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Through, The Looking Glass;

Sep 21st 2020 - 12:19 AM

-----------------------The Past: Academy, Various Locations--------------------


“Very good job, mate; until you ran her away.” Hook had said, placing an arm around Roan, who rolled his eyes, only to look to, Hook, “I’ve only just begun, my friend?” Roan had said what he did, leaving his words at that, as Lexa having seen, and heard this, chuckles as she shakes her head, “No offense, bro; but, you might want to bow out gracefully now, and quit while you're ahead; due to the fact of the sudden huge elephant in the room.” Lexa tells him, wrapping an arm around the other side of him, motioning Roan towards who Roan saw as Murphy standing in the background, so to speak; “You’ve only got one problem, and always have had one problem when it comes to Clarke, whether in Neverland, or here…, and, that’s the John Murphy problem.” Lexa tells him, causing Roan to roll his eyes once again. “We’ll see,” Was all he had said, causing Lexa to nod, “Yes, we wll;” She tells him, as Hook shakes his head, “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back,” Hook says as he nods to Roan, who gives a nod of his own. “Thank, you, old friend; I appreciate that.” Roan begins his words, looking to Lexa, “At least someone does,” He says with a smirk to her, causing Lexa to give him a c*cky look in return, “Yeah, yeah; whatever you say,” She retorts, with a chuckle to follow as she lets out a sigh, turning her attention to Clarke, who had sat down between two blonde women, of who she didn’t know. Feeling somewhat territorial and jealous much like her twin, and that twin being Murphy, coincidentally; when it had come to Clarke. “Looks like you got a problem of your own,” Roan says with a smirk towards Lexa, who was the one to roll her eyes now, “you just worry about your own love life, got it big brother,” Lexa retorts, only to sigh. 


Clarke had heard what, Cara had said first, about the comment she had made about someone having taken her breath away, causing her to sigh, before looking towards Murphy for a quick moment, before clearing her throat as she starts fidgeting with her hair, tucking a strand of it behind her ear in a nervous manner, “I wouldn’t go that far,” She says in almost a mumble, only to reach over and swat Cara’s hand away, “Hey, watch where you put that thing.” Clarke had said as a result of Cara having placed a hand to her leg, not being able to help but to chuckle as she shakes her head. “Wherever more might be, you won’t be seeing it,” Clarke says back in a playful manner, only to shrug, “Though, I will say, right frame of thinking; but…,” Clarke began her words, leaning closer to Cara, “Wrong leg.” She says quietly towards her, before turning her attention to Annabelle, having heard what the other woman had said, raising a brow. “Who said I was ashamed? Stupid maybe, and not thinking straight, but not ashamed.” And, Clarke leaving her words at that, sighs once again. Clarke had seen Kahlan, however; grinned. “Kahlan, glad to see you all are still together,” She said as she looked behind Kahlan to see Zeddicus, and Richard dancing, smiling back at the dark-haired woman as a result, to which Kahlan had just grinned as she made her way over to Clarke, leaning over and hugging her. “It’s good seeing you to, princess,” She says in a teasing manner, before giving Clarke a quick wink. Though, having peered down into Clarke’s dress, where her breasts were, by complete accident, raised a brow when having seen the hickey, only to grin wickedly, “Wow, Miss Griffin; someone definitely marked their territory, huh?” Kahlan says with that same wicked grin to Clarke, who having realized what Kahlan had been talking about, sighs as she pushes closed the blue jacket she was wearing as she cleared her throat. “Oh, don’t be shy, love; we are all friends here,” Kahlan mused only to reach over and kiss the blonde’s cheek, causing Clarke to blush, though blushing out of being somewhat embarrassed more than anything else, “So, who’s the mystery man, or woman?” Kahlan asks, sitting down with the women as she grins towards Cara, with a wink. And, Clarke having heard this, sighs. “Who says there is a mystery man…,” Clarke begins her words, “HA…, so it is a man….,” She spats out, “As I said, no mystery man...whos to say I didn’t just pick someone up, have some fun, and now I’m back here trying to relax,” Clarke says to which Kahlan shakes her head, “No random hookup leaves marks like that, honey; not on both sides of your neck, both those cute little breasts of yours, and what did I hear you and Cara saying about one, or both, legs?” Kahlan continues, causing Clarke to blush again, though saying nothing causing Kahlan to chuckle once more, “And, Besides; you are forgetting I am a confessor, the mother confessor, and I can see right through you,” Kahlan says as Clarke turns to face Kahlan now with a smirk of her own, “And, Mother Confessor, you are forgetting I am a confessor as well,” Clarke retorts, “Touche,” Kahlan had said with a smirk. 


“Seriously, though; who is it…,that hot guy you were just dancing with?” Kahlan asks, “Is there a reason you must know?” Clarke spats back. “Of course, I am simply what is the word...nosy,” Kahlan says with a chuckle, “So, was it him, or…, someone else?” Kahlan asks, causing Clarke to look in Murphy’s direction out of reflex as Kahlan grins, “Ah, so it’s not the hot guy you were dancing with who it so happens is hanging out with my brother, by the way…,” Kahlan says, only to see Clarke look in Murphy’s direction, getting a sh*t eating grin across her face, “So, it’s that one.” She squeals, nodding towards Murphy, causing Clarke to look with wide eyes, “I didn’t say that,” Clarke spats back, “You didn’t have to,” Kahlan says as she looks to both Annabelle, and Cara with a grin, “Oh, it’s definitely him,” She says looking to Murphy, “I can understand…, he’s got that whole hot bad boy…., I will make you forget your own name after I am done with you, thing going on.” Kahlan says with a chuckle, causing Clarke to sigh yet again. “Can we just change the subject,” Clarke asked, before having swallowed hard. “Alright, alright, no problem, darling;” Kahlan said, as she looks to Annabelle, whispering, “It’s that one, for sure,” She tells the younger woman, looking to Murphy again, as she turns her attention back to Cara, “Come on, sexy legs, let’s dance.” She tells Cara, only to swish her ass towards the other woman, dancing in front of her almost like a lap dance style of dance as she motions for Cara to follow her, before reaching down and grabbing both of Cara’s hands and pulling her up. “Maybe you can put a couple of those hickeys on me that our girl over there is sporting.” Kahlan had said, meaning Clarke, of course, before going over to the dance floor, where she started to dance.


“It’s a long story,” Was all Clarke had said to Annabelle, not wanting to discuss anything more about it, “Pretty long, indeed…., don’t you remember, Roan had said to Clarke, leaning over her, his mouth towards her ear, having meant what he said in a sexual way, teasing her, causing Clarke to end up knocking over the mug of water that was sat on the table in front of her, “Sh*t,” Clarke blurted out, only to grab the mug and set it back on the table as she clears her throat, and Roan having seen the sudden nervousness coming off of her, grins as he eyes her from top to bottom, “Some things never change,” He states, to which Clarke had just turned around to look at him, “All I can say is…, you look absolutely ravishing, among some other well as looking very appetizing in that cute little dress of yours…,” Roan remarked, reaching over and running a finger through Clarke’s hair, causing her to let out a breath, “Maybe you should go and eat something.” Clarke had said to his comment about her being appetizing causing Roan to look her over once again, only to stare down at her intensely, “Are you sending out an invitation?” He remarked, to which Clarke cleared her throat, “Is that a new coat?” Clarke asked, in order to change the subject as Lexa had rolled her eyes, before having stepped up beside Roan as she looked to Clarke with a smile. “You do look good,” She stated as Clarke had seen Lexa, and instantly looked with wide eyes, “Lexa…,” She spoke her name, only to reach over and place both hands to both sides of the other woman’s face, pulling her over to her, where she kisses her in a passionate manner, causing Lexa to kiss her back as she wrapped a hand behind Clarke’s neck to pull her closer against her. “Well, well, well…” Was all Kahlan had said as she looked to both Lexa, and Clarke, with a raised brow; having turned her attention in the direction of Clarke, and Annabelle just in time to have seen Roan come up first, then Lexa, as she watched as the scene play out, while still dancing with Cara. “Good to know that she doesn’t discriminate between us ladies,” Kahlan said with a wink to Cara, before pulling Cara closer, and against her, starting to grind her hips against the blonde, only to grab her ass with a chuckle. 


And, Clarke having broken the kiss, looks back to Lexa, who smiles at her. “That was some welcome,” Lexa mumbled, only to let out a much needed breath, only to reach over and run a hand through Clarke’s hair, tucking it behind her ear, similar to how Murphy always did. “How come you didn’t welcome me like that, Miss Griffin?” Roan asks, having always called her Miss Griffin, instead of Princess, or hell, instead of Clarke, as he scans her body with his eyes once more. “Because, I actually like her,” Clarke says back to him, while giving Roan her own smirk to which he chuckles as he leans in closer, “I remember quite a few positions that you liked,” He stated, only for Clarke to let out another breath, only to place her hand on Roan’s shoulder, who had tried to kiss her, causing her to turn away from him, pushing him down to sit in the chair. “Down, boy…,” Was all she had said, before looking at Annabelle, and Lexa. “drinks, anyone...someone?” She asks, only to look in Roan’s direction once more, before turning around and walking away, over to the counter where the bar was set up, smiling at the bartender behind it. “Four drinks, please; four of your favorites,” Clarke says with a wink, causing the woman to nod, “Coming right up,” She said, before starting to make the drinks. “That woman still drives me crazy,” Roan says with a chuckle, looking to Annabelle with a smirk. “Haven’t had the pleasure…, the name is Roan, and this fine lady over here is my sister, Lexa Murphy; and you are?” He asks, while giving her a charming look. 


“Taron…, come here,” Was all Clarke had said when she had seen Taron walk up, causing Taron to smile as he made his way over to her, “You seem to have got your hands full.” Taron says with an amused tone, having been referring to Murphy, Lexa, and Roan, only to chuckle. “And, here I thought I knew how to play the game,” He mumbled, only to take a few sips of his drink, before setting it back down on the counter after he was finished. “So, are you going to sing again?” Clarke asks, “Yeah, probably; I was definitely thinking about it.” Taron tells her, “Why? Would you like to join me?” He asks with a wink, “No, thanks; I was just about to tell you if, and when you do, work your magic...I mean if you were planning on serenading one of the ladies tonight as you usually; always used to do when we sang together back home.” She says, before motioning towards Annabelle, “And she is the perfect one, right there,” Clarke says, to which Taron grins, “You just want her off your back because of all your little hickeys over there,” Taron states, pointing to Clarke’s neck, having overheard part of the entire conversation between Clarke, Cara and everyone else after he had come back inside from having been in the bathroom and having walked past them as Clarke, sighs with a roll of her eyes, “Just do it, pretty boy.” And, Clarke saying nothing else, grabs the drinks from the bartender, which was set on a tray for her, “Thanks,” She says to the woman, before making her way back over to the table where everyone was gathered as she sets the drinks down in front of them. “There we go,” She said with a smile, sitting beside Annabelle once again. And, only turned her attention back on Taron after a few minutes when he had addressed the crowd. 


“It’s that time guys ready for a few more songs?” Taron asked, to which the crowd cheered as he looked to the band behind him with a nod, only to whisper a song to them, to which they started playing as the song ‘come wake me up’ began to play. “I can usually drink you right off of my mind, but I miss you tonight…, I can normally push you right out of my heart, but I’m too tired to fight…” Taron begins to sing, only to raise a brow towards Clarke, who nods; as he makes his way over to where Annabelle was sat beside Clarke, as he stands directly in front of Annabelle, giving her a very intense look as he sings the next part of the song. “Yeah, the whole thing begins and I let you sink into my veins and I feel the pain like it’s new…, everything that we were, everything that you said, everything that I did and that I couldn’t do, plays through tonight…,” Taron sings, only to reach over and take her hand, kissing it, before pulling Annabelle up, and over to him, where he turns her around and begins making his way through the group of people dancing; slowly guiding her in his direction while giving her that same intense gaze the entire time. And, Clarke having heard the song that Taron chose to sing and not being able to help but to look in Murphy’s direction, Lexa just shakes her head. “Geez, don’t make it so obvious, Clarke; just go on over there to him, already;” Lexa spat in her direction, having meant her twin, Murphy of course; causing Clarke to sigh. “It’s not that simple,” Clarke retorts, “It is that two have been giving all those googily, longing for one another looks almost the entire time you have been in here,” And, Lexa having said what she did, couldn’t help but to nudge Clarke playfully. “I know both Roan, and Bellamy had their moments with you; but, Murphy was the only one who could get your heart racing the way that it did,” Lexa tells Clarke, who turns her attention to the other woman, holding out her hand. “Forget, Murphy; let’s dance…, make up for some lost time,” Clarke tells Lexa, who grins. “Sounds fabulous and an excellent way to avoid the current subject, but I’ll definitely bite. Who would turn you down would be one who was completely crazy after all, love.” Lexa tells Clarke, only to take the blonde’s hand, standing up with her as Clarke led the two of them over to the dance floor where she wrapped her arms around Lexa’s neck, and began to slow dance with her, to which Lexa had wrapped both arms around Clarke’s waist. 


“Tonight your memory burns like a fire, with every one it grows higher and higher…, I can’t get over it, I just can’t put out this love…, I just sit in these flames and pray that you’ll come back, close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I’m dreaming, come wake me up…,” Taron signs the chorus, only to spin Annabelle around, dip her while the music continues to play, only to pull her back up, and over to him as he smiles at her. “You are…, beautiful…,” He breathes out in almost a whisper, his lips inches away from her own,  only to take a stand of her hair and place it behind her ear. “Turn the tv up loud just to drown out your voice but I can’t forget..,now I’m all out of ideas, and baby I’m down to my last cigarette…, yeah you're probably asleep deep inside of your dreams while I’m sitting here crying and trying to sleep, yeah wherever you are baby now I am sure you’ve moved on, and aren’t thinking twice about me, and you…, tonight…,” Taron sings, only to continue to dance with her as he pulled her even tighter against him. And Clarke, having chuckled when Lexa had spun her around, pulled her over to her, where she dipped the blonde, and pulled her back up to her, only to kiss Clarke passionately, Clarke had kissed her back. “I definitely missed those lips,” Lexa mumbles, only for Clarke to turn around, as Lexa wrapped her arms around Clarke’s waist, placing her head against the other woman’s as she just smiled, taking in Clarke’s scent, always loving-relishing in how the younger woman smelled.  “Tonight your memory burns like a fire, with everyone it grows higher and higher, I can’t get over it, I just  can’t put out this love…,” Taron continues to sing, and Lexa having seen the familiar presence in front of her and Clarke all of a sudden, grinned at her twin brother, only to spin Clarke around, and over to her, where she kissed Clarke passionately once more, before Lexa had let her go, stepping away from Clarke, as Clarke had become confused by this. “Wait…, where are you going?” Clarke asked Lexa, who had taken another couple steps from her, “She’s all yours…” Lexa had said to her twin, giving a quick wink to him, as Clarke having heard this, raises a brow. “What are you doing?” Was the only thing that had come to Clarke’s mind to ask in that moment, only to let out a breath, swallowing hard when realizing who it was that was directly behind her as she had been trying to avoid him ever since she had made her way back inside of the academy after the two had slept together, etc…, only turned around to face him. “Excuse, me…,” And, Clarke having said what she did a few moments later, pushes past him, only to be grabbed by the arm. 


“I just sit in these flames and pray that you’ll come back, close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I’m dreaming…,” Taron continues to sing, “I know that your movin’ on.., I know I should give you up…, but I keep hoping’ that you’ll trip and fall back in love…, times not healing anything, baby this pain is worse than it ever was..,” Taron sings, only to lead Annabelle over to a chair that was set on the stage, motioning for her to sit down in it, as he sung the rest of the song. “I know that you can’t hear me but baby I need you to save me tonight…,” Taron sings to Annabelle, only to grab her hand, and kiss it, before having sung the chorus one last time. “Tonight your memory burns like a fire, with everyone it grows higher, and higher, I can’t get over it, I just can’t put out this love…, I just sit in these flames and pray that you’ll come back, close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I’m dreaming…, come wake me up, Oh I’m dreaming, come wake me up…, Oh, I’m dreaming…,” Taron had finished singing a few minutes later. 


Scully had continued to dance with Mulder, only to turn her attention to Taron when he had said what he did, and having seen Taron start singing the song ‘come wake me up’ and having walked over to Annabelle, already throwing the moves on her as he pulled the newfound blonde up, of whom the two had met back on the beach, let out a quick chuckle as she shook her head. “He really doesn’t waste any time.” Scully remarks, looking to Mulder with a grin. “Always was good with the ladies…,” Scully states, while having continued to dance with him, turning her gaze over to Hercules, and her father, as she saw the look the two were giving them; causing her to develop quite the amused smirk across her face as she turns back to Mulder. “I think someone knows what we had been up to back at the beach,” She whispers to Mulder, only to lean in closer to him. “Just in case, let’s not leave any room for the imagination,” Scully states, only to lean over and plant her lips against his, kissing him passionately, before breaking the kiss, letting her head rest on top his shoulder afterward, continuing to dance. Hercules having seen the interaction between Scully, and Mulder, and having seen what Scully did after having looked over in his, and Iolaus, direction; couldn’t help but to chuckle when he had seen her kiss Mulder the way she had done, looking to Iolaus with a grin. “Oh, yes…, those two are very comfortable with each other now…, public display of affection is a huge indicator as well as the afterglow as you said.” Hercules retorts, raising a brow towards Taron,  who had began singing another song; but, more importantly having gone over to the blonde woman that he, and Iolaus had been introduced to earlier, shaking his head when having seen Taron pull her up, and towards him, starting to dance with her. “Someone’s back at it, I see…,” Hercules muses with a wink to Iolaus, “At least it isn't my sister this time.” He says, only to chuckle, though having seen Clarke start dancing with Lexa, and how close and intimate the two were with one another you could say, raises a brow. “I think that triangle definitely turned into a quadrangle,” Hercules states only to let out a breath. However when he had seen, who had been the one to run after Clarke out the door earlier, not knowing what had happened between the two of course, and only Gabrielle and Xena having done so, shakes his head. “Well, this looks like it could definitely get interesting as well,” He mumbles, once having seen the look along Lexa’s face, who had walked away from Clarke.


Gabrielle had followed Xena through the woods, only to grin when she had seen the part of the lake the two had came upon, looking at the moon that was kissing the water, only to look to Xena with a wink, before undoing her top, and tossing it to the ground after taking it off, reaching down below her and taking off her skirt, where she placed that to the ground, leaving her completely naked as she turns to Xena, “Race you in.” She says, before rushing away without giving any sort of countdown, only to run into the water, where after having gotten into the water deep enough, dove underneath the water, only to come back up from out of it a few moments later, moving her hair back from off, and around her face, as she leaned back against the water, on her back, floating for a moment as she waits for Xena to join her. “Nothing better than a late night swim with two naked-gorgeous women, wouldn’t you agree, Xena?” Gabrielle says only to splash the other woman with water, with her foot, before giving her another quick wink. “Who knows what the two of us can get up to out here, all alone…,” Gabrielle had said teasingly as she takes her foot, edging closer to Xena, and sliding it up the other woman’s leg, moving it to rest along her entrance as she rubbed it with her foot, only to stare back at Xena, with a very intense gaze. 


Ares had rolled his eyes, “Oh, want well endowed, how about you take a ride on this and you will see just how well endowed your friend over here isn’t, compared to me,” Ares says with a c*cky smirk to both Seska, and Sarrai, causing Seska to chuckle. “Yeah, Yeah, promises, promises…, come on god of war,” She says in a demanding manner, only to slap Ares ass playfully; not meaning anything by it, causing Ares to raise a brow as he chuckles, “Is she this abusive with you?” He asks Tabor, only to shrug, before rolling his eyes once again when he had seen, and heard what everyone did, and said as she mumbled colorfully under his breath for the moment, before walking away and following the others. After a few minutes of having walked, Ares had stopped when having heard a rustling noise in the trees, pulling out his sword as he looks around the area, “Come out you heathens,” He shouts out, and suddenly had stepped backwards when having seen someone having fallen out of the tree, this person having been Joxer, who landed on the ground, having yelled all the way down, “Really?” Ares mutters, to which Autolycus had run out from the bushes a few minutes later, “Seriously, Joxer; what the hell were you doing?” Autolycus mutters, only to raise a brow when having seen the six adults in front of him, before looking at Sarrai, and Seksa, both; with a charming grin. “Well, hello there ladies, fancy meeting you here,” He said mainly to Sarrai, having known her since she was a child, only to wink to the younger woman as he ignores Ares, completely; only to look at Seksa, and Tabor. Along with Bellamy, and Octavia,  “I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the four of you yet. I am Autolycus, and you four fabulous people are?” Autolycus asks, after having helped Joxer back to his feet as Ares had given an annoyed look. “Can we just get to the academy…” He retorted in that same annoyed tone, as Autolycus ignores Ares, completely; though looked back to the god of war with an amused expression, “And, this is my good friend, Joxer...a lot less dangerous then he looks I assure you,” Autolycus says with a chuckle, to which Seska smiles, “Seska, this is, Tabor; and next to him are Octavia, and Bellamy.” Seska introduces the rest of them, rolling her eyes at Ares, before looking back to both Autolycus and Joxer, “Nice to meet you boys.Where are you headed?” She asks, “To the academy to meet up with some old friends…, Hercules, Iolaus, and Xena and Gabrielle,” Autolycus states as Seska raises a brow. “Seriously...all those guys are there?” She asks no one in particular as Bellamy gives a nod to the newbies, “A pleasure…,” Was all he had said, as Octavia gave a nod. “Nice to meet you fellows,” She had said, “So, seeing as we are all headed to the same place.., shall we?” Octavia says with a grin, only to start walking again, headed towards the academy, following behind Seksa, once again. 


When she had flipped the two of them over, after having heard what she had said, Lucifer couldn’t help but to chuckle as he stared up at her with that same fire in his eyes.” By all means, love; do have your fun, however short lived it may be,” He says with a wink, only to purr with a growl to his lips, when having felt her start riding him, before moving his body and hips up against her own, matching her movements as he gripped her ass, squeezing it, only to dig her nails into the skin, as he let out a much needed breath. “The things I let you get away with.” He says with a lust-filled gaze, especially when he had raised up, only to chuckle once more when she had pushed him back down, raising a brow when she had put his hands behind his hand, “Someone is a bit hot and bothered, I see.” Lucifer tells her, only to groan in sheer pleasure when she had filled his body with kisses, only to feel her bite his nipples, to which had turned him on even more as he let out a grunt. “You always have been good with your mouth,” He mumbles, continuing to move his hips up and against her own. And, having reached his peak a few minutes later, climaxed heatedly inside of her as he pressed his body up and against hers’ to make both their climaxes last longer, only to develop quite the amused grin across his face, only to raise up, and wrap his arms around her waist, before turning the both of them around, and pushing her down onto the bed, and leaning down kissed along her neck, and collarbone, before causing the two of them to disappear again, before reappearing in front of a table, only to bend Aurelia over it as he moved her legs apart with his hands, before moving to where he was in between her, “My turn, again…,” He breathed out, “Didn’t think you would be the last man standing so to speak, now did you?” He says in a playful, but seductive manner, having said what he did…, meaning he was going to be the one to finish so to speak, before entering her vagina from behind, starting to move inside of her slowly at first, “I came in like a wrecking ball…,” He began to sing only to match his movements inside of her, with each thrust he made to match the melody of the song, only to begin moving faster and harder inside of her now. “I Never fell so hard in love, all I wanted was to break your walls, but all you ever did was W-R-” He continued to sing, once again his thrust movements inside of her matching the song, “Wr-wreck me...all you did was, wr-wreck me…,” He sung as loud as he could, before letting out a quick chuckle, “You don’t know anything about that song yet, my dear.” He stated, having sung  the song that he did, being from the future as he continued to push himself inside of her, more and more passionately with each thrust, only to lean his body forward, pressing against her in a firm manner, as he kissed along her shoulder, the top of it, before leaving another love bite as he licked the skin along her ear, before nipping down on it as well. 


When he flipped the two of them over to where Mary was once again the one underneath him, she looked to Erik with darkened desire as she bit her lip once again. Only to let out a passion filled moan when feeling him pull himself out of her, with the exception of having left the tip of him inside of her, only to gasp as he entire body shivered from the pleasure when he had thrust deeper inside of her after having placed both her legs over his shoulders to which Mary had grinded up against him as a result. Her eyes had turned a glowing color for a few moments, before having returned to normal, as she dug her nails into his back, only after having raked her nails along his back as well, leaving scratches along it as she let out a heavy breath. She had simply moaned again when feeling him moving harder and faster inside of her, only to give a dark look when he had grabbed both her hands in his, causing her entire body to shake, only after he had stood up and began thrusting inside her again, feeling herself getting more and more turned on, with each passing second, were that possible to do so at this point, to which she had just reached her peak after a few minutes, only to get placed back down on the ground, as she grinded her hips up against his own when he had moved slowly now inside of her as she raised up and gripped his back to keep herself steady in his arms. 


“My turn…, at least one last time,” Mary had said, almost having said what she did Identical to what had been Lucifer’s words, only to move to where she was off of him, only to push him down onto the ground, before moving to where she was sitting on his lap, straddling him as she pressed herself against his erection, in a teasing manner as she just grinded against him for the moment, only to let out another heavy breath, and without saying anything, turns around to where she was still sitting on his lap, but with her back against him, now; only to start riding him slowly at first, before picking up the pace a few minutes later, riding him harder and faster as she rolled her hips in an up and down, backwards and forward motion, starting to feel herself getting worked up once again, only to dig her nails into each thigh along his legs. And as she continued to ride him, moving to where he pushed inside of her deeper, and deeper with each movement that she made against him, let out another moan in sheer pleasure, causing her eyes to turn a glowing color once again, as this time they had remained glowing for about a minute now, before having turned back their normal color losing more of herself, with each passing second. And, having reached her peak a few minutes later, let out a much needed breath, only to move off of him, before turning back to him, leaning over him now as she kissed along his chest, “What now?” Was all she had mumbled against his skin, that same fire in her eyes as she turned her head upward to meet his gaze.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Sep 18th 2020 - 1:35 AM

----------------------The Past: Five Years Ago, California--------------------


Casey had stared down at her, only to grin as he began kissing her passionately again. When she had squeezed his ass, couldn’t help but to chuckle, “Good to know,” He mumbled against her lips at what she had said about wanting to be with him for a long time, only to take that as his cue as well when she had pulled her underwear off, “Well…, gee, songbird, let a man help out will you,” He said with a playful tone to his voice as he winked, only to stare down at her with a very intense gaze, before he had positioned himself between her legs, only to kiss down her neck to her jawline again, before he had let out a sharp breath when feeling her stick the tip of him along her entrance, his entire body heating up as a result, only to press his erection against her, teasing her for a moment, before entering himself inside of her, only to groan in sheer pleasure as he began to move inside of her slowly, wanting to make everything right and not rush just yet, so to speak, only to let out a heated breath as he kissed her passionately, before reaching his mouth over and kissing along her chest, suckling along one of her breasts, managing to leave yet another love bite along it as he began to run his hands up, and down her body as he gripped her thigh, only to place that leg around his waist, as he pulled himself out of her, leaving only the tip of him against her, before pushing back down inside of her, causing him to thrust into her deeply, having repeated his movements a couple more times, doing so slowly each time, once again; and, only began to quicken the pace inside of her a few minutes later, now moving harder and faster inside of her as he kissed along her jawline, then collarbone, leaving a love bite as he breathed out.


And once he had reached his peak, pressed down against her spot, thrusting against it over and over again, wanting her climax to last longer, and keep things as intense as possible for her, only to bite down onto her ear, gently; but, passionately at the same time, only to get an idea, staring down at her with what was a mixture of an intense gaze, and a wicked grin, only to pull out of her, whispering against her ear, “I’m not done with you yet,” He purrs against her ear, only to start kissing down her body again, pressing his lips against her entrance now, kissing it; sliding his tongue over the skin very teasingly as he took one of his hands and pressed it against her clit, starting to rub it in a circular motion, while moving his mouth lower to suckle along her clit at the same time he was rubbing it, only to place his tongue inside of her, starting to eat her out at the same time. And, after a few moments, pulled his tongue out of her, only to stick a few fingers inside of her, starting to move them around in a circular motion, finger f***ing her as he let out a much needed breath, this whole thing turning him on as he grinned mischevously. “Say your mine…,” He mumbled, increasing the pleasure for her with his fingers, pressing against her spot, only to start eating her out again, moving his tongue around passionately as he pulled his tongue out of her once more, “Tell me you’ll always be mine...say, it...unless, you want me to stop,” He purred against her skin, before once again placing his tongue back inside of her, while continuing to move his fingers at the same time, and once he had finished, kissed back up her body to her lips, only to bite down onto her bottom lip, before taking one of her legs and wrapping it around his waist again, only to enter himself inside of her once more, thrusting into her in a passionate whirlwind, only to grab her other leg and do the same thing as he placed it around his waist, and thrust into her once more, moving inside of her harder, and faster, with each movement that he made. 


“Jacob, what are you doing? Leave him alone, leave them both alone,” Katya scowled as she also walked into Nolan’s room a few minutes after her husband had done. “The girl is young, and she deserves to have a life, to have some fun, and not always being kept captive inside this tumultuous hellhole of a home you have built for us…, for me, and your children.” Katya growled as this caused Jacob to roll his eyes, “Go back to your room, or I will put you on a leash and treat you like the dog you are,” Jacob spat, pushing Katya backwards, as he turned back around to face Nolan. “She’s not here, I have checked everywhere, and what I didn’t check, I had the servants to do for me; so, again…, I ask you, where is your sister, and don’t lie to me. I know that you know where she is, it is written all over your face you great big disappointment,” Jacob scowls, causing Katya to slap him hard across the face, “I have had enough of your sh*t for a lifetime, Jacob Fielding;” Katya states as she takes a vase with flowers in it, only to break it over his head, causing Jacob to stumble back, however he had glared, reaching over and slapping Katya in the face as he hit her again, knocking her to the ground. 


As he had been about to make a move towards her, once more; had stopped when Darien had walked into the room all of a sudden, as he looked to Nolan with an amused grin, raising a brow to Jacob, and Katya, who he saw was on the floor, “There is no need for this,” He states, as Katya gives a glare to both men, before standing to her feet, looking at Jacob with a bit of unease, nervousness as well as disgust, “You may have ruined my life, but you won’t ruin my child’s...either of them, you son of a bitch,” She hisses, looking to Darien, with a glare. “I want this man out of my house, and want him out now,” Katya spats, only for Jacob to walk over to Katya, push her out the door, and slam it shut in her face. “Enough of that,” He mutters, looking at Darien with an amused grin, as he looks back to Nolan, “Where were we? Oh, yes; your sister, where is she?” Jacob asks, while giving Nolan a ‘no nonsense’ look; so to speak. 


------------------------The Present: Hospital-------------------------


“Excuse me,” Was all William had said as though asking the other man a question, as a result of Aiden having called him by his middle name, Connor; only to be brought out of his thoughts by Sarrai as he turned to look at her. She seemed to be as confused as he was, causing him to nod, “Yeah, he did: excuse me,” Was all William had said as he made his way over to where Aiden, and Amanda were standing; where he gave a polite smile to Amanda, turning his attention to Aiden, “you and I…, a word, please.” William tells him, causing Emily to raise a brow, but nods. “Don’t let me keep you,” Was all she had said. She had wondered what his sudden change in demeanor was, but had no time to question it, not knowing about the flashes, which were memories he just had, of what would be him finding out that William was his brother, and Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder his parents, as she leaned back against the wall. However, after Wilson had walked into the room, to check on Scully was when everything seemed to have fallen apart suddenly as she looked with wide eyes. 

William once he had walked over to a private room, opened the door as he ushered Aiden to walk inside ahead of him, with a smile, only to close the door shut behind the two men, as he turned around to look directly at Aiden, to which his expression had turned to a glare, before he had reached over and pinned Aiden to the wall, “Who the hell are you, really; and what is it exactly that you are trying to pull?” William says in a dangerous tone, “How do you know my name?” He asks, “My middle name…, how…, the only person who ever called me Connor was…,” William began his words, “My…, brother…,” William said what he did slow, as though he had a sudden realization, only to look with wide eyes, before letting the other man go, as he takes a step back, away from him. ‘Daniel Aiden Mulder’ had been his brother’s full name, and here was this man named Aiden, who had called him Connor, only for William to shake his head, “Who are you?” He asked again.  Though his mind had flashed back to a day in particular. A day to where he and his brother were playing inside of a tree house that the two had built from scratch, and suddenly a vortex had opened, and Aiden had fell through, William had grabbed his hand, tried his best to pull him out of the vortex, but William had let his hand go, not meaning to do so as Aiden had fallen through the vortex, having called out Connor, before the vortex had closed. His thoughts suddenly came back to reality, only to shake his head, “I don’t know what kind of game this is, but I am not playing it,” William stated, only to open the door, walking out. 


Wilson had placed the paddles to Scully’s chest, two more times, and again nothing happened as Scully continued to flatline, “Come on, Dana; not like this,” He says, only to turn his attention to Foreman, and Gena; “Turn it up to 350,” He tells her, only to place the paddles to Scully’s chest again, and when she still didn’t respond, turns to Gena, once again. “400,” He said, as Foreman placed a hand to Gena’s arm, “Don’t..,” He tells her, “I am sorry was that a question,” Wilson retorts, “400 is too high…, you could damage her heart, or much worse,” Foreman says, as he looks to Gena, and shakes his head, “Do it, doctor, that is an order form your superior…,” Wilson tells her, only to reach over and turn the knob to 400 himself, “I’ll do it my damn self,” Wilson says, only to take the paddles and place them back to Scully’s chest, and suddenly the machines stop going crazy as they return to normal, causing Wilson to let out a relieved breath, “Thank, god;” He mumbled, when having seen Scully stabilize and getting back a pulse, etc...., as he looked to Foreman with an annoyed look. “That’s the second time you didn’t listen to someone today that is apparently smarter than you,” House had said, shooting Foreman a look, having meant with what happened with William in the operating room earlier, and now this time, with Wilson, as he shakes his head. “Other than that, doctor Foreman, you're doing a real bangup job,” And, House leaving his words at that, turns around and walks out of the room, as Cuddy who had let out a sigh, makes her way out of the room as well. 


William had walked back into the room where Scully was at, after the aftermath of everything as he gave a wide eyed look, “What the hell happened?” he asked, almost frantic, “Is she okay?” He asks, before going over to where Scully is, and placing a hand to her head, in a gentle and concerned manner as Skinner having seen this, takes this as his chance, before reaching over and grabbing what was a wallet out of William’s pocket, “Let’s just see who you really are,” Skinner spats, causing William to spin around, “What the hell do you think you are doing? Give that back,” William spats back, causing Skinner to shake his head with a grin, “Not going to happen,” Was all the older man had said, before opening the wallet, and having looked with wide eyes, “Holy sh*t,” Was all the man had said, to which William had just given the other man what was now an annoyed look, “Satisfied?” He retorts, “This is insane, it can’t be true,” Skinner mumbles as he looks to William with wide eyes, “And, yet.., it is, old man,” Was all William had said, “Go ahead and tell them…, might as well,” William hissed, “Tell everyone who I am…, let’s get it all out in the open…,” William continues, causing Skinner to shake his head, “Go on, you wanted to know so badly, so tell them…, don’t let me stop you,” He continues to push Skinner, “He…, He’s…,” Skinner begins his words, only for William to cut him off, “What he is trying to say is…,” William begins his words, as he looks to Mulder, “My name is William, which you all already know; but, what you don’t know is…, is that my full name is William Connor Mulder…, yes, that’s right boys and girls, you heard right...last name, Mulder; but, do hold the applause until after I am finished,” William continues, “I am your son…, and hers…,” William says, looking to Mulder, as he turns his attention towards an unconscious Scully, “Tell me, did I just blow your mind?” And, Willam leaving his words at that, Renee had just looked with wide eyes. “Oh, my god,” Was all she had managed to say at the moment as William, having taken the wallet from Skinner, sighs. “I think it would be best were I to leave now, and be on my way…,” And, William saying nothing else, walks past Mulder, and Sarrai, smiling at her as he kisses her cheek, “Keep those two safe…, after all, I still gotta be born, right?” He says with a chuckle, then a wink, before turning his attention to Mulder, one last time, before walking out the door, headed to the elevator. 


Casey had continued to move inside of her, each thrust more passionately then the last, a surge of heat rushing throughout his body when she had dug her nails into his back, causing him to intensify his moves inside of her, starting to thrust against her spot repeatedly, showing no mercy so to speak, but in a good way;  only to reach his peak inside of her a few minutes later, only to let out a much needed breath as he stared down at her, though before he could do anything else, had chuckled when she had flipped the two of them over again to where she was on top, only to bite his lip and let out a sharp breath when she had kissed him passionately, only to feel her start kissing down his body, leaving a love bite along his collarbone, which he was too caught up into the moment to think about anyone seeing and the repercussions of it all he closed his eyes for a moment. He had come to develop quite the amused smirk across his face, however when she had kissed down his stomach, sliding her tongue around his belly button as he peered down to meet her gaze, “And, here…, I was called the tease,” He said with a wink, only to let out a heavy breath when she had lowered her mouth to his penis, causing him to tense up almost immediately as he let out a groan in pleasure, and satisfaction when feeling her mouth over his shaft, along with her hand over his penis as well, giving him pretty much a blowjob, and handjob at the same time, causing even more surges of heat to rush throughout him, feeling as though his blood was burning from the sensations he was feeling from it all, causing him to reach his peak a few minutes later as he let out a much needed breath. 


“Call me crazy, but somehow I am feeling challenged,” Casey said in a playful tone, while giving the same playful smirk to her, before reaching over and grabbing hold of Annabelle, only to place both hands along her hips, pulling her over to him, where he set her on his lap for the moment, kissing along her neck, then jawline, similar to the way he had done, moments prior, before moving her back to the floor, where he had wasted no time in having entered himself inside of her once again; but, only moving slow, doing so with each and every movement that he made, to tease her; as reaching over and grabbing one of her legs, gave a c*cky grin as he placed that leg over his shoulder, only to thrust inside of her even deeper, hitting her spot almost immediately, before reaching over and placing a couple fingers inside of her at the same time, adding to the pleasure of everything as he finger f***ed, and f***ed her at the same time for the moment, only to lean over to where he nipped down onto her neck in a heated manner, before kissing her passionately; “That day at the lake…, I said something to you…, something that I meant at the time, and have always meant…, I want to hear you say it, tell me, songbird...tell me your mine, and that you will always be mine...go on, say it…,” He purrs against her lips, only to thrust inside of her again, hitting her spot once again, only to twirl and press his fingers harder, and faster inside of her at the same time, his fingers and manhood matching at the same exact speed.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Sep 12th 2020 - 12:46 AM

---------------------------The Present: Hospital---------------------------------

Listening to what she had told him, William looked back at her with wide eyes. “Zeus always has been an ass.” He muttered, after a few moments, only to shake his head. “You would think he would give a damn helping the woman to whom his grandson loves.” William stated, meaning that Mulder was Hercules son, so that made Zues his grandfather, and William’s great grandfather, causing him to sigh. “She might be stable now, but who knows what tomorrow, or even tonight may bring.” William stated, while trying not to be negative, however; but, couldn’t help it at the moment as he looked back to his mother who laid in the bed, hooked up to the machines, completely helpless. “I wish there was more I could do, either way.” He mumbled, only to look past Sarrai, smiling at Gena charmingly as he gave a look to Foreman, following both doctors back inside of the room. “What’s the verdict?” Was all he had said, before crossing both arms over his chest. 


“Hold on, I think the results are back.” Foreman stated as he made his way back inside the lab that Gena had run the tests on William’s bloodwork, and having read over that the blood was a match for immediate transfusion, gave a look to Gena. “A clean, and perfect match.” Foreman had stated as he made his way over to the elevator with Gena, pushing the button, and stepping inside once the doors had opened, with the file that had the results of the blood test, in his hand. After the two arrived on the second floor, Foreman had been first to make his way inside, looking to everyone with a smile. “The blood is a match for transfusion.” Foreman stated, as William gave a nod. “Let’s get to it, shall we?” He spoke, before going over to sit in the chair that was beside Scully as Foreman looked to Gena with a smirk, “Allow me this time.” He said with a wink to follow, before grabbing out a syringe, and making his way over to William. “Roll your sleeve up.” He said simply, causing William to raise a brow as he looked to Gena with a smirk. “Aw, and here I wanted you.” He retorted, only to flinch when Foreman had stuck the needle into his arm in order to take the blood that was needed for Scully, “Ow.., so rough,” William mused as he looked to Foreman with a grin. “Careful, pretty boy; too rough and I might like it” He said what he did to Foreman, causing the other man to roll his eyes as he let out a sigh. As this caused Renee to chuckle as she shook her head. “I can see now nothing anyone says is going to make you behave.” Renee spoke, as William shrugged. “Behaving is so overrated.” He retorted right back, only to move his arm away after Foreman had filled up an entire bag with his blood, to which he rolled down his sleeve after the other man had placed a cloth and piece of cotton over his arm, putting tape over it as William sighed once more. Foreman takes the bag and places it on the pole with the IV bags on it, etc..before starting the transfusion, as he looks to Renee, and everyone else. “From here on out, it is up to whether or not she wants to fight through this. We will of course do everything in our power to help her to do just that.” And, Foreman having said what he did, makes his way back out of the hospital room, though only after having checked Scully’s vitals, etc…, “Other than the usual, everything looks good.” He had stated before walking out. 


“I will be right back.” William had told everyone, only to walk out of the room, but had collided with Aiden, instead; as this caused him to sigh “Sorry, man;” He told the other man, only to smile at Emily, before having walked out of the door, headed down the hallway over to where the men’s bathroom was at, going inside. Amanda had just nodded to Mulder, before looking back at Aiden with a smile as she made her way back over to the elevator she had come out of no more than a few minutes ago, only to push the button, and step inside. “Don’t worry, we got your back.” She said to Mulder, with a chuckle, “You and the doctor back there, Wilson…, I mean, we got your back when it comes to him. We won’t let him steal away your girl.” Amanda stated, having meant Scully of course, having caught on to the tension, jealousy, etc...while having overheard Mulder tell Scully that he loved her back inside the hospital room, before the other man had left out to go and do whatever he had to do. When Aiden, and William had collided, she watched as William walked away, only to shake her head. “Everyone needs to calm down and stop trying to find the fire,” She mumbled to herself, having meant everyone needed to slow down and to stop being in such a hurry so to speak as she cleared her throat. “Annabelle hasn’t gotten back yet?” Amanda asks, having scanned the room. “She is probably with that hot doctor.” She said with a chuckle, having meant Casey. “Annabelle seemed alright, just distracted is all; and, I can see why.” Amanda had answered his earlier question about whether or not Annabelle seemed alright as she winks at him. Though, paused. “Aiden, you okay?” She asks, when having seen the look he currently had plastered across his face. 


After a few more minutes had passed, Wilson had made his way back inside of Scully’s room. “How’s our patient?” He asks, before making his way over to Scully, and reaching over to grab her hand, placed a hand over her wrist in order to check her pulse, before moving over to where he had placed his stethoscope on her heart to check it, etc…, as he gave a complete checkup of her vitals. And, suddenly the heart monitor had gone off, the machines going crazy as Wilson looked with wide eyes. “She’s coding.” He yelled out, looking to Gena, “I need the paddles, now.” He instructs her, before reaching over and grabbing hold of the rails attached to the sides of the hospital bed, lowering both of them as he looks to the machine, having seen the redhead’s blood pressure having dropped, where she begins to flatline. Hearing the sirens going off, Foreman had been talking with Lisa Cuddy, the dean of medicine, only to turn away from her, before rushing away and down the hallway, back inside of Scully’s room, making his way over to WIlson, and Gena. “What the hell happened?” He asked, “I don’t know,” Was all Wilson had said as he grabbed the paddles from Gena, “Are we clear?” He asks, before taking the paddles and placing them to Scully’s chest, causing the electricity to hit her body, but to no luck as Scully was currently flatlining still, as this caused Wilson to shake his head. “Come on, Dana;” Was all he had said. 


Casey had felt her move her hips up against his with every move that he made inside of her, causing him to let out a noise in pleasure, continuing to move inside of her passionately; his movements harder, and faster with each thrust that he made. However, when Annabelle had flipped the two of them around causing the both of them to fall to the floor, Casey staring up at her, couldn’t help but to chuckle as well. “It’s alright,” He breathed out, “What are you one hundred and ten pounds soaking wet?” He mused against her lips, moving her hair out of the way as he kissed her passionately. Only to stare up at her with pure intensity, letting out a sharp breath when feeling her start to roll her hips against his, riding him as he let out a groan, only to place both hands to her waist as he moved his body up and against hers with every movement that she made, only to let out a much needed breath after a few minutes, completely enjoying the feeling of her lips along his ear, and neck, causing him to grip her thighs as a result. When she had raised him up to where he was now sitting, wrapped both arms around her waist, pulling her down and tighter against him, continuing his movements against her own. 


After a few moments, however; turned the two of them back over to where he had placed Annabelle back to the floor, only to tease her as he pulled himself out of her midway, before thrusting passionately into her again, while having grabbed her leg at the same time and wrapped it around his waist, almost midway to his back to add further pleasure, causing him to thrust inside of her even deeper, causing him to moan against his lips, though stared down at her with quite the c*cky grin across his face, before grabbing her other leg and wrapping it around the other side of his waist, having moved out of her almost completely, leaving just the tip of him inside of her, before pushing down into her again causing chills to rush throughout his body, hitting her spot perfectly as he began to move faster and harder inside of her again, moving against her spot continuously now as he kissed her passionately again. 


-----------------------The Past: Five Years ago-----------------------


Matt Casey had been born to parents who had lived paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by; unlike his best friend, and crush, Annabelle Fielding. Though, you would never know Annabelle was born into money as the two had always been inseparable. Though, his biological parents were a man and woman, names; Cara Mason, and Hank Voight; unbeknownst to him. His parents who raised him, much like Annabelle’s parents always argued, so he always spent more time away from his house, then he did, inside. That is where you could say the two had become kindred spirits and bonded over the fact that their parents were pretty sh*tty, no matter the circumstances etc…, it just seemed that his parents were less sh*ty, if that made sense. 


He had decided he wanted to go to the lake that day and had asked Annabelle earlier whether or not she wanted to go with him. He had been waiting on her for what seemed like forever, along the road down the pathway of her property as he had been about to leave, thinking maybe she had changed her mind, however when he had seen the familiar sight coming down the road in front of him, he grinned. “Songbird…,” He called her, only to move back to allow her to get on the handlebars. “No, Nolan;” He asked, though grateful in his own way that the other twin hadn’t decided to join the two of them as he had been wanting to spend time with Annabelle alone. “I was beginning to think that you had changed your mind.” Was all he told her, before kissing her cheek, and placing his feet down onto the pedals of the bike after she had hopped on, only to start pedaling down the road, headed to the lake. 


Once the two had arrived, Casey had waited until Annabelle had gotten off the bike, before he had gotten off of it as well, setting the bike down as he smiled at Annabelle, watching as she got undressed, leaving her in nothing but her bra and underwear, causing him to not be able but to stare at her, his eyes scanning over every inch of her body as he let out a much needed breath, biting his lip as he swallowed hard, and cleared his throat, looking away from her as he could feel his heart racing inside his chest, only to remove his shirt, and pants, leaving him in nothing but his boxers as he had leaned down to check the temperature of the water, before having been pushed in by the blonde, causing him to gasp as he hit the water, only for Annabelle to jump in afterward. Though, he had decided to stay off to the side of Annabelle, and underneath the water for a few moments, wanting to give some payback to her having pushed him in, as he could hear her start calling out his name. After she had done so a couple times, swam over to where she was, swimming up behind her, only to place his hands against the sides of her waist, tickling her and pinching her playfully, chuckling as he swam a few feet away from her. “Two can play that game,” He said with a wink, only to splash her back. 


After a few moments he had walked out of the water, only to lay back down on the towels that the two had brought with them as he let out a much needed breath. “That was...refreshing,” He stated with a chuckle, turning to look at her, as he grinned. “I have to say those scooby doo underwear and bra are adorably cute on you.” He mused playfully, only to raise up to where he was now leaning over her as he stared down at her. “You have grown up, Anna Songbird,” He told her, noticing every curve, etc...of her body, causing him to clear his throat once again. The two had grown up together and he had never thought about her in that way before, with the exception of the last two years or so, as the more she matured in front of him so to speak, the more he found that every time he was around her, she would literally take his breath away. She always set his heart racing and his stomach to get twisted as though butterflies were swarming about doing some type of dance as he tried his best not to think about all this as he smiled. He had wanted nothing more than to kiss her at that moment, but was afraid to do so, in case she would push him away or laugh at him. Silly things you could say as he thought maybe she felt the same way that he did, but wasn’t sure. 


It had not been until she had reached up and kissed him passionately that he had been first taken off guard, but had been grateful nevertheless as he melted into the kiss, only to give her a disappointed look when she had pulled away. When he had heard what she had said, smiled down at her. “Sorry, for what?” Was all he had whispered to her as he took his hand and placed it to her hair, running his fingers through her hair as he stared down at her with complete desire, want; and need, as well as his gaze turning into a tense one as he leaned down closer to her, his lips inches from her own. “I’ve been wanting you to do that for a long time.” He tells her, before running a hand down her cheek, only to kiss her; and, what had been a simple-sweet kiss at first, turned into a more passionate one as he was now kissing her passionately, while having started running his hands down her body. After a few moments he had broken the kiss, to stare down at her again, before starting to kiss her neck as he ran a hand over her bra, and along her chest, down her stomach, only to start kissing down her collarbone next, before planting a kiss to her chest, before moving his mouth to her stomach. He wasn’t sure whether or not she would push him away; but, again, couldn't help himself as he kissed along her stomach for a few moments, before moving his lips back up to meet her lips, kissing her passionately again. And, reaching over takes hold of her bra, and pulls it down over her shoulders as he looks down at her the entire time as though asking permission from her, before continuing; only to take the bra, and unfasten it as he tossed it to the side of them, moving to where he was on top of her, starting to kiss along the bare skin of her chest, and along each breast, sliding his tongue along each nipple, causing the skin to harden as he stopped what he was doing after a few moments, to catch his breath as he stared down at her; to which he had just kissed her passionately again, only to start running his hands up, and down her body, placing one of those hands in between her inner thigh, working his way up to meet her entrance, only to caress it, and start rubbing his hands against, and over the cloth that separated the bare skin, only doing this for the moment, figuring were she to want things to continue she’d let him know, not wanting to get ahead of himself so to speak, and not wanting to end up doing something that she didn’t want him to. 


-------------------The Past: The Academy: Various Locations------------------


Gabrielle had watched as Clarke had rushed away from them, and stepped in front of Murphy for the moment, only to give a nod to Xena at what the other woman had said. “Sometimes that isn’t enough.” Gabrielle stated, after having heard him tell the two women that he was in love with Clarke, while also curious as to what happened between the two that caused them to no longer be together as she raised a brow. “No matter what happened here, it is clearly obvious that she wants nothing else to do with you, despite whatever moment of weakness she had, or what she might have been thinking that led up to this.” Gabrielle said, pausing a moment to look at Xena, then back to Murphy. “For right now; maybe you should respect her wishes, and leave her alone.” Gabrielle had said, feeling very protective over Clarke for multiple reasons, and not just because she had found out that Clarke was Xena, and Hercules, Granddaughter; but in general, as well; even though she hadn’t met Clarke, at least not yet, technically. “So, you do know, Sarrai, and Mary, then; well, in that case, you should know better, seeing as I am sure you know just how those two women can be; especially when it comes to protecting their young…,” Gabrielle said matter of factly, only to look at Xena once more, deciding not to address the subject any longer as she chuckled. “Enter at your own risk, however; John Murphy,” She mused, though shakes her head, when she realized how that must have sounded, considering they had just walked up on Clarke, and Murphy who had finished doing what they had. “Uh, never mind;” She mumbled, her thoughts suddenly becoming more gutter-minded as she looked to Xena with a smirk. Care to join me for a dip in the lake, warrior princess,” She said, nudging Xena playfully, as she looked out towards the woods. “Can’t be too far out there. Come on, while the night is still young.” She says, urging Xena forward as she looks back to Murphy. “Just remember what I said,” And, leaving her words at that, Gabrielle had walked away, headed towards the forest. 


Clarke had made her way back inside of the academy, and walked over to sit on one of the stools at the bar, looking to the woman behind it as she let out a sigh. “Two waters, please.” She said as the woman grabbed two glasses, and poured the water into each glass before smiling back at Clarke, and sliding them over to her. “Thank, you;” Was all she had said before taking one of the glasses and starting to drink the water. Gulping it down, without taking a breath, or at least not many breaths as Aphroditie who had been pulled off of Taron by Hercules, sighed and rolled her eyes. “Again, party pooper;” She spat, only to stick her tongue out at him, looking to Taron with quite the amused grin across her face as she winked. “Later, hot stuff;” Was all she had said before turning around, and having seen Clarke at the bar, raised a brow, only to grin mischievously as she had giggled and threw her hands up in the air. “Later, losers;” She called out to the men behind her, before making her way over to where Clarke was at. “Thirsty?” She spoke as she watched how fast Clarke had been drinking the water, “Want some water?” She mused, c*cking her head to the side, “something got you all hot and bothered.., or…, someone I should say,” Aphrodite continued, only to chuckle when Clarke had finished the first glas, only for Clarke to grab the second glass drinking the water as well, from it. 


She could feel the heat radiating off of Clarke, sensing almost immediately what had happened between Clarke, and Murphy; her goddess powers having that effect, as she giggled. “Still warm…,” She mused, touching Clarke’s arm. “And, it’s a very chilly night, so how is that body of yours so warm…,” She said playfully, only to grin. “Oh, I know how..,” She mumbled, only to use her powers and to tap into Clarke’s mind, pulling out an image of her and Murphy having just finished having sex, only to send a patricular image of interest to Clarke, of the two going at it hot and heavy as Clarke looked with wide eyes, only to choke on the water she had been drinking, starting to cough as she set the glass of water back down on the table when having a flash, memory of her and Murphy having sex not only five minutes ago as this flash had been so intense as Aphrodite had not only had made Clarke see the flash, but relive it, aka feel the heat and intensity of everything as Clarke had let out a gasp, only to fall off the stool, hitting the floor as Aphrodite couldn’t help but to laugh.  “That’s what I’m talking about.” Aphrodite boasted, as she went over to Clarke to help her up. “Whew…,” Aphrodite had said with a grin, only to wave her hand over herself as though she was fanning herself to try and cool off, as Clarke had shot Aphrodite an annoyed look, only to stand to her feet, clearing her throat as she sat back down on the stool. “Not funny, Aphrodite.” She said in the same annoyed manner as she swallowed hard. “Oh, I think it was, yeah; pretty funny that is.” Aphrodite spat back. 


“I would ask how it was, but I very clearly saw for myself. A little advice for you, don’t leave your mind or thoughts open to a goddess to sneak in and snatch them out.” Aphrodite said with a wink to Clarke, as Clarke rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “Whatever,” She mumbled, only to turn her attention behind them to see Murphy, letting out a much needed breath as she turns away from him to look straight ahead of her. “Do you uh.., have alcohol of any kind?” Clarke asks, causing the bartender to grin as she looks at Aphrodite then back to Clarke, “i’ll make you something special, darling; how about that,” The woman tells her, before starting to mix up a drink that she felt that Clarke would like. “Oh, yeah; what you need is a drink so you can go on ahead and jump his bones again.” Aprhoditie, stated. “That’s not going to happen,” Clarke was quick to say. “Like it wasn’t going to happen just now back there against that tree, and on the ground, the first time,” Aphrodite said playfully, only for Clarke to sigh. “That…, that was.., it’s not going to happen again. It was a mistake, like I told him.” Clarke said, not sure why she felt the need to explain herself to the blonde goddess as Aphrodite rolled her eyes, “Oh, please; how long had it been from the time you saw him singing until the two of you went at it? What was it, five minutes…, ten…, maybe a few minutes more,” Aphrodite begins her words, “What I am trying to say is…, good luck keeping away from that one, which we both know you have never had any will power over to begin with when it comes to him, and whatever will power you do have, it doesn’t last long before it eventually flies out the window and you end up screwing his brains out, and vice versa; who the hell are you trying to bullsh*t here, sweetcheeks,” Aphrodite continued, only for Clarke to start becoming annoyed.  “You know the saying fire on fire…, well, baby doll; your fire, and he is fire, and what happens when you put fire on top of fire…, the sh*t doesn’t burn out it only gets stronger until it explodes and erupts into an even bigger damn fire, so good luck with trying to stay away from him. He only has to give you his famous John Murphy stare, and be all hot in the way that he does towards you, without even so much as touching you, and bam...your on your back with your legs wide open,” Aphrodite states, causing Clarke to look with wide eyes, “That is not true,” Clarke huffed, though can’t help but to start laughing as Aphrodite laughs as well. “Not funny…,’ Clarke mumbles, “Then why are you laughing?” Aphrodite says with a grin, as Clarke sighs. “Leave it alone, Aphrodite; please.” Clarke says, “But, it’s his birthday; and you were the perfect gift,” Aphrodite says with a pout, “I don’t trust him, okay;” Clarke says, “Are you serious? He would never…,” And, before Aphrodite can finish her sentence, Clarke cuts her off, “That’s not what I meant...I meant to say, I don’t trust him not to screw up again, or decide he has gotten bored, only to leave again…, leave again when he finds something or someone better than me,” Clarke explains, as Aphrodite shakes her head, “You don’t know everything that you think you know. Why he stayed in Neverland for as long as he did, or why he never came back for you,” Aphrodite had blurted out, only for Clarke to raise a brow, now intrigued. “Maybe you would like to explain it to me,” She says, as Aphrodite shrugs. “That’s on him…,” She says, instead, “All I know thing that has always been true, that man loves you, and does so, something fierce…, and you love him…, so considering those facts…, why not go on over there, and warm him up…,” Aphrodite began her words, looking towards Murphy, “He’s looking all sad, and lonely, and cold; needs a certain blonde to go over there and warm him up,” Aphrodite states with a smirk, “yeah, I already did that once, like I said, not going to happen again.” Clarke spats back, causing Aphrodite to chuckle, “Yeah, yeah, whatever you day,” Aphrodite muses, only for her to notice the hickey along Clarke’s neck, smiling. “Ooo, what is this…,” She mutters, only to make an ‘liquor-shot’ looking magnifying glass to appear as she leans forward, studying Clarke’s neck, “That’s my boy..,” She called out, only to giggle proudly. “That John Murphy doesn't play any games, or waste time in going after what he wants...marking his territory…, rawwr…, just saying…” Aphrodite spats out, causing Clarke to look at her with a ‘what the f***’ look. “What the hell are you talking about?” Clarke asks, completely unaware of Aphrodite having seen the hickey on her neck, much less that-that is what Aphroditie was referring to; only for Taron; to have walked up, and over to the two of them.


“Hello, Clarke; how the hell did you get here?” He asks, as Clarke looks to Taron with a smile. “I could ask you the same thing.” She says, before looking to Aphroditie, “She brought me here,” Clarke says, as Aphrodite shrugs. “What…?” Was all she had said, “By the way who is that hot guy over there, who keeps staring at you?” Taron asks Clarke, having meant Murphy as Clarke sighs. “It’s a long story,” She mumbles, “We have time,” Taron stated, with a smirk. “I know what…, let’s sing.” Taron says, urging Clarke forward to go with him as he takes her hand. “I don’t want to,” Clarke tells him, pulling away. “Oh, come on, we were the best singing duet back in the day…, or could it be considered future, considering the timeline we are currently in; anyhow, come on...just one or two songs…, it will help to get your mind off of...well, things.” He says, only to cross both arms over his chest, refusing to move unless Clarke goes with him as Clarke having seen this, shakes her head, standing to her feet, “Okay, but one song.” She says, causing Taron;  to smile. “Or, two…,” He says playfully, only to wink at Clarke, who had followed him onto the stage as he looked out into the crowd. “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s that time again.” Taron says out loud to the crowd to get their attention, “I have a new singing partner for your listening pleasure this time, however; Clarke, this is...Everyone, and, everyone this is Clarke, an old friend of mine,” Taron says as he looks at Clarke with a grin. “Shall we?” He says, whispering to one of the band members, whispering a song to him for the band to start playing as a few seconds later the song ‘I need you now’ begins to play, causing Clarke to give Taron an unamused look. “What? I like this song,” He says as Clarke shakes her head. 


“Don’t look at me like that..., just sing, Woman.” Taron says with a smirk, as he waits for Clarke to sing the first verse, who after giving him one last-suspicious look, begins to sing. “Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor. Reaching for the phone ‘cause I can’t fight it anymore. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind…, for me it happens all the time.” Clarke sings, only for Taron; to join in, “It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now. ‘Said I wouldn’t call, but I lost all control, and I need you now. And, I don’t know how I can do without…, I just need you now..,” Both Taron, and Clarke sing, only to become silent for the moment as the music plays, to which Clarke can’t help but to feel like a hole is being burned through her as she lets out a breath, her stomach fluttering about as she looks over to meet Murphy’s gaze, only to stare at him for a few moments, before looking away. Only for Taron to notice this, where he sings the next verse. “Another shot of whiskey, can’t stop looking at the door. Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind…, for me it happens all the time…,” Taron sings, only for Clarke to join him, “It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk, and I need you now, ‘said I wouldn’t call, but I lost all control and I need you now.., and, I don’t know how I can do without…, I just need you now…,” Both Clarke, and Taron sing, only to pause once more. “Whoa, oh whoa…,” Taron sings, as he walks over to Clarke, placing a hand on her shoulder to distract her away from Murphy when he had seen the blonde staring in his direction once again, knowing the look she had across her face, all too well. And, Clarke looking back to Taron, forces a small smile as the two begin to sing the next part together. “Guess I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all…,” The two sung, only for Clarke to sing the next part of the song, alone; “It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now.” She sings, “And, I said I wouldn’t call, but I’m a little drunk and I need you now…,” Taron sings, “And, I don’t know how I can do without, I just need you now…, I just need you now…, The both of them sing once more, “Oh, baby I need you now…,” Clarke had sung last, before the song ended a few seconds later to where everyone clapped and cheered, causing Taron, and Clarke to hug as he kissed her head. “Wasn’t that amazing.’ Taron calls out to everyone, only to grab hold of Clarke by the hand, “Not so fast.” He says, with a smirk. “Just one more song…, a solo,” Taron says, “No, I said one song and that’s it.” Clarke tells him, causing Taron to look out into the crowd. “How about it, should the little lady here sing us a solo?” He asks, as the crowd cheers, “What you just heard her sing was a warmup, I assure you; you haven’t even begun to experience the depths to which this one hear can sing, and how awesome;y amazing her voice really is, so what do you say, miss Griffin, care to serenade us with one more song?” Taron says, “Clarke…,” He calls out her name, as some people in the crowd start chanting Clarke’s name as well as Clarke seeing and hearing everything mumbles colorfully under her breath. “Alright, okay; one more song.” She says, forcing a smile out into the crowd, not knowing that Roan, Lexa, and Hook aka Killian Jones, were sitting a couple tables away from her, in the back. As having heard what Clarke had said, everyone cheers, and Taron whispers another song to the band, the music starts playing as he looks at Clarke with a grin. “The stage is yours, Milady,” He says with a chuckle, followed by a wink, helping the band to play the melody, he grabs one of the guitars in the back, and begins to play the song, following along to the beat perfectly with the other band members. 


“Open my eyes, your burning light…, Open my eyes, your burning light…,” Clarke begins to sing as this catches the attention of Roan who had just walked back into the ballroom, sitting down next to Hook, and Lexa. “What did I miss?” He asks, raising a brow when having seen the look on Lexa’s face, as though she had seen a ghost, causing him to turn his attention towards where she was looking only to feel his breath catch in his throat when having seen Clarke on stage, “I’ll be damned,” Was all he had said, and hearing her start singing caused feelings, and sensations to rush throughout him, feelings he thought he had buried once Clarke had disappeared from Neverland, but those feelings, and emotions came rushing back to the surface like a tidal wave as Hook having seen Roan starting at Clarke, with nothing but Intensity and as though he was completely mesmerized, shakes his head as he lets out a quick chuckle. “Gonna leave that one alone,” Was all he had said, turning his attention to Clarke, who continued to sing. “There’s something in the air tonight…, I feel it in my bones, it’s over…, written in the stars, the darkness comes to light…,I walk along to feel alive…, It’s colder when we go into the fire, come a little closer hold me through the night.” Clarke sings as she steps down from the stage, “Pull me out of the water, give me the air I need…,” She sings the verse, before singing the chorus, next. “Heaven help me…, Heaven save me from myself, I’ve been losing my religion, headed for a collision without you…, Heaven help me..., Heaven save me from myself, I've been losing my religion, headed for collision without you...,” Clarke had sung the chorus twice, only to sing the second verse, “You gotta do it for yourself, no one else can fall to save ya..,  black and blue they’ll cover you, the waves crash down…, running from the gates of hell, all you gotta do is read the signs…, love is like a choir of angels, holy sound…,” Clarke sings, “Pull me out of the water, give me the air I need…,” And, as Clarke had been about to sing the chorus, once again; had not the chance to do so when suddenly she had been grabbed by the hand, only to be turned around to this person, completely catching her off guard, only for the very familiar man to spin her around and over to him, as he stared down at her with a very intense look. “Fancy meeting you here, love….,” Roan had said, only to grab the mike from her hand and toss it to Taron who had stepped down from the stage, as Taron raised a brow at first, only to grin. 

“Heaven help me…, heaven save me from myself…, I’ve been losing my religion, headed for collision without you…,” Taron had started singing, instead; as Clarke’s breath had just caught in her throat when having seen that it was Roan who had been the one to grab her hand, etc...only to be spun around and pulled against him, catching the look he was giving her. “I thought I would never see you again…,” Roan had mumbled, only to pull her closer, and completely against him, wrapping an arm around her waist for the moment, as he whispered against her ear. “You know how we do things…,” Was all he said, only to spin her around again, dipping her towards the ground, only to pull her back up, and against him, once more as this caused Clarke to stare back at him, with her own smirk across her face, as her expression turned intense out of natural reflex as she kept her eyes on him. “Damn that was hot…,” Aphrodite had blurted out, only to turn towards Murphy with a chuckle, having said what she did about Roan having come up out of nowhere and having done what he did to Clarke as she lets out a quick chuckle. “I mean, uh...not that hot.” She says, waving her hand out as though she wasn’t interested, as she looks back to Murphy. “Guess you have to step up your game, hot stuff;” She says to Murphy as the scene goes back over to Clarke, who had started to dance, as Taron continued to sing the song. “Open my eyes, your burning light…, open my eyes, your burning light…, open my eyes, your burning light…, open my eyes, your burning light…, Heaven help me(can you help me now) Heaven save me from myself(can you save me now) I’ve been losing my religion, headed for collision without you…, heaven help me(can you help me now)..., Heaven save me from myself(Can you save me now) I’ve been losing my religion(headed for collision) headed for collision without you…,” Taron sings, as Roan continues to dance up against Clarke, turning up the heat without seconds as he presses his body against hers, only to lower his hand from being around her waist, lowering it further along down her backside, as Clarke let out a breath in response, “Doesn’t it take you back to Neverland,” Roan tells her, causing Clarke to give him a look, only to step back away from him, right as the song had ended, only to swallow hard as she cleared her throat. “Yeah, it does;” And, Clarke, leaving her words at that, walks away from Roan, only to walk over to where Cara, and Annabelle were at, “Unbelievable.” Clarke muttered, trying to get her thoughts and Heart rate back under control, between Murphy, and now Roan; she felt as though it was about to leap out of her chest at any given moment. “Nope, not going back there,” She mumbled, remembering Neverland, along with other things rushing throughout her head, which were filled mainly with Murphy, and Roan as she sighed. When things had been strained, almost broken without repair between her and Murphy; before the two had reignited that spark between them before she had left Neverland, Clarke had slept with Roan a couple times, as she looked to Annabelle first with a smile as she tried to clear her head. “You don’t mind if I join you…,” She asks, only to look at Cara; with a wide eyed look, “Cara…,” She beams, hugging the other woman. “Still looking hot in all that red leather.” She says with a chuckle, having seen Cara a couple times around the palace, though Cara had not been there for the Murphy and Clarke show so to speak back in Camelot; Cara had only arrived once again after having been away, after Clarke had gotten off of Neverland, but having said what she did, smiles at Cara as she sits down in between both women…, trying to hide from Murphy, Roan and whoever else might come up out of the woodwork, so to speak.


Dani had heard what Annabelle had said to her,  curious as to why she had said what she did as this blonde seemed to know about her and Mulder, or at least hinted at it, that was the feeling that she got anyway,  but saying nothing on the subject, not thinking anything of it, one could say; before raising a brow as she looked to Mulder with a grin. “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t plan on letting my Foxxy go anytime soon. All of that, is mine…,” Dani says as she c*cks her head to the side, with her eyes scanning over Mulder, only to chuckle as she looks to Cara, next. “I guess we can do that, yeah.” Dani says in regards to going back to the party, trying not to think about what happened back there with headmaster Darnley as she clears her throat, reaching over and taking Mulder’s hand as she squeezes it. “Best we get back now before our parents send out a search party.” Dani says as she looks back to Cara with a shrug. “I’m thinking our mothers won't be too upset were they to find out about the two of us.” Dani says as she winks to Mulder. “I think they both might say, well it’s about damn time,” Dani says, chuckling again, shaking her head, “But, yeah, like the hot badass mord-sith said, the party is this way…” And Dani saying nothing else, starts making her way down the beach, headed back to the academy with Madi, and everyone else in tow. Once she had gotten back to the academy with Mulder, smiled when she had seen her father, and Hercules; who walked over to them. “About time you two make an appearance, well...reappearance,” Hercules said, though playfully as he looked between his son, to Dani; looking to see the new arrivals as he gives each of them a curious look. “With the exception of Cara, who are your friends?” He asked, as Dani smiled, ignoring her father, Iolaus’ question for the moment, as she looks to Hercules, “We weren’t gone that long Uncle Hercules…,” She says with an innocent smile, looking to Annabelle, and Cara as Madi had found a group of teenagers to talk with, staying behind for the moment. “This is Annabelle, and as you said, you know Cara…., and the one over there talking to…, well, whoever she is talking with, that is Madi...we met them out on the beach,” Madi says with a chuckle, before turning back to Hercules, and Iolaus, smiling when she had seen Taron, “Taron…,” She squealed, happy to see her big brother as she reached over and hugged him, as Taron hugged her back. “There’s my favorite little sister.” He stated, before letting her go. “I can only hope you’ve been staying out of trouble. The both of you.” He said first to Scully, before looking to Mulder, causing Dani to blush, thinking about what happened with her and Mulder back on the beach, the two having slept together for the first time, not being able to help the blush that had come to her cheeks as she clears her throat. “Oh, yeah; of course.” She was quick to say, looking to Iolaus with another sweet smile, before having watched as Taron went away and after a few minutes he had begun to sing with a blonde woman, that woman having been Clarke, of course. “Wow…, who is that? She can sing.” Dani says as she looks to Mulder, only to tug on him, taking his hand. “This song is pretty…, come on…,” She says referring to the song “Heaven help me’ that Clarke had begun to sing as she began to dance with Mulder, wrapping both arms around his neck, as Hercules having seen and heard everything, raises a brow. “Why do I get a feeling that there is something that those two are not telling us and it has to do with what I think it does,” Hercules says with a chuckle only to shake his head. “I might have to choke my own son,” Hercules says in a playful manner, looking at Iolaus. “Let’s just hope he was the perfect gentleman, or course.” Hercules retorts with a wink to Iolaus as he lets out a sigh. He had only given quite the ‘whoa’ look when having seen Roan having come up to Clarke all of a sudden, watching the entire scene play out as he shakes his head. “Interesting…,” Was all he had said as he couldn’t help but to turn his attention on Murphy, the same one he had seen run after Clarke as he crosses both arms over his chest. “Do I smell a love triangle, Iolaus?” He asks the other man in a teasing manner, only to fall silent immediately after.


Ares had heard, and seen this, only to stand to his feet, along with Bellamy and Octavia, “Hell, yeah;” Octavia was the first to respond as Ares gave her a look. “Language, Octavia…,” He retorts, “I wish the f*** I would…, watch my language I mean..,” Octavia blurts out, causing Ares to shake his head. “Yeah, yeah, okay;” He spats back, looking to Sarrai with a smile, only to lean in close to her as he could still feel her lips against his. “I knew you had the hots for me…,” He said to her, having meant the kiss to which she gave him a few minutes earlier, only to wink. “Yeah, keep dreaming god of war.” Seska had said, having overheard what Ares had whispered to Sarrai. “It was probably a mercy kiss and nothing more.” She said with a wink to Sarrai and grin to Ares, as Ares looks back at her with a c*cky smirk, “You know I am really starting to think with all your comments you want this body as well,” Ares tells her, causing Seska to roll her eyes, “What can I say, god of war…, you could never match up…,” Seska says as she moves closer to Ares, before grabbing hold of his crotch, causing Ares to gasp, “hey…,” He spats out, “Match up to my man over here,” Seska says, having meant Tabor, of course; only to let Ares go, before taking a step back. “Perhaps only in your dreams, because as for real life, not gonna happen.” She says with an amused grin, only to kiss Tabor on the lips, as Ares only shakes his head, “Damn, woman; warn me next time,” Ares says as he clears his throat. Only to look to Bellamy, and Octavia who were giving him quite the look as he chuckles. “It was her, not me…,” He retorts, only to look back at Sarrai, “Yeah, let’s blow this joint.” He says before waving his hand and causing the group to disappear, only to reappear in the middle of the woods as he raises a brow. “Where the hell are we?” Bellamy asks, “Damn, wrong turn.” Ares says, as he shakes his head, “Where are you trying to get to, god of war?” Seska asks, “I really wish you’d  call me Ares, and not god of war, amazon…,” Ares spats back, to which Seksa raises a brow. “As I said god of war...where are you trying to get to, maybe we can help point you in the right direction.” Seska says, and asks, as Ares sighs. “I’m trying to get to the damn academy that your father and Hercules went to, as well as you, Sarrai and a couple other people, alright…,” Ares says rather quickly causing Seska to chuckle, “Ah, okay; your in luck, because you are not that far’s just a fifteen minute walk in this direction…, so follow me kids,” She says as she begins to walk through the woods. “I can just pop us there.” Ares says, “I say we can walk the rest of the way…,” Octavia chimes in, looking to Ares with a smirk as she walks down the trail through the woods, following Seska, to which Bellamy grins at his father as well, following along behind everyone else. “Come on old man, you heard the women,” And, Bellamy leaving his words at that, says nothing else. 


Mary heard what Erik had said to her, causing her to swallow hard. “And, what happens to a person who stops breathing…, they die…,” Mary spat back, as unease washed throughout her entire body mixed with desire, and want; of him…, as she was kissed passionately by him, only to be pushed back against the tree. “Wait…, don’t..,” Mary breathed out, breaking the kiss for the moment as she stared back at him. “Don’t…,” She had said again, afraid of what would happen, what she might let herself do, only to let out a heavy breath, kissing him passionately again once he had removed both of their clothing, while also feeling his hands on her body, to which a surge of heat rushed throughout her at his touch. One by one she could feel her defenses shattering around her the moment he had begun kissing down her body, causing her to let out a gasp when having felt his mouth against her entrance, only to feel him start rubbing against it as this caused her to let out a sharp breath, feeling her knees threatening to buckle out from underneath her, but managed to move back against the tree to keep such a thing from happening.  The moment she felt him starting to eat her out, caused her to moan as she moved her body up against him, allowing him full access to her, as she placed a hand to the back of his head, gripping his hair as goosebumps formed and danced all over her skin, and throughout her body. “By the gods…,” She breathed out when feeling him start to rub along her clit at the same time as he was eating her out, only to switch on her-what he was doing, moaning once again, even louder this time when feeling his fingers having entered inside of her. 


After a few minutes, being completely turned on, Mary’s eyes turned dark with nothing but complete desire as she reached over and pushed Erik to the ground, only to move to where she was in front of him as she reached over and sat down on his lap. She had only took her hands and ran them down his chest for the moment, before reaching over and starting to kiss along his chest, though slowly;  moving her mouth up to his neck, suckling along it,  leaving a love bite along it, before moving to where she was kissing along his jawline, to his shoulder, only to find his mouth again as she kissed him passionately, biting down onto his bottom lip in a passionate manner, completely losing herself, so to speak, to him; as she with one hand, placed her hand around his penis, moving it up and down his shaft, kissing his neck again, before moving up to where she had the tip of him against her, feeling his erection rubbing against her bare skin, causing her to gasp once more, only to place him inside of her, as she moved down to where her hips were completely against his, causing him to push…, thrust inside of her, letting out a moan from the pleasure of it as her entire body shivered, only to waste no time as she began to roll her hips back, and forth against his, as well as moving them up and down, against him; riding him slowly at first, as she stared back at him with pure intensity the entire time as she continued her movements against him, starting to pick up speed a few minutes later as she gripped his back, only to dig her nails into his skin. “Was that all you got?” Mary asked what she did as though daring him, or challenging him to turn up the heat as she looked at him with complete fire, and passion in her eyes, only to start kissing along his ear this time, nibbling on it as she tugged the lobe part of his ear in a teasing manner, before letting out a breath as she let her teeth scrape against it. 


Lucifer had grinned when Aurelia had given in to him, finally; as he stared back at her, “It really was a good try, love;” Was all he said as he pressed his body up against her own, once more; only to grip one of her legs, after she had wrapped both legs around his waist, digging his nails into her outer thigh, as he continued to thrust inside of her passionately, managing to push deeper into her with each movement that he made as he let out a heavy breath, kissing her passionately again, only to growl when having felt her leave a love bite along his neck. He, however; couldn’t help but to develop an amused grin across his face when sensing that she had wanted to take control of the situation as he stared up at her, shaking his head. “Oh, darling; you are not the one in control, don’t you know that, and you are not going to be,” Lucifer states, only to cause them to disappear only to reappear in bedroom part of the cabin, sending the two of them falling down onto the bed, as he just stared down at her, biting down onto her bottom lip. “Shall we see how flexible you really are…,” He mused, only to take one of her legs, and wrap it around his shoulder, pushing inside of her, causing him to groan in sheer pleasure at the sensations he had gotten from it, only to start kissing her inner thigh again, before niping down onto this part of her thigh, leaving a love bite along it, before moving his way up to where he had grabbed her other leg, and wrapped it around her shoulder, to which he thrust deeply inside of her once again. “Oooo, very flexible, indeed;” He muttered, only to wink, as he moved to where he was sitting up, only to set her on his lap, moving his hips up and against hers, for a few moments, before pushing her back down onto the bed again, where he wrapped both her legs around his waist, only to start moving inside of her harder, and faster, then what he had been, working his way up to her spot as he nipped her neck again, with his teeth, before kissing her passionately once more. 

Through, The Looking Glass;

Sep 4th 2020 - 1:26 AM

-----------------------------Present Part: Hospital-----------------------------------

“Don’t worry, she is going to be fine. I always have a good feeling about these things. How they turn out, I mean, you know that.” Amanda said as she reached over and hugged Annabelle back. “So, you and that hot doctor? The younger blonde one…, what’s the story with that?” She asked, though she gave a nod. “We can talk later, definitely.” She had told the other woman who seemed to have her mind on something else as she watched Annabelle walk away, only to sigh as she turned her attention to Aiden, who she was still annoyed with, but cleared her throat as she stepped closer to the doorway, looking to see Mulder, and how he was with Scully, as she swallowed hard. “You really don’t know just how short life is until something like this happens.” Amanda mumbles, only to turn her attention back to Aiden, and after having given him a ‘one look’ over, walked over to where he was at, and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him in a tight embrace. “Don’t ever keep something like that from me again, alright; or, I will kick your ass only before I send you down the street packing…, you understand me?” Amanda says, only to plant a gentle kiss to Aiden’s lips, having been referring to him not having told her who he really was, etc…, as she leans against him, wrapping an arm around his waist, as she smiled to Mulder, when the older man had walked out of the hospital room, though having caught the argument between Sarrai, and Mulder, wondering just what the hell that was all about, though said nothing. 


“Have you been taking your medicine on a regular basis, Miss Gloria?” Casey had asked the 86 year old patient as the elder woman smiled. “When I can remember.” She said sweetly, as Casey chuckled, “Well I am going to have to find something to help you to remember. Maybe give you a call everyday when it is time to do so…,” Casey says, only to raise a brow when the woman placed a hand along his leg, “Or, you can always pay me a visit to remind me, pretty young thing.” She says, to which Casey chuckles as he shakes his head. “Now miss, Gloria; you don’t want to be labeled as a cougar, do you?” He said with a smirk, causing the other woman to shrug. “Was I sixty years younger my dear boy, I would simply have rocked your world.” She retorted, only for Casey to chuckle once more as he blushed. “Well, thank you; that I have no doubt of,” Casey had said, as the elder woman moved her hand away. “Whatever is fine, doc; I’ll try my best to remember, maybe I can get a bracelet with a monitor or something on it, that beeps every time it is time for me to take my medicine.” Gloria suggests, as Casey gives a nod. “We can look into that.” He says, and having heard his phone ring; smiles at her as he stands to his feet. “Yes, Karen?” He responded, before having shook his head. Though he came to feel a lump in his throat, and a gut punch to his stomach when the woman had told him that ‘Anna Songbird,’ was asking about him, “I will be right down,” He said, only to hang the phone up, and look to Gloria, once more. “We are done here, miss Gloria…, I will see you at the same time, same place, next month, okay?” He says, placing a hand to her shoulder, as the woman placed her hand on his to pat it, before he had walked out the door. 


While walking down the hallway he had thought back to better days when he and Annabelle had been inseparable, feeling his heart skip a beat, and start racing as he quickly cleared his throat. “Those days are over,” He mumbled to himself, before nodding to one of the nurses, who had walked past him as he made his way to the end of the hallway, turned the corner and walked into the elevator, hitting the button for the second floor. Once the elevator had stopped, he made his way out and having seen Annabelle up ahead, caused his heart to start beating fast once again as he made his way over to Karen, “Thanks,” He said with a wink to Karen, who smiled at him, as Casey made his way over to Annabelle, and stopped. “Songbird, huh?” He retorted, with a sad smile, only to nod. “Yeah, sure; in here…,” He said as he ushered her to walk ahead of him, before having walked into the empty room, and shutting the door behind them, which he locked, as he shut all the blinds in order to give them some privacy, as he turned back around to look at her. “Nothing has changed…,” He chose his words, “You are still as breathtaking as the day you were when I left.” He states, though coming to swallow hard as he suddenly remembered that day very well, and what had happened the night before, the fight, and the words, what had been said, everything as he quickly cleared his throat. 


“So, what brings you here, Anna?” He says as he places the file he had been holding which belonged to Gloria, his file on her medical records, history, etc... down on the table, as he looked back at her with a raised brow. When he heard what she had said, couldn’t help but to get a very confused, and dumbfounded look. “Excuse, me;” He blurted out, while thinking ‘was she actually serious,’ considering he had written to her every single day for over a year, to which the younger woman by only two years, shy of his age, had never responded. “Forgive me, but there seems to be some confusion here.” Casey says, suddenly becoming annoyed without meaning to. “Why didn’t I write to you? Is that some kind of joke?” Casey says in a frustrated breath, “I wrote to you every single day for a year, and what did you do, you ignored me,” Casey spoke as he started walking towards her, without realizing it. “I wrote to you every day and you were the one who never wrote back. You were the one who wasn’t interested any longer, and that apparently what we had didn’t mean sh*t at the end of the day.” Casey says harshly, though with a pained expression across his face. “Oh, wait; I almost forgot…, you did email me back once...and just once, telling me exactly how you felt. I haven’t forgotten that email by the way; which went along the lines of…, my parents were right about you, at the end of the day it was fun, and something to do to pass the time, but things worked out the way they should have that night, because you can never give me the life that I want, we are two very different people and you just wouldn’t make it in my world, or something like that, I can’t remember the details exactly, but you get the idea, right?” Casey said, only to shake his head. "And now you're the one who seems to be trying to make herself out to be the wounded one here, Anna? How is that possible? Please enlighten me,” He spoke, only to pause, to let her speak, and once hearing her words, looked with shock, and disbelief, “what…?” He said quietly, only to shake his head. “It doesn’t matter what happened; or,  what was said, or done at the end of the day, either way; because the way I see it, it wasn’t over…,  and now that you are here, it still isn’t over…,”  


And, Casey having said what he did, reaches over and places his hand to Annabelle’s face where he pulls her over to him and kisses her passionately, only to move forward, backing her up against the wall, where he wasted no time to break the kiss, only to stare at her, before starting to kiss along her neck, before reaching over and taking hold of the shirt that she was wearing, only to pull it off, and up over her head, letting it fall to the ground, where he immediately began to kiss along her collarbone, and shoulder, to the top of her chest, only to kiss the top of her breasts which fit perfectly into the red bra she was wearing, before moving his mouth up to her lips, kissing her passionately again as he leaned down and began to kiss along her stomach, staring up at her a moment, with an intense expression, before reaching over and unfastening the pants that she was wearing, only to slowly pull them down her body, while kissing down her body at the same time, kissing along her outer thighs, only to work his way back up, where he kissed along her entrance, over the underwear that she was wearing as he let out a breath against her skin, before removing the underwear she was wearing and sliding them down her body as well, before raising a brow, while starting up at her intensely, “I know you haven’t forgotten this, have you?” He mumbled, only to take one of her legs, and wrap it around the top of his shoulder, while still being on his knees, only to start kissing along her entrance once more, scraping his teeth along the clit of her vagina, as he nipped it in a passionate, yet teasing manner, only to reach over and slide a tongue inside of her, swirling it around as he began to eat her out. 


And once he had finished, only pulled his tongue out of her, nips down onto her inner thigh, inches below her entrance, leaving a love mark along the skin; before working his way back up her body, only to remove the bra she had been wearing, taking it off as he tossed it to the floor, giving her one more look, as he kissed along the top of each breast, suckling on each one, while sliding his touch along each nipple of her skin, leaving a love mark on both, before moving his lips back up to her mouth, kissing her passionately once more. And, after about another minute, or so, pressed his body against hers, only to pick her up, wrapping both her legs around his waist as he did so, placing her back against the wall, only to grip her thigh, before positioning himself perfectly, only to enter himself inside of her, thrusting into her in a passionate frenzy as he began moving inside of her at what was first a slow-teasing pace, but quickened his movements a few seconds later. Only to go over to a couch that was in the back of the room, placing her down on top of it, where he only moved out of her long enough to have done so, before having re-entered her passionately again, his movements the same; slow, at first; then, faster, and harder, as he wrapped one of her legs around his waist, once more.  Meanwhile, Aphrodite had appeared, only to briefly put a force field type of thing around the room that Annabelle, and Casey were in, snickering as she did so, in order to where no one would be able to hear what was going on as she disappeared, soon afterward. 


“Really…?” William could not help but to say as a result of Sarrai having told him how his father had acted around his mother. “I would love to have seen that.” He says with a chuckle as he looks to Mulder, before looking away from him, as he cleared his throat. He however, raised a curious brow to what she had said about Annabelle, and those who Annabelle had been with, not mentioning too many names, but getting the point as he nodded, “I can see that, for sure. She always has been…, intense…,” He says, meaning Annabelle, only to chuckle once more. He had seen Mulder walk over to Scully, and couldn’t help but to smile as he watched the older man with her. “That a boy, dad;” He said with a smirk, as he looked to Sarrai, “Regardless whether or not all of this was supposed to happen…, one thing I can say is that, my mother doesn’t die. Not here, not tonight, no matter what may have been changed. I would have disappeared into not existing by now, were she to have done so.” He says as he gives Sarrai a curious look. “Right?” he says, only to hear what Mulder had said to Jack, and Renee, giving the older man a curious look, though he had stepped back to the side of Sarrai when he had walked over to them. “Don’t you think she would have done so by now, if she could?” William was quick to say to his father, when hearing him and Sarrai go back and forth. He didn’t know that she had lost her powers, exactly; but, figured out something must be going on as to why she hadn’t made an effort to do so yet, for Scully as he sighed. “I think it would be better for mo…, Agent Scully, were everyone to try and stay as calm as they can. Going back and forth isn’t going to help her.” He had said, having almost called Scully ‘mom’ though had stopped himself from doing so, just in time. Watching as Mulder had walked out, however, shook his head as he looked back over to his aunt. “Okay, Sarrai, what is going on? Why is it exactly that you cannot heal, mom? I know that you might want to keep a low profile to everyone here that you don’t know, and that is understandable, but there has to be another reason, so what is it?” 


Wilson had walked out of the lab around the corner not far from the lab that Gena, and unknowingly, Mulder was in, only chuckling at what Foreman had told him. “That is enough, okay.” He says as he shakes his head. “That’s it, I am not saying another word. That’s all you get.” He tells the other man, only to stop when almost having collided with the other man, only to look to Gena, before looking back to the man in question. “Excuse, me;” He tells Mulder in a simple manner. “What’s going on here?” He asked Gena, before looking back to Mulder, only for Foreman to whisper in his ear as Wilson raised a brow. “You're the partner.” He said, before extending his hand out to Mulder, “Dana’s partner, I mean…,” He says, “James Wilson.” He says, only to move his hand away a few seconds later.  “You don’t mind me asking where-were you when everything happened with her? Just curious is all?” Wilson asks, as Foreman raises a brow, feeling a rise in the air, which could only be described as tension as he looked to Mulder as well. “I think we should get back upstairs and check on the patient in question, what do you say? Foreman says, trying to change the subject, as he looks to Gena as though asking for help. 


“What’s going on?” Amanda had said, when she had come to stop in front of Wilson, and everyone else. “Nothing.” Was all Wilson had said, as he looked to Foreman. “Let me know as soon as you get the results back on Dana’s blood.” Wilson tells him, only for Foreman to develop quite the amused smirk across his face. “Of course,” He says, “As I said before I want to get her started on treatment right away once finding out what this cancer is.” And, leaving his words at that, Wilson having turned his attention back to Mulder, “If you all will excuse me, I have other patients to see,” And, Wilson had given Mulder quite the c*cky look,  “Tell Renee I will be back up to check on Dana in a few minutes once I am done down here. Think you can handle that, FBI;” Wilson had spoken, always having felt particularly protective over Scully, when it came to anyone, no matter who they were, especially someone he didn’t know, as he gave the dark-haired man one last look before walking away and into another room. “I suddenly feel like I walked into the next world war,” Amanda mumbled to Aiden, as she gave him a wink. “Are you alright, Mulder?” She asked, turning to Mulder, as she let out a sigh.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Sep 3rd 2020 - 9:12 PM

Ares had heard that and let out a smirk. “At least my one liners can be something to behold.” Ares spats back, causing Octavia to chuckle. “Yeah, okay;” Octavia says, as she smiles to Bellamy, as Bellamy looks to Tabor. “Nice to meet you,” He says as Ares sits back down on the bed beside Sarrai only to give Tabor a nod. “Isn’t he always the one to start sh*t around here, I just happened to finish it this time.” Ares states, “I finished it you mean.” Octavia was quick to chime in, causing Ares to chuckle, “Yeah, okay; whatever you say my dear.” he retorts as he looks back to Tabor, “I drew the line when he started harassing the kid here for no reason.” Ares says looking at Bellamy, “You can talk sh*t to me all you want; but, jackass, Or not; which I happen to be most of the time, no need to deny it, but you don’t mess with my offspring. I’ll light a fire up under one’s ass real quick.” Ares says with a smirk, “Literally…, and I would have lit a fire under his ass, but I was trying to fight fair so I wouldn’t desecrate his ass too much.” Ares says as he looks to Sarrai with a smirk, “I wouldn’t want you getting all pissed off at me after all, sweetcheeks,” Ares says to Sarrai, before giving a quick wink as seeing this, both Bellamy, and Octavia, rolls their eyes in unison. As this caused Seska to chuckle. “Yes, those two are definitely twins,” She retorts as she looks back to Tabor, with a grin.


“Oh, before I forget,” Ares says only to reach over and take his hand, waving it over her stomach, healing it as he gives quite the accomplished smile afterward. “There you are. Don’t say I never did anything for you, princess;” He retorts, as he uses his powers and rebuilds the wall that was torn down, of the hut, that he and Zylas had fallen through, as he chuckles. “I do, every now and then, clean up after my mess,” He says playfully, only to look to Octavia, and Bellamy, “So, fishing…,” Bellamy retorts, as Ares lets out a sigh. “I got somewhere better than just fishing in mind for us to go…,” And, Ares, not saying anything else on the subject, looks to Tabor, Seksa, and Sarrai. “Would you like to accompany us to our destination? Beats staying here waiting for this blowhard to wake up, only to start more of his sh*t,” And, Ares saying nothing else, turns his attention to Seska this time, with that same smirk. “I could use some time away, doesn’t matter to me, I’m in…, just depends on if Sarrai is in the mood, or not, I guess.” Seska states, “Besides I am intrigued as to what you are really up to, God of War….,” Seksa says with a c*cky look to Ares, who gives her one right back. “Maybe we should wait for my dad, and Alcmene to arrive first, though; I received word from the pigeon carrier that two days ago the two of them were on their way.” Seska says as Ares grins, “I got a feeling that we are all going to meet up in the same place, sooner or later…, so how about it, is everyone in?” Ares says, once again not being fully clear on the subject matter at hand so to speak as he looks to Bellamy, and Octavia with a wink. 


Madison, ‘Madi’ Griffin, had been at the Rabbit Hole, in Storybrooke, Maine; she had been hired during the daytime to come in and clean the place up, while her Aunt, Gabriela Booth, worked and ran the place at night. Most nights when things weren't too crazy, she would pick up some extra tips, to add to her day job so to speak, waiting tables, etc… she had been cleaning up when someone had entered the bar. “We are not open just yet.” She said, before setting a box of glasses down onto the floor, after having kicked the door shut that led to the kitchen with her foot, as she made her way from around the counter, only to see a blonde having been the one who had walked in, as she raised a brow; not knowing that this woman was in fact, her sister, Annabelle Fielding; and even though this woman looked older then she did, currently; Madi was in fact, the oldest. “Looks like you are running from someone.” Madi had stated, “I know that look very well…, My family knows all about running,” She spoke, only to sigh, shaking her head. “Never mind,” She said with a smile, as she let out a quick chuckle, “I am Madi,” She introduced herself, and after having talked with this Annabelle Fielding, felt as though she could trust her for some reason, with almost-absolutely anything; sensing a kindred spirit. “Here, take these; there is a guest bedroom up the stairs. Not the grand Hilton of hotels, or anything; but it works, nevertheless,” Madi said as she tossed Annabelle the keys. “You can go and get changed, or cleaned up, whatever you want to do.” And, Madi having said what she did, watched as the other woman disappeared up the stairs. 


After a few minutes, Madi decided to go up the stairs to check on Annabelle, with a tray in her hands as she reached the top of the stairs, figuring she could use a bit to eat, though if not, oh well; didn’t hurt to try, and as she had reached the door, she heard a strange noise, as well as having seen a strange light which caused her to set the tray down, and walk inside, only to see Annabelle disappear into a portal vortex bluish thing as her eyes went wide. “Annabelle,” She called out and having made her way over to this portal, gasped when it got bigger as though surrounding her, engulfing her completely as she fell through the portal, falling through time and space as the Doctor would call it, a few seconds behind Annabelle.


Scully had heard that he said, only to chuckle. “We wouldn’t want that at all,” She mused with a grin, only to kiss him passionately once more, wrapping both arms tighter around him as she continued her movements against his hip, along his lap, feeling her walls tightening around her with every move that she made as she let out a much needed breath after a few moments, and reaching over began to kiss along his neck, leaving a love mark along it, not being able to help herself as she had come to reach her peak a few minutes later, causing her entire body to shiver, shaking as she reached the end of her climax, holding on tight to him as she had done so. “Wow…,” Was all she could say, completely breathless as her heart was still pounding furiously inside her chest as she looked down at him with a grin. “We definitely have to do this a couple more times,” She stated, and as she had leaned down, kissing him passionately again, was when she had gasped as a result of having been knocked into by someone having fallen out of the sky, causing her to push forward, into Mulder, causing her to gasp as she fell to the ground, against him.


“Wh…,” Scully had tried to begin her words, but stopped short as she moved off of Mulder, making her way over to where her dress was at, as she grabbed hold of it, and quickly threw it back over, and around her body, pulling it down as she had grabbed the underwear that was a few feet away, quickly getting dressed as she looked around. “Where is my shoe?” She mumbled, not even trying to meet the other woman’s gaze who had crashed into them to begin with, feeling her cheeks burning out as she was blushing heavily, completely embarrassed as she cleared her throat,  only to look with wide eyes when the sky had seemed to have opened up, having seen someone else having fallen through it, and before she could say anything, or react; the dark-haired woman had fallen on top of her, causing Scully to hit the ground as she groaned. “What the hell?” She muttered, “Is this fall on Dani Scully, day?” Scully retorted, as Madi, having seen the woman underneath her, looked with wide eyes. “S-Sorry…,” She mumbled, only to move back away from Scully, as the other woman had raised a brow to Madi, and Annabelle, both; as she grabbed one of her shoes, and placed it on her foot, even though the other one appeared to be missing. “Any more of you going to pop up? Would be good to know, now; instead of, uh, well...SURPRISE,” Scully yells out, though having done so playfully as she shakes her head. “Now, where is it? You two haven’t seen a shoe laying around someplace, have you?” She asks, not minding at all that these two women had seen her naked, or whatever you want to call it, as Mulder had been more the shy, and bashful type, and not her as she began looking around, only to grin when having seen it behind Mulder, who had fallen onto it when he had tried to place his pants back on. “Ah, Ha;” She called out, before making her way over to Mulder, with an amused grin. “You have something that belongs to me,” She says as she moves her hands to his waist, teasing him with them, before moving them to where they were behind his back, only to lean forward, pressing herself against him teasingly as she grinned. “There it is,” She mused, kissing him on the lips in a sweet-simple gesture, as she grabbed the shoe, and placed it back on her other foot, only to wink. “To be continued,” She had just mumbled, only to start kissing him along the jawline, as well along both cheeks, of his face, kissing him along the nose, before kissing him passionately as seeing this caused Madi to chuckle, “What did we miss?” She retorted, looking to Annabelle, “Fancy meeting you here,” She said playfully before standing to her feet. “Greece, huh? Never been to Greece, before.” She left her words at that, looking to see another blonde, a much older blonde, having suddenly walked up. This caused Scully to have stopped kissing Mulder, as she raised to where she was sitting on the sand for a moment as she saw the banter back and forth between who was; Annabelle, and now, Cara. “I’m Scully,” She was the first to say as she stood to her feet. “Well, Danielle Scully, or Dani; or, Dana, whichever one you prefer, and this fine specimen of a man is my Foxxy;” Scully says, only to chuckle, “Fox Mulder,” And, leaving her words at that, Madison couldn’t help but to chuckle as she stands to her feet. “Madi…, Griffin, and this is, Annabelle…,” Madi says, looking to Cara, “Guess it’s back to the party. Wherever that may be,” She says as she lets out a sigh; also while wondering when the hell she was, having seen the clothes that everyone was wearing, except for her and Annabelle, were very ancient times, oriented so to speak. 


“Not, yet; anyway…, there is always a first time for anything,” Clarke mused, at hearing him say he hadn’t gotten any complaints as she raised a mischievous brow, within a few moments' time. “Tell me, something…,” She began, as she grabbed his necklace and twirled part of it around her hand, as she pulled him further up against her, while having started moving her hips up, and back down, matching his movements with her own, against him, in a slow-teasing manner, now; as she kissed him passionately, before planting her lips to his ear. “Just how much did you miss me?” She asks, suddenly feeling very mischievous suddenly, as he had always brought out that wilder, and more ‘free’ side out of her, as she stared down at him, “hmm…,” She began her words as she moved up, pulling him out of her, only mid-ways’, with a fire, and intense look down to him, before moving her body back down, thrusting him inside of her, causing Clarke to let out a gasp-turned moan, “That much…,” She breathed out, nipping his bottom lip as she kissed him; only to start rolling her hips down against his own, once more. And, once again, within a few moments, moved up all the way to where the tip of him was barely inside of her this time, before pushing her body back down against his lap, along his hips, sending chills throughout her spine, her actions causing him to thrust deeper inside of her, hitting against her spot perfectly as Clarke’s entire body shook from the pleasure and force of it all, letting out another moan, “Or, did you miss me…, this much…,” Clarke managed to breathe out in a heavy breath, feeling her walls tightening around her, feeling herself starting to edge towards her climax, only to feel the sudden love bites to both sides of her neck, along her breast, which caused her to moan once again, welcoming the stinging sensations she had gotten from each bite, as she kissed him passionately as a result. “Looks like I got my answer,” She mumbled, only to reach her peak a few minutes later, digging her nails in his back passionately as she did so. “Damn,” Clarke muttered, full-blown, still reeling from the effects of being with him again after what had been almost fourteen years ago-their last time together; as she held onto him for the moment, staring down at him. “Definitely glad we went ahead and got all that built up tension out.” Clarke stated, “With you having attacked me, and everything, of course,” She said playfully, only to kiss along his ear, with a chuckle, as she left her own love bite against his neck, as she stared back down at him. “Don’t tell me I tired you out already?” She mused against his lips, once again becoming complete puddy in his hands; or, arms one could say as she winked. 


When she heard what he had said about not wanting what happened between the two of them to end, let out a breath when feeling his hand through her hair, as a pained look came to develop across her features. “But, it did…,” Clarke, stated; “...,A long time ago,” She finished her sentence, only to swallow hard as she moved away from him, her body still giving off that tingling sensation all over, as she reached for her dress, “This was a mistake,” Clarke mumbled, only to gasp when having seen two very familiar women having walked up, which had been her grandmother, Xena; and her grandmother’s long time companion, and lover; Gabrielle, “Grandmother,” Clarke spoke out, becoming very embarrassed suddenly as she was quick to get redressed, grabbing the small blue jacket that she had been wearing, wrapping it around her as she cleared her throat, stumbling forward a bit as she grabbed her shoes, placing each one on each foot as she let out a sigh. 


“Looks like we found them.” Gabrielle mused, looking to Clarke with a smirk, as she looked to Xena, next. “Definitely your granddaughter; the whole doing it out in the open thing…,” Gabrielle says playfully only to chuckle, “Oh, wow; another family resemblance; like grandmother, like granddaughter, Xena…, she has the same birthmark on her…,” Gabrielle began her words, c*cking her head to the side, the birthmark being on the back of Clarke’s ass, having seen it through the bright flash of the moonlight beaming down, “that you do…,” Gabrielle left it at that as Clarke’s eyes went wide. “I, uh…, this isn’t what it…,I should go,” Clarke stumbled over her words, causing Gabrielle to chuckle. “Damn, must have been quite hot…, he got you stumbling over your words and all,” Gabrielle had said, with a wink. As Clarke had just let out a much needed breath. And, not saying anything to Gabrielle's slick remark, looked over to Murphy, only to swallow hard as she turned away from him, letting out a much needed breath as she began to walk away.


“Those two keep on, my sister is going to get pregnant without even having to do anything with him.” Hercules said with a chuckle, having meant Aphrodite, and Taron, with the way they were dancing as he shakes his head. “Where did my mother…,” And Hercules as he had been about to say ‘where did my mother go?’, having lost the two in the crowd for a brief moment, looked out onto the dance floor, only to see Jason and Alcmene grinding against each other as he shook his head. “Never mind,” Only to raise a brow when Iolaus had pulled him out onto the dance floor, where he hesitated at first, but began dancing along with everyone else a few seconds later. And, Taron, once the song ended, looks to Aphrodite with a mischievous grin. “At least one more song…,” He mused, “bring it, baby;’ Aphrodite called out, as she used her powers to hit the microphone as the song ‘Push, it’ begin to play this time, where she and Taron begin to dance, as each took turns, singing; as Taron had took the lead. “Aah, push it…, aah, push it…,” He sings the words, only to get up behind Aphrodite, as he began to make a spanking movement with his hand, pretending to spank Aphrodite’s ass as the two danced to the beat. The two of them bending forward, and backward, as Aphroditie had sung the next lyrics’ “Ooh, baby baby…, baby baby…, ooh, baby baby...b-b-baby…,” The goddess sung, with Taron singing next, “Aah, push it; aah, push it; aah…,” Taron sung and at the same time he sung his words, Aphrodite sung…, “Get up on this…, Get up on this….,” twice in a roll. Only to turn around and start dry humping as Taron repeated her own movements back to her. 


“Aphrodite, and taron’s here; and we’re in effect, want you to push it, babe; coolin’ by day, then at night working up a sweat…, C’mon Taron,  let’s go show the guys that we know how to become number one in a hot party show, now push it…,” She sings, as Taron follows, “Aah, push it; push it good; aah, push it; push it real good…, aah, push it; push it good; aah, push it; p-push it real good…,” Taron purred, causing Aphrodite to giggle. “Oooo, yeah,” Aphrodite squealed, before starting to sing again a few seconds later. “Ooh, baby baby…, baby baby…, ooh, baby baby; b-b-baby…, yo, yo, yo, yo baby-pop yeah; you come here, gimme a kiss, better make it fast or else i’m gonna get pissed, can’t you hear the musics’ pumping hard like I wish you would? Now push it…,” Aphrodite sings only to reach over and pull Taron into a passionate kiss, before letting him go with a wink, who as a result raises a brow at her, only for Taron, to fan himself off as he sings the next verse, “Push it good…, p-push it real good…,” as Aphrodite sings twice, once again, “Get up on this,” and once the song had ended, Aphrodite had just grinned wickedly, before jumping into, Taron’s lap, who caught her instinctively. “Raawr…, damn, boy; you’re hot, come to Ditie…,” And, Aphrodite having said what she did, reaches over, grabbing Taron by the face, kissing him passionately. 


She had to get away. She had managed to break out whatever state of trance, or spell; or whatever it was that Erik had placed upon her, or maybe it wasn’t a trance, maybe it was a simple touch, or look; but, she knew it was wrong…, he was her uncle she had come to find out, and she no longer wanted part in whatever he had planned for her. She had ran away, when he had left to go and do something; running as fast as she could, that her feet would allow her as she ran through the woods of Ancient Greece, only to feel that butterfly-fluttering sensation deep in the pits of her stomach, knowing that he was near as she let out a breath, trying to ignore it as she continued. After a few moments she had come to stop about twenty yards away from what was a large building, music blasting full force inside, as this was the famous academy that everyone was either already gathering at, or would soon be arriving at as Mary tried to catch her breath for a moment. When she heard the sound of her voice being called out, she shook her head. “Not again,” She muttered under her breath, as she raced over to the Academy to head inside, but had stopped when fog had surrounded her all of a sudden, leaving her completely blind to what was around her as the fog got thicker, causing her to panic, somewhat; and her heart starting to race, especially at hearing the words he said next of ‘did you think it would be that easy’ and, Mary as she turned back around, once the fog had subsided had seen that she was somewhere back in the woods, though now she was standing a few feet away from a lake, looking up to see a cabin up ahead, nearby; only to let out a breath, and swallow hard when having seen the dark-haired stranger having appeared all of a sudden, causing her to instinctively back up, and away from him, hitting the tree a few seconds later. “W-Why can’t you just leave me alone,” Was all she had said to him, only to feel as though everything was spinning around her, closing her eyes for a moment, before opening them back up, already feeling that instant pull to him once again, as she had looked him directly in the eyes, and after a few seconds had passed, leaned up to, and against him, where she began kissing him passionately without being able to stop herself. 


Lucifer had heard her words, but remained silent for the moment as he placed both hands inside his pockets. “And, here I thought you would be happy to see me.” He said with a smirk, “What am I doing here..?” He begins his words as he slowly makes his way over to where Aurelia was at, while his look to her had been intense the entire time. “I originally came to see our son. For his birthday.” Lucifer tells her as he had stopped in front of her, only to take a hand and place it to her shoulder, where he slowly traced a finger down her arm, “You do remember the night, this very same night that he was conceived all those many years ago, don’t you?” He spoke in a seductive tone as he closed the space between them, only to stare at her, his eyes full of hunger, and desire, “I, for one...most certainly do…” He states, as he reaches over with his hand, waving it over her body, causing the dress that she had been wearing to untie itself, as it fell to the floor, “That’s better…, I was never one much for…, clothes,” He stated, before pressing his body completely against her, letting her feel his erection as he grinned. “Every single touch…,” He said, only to slide his hand down her chest, a finger over each nipple, and down to her stomach, as he stared at her. “Every single kiss…,” He mumbled, only to reach over and kiss her neck, already leaving a love bite along it, before kissing her jawline, up to her lips as he kissed her passionately. “You do remember, don’t you?” He breathed out, “I came to see our boy, and found you…,” He tells her, only to move his hand to her outer thigh next, as he moved his hand to be between her legs, slowly rubbing/caressing her inner thighs. “The kid is in the middle of getting his girl back, as we speak; so, hell; here I am thinking why not follow his lead and do the same thing myself.” Lucifer says in a bit of a purr, and a growl at the same time, having meant Clarke, and Murphy as he couldn’t help but to chuckle. “He is definitely his father’s son, in case you were wondering…” Lucifer states, “In fact…, am I to remember right, there will be two children between them, conceived tonight...a boy, and girl...twins…, I believe you will know them in the future, as Annabelle Fielding, and Nolan Ross; to which, I have sent one already, on their way here as we speak; well, at least her future grown up version, anyway.” Lucifer tells her, with a wink. “The two are going to share the same birthday as their father, which so happens to be the night of Sam Hain, can’t get any better…, or…,” Lucifer began his words, only to now start rubbing his fingers against her entrance in a very teasing manner. “Hotter…then that,” And, having said what he did, couldn’t help but to chuckle, as he stared down at her, once more. “Then, stop me…,” Was all he had said, before moving his hand along her clit, first; rubbing against it, only to place a couple fingers inside of her, moving them around wanting to get her body completely ready for him so to speak, before removing his own clothes with the snap of his fingers, leaving him completely naked now, as he placed one of her legs around his waist, while hoisting her up, against the wall, where he wasted no time in pushing himself inside of her, entering her in a very passionate manner, thrusting into her as he began to move slowly inside of her, teasing her.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 31st 2020 - 12:19 AM

-------------------------------------The Past: Hospital--------------------------------------------

William had been at the snack machine when Wilson, and Sarrai had come walking up. Well, Wilson had walked past him to talk with Renee, and Sarrai had walked over to him as he looked to Sarrai with a small smile. “Not good at all.” William said in a mumble, before swallowing hard. “We got to her…, but we were too late to have stopped, uh...from what he did to her.” William says this time, his voice thick with emotion as he now clears his throat. “She was shot. He shot her. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I mean, he shot her in the back, that wasn’t supposed to happen, and they had to do surgery and place her into a medically induced coma. I just gave them some blood in order to give her a transfusion. I told them I was a match, but you know how these hardass doctors are.” William says with a chuckle as he shrugs. He watched as Sarrai left, and having grabbed a Dr. Pepper, and Hershey candy bar out of the machine as well as a bag of chips, made his way back over to where the room was, which everyone was inside of, only to stand outside for the moment, though looking in through the doorway as he let out a sigh. 


Wilson had been about to leave when he had seen the familiar sight ahead of him, not having noticed her at first as he smiled. “Anna, what are you doing here?” He asked with a very curious expression as he placed a hand to her shoulder. “Come and see me when you get the time.” Was all he told her, before having raised a brow towards Casey, and Annabelle; not having been around much when Casey, and Annabelle were growing up and had no idea that this was the same damn kid that had lived next door to his niece as he got the hint that something was going on, but didn’t address it, having too much on his mind as it was, but sensing that the two of them knew each other, smiled at Annabelle one last time, before walking out the door, headed back over to the elevator, and down to the labs, to start running tests.


“Did he just threaten me?” House said with a raised brow. “And, here it has been said that you were never the smartest one in the room.” Casey said with a smirk, only for House to roll his eyes. “Well, I did hire you; so what else can be said.” House retorted, with his own amused smirk across his face now, before walking out as Foreman couldn’t help but to chuckle. And, William having seen Sarrai walk back over to him, sighs. “Was Dad always, he got with my mother?” William asks, hoping she would know what he meant by that little remark as he let out a quick chuckle. “That man is next to nearly impossible.” He mumbles, as he looks to Annabelle, and Casey; as he watches as Dawson has walked out of the room. “That’s never gonna happen.’ He states, looking to Sarrai. “The new fiance, and Matt, I mean; now that Anna is back, the poor girl doesn’t stand a chance.” He says, only to chuckle. “Well, let me not be too harsh…, she stands a bit of a chance, but not a good enough of one.” He muses, only to wink to Sarrai as he walks into the room, leaning against the wall. 


Casey had watched the interaction between Dawson, and Annabelle, and could feel the tension rising in the room. Actually, maybe not tension; but, his own unease, and awkwardness as he looked to Dawson, watching how she reacted to Annabelle, and everything that she did to show her authority so to speak as he watched as Dawson left the room, looking to Annabelle soon after that. “I am sorry about that. Even though she means well at the end of the day, I’ve told her many times before how sometimes when it comes to certain things, and people; she can come off a little too strong.” He tells her, as he looks to Mulder, and everyone else. “I am going to go check on a few patients, but I will be back to check on her. In the meantime, if anyone needs me for anything…, anything at all;  just page the front desk and have the nurse give me a call, alright.” Casey says as he looks to Annabelle with a raised brow. “You are very right by the way. James Wilson is one of the best doctors’, and one of the best all around oncologists that I know. Some say he is even better than house, but don’t let anyone else be the one to say I mentioned that.” Casey had said, feeling as though some weight had been lifted off his shoulders, only to give Annabelle a smile, before heading for the door, and walking out of it, letting it shut behind him. “I should go and see what I can do to help Doctor Mason down in the lab.” Foreman states, having been talking about Gena, as he walks out the door, and quickly makes his way over to Casey with a smirk across his face. “What?” Was all Casey had said. “That hot blonde in there, and you…, what’s the story?” Foreman asks, as Casey stops a moment, only to give Foreman an annoyed look. “There is no story. She and I dated a while back. When we were kids. Things took a different turn and both went our separate ways.” Casey tells him, before walking over to the elevator and pressing the button in order to go to the third floor as he walked into the elevator after it opened, and pressed the button for the third floor, with Foreman following him, pressing the button for the 1st floor, and what was one of the man labs’ of two of them, as he looked to Casey with that same smirk. “Oh, there is a story; you just don’t want to tell me.” Foreman states, “Why else would you be running for the hills like someone had lit a match under your ass.” Foreman retorts, as Casey rolls his eyes. “That’s enough.” Was all Casey had said, before walking out of the elevator once it had reached the third floor, as Foreman had stayed back, leaning against the wall, only to shake his head as he stepped out onto the 1st floor, making his way over to Gena, with quite the smirk across his face. “So, about Casey, and that blonde in there…, any ideas?” Foreman asks with a chuckle, “Need a hand?” He asks, taking one of the vials from her, and placing it in the test tube, thingy; only to spin it around, close it shut, and begin running the test as he looks to Gena with a raised brow. “Someone’s got a new admirer.” Was all he had said, having meant William of course, but not coming right out and saying it. “Want my personal opinion, the dude is a huge pompous ass. What an ego…,” Foreman remarks, before shaking his head.


When he had seen Wilson walk by them, however, he looked to Gena with an amused grin. “Do excuse me for a moment.” Was all he had said, before making his way over to the other lab that Wilson had walked inside of, that was next door, a few feet away, only to stand in between the doorway with a look to Wilson, more like a sh*t eating grin across his face, one could say. “Need a hand?” He asks, “No, I do not…,” Wilson says, not bothering to look at Foreman for the moment as he places the vials in the test tube thingy; before spinning it around and closing it shut in order to start the first round of tests. “Out with it, Eric.” Was all Wilson had said after a few moments. “Using our first names now, huh? You really must not be in the mood.” Foreman states, only to make his way over to where Wilson was at to stand beside him. “Want to talk about the hot redhead currently unconscious on the…,” Foreman had not been able to finish his words as Wilson had cut him off. “I do not.” He tells the other man, only to give Foreman an annoyed look. “Not trying to pry; just that…, you sly dog…,” Foreman says, and having said it the way he did, Wilson couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Enough of that.” Was all the older doctor had said. “We can always talk about it later over, well...dinner, and a movie.” Foreman remarks, having said what he did playfully as Wilson shakes his head, though now having an amused expression across his face. “Not going to happen.” And, Wilson having said what he did, lets out a sigh.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 30th 2020 - 4:35 AM

----------------------The Past: Various Locations------------------------

“No, don’t…, let him kick his ass.” Seska stated to Sarrai, as she watched the fight between Ares, and Zylas, unfold. “Seriously.” Was all Bellamy had said as he watched his father fight the other man, who both had begun throwing punches, while kicking each other, etc...getting equal ‘licks’ in so to speak as Ares had knocked Zylas to the ground for the moment, only for the other man to kick him, causing Ares to stumble back, as Zylas got up. And, Ares wasted no time as he lunged after Zylas, charging after him as he did a spear-like move against him, crashing into Zylas as the two men crashed through the wall, only to hit the ground, as the two were now outside. “Someone definitely ought to teach you some manners, jackass;” Ares scowled as he began to punch, Zylas; doing so a couple times, “That is what your mother told me before she blew me good last night.” Zylas retorts, causing Are to growl. “Too bad I don’t give a damn about, Hera; were I to have any thoughts about dear ole mom, I would have found that remark greatly insulting you prick…,” Ares states, only to punch Zylas a couple more times. “Alright, you two; that’s enough.” Bellamy tried to call out to them, but to no avail. He had come to feel foolish for letting the other man…, letting Zylas get to him; with what he had said about Clarke. Clarke was definitely a sore subject for him as the younger man let out a sigh. 


“Okay, enough of this…,” Seska stated, once having seen Zylas manage to headbutt, Ares; causing Ares to fall back, but kick the other man back as a result, before standing to his feet, and Zylas, once standing to his feet as well, charged after Ares, and with a quick movement of his foot, had drop-kicked the older man to the ground, where he dove on top of him as the two began rolling around, and around, having re-entered the inside of the house, once more; where the wall use to be one could say as the two men continued to fight, causing Bellamy to step out of the way. “Grow up…,”: Was all Seska had said as she reached over and grabbed a bucket of water, dumped the water on both men, though it did not have any effect on the two of them as Seska let out a sigh. “Whatever…,” She mumbled, before walking back over to Sarrai and sitting down, crossing both arms over her chest. “I tried…,” Was all she had told her lover, looking to the other woman as she shook her head. 


After a few minutes, a dark-haired woman had entered the room, only to walk over and grab a vase, throwing the flowers that were in it, out of it, as she walked over to where Zylas was at, on top of, Ares; taking the vase and smashing Zylas over the head with it as this caused Zylas to fall backwards, and away from Ares, the younger man falling to the ground as Ares had stood to his feet, a few seconds later. “That’s what you get, hah…,!”  Ares growled, only to look to the dark-haired woman with a smirk. As the dark-haired woman had made her way over to Zylas who had not been knocked out by some miracle, “Who are you?” He scowled, “The Name’s Octavia…, Octavia Blake, and you are the weakest link…” Octavia Blake, the twin sister of Bellamy Blake, and Daughter of Ares, and Aurelia Mills remarked in a sarcastic manner, as she reached over and punched him square in the face, doing so in such a manner it had knocked the younger man out cold as he fell to the ground.” Nighy, night; don’t let the bedbugs bite your d*ck off.” Ares spat down to Zylas, as the dark-haired woman raised a brow. “Really? That’s all you could come up with, dad?” Octavia retorted, only to turn her attention back to everyone else with an amused grin across her face. “I thought you all could use a hand.” She says with a wink, before sitting down beside Bellamy as Ares gives a nod. “Seska, let me introduce you to my other wild child, and daughter; Octavia Blake, Bellamy’s twin sister; and Octavia, this is Seska.” Ares states, as Seska smiles and nods. “A pleasure.” Seska says, “Right back at ya,” Octavia had been quick to say. 


“I never say anything that I don’t mean.” Scully told him in what was almost a whisper as she looked to Mulder with an intense gaze. “There is nothing else I would rather do, nor anywhere else I would rather be right now then here with you.” Scully tells him, next; only to smile up at him, as she kissed him passionately once again. Only to begin running her fingers through his hair, as she had opened her legs up, placing each one of each side of him, welcoming him so to speak, letting out a quiet gasp at the moment of penetration when she had felt him enter her. Of which left her breathless as this very breath had caught in her throat, only to let out a moan against his lips when feeling him starting to move around inside of her, as she moved her hips up against his own, before wrapping both legs around his waist. Feeling shivering type sensations rushing throughout her entire body as her core had started to heat up dramatically, with each passing moment as Scully had moved her hands to where they were along his back now, gripping his back, while digging her nails into the skin, in a passionate manner. 


However, she had just turned the two of them around to where she was the one now on top, staring down at him with quite the mischievous grin along her face as she too hold of the necklace he was wearing, that had been given to every new student that joined the academy the first day of their arrival, and Scully taking this necklace, pulls Mulder up to her as she looks at him with another intense gaze. “Can’t let you have all the fun, and do all the work, now can I?” She muses against his lips, only to kiss him passionately, biting down on his bottom lip as she readjusted herself, starting to move her hips against his, doing so in an up, and down movement, and back and forth movement, riding him; as she let out another heavy breath. Breaking out into a sweat as her hair matted to her skin, never taking her eyes off of him the entire time. Only to start feeling herself slowly starting to edge towards her peak; but, not getting there just yet as she continued her movements on, and against his lap. 


“I told you not to call me…,” Clarke began her words, but didn’t bother to finish them as she gave an annoyed look to the other man, who had called her princess. “Always the smartass.” She breathed out, when he had made the wisecrack about how she sure could have fooled him on the whole being nervous, thing. However, that soon had been forgotten, as her breath had caught in her throat, the moment he had placed his hands between her legs, moving them up her inner thigh, starting to feel as though everything was starting to spin around her, as this was causing her to get completely turned on, whether she wanted to, and was trying to; or not, having no control over her body, which was having a natural reaction as she let out a heavy breath when feeling his fingers against her entrance, teasing her the way he is. “Like I said…, I really should cum…, go…,” Clarke breathed out, having said the wrong thing first, accidentally repeating his words, mentally kicking herself for it as she swallowed hard. 


“That doesn’t mean anything… you are a man, afterall; and men get easily excited about…,” Clarke had begun her words, as a result of feeling his sudden erection against her body, while feeling him pressing his entire body against hers’ at the same time. And, before she could finish her sentence of what else she had been about to say, had been cut off by him taking hold of her hand, which he placed to his chest, causing Clarke to let out a breath when feeling it racing as she cleared her throat. Saying nothing else, however. 


The moment he had removed her jacket, and dress, leaving her completely naked, knew that she had been defeated, the moment after she had kissed him, and he had reached over and lifted her legs up over his shoulders, only to feel him start to eat her out, which caused her to let out another heavy breath, only to moan from the sheer pleasure she was feeling, closing her eyes, only to grip part of a piece of branch that hung below, behind her. While placing the other hand against the tree, itself. Her entire body shivered, as he swirled his tongue around inside of her with expertise so to speak, causing her to bite her lip, feeling her legs buckling just in time as he grabbed hold of her, only to feel her legs wrap around his waist, giving him the same intense look back as he pinned her back up, and against the tree. “You always were good with your mouth…, that is when you weren’t running it…,” Clarke breathed out in a c*cky tone, only to moan again when feeling him enter himself inside of her, only to kiss him back just as passionately as she wrapped both arms around his neck, while starting to run a hand through his hair, as a result. Moving her hips upward…, forward, and against his, as she began to break out into a sweat. 


The moment he had placed the two of them on the ground, let out a groan in disapproval when he teased along her entrance, before letting out another moan, one much louder this time, the moment he had entered her again, only to raise her hips up, and against his, while raising her legs up towards him more, to take more of him inside of her, with feeling him starting to move faster, and hard inside of her now as she kissed him passionately, biting down onto his lower lip, as she dug her nails into his back passionately. And, after a few minutes, flipped the two of them over to where she grabbed hold of him, by a necklace that he was wearing, pulling him up to, and against her body, as she placed her tongue between his lips, teasing him, slowly sliding her tongue over both the top, and bottom lip, as she let out a breath, kissing along his ear. “You might have been in charge, and used to taking control of every situation in Neverland; but, as you can see, we are no longer there…,” Clarke mused against his ear, nibbling it a moment, before moving her mouth back to his lips. “Let someone else take charge for a change.” She whispered with a smirk, only to start rolling her hips back and forth, and in an up, and down movement, as she began riding him, only to slowly do so at first, teasing him, a little payback you could say; before heating things up, only to start moving against him, harder and faster now, as she kept herself set on top his lap, allowing her mid-length, blonde flowing; with some curls to it, hair; to fall over him, as she kissed him once more. 


“Yeah, no; seriously, Aurelia; try and keep your thoughts about my sister, to yourself the next time you feel like oversharing.” Hercules said with a chuckle as he shook his head. “But, back to the subject of this girl being our granddaughter, how is that possible?” Hercules asks with a raised brow, but only to be interrupted by, Taron, first. “Uncle Hercules, Dad…, fancy meeting you here.” Was all he had said as he looked to Hercules, and his father, Iolaus of course, causing Aphrodite to chuckle at first, then look with wide eyes. “Wait…, what?” She stutters, “Did he just call you dad?” She asks Iolaus, as she looks to Iolaus with a wink. “Hey there, by the way, stud muffin; how’s it hanging?” She muses, before c*cking her head to the side, seeing the outline of his manhood, through his pants. “Hanging quite long I’ll say.” Aphrodite states, causing Gabrielle to chuckle as she shakes her head. “Always was a showman, huh?” Gabrielle says as she looks to Taron, before looking back to Iolaus. “Like father, like son, I have to say; considering I am pretty sure you used some of those same exact moves that he strutted while out there on the dance floor, on me…, many times over.” Gabrielle states, with a wink; And, Aphrodite having heard what Gabrielle had said, couldn’t help but to laugh as she looked to Xena, and Hercules, answering their question, about Clarke. “Oh, Aurelia isn’t lying…, the gorgeous little blonde, Clarke; she is your granddaughter. And, how, you ask; well, let’s see…, when two people are strongly attracted to each other, they give it some thought, before deciding to commence to fuc…,” And, before Aphrodite could say ‘f***ing’, Hercules had placed a hand over her mouth, “Yeah, we know that much, and how it is possible in that way; I can only guess that Xena meant to ask, and what she was trying to say is; who is Clarke’s mother, and father?” Hercules says, “Who says she has a father.” Aphrodite was quick to throw back, causing Gabrielle to raise a brow. “Huh? What? Now I’m intrigued” She spat back, to which Aphrodite looked to Aurelia, with a wink. Think, Eve…, warrior babe, that is the first thing I am going to say.” Aphrodite says as she looks to Xena. “Her mother is, Sarrai; and as for the father, well...the dearl girl has no natural father…, but that of two mothers…, two very hot mothers I like to add, and her second mother, of whom you fellows happen to know very well…, and very well, I mean boom bam, thank you mam, very well.” Aphrodite says gyrating her hips in a sexual motion to which Gabrille can’t help but to chuckle. “Let’s just say her second mother...being her birth mother is…,” And, as Aphrodite was about to reveal it, was cut off. “Spit it out already, Ditie.” Hercules says in an annoyed manner. “That’s what he said last night.” Aphrodite remarks to no one in particular, or about anyone in particular as she begins to laugh, even doubling over as she did so, only to clear her throat a few seconds later when she had seen the look Hercules was giving her. “Okay, okay; geez, can’t let a girl have her fun, I see.” Aphrodite says, “Her second mother is, Mary Stuart…,” Aphrodite tells them, as this causes Hercules to choke on the Ale, from out of the mug he had just taken a couple drinks from, causing Aphrodite to laugh. “Wh-What…? Mary Stuart? The, Mary Stuart…,” Hercules stumbled over his words. “Seeing as there is only one Mary Stuart, and only one Mary Stuart that you know, yes I am definitely talking about that Mary Stuart...of whom is your baby mama, four times over.” Aphroditie reveals as Hercules clears his throat. Looking over to Iolaus with a raised brow. “I don’t know what you are finding so funny, stud muffin; she is also your baby mama; how many times over, I have forgotten, considering all the kids you have with her, I’ve lost count. How many is it again, exactly?” Aphrodite asks Iolaus, c*cking her head to the side with that same smirk, having busted both men out, causing Gabrielle to look to Iolaus with an amused grin. “Oh, really? That was definitely bound to happen sooner or later.” Gabrielle stated, having meant Mary, and Iolaus, and Hercules, only to bite her lip. “That is a story that I would definitely love to hear.” Had been all the former bard had said, before falling silent. 


“Well, you are looking at one of their offspring now.” Aphrodite states, pointing to Taron, first; only to point back to Iolaus. “Seeing as his hot mama is, indeed, Mary Stuart, herself.” And, leaving her words at that, could only chuckle when Taron had whispered what he did to her. “Oooo, sounds naughty. Let’s do it.” She says, only to turn her attention to the stage, using her magic to cause the song ‘No Diggity’ to start playing as Taron makes his way over to Aurelia while the interlude is playing, only to reach over and take her hand into his. “It is so damn good to see you again, love.” The younger man tells her in a raspy seductive tone, only to give her what was a very intense look, kissing her hand, as having been pushed into a portal that had opened up from out of nowhere it had seemed, by Sarrai; had been giving all sorts of future memories, and flashes, of him and Aurelia being together sexually, etc…, as well as those feelings, only for, Ta Taron to step back away from her when Aphrodite had put her hand on his shoulder, shaking her finger at him in a tsk tsk manner as she then motioned him to follow her, as he was the first one to sing. “You know what, I like the playettes; No diggity, no doubt…Play on playette, play on playette; Yo Ditie, drop the verse,” Taron says as he begins to dance up against Aphrodite, who grinds her hips up against his,  as she begins to sing the actual first verse. “It's going down, fade to the Academy; The homies got rb, collab' creations…, Bump like acne, no doubt, I put it down, never slouch; As long as my credit can vouch, A dog couldn't catch me ass out; Tell me who can stop when Taron making' moves…, Attracting honeys like a magnet, Giving 'em eargasms with my mellow accent, Still moving this flavor, With the homies Aphrodite, and taron,, The original rump shakers..,” Aphrodite sings only to turn around to where he ass is up against Taron’s chest, having bent over against him, slowly dancing against him as he slid down his front body with her backside, only to be spun around by Taron who had grinded his hips up against hers, causing Aphroditie to smirk as Hercules shakes his head. “Iolaus, get your son.” Hercules spat, not in a bad way; but, a more humorous one, as he looked at his mother, who was looking at him with quite the smirk. “Oh, no; mother...please, don’t.” Was all he said, to which his mother just smiled and started dancing to the beat of the music, with Jason dancing with her, as the two started grinding against each other, before making their way out onto the dance floor, where they began to dance quite provocatively. “What the actual seventh circle of hell is going on?” Hercules mumbles, as Gabrielle hears this, begins to dance as well. “I don’t know but your mama got some moves, Herc;” Gabrielle states as she grabs Xena’s hand, and leads her out onto the dance floor where she, to; starts dancing with Xena, grinding her hips up to the dark haired woman. 


And, once Aphrodite had finished her verse, Taron had slowly danced his way over to Aurelia, starting to sing the next verse as he began to dance around her, doing so in a lap dance against her, with that famous smirk across his face the entire time. “Shorty get down, good lord; Baby got 'em up open all over town, Strictly biz, she don't play around…, Cover much ground, got game by the pound, Getting paid is her forte, Each and every day, true player way, I can't get her out of my mind, I think about the girl all the time, East side to the west side, Pushin' phat rides, it's no surprise, She got tricks in the stash, Stacking up the cash, Fast when it comes to the gas, By no means average, She's on when she's gotta have it, Baby, you're a perfect ten, I wanna get in; Can I get down, so I can win…,” Taron sings as he grabs hold of Aurelia by the hand, spinning her around, and over to him where he dips her towards the ground, and slowly pulls her back over to him, pressing his body against hers’ as he begins to dance seductively with her, causing Hercules to raise a brow as Taron sings…, “I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…,” Taron finished singing only to let go of Aurelia, with a wink to her, before going back over to Aphroditie and starting to dance with her again, as Aphrodite had sung the next verse. “She's got class and style, Street knowledge by the pound, Baby never act wild, very low key on the profile, Catching' feelings is a no; Let me tell you how it goes, Curve's the words, spins the verbs, Lovers it curves so freak what you heard, Rollin' with the phatness, You don't even know what the half is, You gotta pay to play, just for shorty, bang-bang, to look your way, I like the way you work it, Trumped tight all day, every day, You're blowing my mind, maybe in time; Baby, I can get you in my ride…,” Aphrodite finishes singing.


Meanwhile outside, Lucifer had appeared, looking to the tree where his son, John Murphy was going at it with his ex-flame, Clarke Griffin, only to c*ck his head to the side, with an amused grin across his face, and a look of which was also a proud one. “That’s my boy…, get your girl back.” Lucifer was quick to say…, “A natural like his father.” Lucifer mused, before giving one last look to Murphy, and Clarke, before disappearing and reappearing behind Aurelia, looking her over completely, from top to bottom and vice versa as he c*cked his head to the side, once again. And, with one quick movement, had grabbed Aurelia by the hand, only to spin her around, and over to him, “fancy meeting you here, love.” He says in a seductive whisper to her, before starting to dance with her, grinding his hips up, against her, pressing his body against hers’ as well as he as he adds more seduction to his movements, while staring at her with pure intensity the entire time. As Taron sings the next part of the chorus, at the same exact time. “I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up.” Taron sings, only for him and Aphrodite to start singing the ‘Hey, yo…, hey, yo…, hey, yo…’ part as it was during this moment that the man known as Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook, and Lexa Murphy, John Murphy's twin sister, and also the daughter of Lucifer, and Aurelia Mills, had come dancing up, grinding against Hook as, Roan Mills, another son of Aurelia Mills, was dancing behind them, only for the three to pass by Hercules who raised a brow.  Followed by Richard Cypher, and Kahlan Amnell, who were dancing up against each other, with Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander following behind, as Hercules lets out a sigh. 


And, all at once a woman had begun to sing the ‘female rap lead’ part of the song, that woman being Ephiny and Gabrielle seeing her, could only chuckle. “Look who decided to pay a visit, Xena. the blonde had said to Xena as she looked to Ephiny as she continued to dance, as Ephiny began to sing the lyrics. “'Cause that's my peeps and we row g; Flying' first class from new york city to the Academy; What you know about me, not a motherf***in' thing; Cartier wooden frames sported by my shortie, As for me, icy gleaming pinky diamond ring; We be's the baddest clique up on the scene, Ain't you getting bored with these fake ass broads, I shows and proves, no doubt, I be taking you, so Please excuse, if I come across rude; That's just me and that's how the playettes got to be, Stay kickin' game with a capital g; Axe the peoples on my block, I'm as real as can be, Word is bond, faking jacks never been my flavor; So, gabby pass the word to your lady, Xena; I be sitting in car, let's say around 3:30; Queen Ephiny, and the whole gang, it's no diggity…” Ephiny finishes singing, only to go over to Taron and Aphrodite as she begins to dance in the middle of, and against them. As the three sang the very last of the song. “I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…, I like the way you work it; No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up…,” And, once the song had ended, Lucifer had looked to Aurelia with a grin. “How about you and I take this somewhere more private.” Was all he had said, only to disappear from the ballroom, where he reappeared inside of a cabin, using his hand, with his powers, had lit a fire in the fireplace, only to turn back around to face Aurelia with a grin. “First things first, how have you been, my love?” Lucifer had asked, only to start making his way over to her, once again.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 26th 2020 - 5:11 PM

-----------------------The Present: Various Locations------------------------------


“She needs to wake up.” Renee mumbled as she went over and placed a hand to Scully’s forehead, moving the bangs from out of the older woman’s eyes as she leaned down and kissed her sister’s cheek. “Come on, Dani; I need you.” She speaks softly to Scully as she swallows hard before taking a couple steps back. She heard the interaction between everyone, most importantly between Prentiss, and William, raising a brow. “From the future, huh?” She remarked, only to cross both arms over her chest. She looked to Casey, and Annabelle, with a raised brow when having seen both their interactions, knowing that the looks, reactions radiating off of the two of them, was screaming that there had been something between the two in the past, though she wasn’t going to question it or try to. Some things were better left unsaid. Besides were Annabelle to feel chatty at a certain point, and wanted to share it with her, Renee would be more than happy to listen. “You just happen to have the same blood type as her?” Renee said to William, her own curiosity getting the better of her now as well as she looked to Mulder, who she could feel was thinking his own thoughts about William, she turned back to William. “You know what, it doesn’t matter. If you can give her the blood, go ahead.” Renee tells William as she looks at Jack. 


William, said nothing as he kept his eyes on Gena the entire time. While Foreman was getting a mixture between, being quite annoyed by this, and jealous at the same time as he placed both arms over his chest. “I really don’t like him.” Foreman mumbled, causing Amanda to overhear this who was in the room with everyone else now, as she developed quite the smirk across her face. “Nothing wrong with a bit of competition.” She says with a wink to Foreman, who raises a brow to her, only to shake his head. “I’m not even thinking about that. He’s just…, he runs his mouth off too much, and think hes a badass, and knows more than anyone else in the room.” Foreman states causing House to roll his eyes. “And, who do we all know here who reminds me of that?” House says sarcastically as Foreman rolls his eyes. “Whatever.” Foreman says as Amanda shrugs. “Whatever is right…, since this is only about at the moment him making a move on your girl.’ Amanda states, to which Foreman lets out a chuckle. “She’s not my girl, alright!” He states, “Not yet, but you definitely have a thing for her, and you keep all your cards in your hand without laying them out, someone’s definitely going to swoop in and play your hand for you.” Amanda states, and William having seen the name on Gena’s coat, grins. “Genevieve…, that is a beautiful name.” He says as he takes hold of her hand once she is done taking the blood, etc…only to run a finger over both of them. “Nice, and soft, but a firm touch, I love that in a woman.” William says with a bit of a seductive tone, while looking at her, causing Prentiss to chuckle. “While this isn’t the time, nor place right now, it is amusing as well as strangely refreshing.” Prentiss states, as she shakes her head.


William had let her hands go and watched as Renee followed him out the room. “Too bad I was starting to hit my groove.” William states, looking to Annabelle with a smirk. “Laying it on a bit thick is what I’m good at Miss Fielding.” He says playfully as he gives a quick wink. “You can never lay it on a bit too thick…,” Was all he said as he looked at Prentiss who came walking over to him, only to whisper into his ear. “I have figured out who you are. You're their son. Mulder, and Scully, am I right?” Prentiss says as this caused William to look taken back suddenly only to develop quite the smirk across his face. “Good FBI profiling there, Emily…,” He tells her as he looks to Mulder, towards Scully, before looking back at her. “I do have to say that you hit the nail on the head.” He tells her, as he lets out a sigh. “I think I am going to get a snack from the machine, I’ll be right back.” He says, “Are you sure you are not going to go and find that hot doctor, instead?” She asks with an amused grin, causing William to shrug. “Snacks, first; beautiful doctor, later.” He tells her, winking once again, only to walk out the door. Only to pass by Annabelle and whisper to her. “Of course I helped her…, I couldn’t just stand there and let mom die without doing anything, now could I?” He says silently, having figured out that Annabelle probably overheard him back at the warehouse. “Good to see you in this timeline, Aunt Annabelle,” He says, before walking out the door. 


Renee, who had followed Gena out the door, let out a sigh when taking the file from the other woman and giving a nod. “As I said, I already figured that part out, but wanted to be sure. Thank, you…,” Renee tells her, when William comes up. “Oh, no need to worry about him. That bastard is dead….about ten times over.” William says as ten times had been about the number of times he had shot the bastard, aka Webber, only to smile at Renee, who gave a nod. He moved to where he was looking to Gena next as he gave a quick wink. Only to walk past the two women and over to the snack machine, looking through what he could possibly want once having reached it. And, Foreman when Gena had almost ran into him, gave her a bit of a c*cky look as he shrugged. Not saying anything just yet as he watched her walk out the door. 


Casey had wanted nothing more than to reach over and pull Annabelle into a hug. “Yeah, good to see you as well.” He says, only to have Dawson walk into the room and do what she did, smiling at his current girlfriend as he smiles, wrapping an awkward arm around her. “She isn’t out of the woods yet; but, she is stable.” He tells her, talking about Scully as he lets out a sigh. “Why is everyone looking like the cat that ate the canary all of a sudden?” Dawson asks, noticing how everyone was looking between her, and Casey, and Annabelle as this caused Casey to sigh. Before he could answer, Gena nudged him playfully, causing him to chuckle somewhat as he shrugged. “I suppose you wouldn’t possibly want to fake a sudden new case and get me out of this one?” He whispers back to Gena, before looking back to Dawson when she had asked what she did, as he smiled. “Nothing going on…, just that, well…,” He began his words as he looks to Dawson, before looking at Annabelle. “Gabby, this is Annabelle…, Annabelle, this is my…,” Casey began his words, only for Dawson to get a bit of a smirk on her face, as she looks to Annabelle with a fake smile. “His girlfriend…,” Dawson states, only to chuckle. “Oh, excuse me, not just his girlfriend, as of last night, I became his fiance.” Dawson was quick to blurt out, causing Foreman to chuckle, though look towards the ring Dawson was wearing. “Damn, that must have been expensive, Matty boy; very nice.” He spats out at Casey with an amused smirk, to which Casey lets out another sigh. “You could say that.” He mumbles, before starting to feel very uncomfortable. “So, this is THE Annabelle, I take it?” Dawson states as she looks to Annabelle, “The very same one.” Casey replies, “You were right, she is hot.” Dawson says, causing Casey to raise a brow. “And, just your type,” Dawson states, raising a brow. Sensing a bit of a kindred spirit in Annabelle, the two women being very similar in the way of taking no sh*t, and having that fire and fierceness inside of them, along with feistiness added to it as she kept a look to Annabelle, though even though she could admire the other woman, she was also very intent on having made the whole fiance thing well known. Kind of marking her territory you could say as she wraps an arm around Casey and kisses him this time on the lips. “I have another call, but I will check in later. Dinner at Valentino’s tonight?” Dawson says, as Casey gives a nod. “Sure, thing.” He tells her, watching as Dawson gives a nod, smiling at the other woman. “A pleasure to meet you, Annabelle; it was so nice finally able to put the face to the name…” She tells the other woman, “however, I do hope you can respect how things are now.” She says quietly to Annabelle, meaning her relationship with Casey of course, only to force another smile to Annabelle, walking out the door as Foreman having seen all this, shakes his head. “Old girlfriend, I take it, and new girlfriend; yeah, not awkward at all.” Foreman states, trying to ease the tension in the room as he looks to Casey, who had been all the more relieved when Wilson had entered the room. 


“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” Wilson tells Sarrai, “Who knows maybe we might be looking to find the same person.” He says with a chuckle, not knowing how right he was about to be as he made his way over to the elevator and got inside, pushing the door for floor two, only to walk out of the elevator a few moments later, passing by who was William at the snack machine, and passing by Gena, and a red-haired woman, who he recognized immediately, her being Scully’s sister of course as he stopped. “Renee, what...what on earth are you doing here?” He asks the other woman, as Renee looks at William with a pure look of shock. “James…,” She says with a bright smile, before hugging the other man, as Wilson hugged her back. “You work here?” She asks, as Wilson gives a nod. “Yeah for about ten years now.” Wilson states, “What are you doing here?” He asks her again, as Renee gives him a sad look, only to sigh. “It’s Dana, she…, well…,” Renee began her words, having a hard time trying to find the right words to say. “She was attacked, and she is here…, she was shot, and…,” Renee continues, “She’s in a coma for right now, and they just had to draw a friend's blood, for a transfusion. She’s not doing good at all.” Renee tells Wilson, who looks with wide eyes. “What room is she in?” Was all Wilson could say. “Room 204…,” Renee tells him, as this time he looks a bit defeated. “That’s the room I just got called to…,” And, before Renee could say anything, not having Wilson say anything more, watched as Wilson rushed off. 


“Excuse me, “ Wilson tells Sarrai, before making his way over to room 204, and walking inside, only to see the condition and state that Scully was in, swallowing hard as a result. “Damn, it;” Was all he could muster at the moment, walking past Casey, and everyone else, oblivious to anyone at the moment as he made his way over to Scully and placed a hand to her head, looking with a pained expression. “Not you…,” He mumbled, having meant the condition she was in, what happened to her of course, as well as having been called by Casey to overlook a possible cancer situation concerning her, as he could feel his heart drop at just the thought. “I always wanted to see you again, but never wanted the two of us to meet like this.” Wilson says as he sits down on the bed, beside Scully, only to take her hand. “You will be okay, Dana; I promise. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere until you are better and out of this damn place.” He tells Scully, whether she can hear him or not as he swallows hard once again, clearing his throat. “Damn, it’s a small world today.” Foreman states, looking to Wilson, and his entire reaction to Scully as this caused Prentiss to nod. “That it is.” She states as Amanda looks to Annabelle with a smirk. “They definitely had a thing in the past.” Amanda says with a chuckle, nudging Annabelle playfully, if not for any other reason than to try and cheer the other woman up as she had been talking about, referring to Wilson, and Scully. “You might just have a bit of competition on your hands there, old champ.” Skinner states quietly to Mulder as he raises a brow towards Wilson. “And, you are? You know, Dana, how?” He asks, always one to get right to the point as Wilson, overhearing what Skinner had said to him, turns towards the other man for the moment as he lets go of Scully’s hand. “James Wilson.” He says as he stands to his feet. “I am one of the doctor’s hear on his team.” Wilson says as he points at, House. “I’m an oncologist. I was called in by Dr. Casey over there to look at her case.” He left his words at that, leaving out the suspected cancer as he walked over to Casey. “The file you wanted me to see.” He says, being discreet as Casey nods and gives him the file. “I spotted it while looking at the results, and called you right away. Tell me what you think?” He says as he hoped his suspicions weren’t right as Wilson takes the file from the other man, and opens it, looking through each one of the forms, shaking his head. 


“Perfect eye…, you were right to call me.” He tells Casey. “It’s cancer….from the levels in the blood, among other things I saw, it's either Ovarian, or Cancer in the kidneys...not one hundred percent positive until more tests have been run.” Wilson tells Casey, who gives a nod. “We’ll need to get some blood to get it down to the lab as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait.” Wilson tells Casey as Foreman nods. “I’ll get right on it.” He tells Wilson, who walks over to the other man and takes the syringe from him. “I’ve got it.” Wilson tells the other man, who can only look to Wilson with a nod. “It’s your show.” He says as Wilson looks to Casey. “I’ll be officially taking over her case, I hope you don’t mind.” Wilson says as Casey nods. “I don’t mind at all.” Casey tells him as Wilson walks over to Scully and takes hold of her arm, in a gentle manner, before sticking the needle into her arm and drawing out the blood through the tube. After he had finished taking the blood that he needed, labeling each sample, sealed the tube up, placing them in a bag as he placed them inside of his coat pocket, “I’ll run these down to the lab and we should have the results within a few hours. I’ll put a rush on them.” Wilson says as he gives one last look to Scully, only to look at her with that same sadness, while adding a mixture of regret to it as he turns around in order to walk out the door, but House had stepped in front of him first. “You can’t just take over a case that belongs to me…, just because she’s your ex girlfriend and former bedroom companion and you still have a thing for her.” House chimed in, causing Wilson to give him an annoyed look. “That is not what this is about.” Wilson states, “Oh, but isn’t, it?” House retorts back, “She has cancer, House; so that makes her my patient now. You are not going to turn this into some sort of game or pissing contest. Back off…, not this one…,” Wilson says what he does, about the whole ‘not this one’ meaning Scully of course as House raises a brow. “Wait a minute…, she is the one…,” House starts his words, “Don’t…,” Had been all Wilson had said. “I am not asking you…, I’m warning you. Leave it alone.” And, Wilson leaving his words at that, walks past House, making his way out the door. “I would love for someone to explain to me what the hell all that was about just now.” Skinner mumbles, though looks to Renee, who sighs. “No need to look at me.” She says, “But, you would know.” Skinner says, as Renee nods. “They both worked together when she was an intern for Mercer hospital back in Seattle. They dated for a while.” Renee tells them, “Was it serious?” Prentiss asks, “They almost got married.” Renee answers, “Yeah, I would call that serious.” Prentiss says with a smirk before clearing her throat. “What happened, I wonder.” Morgan mumbles, “I honestly don’t know; but that is something that is no one’s business but the two of them.” Renee states, having been talking about Wilson, and Scully as she lets out another sigh. “Though I will say this, that man is one of the best…, if not the best doctor that I know, as well as being one of the best human beings on this planet, so she is in the best hands that she can be in.” Renee saying what she does, looking over to Scully, shakes her head, suddenly feeling sick suddenly. “I need some air.” She says, before walking out the door, and down the hallway, making her way over to the visitors bathroom you could call it as she went inside, throwing up into the toliet as she let out a much needed breath afterward. Unknowingly about six weeks pregnant as she flushes the toilet, cleaning herself up and washing her hands etc, as she mutters under her breath, before walking out of the bathroom, and out the door, taking in a breath as she was now outside of the emergency room.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 26th 2020 - 2:56 AM

---------------------------------The Past: various Locations----------------------------


Hercules heard every word Iolaus had said and shook his head. “While that may be true, what can I say I was waiting for the perfect time and right woman so to speak to try out my charms of seduction on, you could say.” Hercules muses, causing Alcmene to laugh. “And, what charms of seduction was that, son?” Alcmene teases, “Gee, mother; whose side are you on?” Hercules asks playfully, smiling at her as he shakes his head at the newest topic of Zylas. “Your guess is as good as mine, Iolaus.” Hercules states, “Why she married him that is.” Hercules continues, “I, myself have never figured that out. All the men out there who would be a better choice, or perfect for her, and she chooses him. I will never understand it.” Hercules mutters as he looks to both Xena, and Gabrielle with a smile. “But, let’s not talk about that jackass, and to more positive and better things.” Hercules when he heard what Iolaus said about Mulder and Scully, also shakes his head. “I don’t want to picture what the two of them could be doing either…,”He is quick to say. “They are far too young for anything other than...well, that…,” Hercules says as this causes Gaberielle to laugh. “Oh, come on, know how it is. Young love, and the heat of the moment. Girls will be girls, and well…, boys will be boys.” Gabrielle states as she looks to Xena and nudges her playfully. “Right, my warrior princess?” She muses as she looks back to the stage, only for Aphrodite to stop singing the song a few minutes later. “Thank the gods that it is over.” Gabrielle says with a chuckle as she looks to Xena. “yes, don’t mention anyone else…, Ares is liable to show up next.” She says while having been given a ‘don’t go there’ look by Hercules, causing her to chuckle again as she shakes her head. “Oops, my bad; I take it back, completely.” She says as she lets out a sigh. 


“Well, one thing is for sure, old friend; you are still as gorgeous as ever.” Gabrielle says with a smile at Aurelia, only to raise another brow towards Aphrodite when she began singing another song. “So, speaking of you being here to help out tonight with the kids, do you happen to know who that young man is-that was singing on the stage just now before he got up and so abruptly left?” Hercules asks, “And just who was that pretty little blond girl, with that very nicely fitting in all the right ways, little blue dress that she was wearing?” Gabrielle says and asks, with a chuckle. “What? It’s true? I can give out a compliment when there is heavy truth to it.” She said as a result of all eyes being on her. Gabrielle who had said nothing else looked back to the stage as Aphroditie began to perform another song. 


“I’m just a bachelorette…, I’m looking for a partner…, someone who knows how to ride without even falling off! Gotta be compatible, take me to my limits…, boy when I break you off, I promise that you won’t want to get off…,” Aphrodite began to sing before using her powers to make a mechanical bull appear to which she jumped on and began to ride it, with the bull going back and forth. “Whew, yeah…,” Aphrodite called out, “If you’re horny, let’s do it, ride it, my pony. My saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it. If you're horny, let’s do it, ride it, my pony. My saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it.” She sings the chorus, before starting the next verse. “Sitting here flossing, peepin’ your steelo…, just once if I have the chance, the things I would do to you. You and your body, every single portion, send chills up and down your spine, juice flowing down your spine,” and, before Aphroditie could finish another word, she had been cut off by a very familiar young man with blondish hair, who happened to get sent back into the past, as this man being Taron Stuart, shook his head with a smirk on his face, grabbing a hat from the man who was playing the drums, placing the hat on before shaking his finger at Aphrodite as though scolding her as he begins to sing the rest of the song. “If you're horny, let’s do it, ride it, my pony.” Taron begins to sing as he points down below, only to swagger over to where Aphrodite was at, dancing the entire time as he grabbed hold of her, pulling her off of the mechanical bull and wrapping both her legs around his waist, rolling his hips up against hers, before setting her to the ground on her feet, and with his arms around her waist, only turns her around to where she is leaning back against him as he grinds up against her, “Nice moves; but, you can't beat the master, darling.”  He mused against her ear, causing Aphrodite’s mouth to fall open, not being able to say anything as Taron began to sing. “My saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it. If you’re horny, let’s do it, ride it, my pony…, my saddle’s waiting, come and jump up on it.” Taron continues to sing before pushing Aphrodite down into the chair, where he looks at her with quite the wicked glint in his eyes before starting to give her his own lap dance, only to finish singing the song a few minutes later as everyone was cheering and roaring in the crowd, their approval, while whistling, etc…


And, Taron could only wink to Aphroditie who was still looking at him with that open mouth expression as he lets out a quick chuckle. While Gabrielle had seen everything transpire, chuckling as well. “Damn...that was hot…,” Gabrielle states, “Who the hell is that?” She asked, meaning Taron of course, as she definitely liked what she saw, before clearing her throat. “I will say one thing…, whoever he is, he definitely…, let’s just say…, my sister has never had her mouth drop open like that, or being tongue tied. Coming from the goddess of love, that is saying something.” Hercules says with a chuckle as he shakes his head. 


“Thanks for the show.” Taron was quick to tell Aphrodite. Who for the first time had quite the blush to her cheeks as she cleared her throat. “No, uh, thank you,” Was all the goddess could say as she let out a quick chuckle, fanning herself off, and Taron grabbing some papers that belonged to Murphy, looked over each one as he looked back at Aphrodite, motioning for her to come over to him. “I definitely think the moment calls for a duet. What do you say, goddess of love? Care to help a guy out?” He says, and asks, to which Aphrodite giggles and rushes over to him. “I would love to.” She purrs, before grabbing one of the papers from him. And, Taron told her when to start, where to start, what verses to sing etc, as the two began to sing one of the many songs that Murphy had written over the years as the song began to play and Taron began to sing first. “I really hate to let this moment go. Touching your skin, and your hair falling slow. When a goodbye kiss feels like this..,” He sings as Aphrodite joins him in the chorus. “Don’t you wanna stay here a little while. Don’t you wanna hold each other tight, don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight. Don’t you wanna stay here a little while. We can make forever feel this way. Don’t you wanna stay.” The two sing together, only to pause, as a few seconds later, the second verse begins to play as Aphroditie begins to sing.  “Let’s take it slow, I don’t wanna move too fast. I don’t just wanna make love, I want to make love last. When you’re up this high, it’s a sad goodbye.” She Finishes as the chorus comes in once again, and the two sing together. “Don’t you wanna stay here a little while. Don’t you wanna hold each other tight, don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight…, don’t you wanna stay here a little while. We can make forever feel this way, don’t you wanna stay…,” They sing together before Aphrodite sings her note, “Oh, yeah…,” She belts out, as Taron sings his, “oh, you feel so perfect, baby…,” He sings, followed by the blonde. “Yeah, you feel so perfect, baby…,” She belts out once more, as the two sing the last few chorus lines of the song; the song coming to an end about a minute or so later, causing everyone to clap and Aphrodite to grin. “How was that, ladies and gentlemen? Boys and girls?” She yelled out, with everyone cheering as she leaned over and kissed Taron’s cheek. “Thanks for making this old goddess of love feel special, honey…,” she muses, only to jump down from the stage as having seen Hercules, and the group, go rushing over to them. “Gabby…,” She addressed the former bard first as she pulled her into a tight hug, before hugging Xena, then Hercules, as well as Iolaus, etc… “Is he not just hot?” Aphrodite says with a grin, having been talking about Taron of course as she winks. 


Scully could only giggle and push away from Mulder when he had swam over to, and behind her, feeling him pinch her playfully as she splashed him back with the water, after he had splashed her as she gave a quick shrug. “But, I’m cute so I should have been allowed to get away with it.” She spat out playfully and just laughed again as she swam with him for a few minutes before letting out a breath as she cleared her throat, and when he swam over to her and kissed her, she kissed him passionately as she wrapped both arms around his neck once again. however, she had no time to react when a wave had hit the two of them, causing her to go underneath the water, then above it as she landed on shore as a result, almost feeling as though she had been riding the wave for a moment, only to laugh as she fell next to Mulder and just laid with him. “I think old grumpy Poseidon was trying to tell us something…, what do you think, Foxxy?” She asked, before turning her body around to where she was on her side, with her hand under her cheek and propped up on her elbow as she moved some of the wet bangs across his forehead to one side as she smiled down at him. “You look like a wet-drowned rat.” Scully says playfully only to laugh as she leans over and kisses his nose. Though when she heard the music, and the song in particular that was being played suddenly, looked down at him. “Come on, let’s dance.” She says before standing to her feet, grabbing him, ushering him up and to join her as she placed both arms around his neck and began dancing with him as the song was ‘Don’t You Wanna Stay…’ 


Once the song was over, Scully just smiled as a blush came to her cheeks, before leaning over to whisper to him. “Care to get lost with me, tonight?” She speaks softly, before kissing him again as she reached over and started moving him back, kissing him the entire time, until the two were underneath the pier, which caused her to kiss him more passionately, only to to break the kiss as she looked at him with a shyness as well as pure wanting, before reaching over and taking hold of the underpants he was wearing and pulling them off, did so in a clumsy manner only to stumble backwards, falling to the ground where she laughed. “Oops,” She just said as she motioned him over with her finger, and looking at his naked form over her, took a breath and let it out, before grabbing hold of the necklace he was wearing and pulling him down to her, before kissing him passionately, where she laid back on the sand, pulling him down on top of her, before placing both hands to his back, deepening the kiss. Every single emotion running through her as she bit her lips, before kissing him passionately again. The timing was just right, you could say as she got completely lost in the moment. 


“Th-that…is r-ridiculous.” Clarke stumbled over her words, before letting her hand drop back to the side of her as she let out a breath, only to start backing up the moment he started walking towards her in such a way it caused her to swallow hard as she hit the tree behind her. “D-Don’t.” She said breathlessly, trying to find the words to tell him not to come any closer, but that had failed as she was now pinned against the tree, only to clear her throat when feeling him pressed against her as she tried to figure out what to say, “Me, nervous; no…! Far from it.” She lied, trying not to meet his gaze as that was proving harder to do by each passing second. Being overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent of him that always made her defenses crumble, and weak in the knees so to speak. “The only thing I am feeling right now is the strong sense to punch you.” Clarke stated, once again lying as she could feel her heart racing furiously inside her chest the moment he started running a hand through her hair as she could only stand there as he tucked the strand of hair behind her ear. 


“You love me more than anything?” She repeated his words back to him, almost saying it as a question as a pained expression came across her face.  when he apologized and told her that he loved her more than anything. “I don’t believe you.” She spoke softly, “One thing you have always been good at, of what has never play your games very well. Why should this time be any different?” She said, and asked, only to see the smirk along his face as he started putting on the moves so to speak, ones of which he did so well as she let out a much needed breath, while once again feeling goosebumps starting to form along each part of her that he touched. First, her ear, followed by her neck which immediately sent shivers down her spine, only to feel his touch along her waist, where it ended to her thigh, causing her to swallow hard once more. “I...I should go…,” Was the only thing she could manage to say at the moment only for her breath to get caught in her throat when feeling his hand make a sudden turn from her outer thigh, changing direction, while still feeling his body pressed against hers as she finally let out a breath a few seconds later. 


And, not a minute longer, Clarke had just reached over and placed both hands to the black jacket he was wearing over a black shirt, one of the shorter jackets that he wore, as she had taken a moment to look him over, not being able but to help but to think how especially good he always looked in black, and placing both hands to his jacket, could no longer resist everything he was throwing at her, from what he was saying to what he was doing as she leaned over and kissed him passionately before pulling him against her even more if that were possible, before taking both hands and pulling the jacket off of him and letting it fall to the ground, only to break the kiss for a moment, taking a second to look at him, before kissing him passionately again as she took hold of his shirt, only to pull it up over him, taking it off as she let that fall to the ground as well. In the back of her mind she knew that this was probably not the greatest of ideas at the moment, but couldn’t stop herself, betraying her own judgment, so to speak, and wits about her as she reached for his pants, and removing them as well, watching as they fell to the ground, raised a brow when having seen him completely naked now. “I see that particularly hasn't changed as well,” She made the statement of the fact that he had nothing on underneath those pants, to which she leaned over and kissed him passionately again as she wrapped both arms around his neck.


“Tell me something god of war. You are not one to simply go out fishing no matter who it is. Your kid, or not; what are you really up to is what I am trying to ask.” Seksa says as she looks at Bellamy, and Ares, always having been a great judge of character, and being able to read people very easily, no matter whether they were simple mortals, gods, or whatever; she always had that talent, and special ability. She, however, turned her attention to Sarrai and kissed the other woman back just as passionately. I can’t wait for you to fully heal up, and give these two to Tabor, or hell even Ares over here, so you and I can have our alone time to, uh…, catch up if you get my drift.” Seksa says with a smirk, before kissing Sarrai passionately again. Ares as he heard what Seksa had said, and asked, gave a shrug as he looked to Bellamy, back over to Seska a few seconds later. “Okay, you got me.., let’s just say he is here because I am planning on a little reunion between him, and an old friend of his.” Ares says with a smirk, causing Seska to raise a brow. “May I ask who this friend is?” She purrs, causing Ares to grin. “No, you may not;” He says with a wink, only to let out a sigh, and roll his eyes when having heard the familiar voice having walked into the room all of a sudden. “Damn, I knew I smelled something foul and completely wretched all of a sudden.” Ares makes a smart ass comment, to which Zylas looks at Ares with a roll of his eyes, also. “I could say the same thing.” He spats right back, before looking to Bellamy, of whom he reaches over and kicks Bellamy’s legs from the one being crossed over the other as this caused Bellamy to raise up and give Zylas quite the annoyed look. “And just who the hell are you, jackass?” Bellamy hissed as he stood to his feet. “This isn’t a bar, or a hotel…” Zylas scowls as he looks to Ares first, before looking to Sarrai. “Don’t worry about where the hell I’ve been. I’m a man, sweetheart; I don’t answer to a woman, any woman, especially my wife. Not much of a wife at that.” Zylas states as this causes Bellamy to get up in his face. “You know you really have a smart-rude ass mouth. That is no way to talk to a lady.” Bellamy chimes in, to which Zylas raises a brow, getting in Bellamy’s face as well, only to push Bellamy black. “What’s the matter? The woman you love f***ed another guy and wouldn’t give it up to you? I can understand your frustrations, honestly…,” Zylas retorted as he gave Bellamy a look, having the power to read a person’s thoughts, except gods’, and goddess’ of course, only mortals as he developed quite a smirk across his face. “Ah, Clarke is her name…,” He began his taunts, to which Bellamy’s face went into complete contempt as he clenched his jaw at the mention of Clarke’s name, only to glare. “Nice trick, prick; one word of advice, however; keep her name out of your mouth.” Bellamy spat back as Zylas grinned. “Yes, that is exactly right. Though, she was never yours to begin with, was she? Must be hard having pined over her for all those years, only to continue it seems to be doing so. Guess you didn’t quite match up to your brother, huh?” Zylas states, causing Bellamy to reach over and punch Zylas in the face, to which Ares wasted no time, before he appeared in front of Bellamy, and also in front of Zylas, shoving Zylas back. “Don’t touch the kid, you d*ckless wonder.” Ares growls, causing Zylas to develop quite the amused smirk across his face. “But, I still got the girl, did I not? D*ckless wonder and all; though what can I say, the apple of your eye over there, father, like son…,” Zylas retorts, causing Ares to glare, “I must not be that much of a d*ckless wonder considering during our roundabouts of passion I made her scream and cum a hell of a lot more than just a few times. Tell me, what have you accomplished yet, in that respect, if anything.” Zylas spats as Ares shakes his head. “That’s it…,” And, no sooner had he said this, he reached over and punched Zylas directly in the mouth, causing Zylas to stumble back, only to spit out a tooth, as he looked back at Ares, spitting out some blood as well. “Is that the best you got?” He taunted once more, only for the two men to start fighting. 


Start of Flashback: “something about the way you look tonight…, something about the way that I can’t take my eyes off you…, something about the way your lips invite. Maybe it's the way that I get nervous when you're around, and I want you to be mine. And if you need a reason why…,” Murphy was singing while playing what would be called a guitar back in modern times. “It’s in the way that you move me, and the way you tease me,  the way that I want you tonight. It’s in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me, when I can’t find the right words to say.., you feel it in the way. Oh, you feel it in the way…, something about how you stay on my mind, something about the way I whisper your name when I’m asleep…,” Murphy continued to sing before having been interrupted by one of the sweetest voices he ever came to hear behind him all of a sudden. She came, was all he could think at the moment.


“A new song…?” Clarke asked, as it had been a few hours since the birthday party had ended for her and she left to meet Murphy at the cabin by the lake he told her to meet him at. And, Murphy who had heard this, couldn’t help but to smile as he placed his guitar down, and turned around to face her, the moonlight shining down on the blonde princess perfectly as he was standing a few feet away from the lake, with the guitar on a large rock. “Something like that.” He spoke with a smirk across his face as he took in every inch of her, finding it hard to think clearly at the moment as Clarke with him having said what he did, smiles as she starts making her way over to him. “You came…,” Was all he could muster to say at the moment, once again feeling tongue-tied, the whole at a loss for words thing as he clears his throat. “Of course I did.” Clarke tells him, only to stop in front of him. She had gone to place a hand to his chest, but he had grabbed it, before she could, if for no other reason than to stop her from feeling how fast his heart was beating as he let out a much needed breath. “What’s the matter?” Clarke asked, as Murphy smiles. “Nothing…, it’s just that…,” He began his words, only to fall short of them. “It’s just what…,” Clarke asks, stepping closer to him, as his breath caught in his throat. “You are stunning that’s all.” He spoke briefly, causing Clarke to grin as a small blush came to her cheeks. “I would hope you thought so.” She said with a chuckle, as she went to kiss him but he had grabbed her hand and kissed it first. “There is something that I need to tell you.” He says softly, suddenly feeling a pang of guilt inside his chest, knowing that everything had started out as a game being played with her at first; but, now not so much, that was far from the case. “What is it?” Clarke asks as Murphy looks at her with a sad smile. 


“I...well…, I am just afraid that were I to tell you…, you would stop looking at me the way you are right now, and I don’t think I could bear it.” Murphy says genuinely and truthfully as he looks at her with that same sad smile. “What are you talking about?” Clarke asks, with a sweet smile as she moves closer to him, as Murphy lets out a breath. “You deserve so much better than me, is all.” He says, chickening out and not telling her what he wanted, which was about how he had been sent to Camelot to find her, work his magic and cast his spell over her so to speak. He knew he should tell her, but in that moment he couldn’t and said what he did, instead. As Clarke hears this, shakes her head. “You let me be the judge of what it is that I do, or don’t deserve.” Clarke tells him as she reaches over and wraps both arms around his neck, placing her nose against his as she smiles at him. “Stop acting weird.” Had been the words to come out of her mouth which was all she could say at the moment as Murphy couldn’t help but to smile a few seconds later, her scent completely intoxicating as he took his hand and moved some of her hair back off her face as he leaned over and kissed her. Clarke, kissing him back as a result. “That’s more like it,” She smiled as she leaned against him as Murphy took a step back, “You are too good for this world, you know that?” Murphy stated, “Your kind, compassionate...., the heart that you have is pure, and something to he envied. The trust and faith you have in others, is equally something to be envied. What I am trying to say is-is that the idea of someone or something hurting you, it…, I don’t want that to ever happen. I’m not good enough for someone like you Clarke, I…,” Before Murphy can finish his words, Clarke places a hand to his mouth. “Shut, up…,” She tells him, before kissing him once again.


And, the young blonde could only start laughing when thunder roared, and it began to rain all of a sudden, without warning as the rain came pouring down and Clarke looked to Murphy, the both of them completely soaked as Murphy grabbed his guitar and grabbed Clarke’s hand along with it, running to the door of the cabin, and running inside with Clarke following him as she continued to laugh while he shut the door. “Never fails…,” He said with his own chuckle as Clarke looks to Murphy with a smirk as she moves closer to him again. “I have to say you look adorably cute, hot and everything rolled into one standing over here all wet.” Clarke mused, “You don’t look so bad yourself…,” He said right back, as Clarke shivered. “You cold?” He asked, as Clarke gave a nod. “It’s winter solstice of course I’m freezing. I was cold already, but the rain didn’t help.” Clarke says with a chuckle as Murphy walked over to a closet, grabbing out a long black coat, one of his to be exact as he walked back over to Clarke, and held it out for her. “Here you go.” He says as he wraps the coat around her, and Clarke slides her arms through, smiling at him as he places both hands over her arms and pulls her over to him. “Better…?” He asks, “Hmm, a little.” She says as this causes Murphy to wrap both arms around her, pulling her against him as this causes Clarke to grin. “Much better.” She says, “Nothing like body heat.” Clarke stated without really thinking about the way it would come out as Murphy grins. “I wholeheartedly agree,” He states as he leans in closer to her, his lips barely an inch from her own. “Nothing like two bodes pressing together to heat up one’s temperature.” Murphy mumbled, “I’m thinking I could set that little body of yours on fire, even…,” Murphy states while giving her a very intense look, causing Clarke’s breath to catch in her throat, knowing exactly what he meant. “Fire, on fire…, remember?” He said, repeating the fire, on fire part of the song lyrics to ‘fire, on fire’ that he wrote for her, causing Clarke to blush as she grinned. “What’s stopping you.” She spoke softly as she now looked back at him with what was an intense look as hearing this, Murphy saying nothing more, starts kissing her passionately as he begins backing her up against the wall, with Clarke allowing him to do so, before being pressed up against the wall by him as Murphy reached over and pulled the coat he had wrapped over her, off of her and let it drop to the floor. “You are completely intoxicating…,” He managed to breathe out as this caused Clarke to smile. “I would hope so…,” Clarke states as she kissed him back.

"You are not playing with me, are you?" Clarke had to ask as she looked at him, having meant 'playing games' with her and Murphy took it exactly how she meant it to sound. "Oh, Princ...," And, before he could finish, Clarke placed a finger to his lips. "Don't say it...," She says, causing Murphy to grin. "But, I have to...," He says playfully. "how's this, for games..., I am completely devoted, and head over heels in love with you, princess; and, that reason alone is why I have no time for games, especially with you." Murphy tells her, having said what he did, having meant it completely as she had broken him down completely and he was the one entirely under her spell as this caused Clarke to grin. "Perfect answer," She stated, "I..., I love you, to." And, Clarke saying nothing else, kisses him once again. 


However a few moments, breaking the kiss she could only let out a much needed breath as she looked at him, becoming shy suddenly, as well as extremely nervous. “What’s the matter?” He asks, as she couldn’t help but to blush, thinking about it. “It’s nothing…, just that I…, I and you…, this...I’ve never done this before...with…,” Clarke stumbled over her words as Murphy raised a brow. “You mean you have never been with anyone before in that way? Man? Woman?” He says, almost asking for confirmation as Clarke nods. “Y-Yeah.” She mumbles as Murphy looks back at her with complete desire. “Me either…,” He states, “Never been with a man before that is…, so that is something we have in common.” Murphy retorts, causing Clarke to chuckle as she hits him across the chest, quite playfully. “We don’t have to do this…,” Murphy says as this had been the first time he had turned anyone down. Back in Neverland he had been a playboy of sorts, like his father, but with Clarke, this was different and he didn’t want to do anything that she didn’t want him to do, and she was also different. Someone he would wait for, no matter how long it took. “I can take you back home.” He says as he runs a hand through her hair. “No…, I don’t want to go home. Not right now. I just want to be here with you.” Clarke tells him, “I want to be with you.” Clarke says, before kissing him passionately again as Murphy kisses her back once again just as passionately. “Just say the word, and I’ll stop okay.” Murphy says, “Never…,” Clarke breathes out. “I don't ever want you to stop, that is..,not tonight, anyway…,” Clarke tells him, and Murphy after hearing this, reaches over and taking the dress she was wearing off of her, letting it fall to the floor, Clarke had just kicked out of it as she in turn took his shirt off, then his pants, doing so a bit clumsy as she couldn’t help but to laugh. “I’m absolutely terrible,” She mumbles, “To me, you’re perfect.” He mumbles back, before kissing her passionately again and once the two of them were completely naked, he had just reached over and picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom, placing her down onto the bed, where he got on top of her starting to kiss her passionately again, starting to run his hand down her body, between her legs as this caused Clarke to let out a gasp, her entire body shivering once again. And after a moment, placed one of her legs around his waist, only to kiss her passionately, before slowing entering himself inside of her, causing Clarke to gasp once again, though this time when feeling him entering her, penetrating her, causing the skin of her hymen, to break, as a surge of pain from this action rushed throughout her, before letting out a moan, only to feel nothing but sheer pleasure a few seconds later when feeling him start to move inside of her, but doing so at a slow pace at first, before quickening his thrusts inside of her a few minutes later, to which caused Clarke to raise her hips up to his, as he wrapped her other leg around his waist, thrusting deeper inside of her, causing her to dig her nails into the skin of his back as a result, closing her eyes for a moment as she did so, continuing to move her body with his. That night, Clarke Griffin was no longer a virgin. End of Flashback.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 23rd 2020 - 2:21 AM

---------------------------------The Past: various Locations----------------------------


“I was never that bashful. Somewhat bashful, maybe; but, not as much as Mulder seems to be.” Hercules says as he lets out a quick chuckle. “Besides, old friend, you went after plenty of girls for the both of us back in our days of youth. Or, have you gotten so old you can’t remember.” Hercules says to Iolaus teasing, before placing a hand on his shoulder and patting him on the back. “Hercules, what on earth brings you here?” Jason had called out to the other man, having been one of Hercules, and Iolaus best friends back in the day when they all were young. As he walked over to where both men were at and shook both their hands. “It’s been a long time.” Jason states as Hercules smiles at his old friend and gives a nod. “Too long, old friend.” Hercules states as he reaches over and shakes Jason’s hand. “We are here with my teenage son, and his teenage daughter.” Hercules tells his old friend, having meant Scully, and Mulder of course as Jason raises a brow. “By the gods..., teenagers now, right? They grow up so fast.” Jason retorts as Hercules nods. “Yes, they do.” He was quick to say. “Last time I saw them they were barely walking age.” Jason states as Hercules gives a nod. “What brings you here?” Hercules asks, as Jason smiles. “The wife and I…, aka your beautiful mother, are visiting Seska. Well, we haven’t seen her or anyone else yet; but, we decided to stop here first and show her around the place to where we all went to school before we made the journey across the lands to where Seska is now staying with Tabor. Last I heard through a letter, Sarrai was staying close by as well, along with that little prick she married” Jason says as Hercules rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “Don’t remind me. And, speaking of my mother, where is she?” Hercules asks, only to see the familiar looking woman come walking up a few minutes later with a couple drinks in her hand, handing one to Jason. “Thank, you, my dear.” Jason says, giving a quick wink to Alcmene, who sees Hercules and Iolaius, and smiles. “Hercules, Iolaus; my boys…, what are you doing here? Better yet how are those beautiful grandchildren of mine? You know, your youngest. They would be of age to join this academy now, right?” Alcemene asks, who reaches over and pulls both Hercules, and Iolaus into a hug. “That they are.” Hercules replies as he lets out a sigh “As for how they are. Well, they were in the middle of dancing until the two of them disappeared out the ballroom.” Hercules tells his mother, spotting Gabrielle and Xena in the distance, after the two women having entered the ballroom. “Here comes the girls now.” Hercules says as he looks to Iolaus. 


Making her way outside, still more shaken then she wanted to let on, not wanting to have the whole night spoiled, Dani smiled at Mulder as she crossed both arms over her chest, shivering a bit from the chill coming from the cool night air as she smiled over to Mulder, as she made her way down the dirt road that led to the dorms. “I didn’t mean to ruin your night.” Dani tells him as she swallows hard, wanting to forget what almost had happened as she lets out a breath. “For right now can we keep what happened just between the two of us.” Dani asks as she had stopped walking long enough to turn her attention to Mulder, and after a few moments, could only smile. “I got an idea.” She says as she takes hold of his arm. “I don’t want to go back to the dorms just yet. There is a small carnival down the road not too far from here. We should go and check it out.” Dani states as she pulls Mulder forward, towards her. “Last one to reach the gates has to pay for tickets inside.” And, having said that, Dani walking over to Mulder, and placing both hands to his chest, looks at him intensely for a moment, before she leans in very close to him, her lips mere inches away from his. “There is one thing I think I should let you know first.” She begins her words, only to lean in even closer as if she was gonna kiss him, only to push him back, and to the ground, before letting out a quick chuckle. “The last person to the gates isn’t going to be me.” And, having done and said what she did, Dani turning around, starts running as fast as she can headed to the carnival, having reached the gates first, only to stop as she started laughing-trying to catch her breath, before she smiled once more. “Looks like you have to hand over the dinars’ fly boy.” She says playfully to Mulder, before going through the gates and grabbing a stick with what would be called in today’s time, cotton candy on it as she tore some off and placed it inside her mouth, looking to Mulder afterward. “Mmm, this is good. Try some.” She says as she breaks some off and hands it to Mulder, only to break another piece off for herself, before placing that small bite into her mouth as well. Once she had walked around long enough and ate far more than what she should have, looked to see a fun house in the distance ahead of them as she looked to Mulder. “Come on, let’s check it out.” She says as she places her hand in his and begins heading for the fun house, entering it after a few seconds only to scream when someone had jumped out at her, in order to scare her, causing Dani to laugh a few moments later. “By the gods,” She spat out as she looked at Mulder and interlocked her arm through his as she continued to make her way through the funhouse. After a few minutes more had passed, stopping in front of a wishing fountain, took hold of one of his dinars from his jacket pocket along with her own, and tossed them both into the well, as she closed her eyes and mumbled something, only to turn around and look to Mulder with a smile, “Make a wish.” She mumbled, though loud enough for him to hear, before leaning over and planting her lips against his, to what was a short, but sweet kiss as she pulled away from him, before staring at him with a blush that came to her cheeks, before reaching over and kissing him again, this time more passionately before wrapping both her arms around his neck. 


“I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” Dani breathed out, only after having pulled away from Mulder, laughing again when suddenly another clown had jumped out at them as Dani shakes her head. “Come on, I know another place we can go.” She tells him, only to walk out of the funhouse after having gotten to the end of it, and after about ten minutes later, she had arrived at the beach, one of her favorite places to go as she looked to Mulder with a mischievous grin. “Care to join me?” She muses as she takes off her dress, letting it hit the ground, revealing nothing but what would be considered a nightgown in modern times, as she began running down the beach, headed straight for the water, laughing as she dove underneath the water, coming to the surface soon after, laughing when a wave had hit her, causing Dani to stumble but able to keep her balance as she tries to wipe the water from out of her eyes. “The water feels great.” She yells out to Mulder as she leaned backwards, jumping over a couple waves in the process. 


Gabrielle had walked into the academy with Xena, and into the ballroom, only to raise a brow when having seen Murphy run into Xena, only to rush past them as this caused Gabrielle to chuckle. “He must be chasing after a woman. Or, had one too many of whatever he’s had, tonight.” Gabrielle muses as she winks at Xena, looking to see Hercules, and Iolaus up ahead. “There’s the boys.” She says, before making her way over to Hercules, and Iolaus with a smile. “Hey, you two; having fun?” Gabrielle asks, as she looks around. “Gabrielle, Xena…,” The former bard heard a familiar voice call out to her from behind as Gabrielle turned around to see Alcemene, and Jason. “Jason…, Alcmene, what brings you here?” Gabrielle asks as she reaches over and hugs both Alcmene, and Jason. “Like I told Hercules, and Iolaus, we are just here for a visit.” Jason tells the two women, as she looks to Hercules, and Iolaus, next. “Yes, where are the children?” She asks, as Hercules having heard the comment that Xena made about Murphy lets out a quick chuckle. “He was on stage singing at one time. Perhaps he suddenly met the woman of his dreams.” Hercules muses, as Alcmene gives a nod. “That he probably did. I did see the dear boy staring at a beautiful-stunning little blonde. Who, well...ran off all of a sudden and he went straight after her.” Alcmene states as she looks at Jason with a smirk. “The good ole days of having men chase you like that. Makes a girl feel special.” She says with a wink to Jason, who chuckles. “Hey, now, darling; you want to be chased like that, just give the word and it can be accomplished after we’ve retired for the night if you know what I mean.” Jason retorts, to which Hercules puts his hands in the air. “Too much information.” Was all he had said as he looked up towards the stage.  


Aphrodite had arrived at the dance, and was walking down the hallway. She had seen…, well heard the ending confrontation between Darien, Mulder, and Scully, and decided to give the prick a piece of her mind so to speak as she walked over to him and poked him on the shoulder. “Hey, you..,” She called out, causing Darien to turn around. Having seen the outfit she was wearing, which was the famous pink dress that fit every curve nicely, this caused Darien to grin as he let his eyes scan over every inch of his body. “This must be my lucky day, beautiful.” He states, “I wouldn’t count on it.” Was all Aphrodite had said before moving her arm back, and moving it forward, punching Darien square in the nose, “Next time when a woman says no…, she means, no…,” Aphrodite hisses as she punches Darien again but using her powers behind the force of the punch this time, as pink sparkles came out of her hand as the punch had knocked Darien out cold. “Douchebag.” She spat out after he had hit the ground, only to step over him and clap her hands together, moving them back and forth as through she was wiping dirt off her hands, before making her way down the hallway, and walking into the ballroom, only to disappear and reappear on top the balcony as she was sit across the railing, staring down at Murphy having been singing as she also spotted Clarke having arrived. “Just in time.” She mused as she placed both hands underneath her chin as she propped her elbows up onto the top of her legs, a few inches above her knees. When she had seen Clarke run out, she shook her head. “No, no, are not supposed to do that.” Aphrodite groaned, “What in the name of….Hades, are you doing Clarke?” She whined as she shakes her head, watching as Murphy ran after her. “Her efforts to reunite Murphy and Clarke into a passionate whirlwind so to speak, wasn’t working out the way she had wanted it to. At least, not at the moment as she disappeared and reappeared on the stage, looking out at the crowd. “Okay, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages…, are you ready to have a real party?” Aphrodite yells out as she hears the crowd cheer, causing her to grin. “Hit it boys,” She says with a nod to the band behind her and suddenly a song begins to play, as she begins to sing. “Don’t want no short d*ck man. Don’t want no short d*ck man. Don’t want no short d*ck man. Don’t want no short d*ck man.” Aphrodite sings, before shouting. “This is for all you ladies out there, and well...some of you men too, if ya know what I mean.” Aphrodite yells out, as she sings the next verse. “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t want, no don’t wanna. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t want, no don’t wanna. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t want, no don’t wanna, don’t. Don’t. Don't want no short d*ck man.” Aphrodite continues to sing as she was dancing the whole time swaying from side to side, now saying…, “What in the world is that f***ing thing? Do you need some f***ing tweezers?  To put that little thing away. That has got to be the smallest d*ck I have ever seen my whole life. Get the f*** outta here. Iny weeny teeny weeny shriveled little short d*ck man. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t don’t want, don’t. Don’t want, don’t want, don’t want, don’t want no short d*ck man.” Aphrodite continues to sing as Alcmene, having heard this, c*cks her head to the side and raises a brow at the blonde on the stage. “Isn’t that Aphrodite?” Was all the older woman had managed to say at the moment. 


Hercules, who had seen Aurelia walk up, smiles at her. “Hey, Lia; fancy meeting you here.” He spoke with a warm smile before reaching over and hugging the other woman. “Good to see you nevertheless. Things have been alright with us, at least I think they have. Things could have always been worse than what they were, if that makes sense. How about you? How have you been? What brings you here? Something of which that question is the popular topic at the moment.” Hercules tells Aurelia, as he looks to the stage when hearing a familiar voice start singing only to give Aphrodite a ‘WTF’ look as he lets out a sigh. “Yes, that would be the goddess of love, herself, indeed, mother.” Hercules answers his mother, as Gabrielle also raises a curious brow. “What the hell is she singing?” Was all the blonde could say, only to chuckle a few seconds later. 


Flashback: start of winter. It was the winter solstice, and also the night that the celebration of Clarke Griffin’s birth…, the night of Clarke’s birthday and a party had been thrown in the young princess’ honor. Even though she was a princess, she didn’t like to be called by such a title. For some reason that title bugged her as she was standing at the table with a cup of punch in her hand. The cup was full as she stood there lost in thought, not having drunk any of it just yet. It was her sixteenth birthday, and was supposed to be sweet, right? Or so, that is what was said as Clarke let out a sigh. “Now why on earth are you standing over here, alone; and not out on the dance floor enjoying yourself my love.” Mary Stuart said as she smiled at her daughter, placing a hand to the younger woman’s face, causing Clarke to force a smile. “I am trying mama, I really am; but…, I’m just waiting for…,” Clarke began her words, “Waiting for a certain young man by the name of John Murphy to make his grand appearance?” Mary spat out, causing Clarke to blush. “Uh, no…um, how’d...what makes you think that?” Clarke asks, her cheeks burning as they were bright red, as the young teenager became flushed at just the thought of Murphy as seeing this caused Mary to laugh. “Because not only do I know you, my beautiful daughter; but I know young girls. Only one thing is capable of making a girl act, and look in such a way, and that is a boy. Especially a boy she likes.” Mary states, causing Clarke to smile shyly at her mother, before looking away towards the floor. “Hmm, maybe.” Was all she could say. “Who am I trying to kid...he probably decided that he had enough of me, found something or someone better of his time, and decided not to come after all.” Clarke mumbles as Mary places a hand underneath her chin, lifting Clarke’s head up to meet her gaze. “That is nonsense, Clarke Griffin; that boy will be here, because if not, I’ll kick his little ass myself.” Mary retorts, causing Clarke to chuckle. “Thanks, mama.” She says as Mary reaches over and hugs her daughter, with Clarke hugging her back. “Happy birthday my sweet girl.” Mary tells her, before kissing the younger woman on the head, and walking away as Clarke once she had been alone once again, took a couple sips of the punch as she turned back around. However, when she heard the familiar voice behind her, as well as smelling the familiar scent, caused Clarke to grin. “Murphy…,” She spoke softly, before turning around to face who was in fact, John Murphy as she smiled at him, feeling her heart start racing immediately as he looked back at her with a smile and look that pierced right through her, into her soul as she let out a nervous breath. “Waiting for someone in particular, or..,” He let his words trail off as Clarke nervously twirled a strand of her own hair over her finger before tucking it behind her ear. “Who says I was waiting on someone?” She says back, as Murphy walks closer to her. “When are you going to start calling me, John?” He asks, “Never gonna happen. I just like Murphy better, so suck it up.” Clarke spats back, causing Murphy to chuckle. “Fair enough.” Was all he had said, before reaching over and moving some of her hair from out of her face, behind her ear. “What’s the matter?” He asks, taking another step closer to her, than another, closing the gap between them as Clarke’s breath caught in her throat. “I’m not making you nervous, am I?” He asks with a smirk, to which Clarke shakes her head. “Nervous…, uh, no..,” She mumbled out, as she cleared her throat. All she could focus on was how good he smelled, as she let out another breath. “Do you uh, want some…, uh…” Clarke began her words, as seeing this caused Murphy to raise a brow, before his grin grew wider. “Something to drink? Eat?” He answered for her, “Drink...yeah, um, drink.” Clarke answered him, continuing to stumble over her words as she took a step back to get away from him but ended up hitting the table behind her as a result. “Oops, careful there.” Murphy says as he takes the cup of punch she had been drinking from, out of her hand and takes a couple sips. “Mmm, good; this will do just fine.” Murphy says as he winks at her, while keeping his gaze on her the entire time. “That was mine. The punch.” Clarke tells him as Murphy looking down at the cup smiles at her. “Oh, really?” He says as he moves into Clarke’s personal space once again. “Even though it’s yours, I bet it still doesn’t taste half as sweet as I’m guessing you would.” Murphy tells her as he reaches over and takes a finger and runs it down her arm, while staring at her the whole time, causing goosebumps to form along Clarke’s skin as butterflies danced throughout her stomach. “I…, I wouldn’t know about that.” Clarke breathed out, as Murphy could only grin as he leaned in close to her lips. “Care to allow me a quick taste to see,” He says as he had said what he did, aiming for a kiss, only for Clarke to move away from him the moment his lips almost touched hers, causing her to let out a much needed breath. “So…,” She says, trying to change the subject as this caused Murphy to develop quite the wicked grin across his face as he turned around to look at her, who had her back turned to him. “I got you something.” He says as Clarke turns around, with a smile. “You did?” She asks as she does the famous hair tucking behind her ear again, a habit picked up whenever she was nervous as he stepped closer to her. “Of course I did...., you are the birthday girl, right?” He says, before pulling out a heart-shaped diamond necklace from out of his pocket. And, Clarke having seen the necklace, looks with wide eyes as she can’t help but to gasp. “That, that can’t be for me.” Was all she could say.


“Of course it’s for you. It’s been in my family for generations, and now it’s yours.” He says as he smiles at Clarke. “And, why would you give such a thing that has been in your family for generations, to me?” She asks, as Murphy closes the gap between them once again. “Maybe because I like you.” Murphy states, before motioning for her to turn around. And, once Clarke turned around, feeling his hands along her neck after he had placed the necklace around her, could feel the same wave of goosebumps wash over her, only to clear her throat. “Thank, you; it truly is the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen.” She says as she turns around to face Murphy once again. “How does it look on me?” She asks, “Absolutely perfect.” Murphy could only say as this caused Clarke to blush. “Look at her…, our sweet little girl is in love.” Mary muses as she looks at Arthur, who having been watching Murphy and Clarke, shakes his head. “Don’, don’t say that. This is just some silly little crush of hers, it will blow over.” Arthur was quick to say, feeling very protective over the young teenager he raised as his own daughter since birth. “Oh, I don’t think it’s going to blow over at all, and it is far from being just some silly little crush, it’s way more than that. Call it a woman’s...most importantly, my intuition, and I am always right, darling.” Mary says playfully, causing Arthur to chuckle, before clearing his throat. “That you are, my love; but, I said let’s hope it blows over, and over soon. I don’t trust him. Something about him I just can’t put my finger on.” Arthur says as the scene goes over to Mordred who walks up onto the stage. “Alright, everyone; grab your special someone…, when I first wrote this song, I wrote it for my beautiful wife standing over there, Lola; you all know my sweet-beautiful, Lola; so no need for introductions…,” Mordred says as he looks to Lola with a wink. “When I was writing this song I couldn’t have imagined at the time that it would have come out as perfect as it did. I just finished it last night in fact, went over the melody with these guys behind me, and I said, grab your special someone and get to dancing.” Mordred continues his words, “This song is for you, my love; and to many-many more years of wanting to be with no one else, but you.” And, Mordred having said what he did, smiles to Lola once more, and the song, having started to play a few minutes later, begins to sing. 


“Find me here, and speak to me. I want to feel you. I need to hear you. You are the light that’s leading me to the place where I find peace again…,” Mordred begins to sing as hearing this causes Murphy to raise a brow. “I didn’t know your brother could sing.” He says as Clarke smiles. “Yeah, he can.” She states, as Murphy smiles and holds out his hand. “Dance with me.” Is all he says as Clarke smiles at him. “Okay…,” And placing her hand into his, makes her way over with him out into the middle of the dance floor, only to begin dancing with him a few seconds later. As Mordred continues to sing. “You are the strength that keeps me walking. You are the hope that keeps me trusting. You are the life to my soul. You are my purpose. You’re everything. And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you. Would you tell me how, could it be any better than this?” Mordred continues to sing. As Mary, having heard this, looks to Arthur with a smile. “Shall we?” She says with a sweet smile as she takes hold of Arthur’s hand and making her way over to the dance floor with him, he turns her around, spinning her around, before pulling her back over to him as the two begin to dance. And Primus, and Antonia had done the same, along with Gwaine asking Sarrai to dance, as well as Percival asking Aurelia to dance, and Morgana when having seen the sad expression along Merlin’s face of watching Arthur and Mary dance, walks over to him with a sweet smile. “Come on, dance with me, old friend.” Morgana says, only to pull Merlin over with her out onto the dance floor, starting to dance, and Lucrezia grabbing hold of Nicolai, not caring who saw at the moment as Atticus was out of town taking care of some business, began to dance with him as Kahlan had walked over to Cara and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Come on, let’s dance. We’ll let Richard dance with Zeddicus tonight.” Kahlan said with a chuckle, trying to cheer Cara up as she saw the look that the blonde was giving to Mordred, and Lola, as Mordred continued to sing the song for the dark-haired woman as she knew that Cara still held deep feelings for him. “You calm the storms and you give me rest. You hold me in your hands, you won’t let me fall. You steal my heart, and you take my breath away. Would you take me in, take me deeper now. And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you. Would you tell me how, could it be any better than this. And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you, would you tell me how, could it be any better than this…,” Mordred continues to sing before going into the main part of the song. The part that really picks up, and makes the song what it is supposed to be, so to speak, “Cause you’re all I want, you’re all I need, you’re everything, everything!” And, Mordred continued to sing the song as Clarke during the song had just wrapped both arms around Murphy’s neck and relaxed her head along his shoulders for the moment, only for the song to end a few minutes later as everyone cheered and clapped, as Clarke stepped away from Murphy with a smile. “Lola come up here a moment will you, my love.” Mordred says only for Lola to walk over to where Mordred was standing as he pulls her into a hug, and a kiss, kissing her with a sweet kiss first, before kissing her passionately, causing Lola to chuckle as she kissed him back both times, wrapping an arm around his waist. “That was beautiful.” Lola said as she grinned at her husband. “Though I have a confession to make.” Mordred revealed suddenly. “Lola already knows this...however, I am not the one who wrote this song. The real author of this beautiful song is someone of whom we all have gotten to know over these last few months, better yet, almost a year now, right?” Mordred states, as he looks to Murphy. “John Murphy wrote this song. And he wrote it for a very special lady…, or well, that is what he said...he wrote it for my sister, Clarke…,” Mordred confesses as Clarke turns to look at Murphy, looking at him with shock, and awe, all rolled into one. “Happy birthday, Clarke.” Was all Murphy had said. “He just let me sing this for my beautiful wife seeing as it is our ten year anniversary at the first light of dawn.” Mordred states, causing everyone to clap and cheer. “Now, John…, I do believe you have a couple more songs you would like to sing.” Mordred says as everyone’s attention turns to Murphy, who looks back at Clarke with a mischievous grin. “Be right back.” He says before rushing up onto the stage. “Thank, you, Mordred.” He said as he looked down through the crowd at Clarke. “As he said, I wrote that song for you, princess; and I am not done yet. I have a few more songs that I also wrote down. I just hope you like them. Guess you could say have greatly inspired me the entire time that I have had the privilege of just being in nothing more than your mere presence, whether it was for two hours each time, or two minutes.” and, Murphy having said what he did, begins to sing the second song he wrote for her, causing Clarke’s heart to start racing again, though this time at hearing him start to sing. 


“And I’d give up forever to touch you. Cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be, and I don’t want to go home right now. And all I can taste is this moment. And all I can breathe is your life. And sooner or later it’s over, I just don’t wanna miss you tonight. And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken. I just want you to know who I am. And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming. Or the moment of truth in your lies. When everything feels like the movies. Yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive…,” And Murphy having sung this song, after having finished singing it a few minutes later, everyone clapped, as Clarke’s heart was racing inside her chest, a mixture of feeling a tad bit embarrassed that all the attention was on her, never having been sung to before, etc…,  as well as feeling those same butterflies dancing around throughout her stomach, as he was definitely pulling all the right strings so to speak as she continued to stare at him as he went straight into the next song. “The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful, stop me and steal my breath. Emeralds from mountains and thrust towards the sky, never revealing their depth…, tell me that we belong together, dress it up with the trappings of love, I’ll be captivated, I’ll hang from your lips, instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above. I’ll be your crying shoulder…, I’ll be love suicide, I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life…,” Murphy continues to sing…, “And I’ve dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead. Tuned in, turned on, remember the thing that you said.., I’ll be your crying shoulder, I’ll be love suicide, I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.” And having finished this song, wasted no time in beginning to sing the last song that he had written for her, which started out like this…, “My mother said I’m too romantic, she said ‘you’re dancing in the movies’ I almost started to believe her. Then I saw you and I knew…, maybe it’s ‘cause I got a little bit older. Maybe it’s all that I’ve been through. I’d like to think it’s how you lean on my shoulder, and how I see myself with you. I don’t say a word, but still you take my breath and steal the things I know. There you go, saving me from out of the cold. Fire on fire, would normally kill us, with this much desire, together, we’re winners. They say that we’re out of control and some say we’re sinners; but don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythms, ‘cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me, and look in my eyes, you are perfection, my only direction, it’s fire on fire… mm, it’s fire on fire.” Murphy sings, going straight into the next verse as he stares out at Clarke very intensely. “When we fight, we fight like lions; but then we love and feel the truth. We lose our mind in a city of roses, we won’t abide by and rules…, I don’t say a word, but still you take my breath and steal the things I know. There you go, saving me from out of the cold…,” And Murphy continuing to sing the song, finishes singing this song a few minutes later. 


And, Clarke as a result, makes her way over to where Murphy was standing as he smiles at her. “So, what did you think…, do you…,” And before he could finish his sentence, Clarke saying nothing, leaned over and planted her lips against Murphy’s kissing him. Only to pull away a few moments later as Murphy looks at her in shock. “So, I, uh...I guess that means you liked it…,” He says, this time being the one to stumble over his worlds. “I loved it.” Clarke tells him. “No one has ever done anything like that for me. I mean, not that anyone has ever tried to, but what I am trying to say…,” And, before Clarke can finish her words, Murphy had cut her off by wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her against him as he kissed her passionately in the heat of the moment. And, it was at this moment, after he had broken the kiss a few minutes later, as Clarke had kissed him back just as passionately, he knew the game he had been playing to gain Clarke’s trust and to get her to fall for him by using whatever means of seduction and charms necessary in order to achieve his mission of getting her away long enough to get word to the lost boys who he would help them take her back to Neverland, the game he had started out playing had been turned around on him, and dropped on it’s head so to speak as he just let out a much needed breath. And it was in this moment that he knew, whether or not he had gotten under her skin, which he already knew; she had definitely gotten under his. “Meet me at the cabin by the lake, later tonight.” He whispered to her, before clearing his throat, and stepping down from the stage, made a mad dash for the door, walking out of it as he had to get outside to get a breath of fresh air “What the hell is wrong with you, Murphy? She’s just like any other girl.” He tried to tell himself, but knew that-that was a lie. 


End of Flashback: Clarke as she continued to stand there and listen to him sing. Her eyes never left Murphy’s as she could feel what had been a very long time of her not having felt them; but, those same familiar butterflies that she got whenever he was around, had started fluttering about her stomach again as Clarke swallowed hard. All those emotions and feelings came rushing back to her like a tidal wave and she would have drowned had she not taken a breath, letting it out at the right moment. As she stood there, she had not noticed Aurelia having walked over to her, much less having heard the older woman say anything to her as a pained look came across the young blonde’s face. Once again, for a few moments, she was that innocent sixteen year old girl again, the innocent-shy girl who had fallen head over heels in love with the boy...the boy who had been the first one to take her virginity, and the first boy who had been the one to break her heart.  The one who caused her to not trust anyone else.  The one who caused her to put up a wall around her heart to keep it safe and that wall was starting to come down as she stood there and placed a hand to the necklace that she was wearing. The same necklace he had given her, for her birthday that night he had song those songs for her, and Clarke once he had finished the song, quickly regained her senses about her as she shook her head. “Not again,” She mumbled, before turning around and making a dash for the door. Not running out of it, but walking out of it very fast as she walked down the hallway, headed to the front door that would lead outside as she could hear footsteps and the familiar voice calling out from behind her. “Leave me alone,” Was all she could say. Only for her quick steps to turn into a sprint so to speak as she began running for the door, running out of it as she started walking through the grass. “I swear I am going to kill Aphrodite.” She hissed, only to shake her head. “Stop following me, Murphy; just leave me alone.” Clarke called out to him, unaware if he had heard her or not; but, feeling his hand on her arm, and being turned around, had now come face to face with Murphy as she stared at him in silence for the moment. Every emotion running through her as she looked at him with nothing but a pain-filled expression. “Are you kidding me right now?!” Clarke spat as she reached over and before she realized what she was doing she had slapped him hard across the face. “Where’s the fire? Oh, I will give you fire, best believe that.” She spat back as she shoved him backwards away from her. “How dare you…,” She began her words, “Standing there like…, how can you just stand there and pretend that…,” Clarke continued, not finishing any of the sentences she had started as tears formed in her eyes. “You broke your promise.” She tells him, “Of course I shouldn’t be so surprised since it’s the one thing you have always been good at.” Clarke stated, swallowing hard. “Did you forget? You said that you would come and find me. You sent me away and said you would come for me, and you never did. I waited for you...for years, and years, and you never came.” Clarke said, taking a step back. “You almost had me back there. I mean you really did. Good thing i’m not that stupid-foolish silly little girl that I was back then. I grew up.  I was so in love with you back then, and fell on every word you said like an idiot. You never came for me, and all those words were just that, words..,maybe I was wrong after all...despite everything that you did, taking me to Neverland, and everything that happened after that, having Madi, and trying to start over, maybe it was just me needing to wake up from what was nothing more than just a dream. Maybe you never gave a damn about me at all. And maybe that is why it was so easy for you to not show up. ” Clarke said, only to fall silent a moment, before she continued, “I’m not going to allow you to have that power over me again. Not again. I won’t let you manipulate me this time.” Clarke tells him as a few tears fall from her eyes, “Just leave, Murphy; leave me alone. Stay the hell away from me. “ Clarke says as she goes to walk past him, but stops. “Get out of my way…, damn, it; Murphy, let me pass.” Clarke said to him, only to remain standing where she was as she without realizing it had placed a hand to her necklace. And, smelling his all too familiar scent, that same cologne or whatever it was he always used, or hell maybe it was just his natural scent, but whatever it was, was starting to overwhelm her senses again as her breath caught in her throat, and her heart started to race again as she cleared her throat. And, like always, when feeling extremely nervous about something, or someone..., most importantly, with him..., she had began twirling a strand of hair around her finger without even realizing she was doing it as she took another step back.


“Dad, what are you doing? You said we were going to go fishing?” Bellamy Blake stated as he walked into the room where Seska, Sarrai and Ares were at, causing Ares to turn and look at his son. “Uh, no that is not what I said. I said we were going to go and destroy stuff. Or, maybe I said I would destroy stuff while you watched, can’t remember right now exactly what the actual statement was.” Ares retorts, “And, I told you that-that wasn’t going to happen and I suggested fishing to which after singing several annoying songs all night, you agreed.” Bellamy said as he plopped down onto the couch with a smirk to Ares as he crossed one leg over the other before placing his hands behind his head, as Ares rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Ares mumbled, “Did he just call you, dad?” Seska asked, as Ares shrugs, “For those of us who are slow to catch on…, yes he called me dad, because he is my son. Bellamy this is Seska, Seska this is Bellamy; and Bellamy, seeing as you already know Sarrai already, no need for further introductions.” Ares states, though the real reason as to why he had brought Bellamy along with him the god of war had kept to himself. Aphrodite was trying to play matchmaker with the girl that Bellamy loved by the name of Clarke Griffin, the very same Clarke that was Sarrai’s daughter, with Aphrodite trying to get her and Bellamy’s half brother, John Murphy back together with Clarke, and Ares would be damned if he’d let that happen. He wasn’t about to let Clarke end up with any other man, except his son. Even if he didn’t care for all that lovey dovey crap; for some reason he wanted to see his son happy, and he was determined to make that happen no matter what it took. 


“Nice to meet you, Bellamy; whoever your mother is, however; I want to thank her, because it’s obvious you got the good looks from her side of the family and not your dad over here.” Seska stated with a smirk to Ares as this caused Ares to laugh sarcastically. “Ha, ha, very funny amazon…” He says as he looks to Sarrai, “The wife and I are getting a divorce, that’s it.” he mused, as Seska rolls her eyes. “We are not, and were never married.” Seska spats back, causing Ares mumble mock what she said causing Seska to laugh. “I don’t see how you have put up with him for as long as you have.” Seska says as she turns back to Sarrai with a grin. “Those are beautiful names for them, babe; may I…?” Seska says, first taking hold of Erisa, then Kalen as she smiled down at both babies. “They are just...absolutely-completely breathtaking and gorgeous. Just like their mother.” Seska says as she nods to Sarrai. “I don’t want, and would love nothing more than for you to come live next door to us, and I agree…, your right...that stupid ass definitely has no say in the matter, if he tries, I’ll kick his ass which is something as you already know that I’ve been itching to do.” Seska states. “And what  is it exactly, that I don’t have a say in the matter?” The familiar voice called out as Seska had turned around to see Zylas standing at the edge of the door.

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