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Orientation: Straight
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Ethnicity:Black/African descent
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About me:
Nathalie's life is an unusual one, she has lived a VERY long life. And though her age remains unknown, she continues to learn something new on a daily basis. She lives in the year 2032, and is a Lawyer. She has her OWN REASONS for being a Lawyer, once you get to know her, she will tell you. {18+/Mature RP} || {Crossover/AU/Cannons are welcomed} || {Nathalie is an OC don't try to change her} || {Personal Blog or Group RP only} || {Please NO children accts} || {Respect Nathalie/The Admin behind the Character/Those that Nathalie RP with} || {Real Life WILL ALWAYS come first} ||{PLEASE read full BIO in blog sections to know the character better} || {NO FRIEND COLLECTORS} || {Inbox is for PLOTTING/CHATTING only, an inbox RP will be deleted}
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Dec 2nd 2020 - 6:54 PM

Hank was having a similar sensation and, even if he wasn’t able to learn what Natalie felt, it didn’t go him by what impact his words had on her.

Learning that she was cursed did little to discourage him; she had shown him kindness from the very beginning. “Curses can be broken right, so it should be possible to at least ease you with one burden?” Taking a deep breath Hank then said. “Is there a way to fix that so you can put it behind you?”

Nov 16th 2020 - 5:45 AM

It was obvious to Hank that Nathalie had not expect him to accept her true appearance. The way she was biting her lower lip was giving her away. The second was how she combed her hair with her hand. “Perhaps you would feel better by telling me and get this heavy burden off your chest?”

Perhaps she was thinking of herself as a murderer, but perhaps she was just seeking justice for someone who had wronged her. “Only if you want to, and take your time to decide”, he said, taking her hand in his and gave it a comforting squeeze, curious if she was going to tell him or not.

Nov 14th 2020 - 5:20 PM

Hank didn’t flinch then and remained calm as Nathalie’s returned to her human form. The blue skin was odd and there was nothing terrifying about her features. But then again, she had only shown him, although he expected to learn the rest once she had collected herself enough to bring the rest of the information. “Well, I find my current situation complicated, since everyone, except for my son and daughter-in-law believes that I am dead.”

It was one reason not to go back being a cop, and this second chance of living opened up new opportunities for him, like trying another line of work and have a better working relationship than he had with the woman who gave birth to his son Cole. The thought of giving up his life now wasn’t going to happen, since meeting Nathalie had made him look forward, and not back. “Did you avenge that person who had you murdered?” He asked, not sure what she meant by cursed, and awaited her answer.

Nov 12th 2020 - 7:44 AM

Aware of Nathalie playing with hair Hank figured it was because of nervousness. Still she had taken this leap of faith, finding herself one step closer to whatever truth she wanted to share with him. Meeting her gaze he listened to her confirming that it indeed wasn’t a real LED. Perhaps it had some meaning like having a shared experience with the androids, and that it was connected to whatever she had to get off her chest.

“Let me guess, you know what it is like to be a slave?” Hank ventured asking, arching a curious brow as she warned him not to freak out. Her strange appearance was perhaps unusual but not the least frightening. But he couldn’t help but wonder how it happened for her to have a position as an attorney, unless it had something to do with some unjustice she had experienced and wanted to help, just like she had helped him.

“If you aren’t a human nor an android, then may I ask what sort of species you are?” Hank asked, hoping that he had worded himself properly, and then awaited Natty to give her answer.


Nov 11th 2020 - 4:39 PM

Hank had somehow always suspected that his daughter-in-law wasn’t a normal human, since if she were then Connor would one day found himself a widower. Lia had also showed nothing but kindness when they had met, even helping his adoptive son how to dance. And the former police lieutenant had come to care for Natty a great deal.

Aware of her hesitation, the way she was biting her lower lip for instance, was giving her away. “I am sure that it will be alright, and whatever it is you are holding back, I have seen a lot of strange things in my life, believe me”, Hank told Nathalie with a soft smile, looking her deep in the eyes. The LED she had on her right temple wasn’t real, since he had seen one up close.

Nov 10th 2020 - 6:58 AM

Hearing Nathalie tell him that she did indeed know what he had looked like previously Hank let out a chuckle of his own. “I know that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but…” Here he cut himself off, not sure what else to say, since what Nathalie said made him wonder if she would have ‘noticed’ him if they had bumped into one another at ‘Chicken Feed’. “I… It just feel all new to me, all of this”, Hank the said with a soft smile, and then reached out his own hand and gave her cheek a similar caress.

Nov 9th 2020 - 10:59 AM

Hank didn’t want to leave their tight embrace and hearing what Natty said about dating he smirked slightly. “If you know who I was before ending up in this new body, I probably wouldn’t attracted your attention, nor anyone younger than fifty”, he said, letting out a soft chuckle, and then shook his head, his face solemn. “I have been given a second chance of living but I didn’t expect that I would experience this. And now that I do, I am not going to give it up~” Hank said, curious what Natty was going to say in response.

Nov 8th 2020 - 9:02 AM

To Hank it felt like an eternity had passed when the second kiss they shared broke naturally. He didn’t recall that his first relationship with the woman that had given birth to their son, Cole, had started with such a passion. In all honesty the pain of losing a child had made him forgot, mostly because of his large intake of alcohol in his former life. “I am curious, but I am the first client you have started a relationship with?” Hank asked curiously, his tip of his nose touching Natty’s while he looked her in the eyes.

Nov 7th 2020 - 6:54 AM

The romantic embrace they shared Hank was certain that it was going to be followed with a kiss. Nathalie had after all been the one to take the first step, and still he sensed that she was a bit hesitant as her lips initially brushed against his. Still it was filled with passion as he deepened the kiss, and pulled her closer towards him, his hands resting at the small of her back.

Nov 5th 2020 - 11:20 AM

The smile Nathalie gave Hank was enough for him to feel weak in the knees. Shaking his head he then responded with a faint smile and cleared his throat. “Not at all. Actually, I was thinking about taking the first step, when you beat me to it.”

With that said Hank took her hand on his, pulled her into a hug that was more than one shared between friends and, after taking a step back, still holding her hand, he awaited her response to what just happened.
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