is now wandering the lands far and wide trying to find the man who made him.
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