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Ooc-Verses and stuff
Ooc - Verses and stuff

BEFORE WE START - please read!

Nicoló as I intend to RP him is based on one of the protagonists of the movie and comic The Old Guard -
And if I say "based on" I do mean "based on"
- Which basically means: I will take my freedom with him in order to fit him into the most diverse verses and settings and
I will RP him according to MY interpretation of him as a character

- There may be many other, different ones; and if my interpretation does not appeal to your own ideas... well, bad luck for you, I am sure you´ll find another one around better fitting then.

- Do NOT tell me how you want me to RP him!

Missing canon information will be added as I see it fit - e.g. the whole background “before the Cursades”-story or a present-day “cover-identity”.

The biography deliberately is kept as brief and general as possible for the sole purpose to make him as adjustable as possible in order to be able to set him up in as many settings, verses and plots as possible.

For the The Old Guard verse players:
ALL that is given by lore will apply – further also see "The old Guard Segment" bottom left, thanks!

… Btw, I love Crossover Settings and even more Custom-made ones discussed for each Storyline individually.

Creativity is a huge, endlessly streaming source if you allow it to flow and run freely.

Possible verses may range from Modern Urban Fantasy to settings within any historical context starting with the 11th century… and further to military, crime, detective stories,...all of them with the “supernatural” twist of him being a sort of immortal human.
... whatever seems at least the tiniest bit plausible, bring it on.

One last thing: I am a multible SL RPer.
Meaning: all my storylines are individual adventures and stories - none are interlinked. No action or relationship happening in one SL is influencing any other.

Name: Nicoló di Genova
Nicknames: Nicky
Aliases: Nicolas Smith / Nicoló Conti
Date Of Birth: 04.08.1069
First Death: 1099 during the siege of Jerusalem
Place Of Birth: Genova
Ethnicity: Caucasian/orginally Italian
Species: immortal human

Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: light greyish blue
Height: 1,80m / 5'9''
Built: slender, athletic
Sexuality: gay
Current Residence: Rome and wherever the job takes him
Occupation: Former Templar monk & priest, Crusader / Freelance soldier, Special para-military operator, Bookstore-owner
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“In times of war, as in life, surround yourself with people of value, virtue and high morals, because it's always better to lose, perish and vanish in glory than to live in shame.”

Knights Templar
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Nicoló di Genova “Life that did not yearn toward life was in fair way toward ceasing.”

Before we start, please read "ooc-verses and stuff" preamble on the right

Nicoló was born in 1069 one of too many sons of a Genuese nobleman. With no other perspective for the boy he was sent to become a monk when he reached the age of 6. Ever since then he was raised by and lived among an order of Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici, otherwise also known as Templar Knights.
Upon reaching adulthood Nicoló even obtained priesthood among the order.
Latter he later dropped in 1095 to follow the pontifical call of Pope Urban II who was summoning an army in order to liberate Jerusalem, thus starting the 1st Crusade.
The young priest turned Crusader was among those who survived numerous battles during the following 4 years only to be eventually killed in the course of the siege of Jerusalem in 1099.

This “first death” and his unexpected “resurrection” should mark a profound turning point in Nicoló´s life – causing nothing less than a the collapse of basically everything which had been his life so far, forcing the 30 year old knight to question all he had been fighting for, all that he had been taught and lived for.

It needed him quite some time and the help of others “like him”, other “immortals” to come to term with his new abilities and existence.

“You can’t tell me you don’t remember what it was like. Whoever she is, she’s confused, and she’s scared, and she’s more alone than she has ever been in her entire life. We all remember what it was like. She needs us.
Nicoló about their responsibility to aid a newly woken immortal

However once he was able to accept his new fate and powers his inherent and genuinely alturisic nature took over once again, and thus ever since then his whole new life is directed towards dedicating his extraordinary aptitude to helping others.
Together with a team of others like him or sometimes also on his own accord he answers the call for help to aid those in need or unable to fend for themselves.
Over the centuries he has joined partisan armies, resistance fighters and freedom squats. Has travelled the world to join disaster crews or taken up special undercover operations together with his team of immortal friends but also as special operator for official government and black ops teams.

When not on a mission somewhere around the globe one of his “cover retreats” is a small antiquity book-store “Liberia Historia” tugged away in a tiny side-alley in the heart of the historic city centre of Rome.
A place run by an apparently young, friendly yet shy man going by the name Nicoló Conti and which is basically only known by collectors and a few locals.

“We fight for what we think is right.”
all that lives dies, eventually

Nicoló on first superficial glance might appear to be the “indifferent, shy guy in the background” with his quiet, composed, restrained demeanour, his half-there smiles and his seemingly almost melancholic looks.
Yet upon getting closer one almost immediately is drawn in by his aura of caring warmth. He harbours a deep understanding for others and despite all the hardship he has gone through and had been forced to face the unshakeable believe in the generally good nature of beings.
He is typically friendly and polite towards everyone who approaches him in a similar way.

When he speaks up it is almost always no-nonsense and purposefully and in a calm, profound and yet emotionally convincing manner.
Nicoló is an inherently deeply empathetic character and displays exceptional emotional intelligence which enables him to react and interact with others on point and with impact even by using only few words.

His upbringing among the Templar Monks resonates within Nicoló till this day. And though he does not believe in the concept of a God as it is taught by Christianity or any other religion anymore he still believes in the concept of a “higher power” he tends to call Destiny..
This believe is the basis of his adamant conviction that everything is happening for a reason, and provides the purpose for being granted this long life and ability: to do good, to help others, to protect and care where anyone else would fail.
Another “echo” of his life as a warrior monk and priest are his genuine humility and modesty when it comes to worldly goods and possession - e.g. he never wears jewellery of any kind.

Behind this seemingly soft façade there´s a deeply embedded adamantly principled mind and fierce ready-to-help-at-all-costs attitude.
The choice if he is willing to take on an assignment is solely based on his strict moral compass.

Nicoló´s actions “on the job” are resolutely purpose driven and his quiet warmth gives way to an intensely focused, clinical “merciless hunter” conduct.
The first to throw himself into the line of fire or put himself into any kind of harm´s way for those close to him or those he swore to protect he as recklessly and ruthlessly will literally walk through everyone posing a thread, abusing and exploiting those weaker not able to defend themselves.

Skills and abilities

Nicoló is a highly trained fighter, both in close combat situations but also in a vast variety of firearms.
His calm, patient nature and decades of training have caused him to develop unmatched skills as a sniper even in the most tricky situations.
What probably sets him apart from the “standard” special ops operator in terms of close-combat weapon of choice is the fact that even after centuries he is carrying the kind of bastard-sword he once learned to wield as a Templar Knight. Adapting to modern times and modern weaponry he however fluently is capable of combining sword and gun to one unique and highly effective combat style.
Most certainly his vast experience in terms of tactics and survival gained on battlefields, in conflict areas and by being part of and conducting all kind of covert, special operations goes mostly unmatched, only to be surpassed by that of the few even older Immortals out there.

Besides his extensive skills as a warrior and fighter there´s also a huge repertoire of non-combat-related skills he´s able to tap into. Most prominently probably a rather impressive number of languages which he speaks from fluently to an at least basic level.
His mother tongue is Italian, though having been born and raised in the 11th century up to this day he speaks a peculiar mix of ancient and modern Italian, which certainly adds to his “civilian reputation” of a slightly quirky character.
English of course is basically his second language due to its extensive usage in newer chapters of history - though despite all practice he still talks with a rather thick Italian accent, and actually is not bothering at all to hide it.
Further he speaks or at least understands a number of Arabic slangs and languages, some of them not even used in modern times any more.
Finally due to travelling a lot he has mastered German, French and a few Baltic/Eastern European languagesin a way that he is capable to muster a basic level of talking and understanding.

Last but not least, and mostly to the delight of his friends who exploit this skill shamelessly ever so often he is a rather passionate and pretty good cook, proudly linking it to his Italian heritage.

Lore: Immortality-concept

Immortality in this case/lore is not meant as a synonym for “being bulletproof” and “invincible” as such.
Immortals like Nicoló can be wounded, killed even.
They have no supernaturally enhanced strength or speed or stamina – the only thing which sets them apart form “normal humans” is an extremely increased healing factor which causes smaller wounds to close almost instantly and also allows them to recover from fatal wounds.
The more severe the wound is the longer they need to recover or even to “resurrect” – however the older they are the faster the process kicks in. They still feel pain when being wounded and during the recovery process though.
Also after their “first death” they stop ageing, thus always look the age there where when “woken” (in Nicoló´s case that´s 30).

Further the “gift” of immortality appears to be not an ultimate one - it very much seems that for unknown reasons at some point their wounds would not heal any-more and they are prone to die like everyone else.
Yet to this day when and why this happens remains the same mystery to them like the question why and how they are provided with this power in first place. However it looks like it could be a matter of age; after all there is only one attested case of happening to an elder of them so far.

“Everything happens for a reason, boss.”
The OLD GUARD Verse:
Nicky & Joe

As briefly mentioned further above – if we RP in the Old Guard Verse, also any AU-kind of adaption of it, everything lore given applies without question - especially his role among the team and of course his relationship with Joe (which I kept out of the general description for given reasons).
If your Old Guard character is not Joe however I´ll take the freedom to add him as a “side-character” played by me in order to not tear this “item” apart.
If you got any objections to this subject let me know and I am sure we can figure something out.

For any other “adds” I dared to make due to not being covered by lore, like the details of of his “before-Crusades”-biography and also the “bookstore”-idea (which then would be owed by the two of them of course) applies the same: I am always open to debate things, nothing really is set in stone there – let´s talk about it and figure things out so that it fits both of our ideas regarding the verse.


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Characters: Nicoló di Genova / Nicky
Verses: The Old Guard, Immortal, Supernatural (not the shows!!!), Military, Historical, Espionage....
Playbys: Luca Marinelli
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Ancient, Crossover, Custom, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 21, 2020

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