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About me:
Layla Langdon’s one night stand ended in her death nine months later. What Layla didn’t know was her lover, who had disappeared right after, was a demon. With no parents, Devland Langdon was shipped off to an orphanage. As a newborn there were lots of parents who wanted him. But after a few days in foster care he always got returned. “He’s not normal.” “He doesn’t sleep.” “He never cries.” We’re just some of the things people would say.
As he got older he would be in and out of foster care staying no longer than a month at each place before being returned. “It’s always hot in the house no matter what the thermostat says.” “Out decorative fire place was lit..: with out logs.” “Our cat ended up dead... we think Devland did it.” Were the things his foster parents told the orphanage as the shoved the boy back.
At 14 his roommate told him he was getting adopted by two married women who made a ton of money and that Dev was never getting out. Devland screamed and pushed him and the boy hit his head and died. It was ruled accidental. But no one was convinced. It seemed bad luck followed Devland. Or he created it.
At 18, he was out. He knew nothing. He had no skills and limited schooling. He wasn’t really sure what he was supposed to do. At one point he had thought maybe he was a wizard like Voldemort. Tom Riddle grew up in an orphanage with a muggle father and witch mother. And he had thought he was the same. But no headmaster of Hogwarts, or the American equivalent, had come to get him. So when he left, he got a job waiting tables but lived on the streets. That was until he waited on a group of girls. “Oh my god. You’re sooooo cute. You should totally come to this modeling audition with us. It’s only for a perfume a s cologne ad, but it can lead to sooo much more.” They told him. He figured why not? He couldn’t be any worse off than he already was. So he went, and got the job (none of the girls he went with did) and soooo much more.
Devland hasn’t really used his powers lately because he still doesn’t know what they are or how to use them.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Jul 31st 2020 - 10:01 AM

Dark mafia/blackmail rpg - discord required
Revenge is a dish best served cold

Stefano Morcelli, the head of the mafia that had run the streets of New York for the past six decades, has been murdered and his body was left on display for all of the city to see. This did not sit well with his daughter, the now mafia queen, Giorgina. She will stop at nothing to find out who had taken the only parent she had ever known. In Giorgina’s eyes, everyone is a suspect and there are no rules she won’t break in order to find the truth in the sea of deception and traitors that is called New York City.

We are Forsaken, a dark mafia crime roleplay group based in New York and we are reaching out to you to join our family of dark, creative writers. In our group you will find angsty storylines with loads of in character drama, dedicated writers, a friendly support system, and equality and tolerance for all types of characters. If you have any questions about the group itself or the audition process, please feel free to ask!

credit: james kriet
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