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ALIAS: Self Explanatory.
GENDER: Appears as Male.
YEARS OF AGE: Unknown. (00)
OCCUPATION(S): Talent Agent.
PERSONALITY: Poor impulse control, highly ambitious, flirtatious,
POWERS: Musical manipulation - Satyrs are very talented with many different types of musical instruments. They can use music to almost hypnotize others (mostly humands)

Natural Affinity: Satyrs are very connected to the natural and spiritual world. They can manipulate and create natural things, such as plants and animals (animals being the more difficult of the two).

Animal Telepathy: Satyrs can speak with animals telepathically.

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Verses: Mythical
Member Since:June 24, 2020

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Salacious Satyr
Everyone has numerous preconceived notions of what Satyrs are. There have been many images and tellings of what humans believe we are. Of course there is truth there, but here is the scoop on Satyrs. We are, in fact, very sexual beings but we have self-control (When we want it). To humans, we look just like them,though to our other mythical brethren, we have the legs of horses or goats (depending on the type of Satyr) and hornes. We are lovers of wine, music, dancing and - most importantly in my opinion - women. We like woodland areas, but some of us live in major cities. Though not as powerful as gods or goddesses, Satyrs have the ability to manipulate nature: they can create flora and speed up or slow down development.

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-Θғ Шλг-

Jun 30th 2020 - 11:18 AM

Hello! I'll keep this short and simple since I hate doing greetings. I'm Sera, a daughter of Ares. If you're interested in knowing more about my character and setting up a storyline, just let me know. (:
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