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GeneralRelationship status: Happily in a relationship taken by ๐Ÿ’– Jamie Benn. ๐Ÿ’–

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Some college
Characters: Alayah Lynn Miles
Verses: Open
Playbys: Anna Kendrick
Genre: Open,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:May 26, 2020

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About me:
Be patient.

When Alayah was born for the first 6 years of her life Jamie was her best friend. They had sleepovers and were together almost always as their parents were friends. They even had their 'you show me yours, ill show you mine' moment together.

Alayah has few memories from this time. Playing light bright in his dirty room, mostly because of his older brother. Their parents playing cards and board games while they played outside or snuck watching beevis and butthead.

She remembered him there at her 4th birthday party when they first discussed their desire for seeing the others privates. The sleep over where it first happened, and how for some reason they thought dry humping naked was having sex. And when they got caught 2 years later they pretended to say they were playing naked leap frog. They got in trouble and it took what felt like hours each blaming the other so they wouldnt get in too much trouble. Which coincided with the concert to come the following weekend.

Then the Garth Brooks concert came. Her mother stood in line to get 6 tickets. For Alayahs parents, for Jamie's parents, and for his aunt and uncle. However she tried to charge more for the tickets. This caused his mother to spend money from his fathers medication on the tickets. But for years after Alayah hadnt been allowed to see him or even talk to him. She saw his two cousins and plenty of other family of his but not him and she quietly and secretly longed for her friend, and while she would never admit it, her first love.

They saw each other only a handful of times. At his brothers graduation. A couple of get togethers with his aunt and uncles. Alayah met her new best friend and did her best not to think about Jamie but she did wind up telling her new best friend about him. Years went by where there was little to no contact just small encounters here and there and then it was her sophmore year of highschool. Her friend convinced her to go talk to him. So she knocked on the door his very surprised mother allowing her to see him. She was nervous and generally an anxious and quiet girl at this point.

Somehow when Jamie greeted her with a big warm hug it all melted away. And while she wouldnt admit it to anyone she hoped they wouldnt lose touch again. Her new best friend had a crush on him too so Alayah denied her own fiercely. Even coming up with saying he was family so any affections she may have let slip was just because they were close family, though her best friend kept asking her about it. Clearly not buying it completely.

During the first week of keeping in touch again Alayah learned she was moving from canada to california. This led to her doubling down on this construct that she saw him as family. She invited him to homecomming with her friend and herself. He was too kind to turn her down. But him being there even though he sat out most of the night exhausted after when they got dinner it was a lot of fun and she was glad there was pictures of it.

Alayah was in drama club and turned down any role since she was moving halfway through the shows. Jamie came to the last one she was going to be attending. And the hug they shared, she was saying goodbye. How would it have been fair to tell him just how she felt for him, she was moving so far away. Though this hug made everyone who witnessed it think they were together. It made Alayah feel conflicted but she did insist they were just close family.

After she moved she became more introverted and a bit depressed. She stopped eating for a while. Her friends after the move only talked to her because they were her cousins friends. And people were afraid of her though Alayah never knew why. She made a few friends and tried to live out life best she could. Experimenting in dating though she found she was awkward and never knew what to say or do. Alayah was shy but did find some comfort in singing to herself.

After graduation she convinced her parents to send her back for a month. And she ran into Jamie again. His aunt threw Alayah a birthday party, just 6 days before Jamie's. She was nervous to see him and despite showing up with his girlfriend the warm hug and him genuinely asking about her despite the death daggers his girlfriend was giving Alayah she just wanted to see him happy. Even wanting him to be happy and to help her smiles be more genuine she had a bit too many jello shots despite being only 18 at the time.

Jamie married that woman. And despite herself Alayah couldnt help but wonder how different life would have been if she hadnt moved. Her life kind of came apart. She had gained a lot of weight but managed to shed the pounds and now she was moving back home. She wondered if they could be friends again. Despite the feelings she couldn't always push away.

She told herself she only thought this because she was looking through the rosey lenses of the past and now she needed to be in the present. She had worked as a vet tech and a model but now she wanted to try something new. Maybe get over her crippling stage fright and try singing as her agent told her. Maybe try being a medical assistant or something. Maybe even get back into the animal field. She still loved animals. She was going to find out. Make new friends. Travel more and work on her self love. If they could be friends once more it would make her heart soar. If not well that was okay too. Last she knew he was married after all.

With just one night spent talking secrets were shared. Alayah began to really look forward to living in the present to get to the future. Not long after Alayah and Jamie became exclusive, looking forward to a life they would create together.
Who I'd like to meet:
Id like to meet Anyone! Im trying to break out of my shell and make new FRIENDS! -Currently looking for her current bff. Rebel Wilson pb will earn massive brownie points but by no means required. Also looking for little brother age 26 preferred but negotiable. Neither role is a romantic line.-

((No OOC drama. All OOC interactions must be clearly marked with brackets or ooc noted before what you wish to say. RL comes first. Ships with chemistry. Mature scenes with chemistry. No mature scenes with minor or jailbait accounts.)) __________________________________

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