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23 years old

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February 23 2021

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I don't ask for forgiveness. You either like me, or you don't. Honestly, I couldn't care less I'm not looking for your approval. I've got me, myself and I baby and to be honest, you cramp my


Name Raven ("Rae") Smith
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 23
Ethnicity Puerto-Rican, American
Origin Unknown
Species Human
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Traits sarcastic, highly intelligent, human lie-detector, manipulative, blunt, inappropriate sense of humor, strong-headed.
  • mercenary - for hire
  • Relatives
  • Katerina Andonov | Biological Mother (Unknown)
    Unknown | Biological Father (Unknown)
  • personality & traits

    Raven is a woman who has more scars on her body and in her heart that any one person ever should. She learned at a young age that people can and will be malicious for personal gain. Because of this, it takes a person to move mountains for her before she ever truly believes she can trust them. Raven is skeptical, pessimistic and crude at the thought or talk of love. She claims it makes her sick and perhaps, it does. Love in her life was being stuck in a cage but allowed food. She doesn't no love nor seems interested in ever exploring it. Her relationships are never real strong or grounding. Moving place to place, being a nomad and doing her job assists her in dissociating from others which in her mind, keeps her safest.

    Raven is not for the light of heart. She is strong-headed and can be blunt even if it may hurt people not because she is necessarily trying to hurt someone, but simply because she prefers being straight-up. As she will tell others "Don't waste me time." She is a get-to-the-point type of gal and is not a fan of her time being 'wasted'. If you have no purpose, you have no purpose in her eyes. Fight or die. Step up or step the fuck off.
    You love me? Poor decision.


    status taken
    since 12/29/2020
    whom [ Raphael & Valdoma ]
    Sexual Orientation Bisexual, sways more to men.
    Love Song(s) Song Title - Artist
    Comments Raven met Raphael at a bar in Valkery, California and shared a few drinks with one another. Later that same night after parting ways, Raphael woke to Raven straddling him in his bed with her knife against his throat. She had been contracted to kill him by some big shots in Arizona. Raven's attempt was interrupted as his young daughter, Izzra, opened the door to his bedroom. The dark-haired beauty couldn't finish the job, making Raphael her first uncompleted mission. From there, the two shared an interesting connection. He was the first to learn about her past and need for blood and in that vulnerability, they created a contract: she helps protect Izzra and he will happily supply her with what she needs. Their contract was not what kept the two involved with one another, though. Raven and Raphael grew closer romantically as natural chemistry sparked between them. Raven entrusted Raphael with her life as he entrusted his life with hers. They decided to become 'friends with benefits' one evening but it only fueled the romantic relationship that had been blossoming between them.

    Raven came across Valdoma in the streets of Valkery after a night of drinking. She was being attacked by some men Valdoma eventually admitted was "The Seven" after Raven had jumped in to protect her. Raven knew little of Valdoma but did see that she and Raphael had a connection and because of this, decided to do her best in taking the beautiful Spanish woman under her wing to fine-tune her defensive and offensive techniques. It didn't take long for the women to create a bond outside of their connection to Raphael and after Valkery had burned down, Raphael had come to the both of them and confessed his feelings to the women. Raven was a free-spirit and had no problems with the idea of having two lovers instead of one and from there, her single life was history.

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    Verses: Post-apocalyptic, horror, dark-themes
    Length: Multi Para, Novella
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    raven smith

    鉂漎ou hit like a bitch, just so you're aware.鉂


    Raven was born into a rather unfortunate life. Her mother, Katerina, was a whore in a busy and ruthless drug den... not to mention, she was only fifteen when she wound up pregnant. A runaway from Bulgaria, the young girl found no easier life than to give her body in exchange for a 'cushy' life. Unfortunately, even after finding out that she was pregnant, Katerina did not stop using drugs. After only 7 months pregnant she started to get contractions which forced her to the nearest hospital. The baby was heavily premature to the point that they put the poor babe on life saving machines. If this wasn't bad enough, the newborn was also addicted to crack, which made her chance of survival even worse. It didn't take long for the hospital's social workers to get involved and soon, CPS. Katerina was stripped immediately of her parental rights not only because she gave birth to a crack-addicted baby, but also because she was only a child herself with no parental guidance or form of support. Katerina went into the system once she was healthy but... the baby didn't have it as easy.

    It took six months before the baby (that they called "Raven" because she was born with a full head of black hair despite being premature and malnourished) was healthy enough to go off the machines and survive on her own. Once the doctors cleared her the young babe was sent straight to an Orphanage where she stayed for 6 long years. Raven was a beautiful girl with long, silky black hair and perfect porcelain skin but... she wasn't necessarily the quickest to warm up to. Each set of looking parents would see her shrink away from them or grow irritable if they tried to hug her; she would look out the window rather than talk with potential parents and because of this, she was unwanted. That was, until an older man came along promising her a loving home and all she could ever need. Raven wasn't holding her breath... but this man didn't push her to hug, to talk; he seemed to accept her. Funny how wrong one person can be.

    The man that adopted Raven was a scientist working fervently on the drug "Chaos". The minute Raven arrived 'home' she headed into the dark, damp basement and straight to an iron cage. She remained there for years, receiving daily doses of Chaos. In this time, Raven gained heightened strength and stamina but had also gained something else: the ability to tell when others were lying. You can imagine how this irritated 'Father', a.k.a "The Doctor". Raven was an intelligent and resilient young woman so she would use her newfound abilities to manipulate and catch him in his lies. Sometimes he would give in so that he could continue pumping her with Chaos, allowing her to go outside (shock collar worn at all times with his escort, of course) before and after doses and sometimes, he would simply knock her out and pump her veins up with the drug regardless. Her upper-hand was that he couldn't get any field testing if she were unconscious... set and match, Father.

    killer queen

    Meeting Fleur was a big turning point in Raven's life. They were being injected with the same strain and even had cages right next to each others. Instead of being alone, talking to no one but the random rat that scampered by, Raven now had someone to talk to. Now, this doesn't meant that they were telling each other's deepest darkest secrets because fuck, they were prisoners and lab rats. Regardless, having some form of social interaction was important to Raven's well-being, especially when the time came that the two women decided to spring out of their Hell-Hole.

    The moment they were out, Raven spent some time with Fleur, but steadily found that she needed to go her own way. From years of Chaos injections, Raven found that she had an undeniably strong urge to kill. She was desperate for that thrill, for that power she had been denied all her fucking life. Not to mention... there was another craving that she needed to satisfy: the need to feed. Although she does not necessarily eat raw human flesh, Raven has a ritual after each kill where she injects herself with her victim's blood. To her, it gives her a high just as potent as the kill itself and oftentimes, helps quench her blood thirst long enough until the next kill.

    Raven is a nomad and a mercenary. She kills on contract as a way to meet her need to kill, but that doesn't mean she hasn't killed without contract. Raven needs money and there is no way in Hell she could ever sit behind a desk.


    Raven's first injection of Chaos was when she was only 6 years old and fresh from the orphanage. Under the guise that she would be welcomed into a loving home, The Doctor adopted her for his selfish needs to explore the red drug. He started out slow, only a few CCs here and there before steadily increasing the dose. On most occasions, Raven seemed to take to the drug well... but, there were also plenty of step-backs. She had cracked her teeth more times than she can remember from the muscle convulsions that were induced from the intense pain, caused more muscle strain and exhaustion than she could ever begin to recall. Each day was different in how her body would react, but each day it was the same. Injection, field test, return to cage.

    Typically, those that are injected with Chaos experience enhanced strength, along with an interesting anomaly that is unique to each individual. For Raven, that was becoming a human lie detector. She can sense any form of a lie no matter how small or large. Because she had experienced this ability since she was young, Raven does not necessarily get 'mad' when someone chooses to offer her white lies mainly because everyone lies, to some degree. In a way, she has become desensitized and only really cares about lying when she needs or wants a specific piece of information. Above and beyond that, she could care less about others and what they want or do not want to share.

    weapons of choice

    The moment she decided she wanted to kill for a living, she started picking up toys and playing with them. With her persistence and attention to detail, Raven had learned on the job how to use specific weapons and even how to fight. She prides herself in being 'unstoppable' and often times will point out her opponents weaknesses and insignificance during a fight.

    If given the choice, Raven would prefer to kill a person with her bare hands. She prefers the intimacy that it gives her; feeling that last breath escape from a warm body gets her off better than any drug ever could. But, as any efficient mercenary knows, it is important to be efficient in the field. She will use silencers on her weapons if she needs to take someone out in a public setting and also prefers knives. She has a healthy knife collection and typically carries at least two on her at any given moment... you know, just in case.


    She is a freelance killer and will do any job, no matter how big or small, for the right coin. Since Raven makes her living off of killing others, she prefers to make business deals and settle on all points immediately so that there are no questions left. Raven has a private account that she links to her customers so that the first interaction she has with them will be the last. She is not a fan of waiting around and prefers to get right to business.

    She has all but lost count on how many lives she had taken. At the end of the day, it is nothing more than a job to her. Since moving to Valkery, she hasn't killed nearly as many as she typically would, mainly because she is focused on protecting a group she feels 'needs' her.

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    Aug 21st 2020 - 6:16 PM

    It wasn鈥檛 unusual for Tesla to find herself at the bar. It wasn鈥檛 that she liked to drink a lot but there were always people there. It was a good place to not feel alone on nights she couldn鈥檛 sleep. The warehouse was a perfect place for her, four roommates that were equally interested in music made for some really good nights. This was different though, she didn鈥檛 want to involve them with the things she was remembering. Memories often returning while she slept and in the form of nightmares. She wouldn鈥檛 bother them with it. At least not yet. Not until she better understood it herself.聽

    So it was back to the bar scene, if anything she could drink and get tired enough to go to bed. She walked into the bar, GRay by her side as the moved to the counter. GRay was the outcome of all of her testing at the asylum. A voice in her head meant to watch her back, but side effects caused the blonde to hallucinate which GRay used to give herself a body. It was a lot for Tesla to understand all at once but she was doing her best to come to terms with it.

    She sat down at the bar, GRay took the seat next to her and glanced around the bar. Just to check the surroundings when she stopped on a familiar dark haired woman. GRay shook the thought from her head, convinced that it wasn鈥檛 her. But it lingered still. Had they finally tracked her down and sent in her to clean up the mess. Tesla gripped her Mia Tia as it was slide in front of her.

    聽鈥淵ou look nervous.鈥 Tesla whispered.

    鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, she just reminds me of someone.鈥澛燝Ray replied, looking at聽the woman again she confirmed it.聽鈥淒amn it. No it鈥檚 her.鈥澛燝Ray paused a minute to assess the situation. She didn鈥檛 look like she had come for them but it could always聽聽be a trap.聽鈥淪he was at the asylum too... if the rumors were true, she can tell when someone鈥檚 lying. We got separated before I ever learned if it was true, she goes by聽Rae.鈥澛燝Ray spoke without ever breaking line of sight.聽

    鈥淣o way! Think she remembers me?鈥 Tesla said as she stood back up with her drink. 鈥淏esides I don鈥檛 lie.鈥 She laughed and made her way to the women鈥檚 table. Lightly tapping it once she reached it to get her attention. 鈥淯mmm so this is going to sound weird but I think I know you. It鈥檚 Rae right?鈥 Tesla asked and sipped on her fruity drink. 鈥淚f not I鈥檓 sorry I bothered you, my memory is a little fuzzy.鈥 She added quickly.聽

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