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Characters: Aguilar de Nerha
Verses: Assassin's Creed, crossovers.
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Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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Nov 23rd 2022 - 4:28 AM

Pink's eyes dropped as he slowly gave another somber nod. Grieving tearful shutters before self-medicating with another cigarette from his pack as he cupped his hand in front of his mouth. Struggling with the lighter before finally igniting, the Panther inhaled sharply another drag of his cigarette, giving the respect between Mr. Wayne and Mr. Conroy. The Panther tapped the ashes from his cigarette, his eyes still low to the ground, visualizing the lifelong bond between them.

"He must have really meant a lot to you... there's been word about him over the years... sadly, I"ve only been vaguely familiar with the man but... I understand you two have a lifelong history between each other..."  Pink tightened his eyes and shook his head as he took another drag off of his cigarette.

"They referred to him as an icon... and they also say that you two were... one in the exact same... you two have heroic hearts and tremendous to give the world... I know a good soul when I speak to one... deepest respect to aaaand for you, Mr. Wayne."  Pink Panther looked back up to find eye contact and meet mutual click with the Batman of Gotham. A nod as he cordially refrained from another drag of his cigarette.

"Mr. Bats? Would you care for a can of Lobster Energy drinks, sir?"

Nov 23rd 2022 - 2:41 AM

The wide brim fedora hat lifted to reveal the Pink Panther's now-gloomy and somewhat weathered expression, silently acknowledging the devastating loss of Bruce Wayne's. His eyelids snapped shut as he gave a quick nod of respect a few beats before his face tightened with grief and drew a deep breath. The wide brim of his hat bounced as he nodded in acknowledging the Gotham City's longitme vigilante hero. Pink's upper lipped sucked in briefly as his chest elevated in his deep breath before a grave sigh of despair. Finally, the bright-magenta jungle cat spoke to the masked vigilante.

"Mr. Batsy?  Agent Pink... it's a pleasure meeting you sir. I'd like to formally start this out by saying... I'm... tremendously sorry for the loss of Mr. Conroy... I understand you gentlemen go way back... isn't that right? From what I've read and seen, the two of you were extremely close... some might go so far as to say the same in one in some cases...." Pink drew another sharp breath, cautious with how to bring up Batman's loss.
Lieutenant Wydell

Aug 19th 2022 - 5:01 AM

Mr. Wayne, I appreciate your add sir! It's a high honor. If'n ya ever do need anything don't ever hesitate to give me a holler an' shout!! I look forward to craftin' a storyline with ya soon or even if you wanna shoot the breeze!! Commisioner Gordon an' ol' Fox sure sang high praise about ya!! We're sure big fans of you out here in Ruggsville!!!
Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 31st 2022 - 2:24 PM

Le Fantôme -loves Katherine

Jul 30th 2022 - 10:41 PM

Profitez des nombreuses scènes du Fantôme de l’Opéra. Laissez votre cœur vous guider, vous et votre âme, chanter pour trouver votre ange de la musique!!

{{ Enjoy the many scenes of Phantom of the Opera. Let your heart guide you and your soul sing to find your angel of music.}}

{{ Sincerely, Your Friend Le Fantôme -- Erik Destler }}
Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 30th 2022 - 9:38 PM

Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 30th 2022 - 9:22 PM

Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 30th 2022 - 6:20 PM

Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 29th 2022 - 6:29 AM

awe thank you 
Rose' Lang ( 로즈 랑)

Jul 28th 2022 - 4:22 PM

I hope the start I sent below the picture (the one I forgotten to attach to the starter) is alright
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