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Full Name: Whitney Rose Aldridge
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Straight
Birthday: June 1, 1993
Birthplace: Natchez, MS
Current Residency: Downtown Natchez
Occupation: Owner of The Bean and Brew
Favorite Song: Walking on Sunshine
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Body Type: Thin, but full figured
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 127 lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: Small birthmark on the inside of her right thigh.
Distinguishing Features: None
Allergies: Ragweed


just a small town girl → Whitney is a 27 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed, typical southern girl who comes from a well to do family from Natchez, MS. Her father was a prominent politician in Natchez, the former mayor, and her mother works part time (although monetarily she didn’t need to, she just enjoyed spending her time working) as a nurse at the local hospital. Whitney has always loved Natchez and the people of the city. Having it be the only place she’s ever called home, Whitney knew that she wanted to make a life of her own here when she was old enough.

living in a lonely world → From the outside looking in, it appeared as if Whitney had an ideal childhood. She was an A and B student throughout high school, an only child from a wealthy family and never wanted for anything. However, there was a darker side to her upbringing. Starting at age 13, when Whitney’s mom Caroline was at her nursing shifts and she was alone with her father, Arthur Aldridge, he began taking advantage of her, raping his young daughter and sexually harassing her in the private of their own home. He would threaten to kill her if she told anyone, so she never spoke to anyone about what would happen behind closed doors. This abuse went on until the age of 19 when Whitney saved up enough money and moved out of her childhood home, much to her father’s dismay. After high school, Whitney attended University of Mississippi and got her degree in business. The time she spent away from her home, Natchez and her father’s foreboding figure, was like a breath of fresh air, although Whitney missed the comfort and familiarity that her hometown provided her with. During his third year as mayor, Whitney's senior year of college, a scandal made the news about how her father, Arthur Aldridge had sexually assaulted one of his staff members. After being found guilty, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, being the high-ranking, highly influential mayor that he was, he was able to pull a few strings and eight months later he was released on what was considered "good behavior."
she took the midnight train going anywhere → After graduating, during the time her father was locked up, Whitney rented an apartment in an old steel factory in downtown Natchez and took out a loan to rent the space below her apartment. This was the beginning of bringing her dream to life. A few months after renovating the space, Natchez’s new coffee shop, The Bean and Brew opened for business. Whitney still owns and runs the small shop which is a favorite for many locals who not only love the coffee but also Whitney’s warm and inviting demeanor.

just a city boy → Having thrown herself headfirst into her studies and then into her business, Whitney has been single for a long time. Part of Whitney is terrified of entering into a relationship as she fears that any man she gets attached to and trusts will be exactly like her father, although she secretly hopes to find someone that will love and care for her despite her past and what she has been through.

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song dedication: link here
Love notes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis purus risus, vulputate sit amet leo eget, ornare lobortis nibh. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Praesent sem magna, egestas sit amet nulla vitae, tristique porta sapien. Cras vulputate varius purus, ac ultrices nunc venenatis id. Integer eget mi non sapien eleifend commodo. Sed metus tellus, bibendum vitae ullamcorper at, vestibulum eu ex. Morbi ullamcorper a risus eu tincidunt. Cras eu ultricies mi, sed vulputate lacus. Phasellus pharetra porttitor egestas. Phasellus eget dapibus enim. Aenean maximus ut ligula vel commodo. Aenean rutrum metus id commodo consectetur.

important statements:Vestibulum dolor felis, molestie non gravida sit amet, porta vitae turpis. Proin a finibus justo. Praesent quis metus ut elit tristique rhoncus vitae ac elit. Vivamus et magna eu sapien venenatis tincidunt ac in mauris. Sed pharetra, tellus laoreet egestas vehicula, mauris lectus elementum purus, ac pulvinar sem risus et nisi. Donec nec justo finibus, tincidunt lacus egestas, gravida magna. Proin at accumsan sapien. Donec vestibulum vitae lectus sed dictum. Nulla eget rhoncus lacus, eget condimentum enim. Sed erat nisi, pretium non consectetur ac, vulputate nec felis. Etiam.


Sweet Magnolia RPG Zedd Mattherson, The High School Sweetheart Starlee Knight, The Childhood Best Friend Jasper Hollingsworth, Connection TBD Riley Anderson, Connection TBD Rian Callaghan, Connection TBD Finlay Addair, Connection TBD name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here name here

sweet magnolia

Sweet Magnolia Come home to Natchez, Mississippi; where southern comfort and a laid back hospitality are the only way of life. Sit on down and stay awhile. Natchez may be the oldest city in Mississippi but we also have the brightest future! Natchez is a walkable, vibrant, and beautiful historic city where preservation and progress go hand in hand. We enjoy our reputation as a friendly, welcoming town that offers inclusion and community where "y'all means all!"

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Aug 8th 2020 - 10:12 PM

As Whitney started to talk, the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place and his suspicions since finding out about the arrest were confirmed. Shaking his head he ran his hands through his hair and then over his tired face, wishing but not for the first time that morning, that he had at least a couple of hours of sleep. As she spoke he remembered how there were nights that she didn't want to go home and so they had camped out in the paddocks. The first couple of times it happened, he had gotten an earful from both of his grandparents as they figured some sort of hanky panky was going on under their roof, but when it continued to happen they started to set some ground rules and eventually would start to trust them together. Then he remembered the few times that he had been in her house, she had always kept him between her and her father, never leaving the room without him. And her revelation also explained the unanswered questions he had about the first time they had sex since he knew she had never cheated on him for the four years they had been together. 

Shaking his head, Zedd pulled Whitney into an embrace and wrapped his arms securely around her refusing to let her pull away like he had so many times before. "You know Jack and Jannette would have given you a place to live if they knew, that Pop's would have confronted him with a shotgun and marched him through town to the police station himself." Changing his grip on her, he kept one arm wrapped around her waist while his other hand knotted itself in her hair, leaning down he rested his head on top of hers. "He's not going to touch you again ok."  

Aug 8th 2020 - 8:18 PM

Zedd shook his head slowly at Whitney's attempt at small talk, "for a politician's daughter, your making this more awkward then it needs to be. It's me Whit, don't hide behind the small talk." Stepping back as he let his arms drop, he looked over her sundress outfit and shook his head. She should have known better than to dress all girly when coming to a ranch but then he had to remind himself that she had no idea that he was here and would end up dragging her out into the fields to see the horses. "If we keep the exploration just to the stables, you shouldn't have to ruin your dress or shoes. Though you really should know better than to wear something like that here."

Leading the way through the house, he held the door open for her and then stopped just outside so he could put his boots back on before leading the way out the back to the closest stables where they kept any of the horses that they wanted to keep an eye on. Before stepping off the back porch, Zedd offered Whitney a hand to help her across the uneven ground to the destination and when they entered the stables, he led her over to one of the bigger stalls where the mare that had kept him up all night was grooming the new foal. He watched the pair for a moment before turning his attention back to Whitney. He had a thousand things that needed to ask her for his own peace of mind, things that he figured he had a right to know since they had been such a big part of each other's lives. There had always been little hints that he should have picked up on, things that he would have picked up on if he had more life experience.  She never wanted him to hang out at her place, especially if her father was around and how if they had been apart for long periods of time, she would always flinch from his touch. Sometimes being with her felt like he was trying to navigate a minefield that was also wired up with firecrackers. "Are you really ok Whit? or is this just one of the fronts that you use to put up?"

Aug 7th 2020 - 10:38 PM

Once upon a time, the two of them had been joined at the hip. They did everything together and she had even helped him keep his grades up so he could fulfil his dream. Zedd was also sure that she had been the one to make sure that he had kept his head on when they snuck out to parties, after all in a small town nothing was a secret and if he did do something, it would mean that his grandparents wouldn't let him ride. But they both knew their courtship was going to end when high school was over. They both had bigger dreams, Zedd wanted to get into the professional bull riding circuit and Whitney wanted to leave. To achieve both their dreams it meant even a long-distance relationship wouldn't work. Even if his Grandmother and some of her friends were secretly planning the wedding.

Dropping the hand, Zedd pulled Whitney into a hug. "The Cricut was in a couple a months ago, but I dropped out to help around the place after finding out the dirty secret that everyone was keeping from me." Out of the corner of his eye, he watched his grandmother cover her lips with her cup of coffee. He knew the old woman was choking back a snort at his half-truth story that he had just concocted. "Hey, if you get bored in here a foul dropped this morning. She's a complete nutter." He knew they had a lot to catch up on, but as he let her go from the hug he also knew that he felt like he had to clear the air between them. He had heard about her father just as he had entered the chute, a rival trying to get into his head had let it slip just before he had given the signal to let go. The anger that had fueled him allowed him to win but he wasn't proud of what happened later. He had found the rival and allowed his fists to fly over the connotations that the daughter of the Mayor could have been involved in some way. But since hearing about the trial and being back for an extended period of time, old doubts and feelings were starting to bubble to the surface.

Aug 3rd 2020 - 3:23 PM

Looking in the mirror of some sh*tty back-road gas station, Riley shook with emotion. Tears free flowing down her face, mixing with the dirt and blood that stuck to her skin. Her eyes moved from her reflection to her hands to gaze at the blood upon them. She was lucky to find this gas station that had one of those bathrooms on the back where you don't have to walk through the store and have everyone stare at you. She quickly washed her hands, scrubbing as hard as she could to get to blood and guilt off her hands. After her hands were acceptable, she leaned over, rubbing soapy water on her face. She had to get rid of all the grim on her. No one could know what happened. Finishing her cleansing, Riley grabbed her keys out of her pocket and headed back out to her car. She had to get back home.

Upon her arrive at her home, she found he father passed out in his recliner, beer cans littering the floor around him. Riley signed and rolled her eyes and she walked gingerly past him. She most certainly did not want to wake him up right now. It was bad enough that Luis beat her, she didn't need her dad doing it too. Her life had been hell since she moved to be with her father, and she was determined to get out of this hell hole and go back to her safe-haven. She had to go back to Natchez. Riley decided in that moment, it was time to go. She began to pack her things and then stopped in her tracks...this would make her look suspicious..Her boyfriend goes missing and she leaves town..No..she had to stay just a little longer..a few weeks. Those few weeks were awful. Going to the police station, answering questions, playing the sad girlfriend. It worked well. She told them she knew he ran with a bad crowd, and that was all she knew..that is almost didn't surprise her something might have happened. After the heat seemed to die down, and the police slowed their search. She asked them if it were okay for them to contact her via cell because she was planning a move back home when all of this happened. She returned home while her father was out, packed the rest of her things and took what cash she had, and was gone. Putting that town in her rear view and headed back to her childhood. Natchez.

Three Years...the best three years Riley had experienced in a long time. She had been free of her horrible life and away from all that broke her. She had worked odd jobs here and there, until her father died; leaving her all he had. She opened her own bookstore "Anderson Books" and moved into the apartment above it. A lot of things she kept to herself about what happened when she lived with her father. She didn't want people to see her in a different way. She was always this sweet, innocent looking little girl...and in some ways, she still was, or at least wished she was. Riley kept a front on for a lot of people, but it was easier that way. It was easier to keep the darkness inside. 

Riley closed the store at 1pm on Saturdays, giving herself the rest of the day to enjoy her town. She desperately needed coffee. Luckily her friend Whitney had a coffee shop right next to her store. As she closed up, she popped over to grab an iced coffee before heading over to Firefly Lane Restaurant. That had become a whole new adventure as well. Riley grew up with Jasper and and Starlee and since Riley moved back, not only had she opened her own store, but she had agreed to work part time with them at their Restaurant they had just opened. When Riley and Whitney had decided to come together to hold a support group for those that have been abused in anyway. Sexual, Mental, Physical, Emotional..Jasper and Star offered up the Restaurant.

Riley didn't see Whitney at the coffee shop when she stopped in and figured she had already made her way to the restaurant. As she got there, she walked in and set her stuff behind the hostess stand before she saw Whitney. "Hey lady. We ready for this first meeting?" This was to be the first of their meetings and she hoped that it would be received well.

Aug 2nd 2020 - 2:00 PM

It was probably the longest two minutes of Starlee's life as she waited for the barista to go and fetch her nearest and dearest friend. Star chewed on her bottom lip, which was something she did often when she was nervous. Her first year at Beacham she had chewed a hole in her lip that had required two stitches. Those who saw her afterthought she was in some kind of altercation, and in truth they were right. It wasn't a fight with someone else, but with her mind. See, before her crazy boyfriend killed her parents, Starlee was a pretty carefree girl. She was always happy, smiling, and could get along with just about everyone. Maybe that was her fault, and Achilles heel if you will. She was too trusting in people and look where it got her. For hours she would sit on the thin mattress they provided her, and stare at the grew cement walls just chewing on her lip. A nurse was making rounds with medication when she found Star with blood streaming down the corner of her mouth. She hadn't even known she broke the skin. She was numb and had been since that terrible night. It was a long time before she was able to finally feel again.

Shaking the thoughts and memories from her head, Starlee forced herself to stop. Bringing her hand to her lip she checked and double-checked that she hadn't gone too far. No blood. A sigh of relief left her lips as she spotted Whitney coming out of an office. Stars heart leaped and her foot tapped excitedly. This must be how dogs feel when they see their owners after a long day of separation. A smile spread across her face when she was able to see the recognition take over her friend's face and before she was able to say anything, the blonde closed the space between them and wrapped Star in a hug. A real tight squeeze. It was something that Starlee didn't know she was desperate for until that very moment. Sure, when she left the hospital a few of her doctors, nurses, and especially Stephanie had given her gentle embraces. She didn't know if they thought she was too fragile and couldn't handle anything stronger, or if they simply didn't want to touch her. This was why Whitney had always been Star's closest friend. Without having to ask for it, she always seemed to know what Star needed.

Keeping Whitney an arm's length away, Star couldn't help but laugh as she struggled to understand the possibility. For a split second, she thought about telling her friend some elaborate story on how she escaped Shawshank style, but she knew the people around them were watching. Trying not to be obvious as they watched the two girls reconnect after what felt like a lifetime apart. Since being home, Starlee had tried to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Her big girl, I don't care what they think, attitude faded pretty quickly when she learned exactly how ruthless the people in Natchez could be. She didn't need the rumors flying that the Knight daughter had escaped and was out loose plotting another rumor. So Star shrugged her shoulders and told the truth.

"I got out early, good behavior." She was a little smug in how she said it. For the longest time upon being admitted to Beacham, Starlee fought tooth and nail to try to prove her innocence. She wouldn't take the medications that they tried to give her willingly, so the nurses would force them into her. It was usually an injection with an extra dose of Haldol to help her 'relax'. It was just a ploy to get her sedated so that she wouldn't be such a bother. Starlee was a smart girl, though. She learned that if she at least pretended to comply she would get further. It worked. She would smile at the nurses when they brought her medication. Taking the pills, the water, swallowing, opening her mouth for inspection, and then spitting the pills into the trash when the nurses walked away. They treated her like she was crazy. They tried to diagnose her with Schizophrenia. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't about to let them make her feel that way either.

Starlee just couldn't stop smiling. She was standing here with Whitney. "How have you been?" They had so much that they needed to catch up on. Years had passed between them and Star wanted to know everything. Star took a look around the shop, "You finally, did it huh?" she had known that Whitney had always dreamed of owning her coffee shop. It was something that they would talk about frequently during their many nights together. They had always taken turns staying over at each other's homes. They did the typical sleepover routines of eating too much junk food, talking about boys, and making plans for what the future would hold for them. It felt like was only yesterday they were sprawled on the floor, flipping through a magazine, and discussing what they were going to do the following day. That was over ten years ago, though. Things had changed.

Aug 2nd 2020 - 2:34 AM

GUESS WHA- no that didn't seem right. YOU'LL NEVER- no that didn't seem right either. Starlee was finally getting released from Beacham Memorial Hospital, a whole five years early, and there was only one person that she was excited to see. Whitney was the only friend Star felt like she still had. She was the only one who truly knew and believed Star was innocent. She was trying to find the words to tell her that she was finally coming home, but nothing seemed to come outright. It wasn't like there was a Hallmark greeting card for this kind of thing. It wasn't like the two were exactly in constant communication at the moment right now. In the past few years, they have talked less and less. That didn't change anything for Star. Whitney will always be her closest friend, and she was going to see that they connected once again.

"Look, I'll be fine. Okay?" The hand holding her shoulder gave a gentle squeeze. Starlee looked to the woman who had remained on her side since the night she was brought into the police station. Stephanie had been Star's caseworker and had spent the last week trying to convince Starlee to go anywhere but Natchez. Starlee didn't care though. Her home was Natchez. Her parents were buried in Natchez. She needed to be back in her home town. There was a likely possibility that many of the locals wouldn't be very welcoming to her. Starlee was strong though. She was resilient. She knew how to hold her head up high, she's been doing it for the past ten years. While the medical staff tried to medicate her, turn her into some zombie. It wasn't a secret that Star fought for her life.

Stephanie nodded her head, and Star knew that she wasn't convinced. They had spent the past few days deciding where Starlee would live. Even though she grew up in Glenwood, she needed to be by the water. The serenity and calmness of the gentle currents were one of the few things that kept Star grounded, even when she was in her darkest of times. For this reason, they chose to place her in Kaiser Lake. 

Star had been home for a little over two weeks and had spent that timekeeping mostly to herself. Once she was alone in her own home, she didn't know how to act. She had been given more freedom than she knew what to do with. It quickly became overwhelming. Though she had started to adjust, and she was ready to get back into a proper routine. She knew Whitney was back home as well. Star still struggled to try and reach out to her and knew that she just needed to leap. Whitney owned a coffee shop and Star made it a point to stop in to see her old friend. She decided to just go unannounced because if she thought about it too hard, she would talk herself out of it.

Starlee chose to walk to the little shop. It gave her time to clear her head. Gave her time to think over every possible scenario that could happen between the two. When she arrived she opened the door and smiled when she saw that it was a pretty booming business. Not super busy, but there were enough people to fill it out. She was instantly so proud of her friend. She approached the counter, seeing a woman who she didn't recognize. She ordered a black coffee and stepped back to wait. When it was handed to her, she took the opportunity. "I'm looking for Whitney. She owns this place. Can you tell me if she's in today?" Starlee was suddenly nervous. What if this was all a bad idea? What if this would cause some kind of scene in front of all these people? She tried to keep her face friendly and pleasant, while her thoughts were wreaking havoc on her mind.

Aug 1st 2020 - 10:07 PM

Zedd had been awake since... Zed hadn't been to sleep all night. He had just been able to nod off when he felt a crazy urge to check on a mare that was ready to give birth. It had been a good thing that he had since the poor beast had been having trouble. Instead of waking his grandparents to help him out, he had called the vet and they had both spent all night with the beast. There were moments throughout the long dark hours that they both thought that a bullet to the head would be a nicer way to put the mare out of her misery since they were both convinced that she wouldn't survive, but just as the sun started to kiss the horizon with its warm rays, the mare was able to give a final push and new life was brought into the world. It was pretty obvious what the name had to be, Dawn. Dawn the Foal, the Filly that Could. 

The had spent the next couple of hours washing down the mother and newborn and then making sure everything was ok, that the mare was able to feed her young and the young hadn't any major issues. It always warmed his heart when he watched a mother and her child bond, especially when the mare had no problems letting him near the newborn and interacting with them. After washing the mare and making sure that she had enough to eat. Shaking the vet's hand he was only half paid attention to the car that pulled up as he entered the back of the house and headed for the shower.

He had been back in town for almost three months, and it had been six weeks since he had woken up from his coma from the fall from a bull that he couldn't remember.  From the videos he had seen, the majority of the damage seemed to have come from when he got his spur caught in the rope and when the hands couldn't get the bulls attention so he used Zedd as a throw toy. A part of him was amazed it was only three weeks and a head injury and nothing else. Since being a relatively clean bill of health, he had been staying on the ranch that he had been raised on and helping out the people that had raised him. While his Grandpa was getting on there in the years, they were still able to ride like they were 20 and rope a lost horse. His Grandmother was still extremely active in the community and taught some of the older ladies the joy of roping and riding while his Grandfather had slowed down while he was receiving his cancer treatment. Zedd still had trouble forgive a couple of that raised him for keeping it from him for so long while he was travelling the countryside.

Stepping out of the shower, Zedd stepped back into a clean pair of jeans and trod barefoot down the hall where he could smell the coffee being served, the sound of an unfamiliar voice in the living room had also perked his interest. His Grandparents had always been well connected in the community and a strong belief in southern hospitality so he had often walked in on some of the guests that had randomly dropped in. Running the towel through his wet hair, Zedd turned the final corner and strolled into the Kitchen only sparing a quick glance to where his Grandmother was entertaining a young lady, he had just poured himself a mug of coffee when a tea towel came flying across the room and smacked him in the face. Turning his attention in the direction the projectile came from he gave the woman who raised him as her own a sweet smile as she started to berate him, "Zedd, put a shirt on! We have a young woman as a guest" Shaking his head, Zedd nodded slightly,
"yes ma'am."  It was an automatic response to the tone that was being used. Placing the mug on the counter, Zedd walked into the laundry room and pulled a shirt out from the ironing pile before walking back in and giving the woman a small nod in greeting.
"Zedd, you remember Whitney? She has her own business a coffee shop."
Zedd looked at the woman for what felt like forever before it finally dawned on him who the young woman was, his memory had taken a fair bit of shakeup and even some of the most familiar places in town would take a couple of moments before it was placed into context, it didn't help that he was working on zero sleep. "Well cut my legs off and call me Shorty." Forgetting about his drink, he walked over and held his hand out to the person that was his highschool sweetheart.
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