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September 03 2020

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Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Siberia, Russia
Education:High school
Member Since:August 06, 2020

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Strike Team Delta
Anchorage, Alaska
Title: Sergeant Lvl 4
Division: Navy

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About me:
Arsynic fights with ferocity, and often extreme cruelty, rarely aiming to kill until his target has been completely disabled and humiliated. However, he does have some humanity left in him, as he is still capable of shedding tears and showing affection for those who are dear to him, taken by others to mean that he is not completely lost. As he is essentially immortal and invulnerable, Arsynic is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing himself and counterattacking. ⠀⠀ However, even with his incredible powers, it is possible to take Arsynic by surprise, usually because of his arrogance. He also expresses deep disappointment that he has not found a more worthy adversary. ⠀⠀ Underneath his arrogance, Arsynic is deeply sad and appears to be envious of mortals. He also has great respect for wolves who have the willpower to endure old age and death because he had none of these qualities when he himself faced death. All of these feelings are shown at various points throughout his presence in the pack, such as when Arsynic tells an old friend that she is that "same spirited young woman" years ago and that now she is truly beautiful. He is also capable of affection, as he shows a great deal of it to to his children and members on occasions. ⠀⠀ In conjunction, Arsynic also holds a great affinity for mortals who take pride in themselves, often expressing his desire to die by a mortal. He often shows respect for certain wolves for their bravery. He has expressed extreme disgust with the beings which he has been hunting for the last few centuries, especially when they kill without purpose. ⠀⠀ Despite his disgust for homicidal beings, he is not entirely against immortality. Rather, he believes it is something one must earn. Presumably, he views his own transformation as an escape from death and a cowardly action. ⠀⠀ Another important aspect of Arsynic’s personality is his relationship with God. As a mortal, he was raised by his father and was ||raped|| by him as a prisoner and as a young soldier. As a warrior, he believed that words alone were not enough to establish one's faith. Rather, he believed that the only way to attract God's attention was to accomplish deeds in his name. In accordance with this belief, he never asked God for favors, but instead did many great and terrible things. He became famous and feared for punishing evildoers and those who opposed his methods in his own lands and abroad. He believed that if he and his pack put forth great enough effort and sacrificed enough, God himself would intervene on their behalf. His actions caused even his own wolves to fear him, and subsequently, only a small amount of his subordinates and soldiers showed up to aid him in his last battle. When he lost his war and was taken prisoner by his father, he realized that he had failed and that his lands, his pack, his members, his friends, his family (his mate and pups) had all been killed because of his desire for revenge, greed, war, violence and power. Because of this, he felt abandoned by God, so he abandoned God in turn, and drank up the blood of his scorched and besieged homeland to became an immortal; The First Shield Dire. Over the years, his hate against God deteriorated and he accepts the truth that it was his own hatred against those who wronged him in his youth that drove his actions, and that he used the name of God to mask his own hate and lust for power and battle. ⠀
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Aug 9th 2020 - 2:43 PM

Dark mafia/blackmail rpg - discord required
Revenge is a dish best served cold

Stefano Morcelli, the head of the mafia that had run the streets of New York for the past six decades, has been murdered and his body was left on display for all of the city to see. This did not sit well with his daughter, the now mafia queen, Giorgina. She will stop at nothing to find out who had taken the only parent she had ever known. In Giorgina’s eyes, everyone is a suspect and there are no rules she won’t break in order to find the truth in the sea of deception and traitors that is called New York City.

We are Forsaken, a dark mafia crime roleplay group based in New York and we are reaching out to you to join our family of dark, creative writers. In our group you will find angsty storylines with loads of in character drama, dedicated writers, a friendly support system, and equality and tolerance for all types of characters. If you have any questions about the group itself or the audition process, please feel free to ask!

credit: james kriet
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