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Whoremonger AKA Deva Donovan: Madame, salon and business owner by day... high-class escorts and more by night. Southern, clawed her way to the top on her own terms.

35 years old
Hollywood, California
United States

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December 31 2020

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
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Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Traveled the world
Body type:Athletic
Education:College graduate
Occupation:Madam/High Class Escorts/Crime
Status: Single
Member Since:May 09, 2020

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About me:
Deva Donovan: The Whore Monger

The Whore Monger: Madame to some high class escorts both male and female, gay and straight and gay for pay.

Verse: Crime/Mafia/Psychological/Gangs/Bikers/Hollywood



Age: 34

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi (Male Leaning)

Relationship Status: It's complicated. (Multi-li)

Short Bio: Deva is the legitimate daughter of Jacob and Dawn Donovan. Her beloved mother voluntarily abandoned them both when Deva was 10 due to how her cruel father typically treated her mother behind closed doors. Deva had no idea but this was when her father began to regard her like she represents the most corrupt person on the planet and became emotionally cruel and neglectful.

Deva had to turn to peddle drugs, hooking, and grifting to stay afloat. She remained a brilliant student, though, with a 3.8 average in private school and was a shy, exceptional, and kind kid but prime years on the local streets inevitably turned her into a bitter sociopath.

She possesses an affinity for knives, has studied many life skills that have directed her into the Madame she is today.

Deva is shrewd, conniving, scrupulous, a study of human nature, people, and sex. She is equally easy to anger, will typically run instead of addressing a key issue, and panics easily. She naturally has extreme PTSD from her miserable childhood and will brutally torture anyone who gets in the way of her considerable money and extraordinary power.

She is very cordial to people but will become genuinely amiable with the proper people if you can get past her walls.

Offering her money now that she is a Madame, for sex, will only enrage her to the point of no return. She does not sell herself. She is not on the menu though she does use sex as a weapon when required.

Deva is self-made and will typically do anything and everything to make a buck. Constantly coming up with new ideas and situations to deposit more money into her pocket.

She realistically is a Kingpin in her own right.

Deva grew up in Georgia, as southern as a southerner could ever be. To tell the truth, she enjoyed an idyllic life as she was growing up until her mother decided to abandon her father and left Deva in the ashes.

Her father became emotionally distant when Deva was at a tender age at about the age of 10. He refused to give her money for clothing, food, necessities, and because of that; Deva had to get creative. She would eat from dumpsters because she was so young; she had no real way of getting any money for herself, so dumpsters were her only recourse at her tender age. Once she was a little older, she began to get in with the bad crowd at school because they would eventually lead her to a source of income.

The first thing she did was to become a drug dealer for a local guy but, sadly, he took a cut and that meant she was not getting all the money she needed. Deva would sell drugs to the kids at school and was, basically, a runner for the guy by getting drugs to other dealers with a bike that he had provided for her to get around. With this money, she was able to squirrel away food and clothing from her father and also was able to get to some of the local food kitchens after school to get a hot meal.

At this time in her life, she remained an exceptional student with a 3.8 average, she was very shy and kind, very loving individual. Other than peddling drugs to live, she was a brilliant kid. This was additionally around the time her father would start telling her how much of a dreadful, terrible, evil person she was and that she was the reason her mother left. So, he started beating her down even further; mentally. Even though he slashed her down, daily, she was capable enough to keep up the facade of a rosy outlook so that school never caught on about her family life.

During her time of peddling drugs to secure those ends meet, through her dealings, she encountered a few women of ill repute who she would get to know very well. They possessed pimps, but Deva figured that if she began selling herself, she could generate just money for herself and not have to worry about giving the drug dealer her cut of the profits. It was risky, being alone and hooking because she possessed no one to look after her but for a few of the local girls who would look out for her due to her tender age.

It was at this time that they would prepare her with the art of holding a razor blade under your tongue in case of emergencies as well as a handcuff key stuffed between her cheek and gums. It was a skill that helped her out on more than a few occasions. Also, at this time, Deva taught herself the skill of lockpicking as well as making it out of a room without detection by being exceptionally quiet.

Before long, however, she decided she would need more money, and through her connections; she was fit to attain the skill of stealing wallets from a few grifter kids who instructed her how to take a wallet with little detection.

All of these skills took time, though. She would fumble more than she would be qualified to perform the skill and delivered herself into trouble on more than one occasion but with time and effort; these skills became paramount for her survival as she was going through her schooling process.

At the age of 13, Deva would come to meet an older man who took an extreme interest in her. His name was Todd, and he was in his early 20s when she was in her pre-teens. Deva thought this was amazing at the time because she had someone who cared for her, nurtured her, and looked out for her. Little did she know that Todd would, eventually, become her pimp.

Eventually, he would brand her right shoulder with a crude butterfly with his initials carved into it. This was his way of putting her into his stable and then he began to sell her to anyone that was looking for a hook-up. He'd exchange her for a pack of smokes and five dollars, drugs, pretty much anything that a person was willing to give. It was during this time that Deva suffered many waves of abuse from johns that would beat her, hurt her, and do whatever they wanted to do to her.

Little did Todd know that Deva was frugal and had been squirreling away money since she was able to collect it. Every penny, dime or a dollar that she got from hooking or selling drugs or grifting got put into a nest egg that she had put in a secret place in her home. She would scrimp and save as much as possible by only buying what she needed and enough food to get her by or to replace some clothing that she'd need because the old ones were falling apart.

Usually, she bought from inexpensive stores, took food home from soup kitchens or food pantries; this way she'd get more bang for her buck. This frugalness was the only gift that her father ever imparted upon her due to him being a financier, he taught her how to get the most out of her money and she was very good with numbers herself. When Deva was old enough, she began to slowly but surely put her money into stocks and bonds to slowly grow her own nest egg.

As time went on, Deva bided her time and looked for ways or people that could help her get rid of Todd. It took her until the age of 15 to come into contact with Lucas. Someone that ran in the same circles as Todd who was about 15 to, possibly 20 years her senior-and that took a shine to the girl.

He was never inappropriate with her, but he did tend to look out for the girl and made sure that she wasn't being hurt or worse. That bond would go on for a few decades, but it was she, who would eventually go to Lucas when she turned 17 and had enough cash to put a hit on Todd. This was she could gain her personal freedom once more. With cash exchanged, Lucas would go on to assassinate Todd for Deva and that exchange would certainly solidify their bond.

Deva went on to continue her life as a prostitute and grifter but was way savvier now. Her skills were better honed and she knew if anything ever went truly sideways; she could go to Lucas for aid without her having to pay him for his time.

This friendship went on into her early 20s when she finally hooked up with Lucas on a regular basis. It was never a relationship, more of a friend with benefits situation and Lucas was the only person that Deva ever felt comfortable with being her shyer and more troubled self. He would listen to her fears and calm her, give her advice, and sometimes, he would call her on her shit when she needed it.

Their lives, forever intertwined, would go in and out over the years. Coming together after a few years apart to pick up their friends with benefits relationship. When they weren't together, they would call or text each other pretty regularly to check in with one another. As time went on, Lucas turned his path into something more dangerous and deadly. He would, eventually, hone his own skills to become a very well respected hitman.

In her early mid-twenties, Deva came into contact with a woman that would eventually become Deva's Madame. Deva, more bitter, angry, and street-savvy would endear herself to this woman in such a way as to form a kinship where this woman would be like a mother to Deva. Deva was meticulous, playing the long con to get into her good graces.

Offering to be like an assistant as well as a worker for the woman. The bond would continue to grow as Deva played her to where she saw Deva as a daughter and, eventually, began to teach her about the business. Deva would sit at her feet and listen, intently, to all that she had to say. Deva would get to know the inner and outer workings of the business and study anything and everything that the woman did so that she could take over the business when the time came.

Again, Lucas came into Deva's life, and this is where she hatched her plan. Now, with a considerable nest egg and a very proficient hitman on her side...Deva planned a way to kill this Madame but not before torturing her into signing over everything she had to the girl so that Deva could become a free agent. Allowing her to finally grow with money and power and to never, ever have to sell herself to anyone again. Sure, she inherited all of the pitfalls of the business, like, working with the different mafia and gang organizations that handled the human trafficking side of her business but everything has a downside.

Though, Deva did make many changes to that part of the business. She would make a 5-year plan for the girls where they would be shipped to her, and she would put them in three groups.

The first was high-end escorts who had their passports taken from them and would be conscripted to sell themselves for her for 5 years. At the end of that contract, Deva would give them clean, illegally gotten visas to stay in America with a stipend that she would give to them once they left her service. That stipend she would take from their earnings and put into an account that would later be divvied up when they were allowed to leave.

The second group, who was not as pretty as the first, would be put to work taking care of Deva's biker and gang clients as well as any regular johns that came to her looking for a good time. The third, and seriously unattractive group, would be used as cleaners and any other detail that Deva needed in her legal salons or in her bars. Lastly, she would take the underage girls that were sent to her and make them personal assistants.

Deva loathed the fact that she had to sell herself underage and eventually fell into Todd's hands, so she would never do that to any of these girls. They were homeschooled, worked to help Deva in whatever jobs she needed to be done for herself around her office or at home. The girls were usually sent away when they turned a legal age with legal visas as well as a stipend so that they could build their own lives in America.

Each girl is branded with a mark depending on their class and those brandings are usually small and well done by a body modification specialist.

A hacker that Deva hired would work on this paperwork as well as making any and all of Deva's nastier business go away. She was a girl that Deva had grown up with and was not really friends with but this person would be the closest thing she had to a childhood friend.

Antonia was so proficient that she was able to keep an eye on any police business that might involve her or her businesses and partners. Antonia is one of the most lethal and well-respected hackers that Deva could get her hands on. Antonia finds it very easy to hack into any and all computers, as well as having the ability to be able to get into governmental computers and anything else she wants to do so. She would work the system to get the girls clean working visas so that they could stay in the country and no one would be the wiser.

This hacker also keeps an eye on the accountants that Deva has hired to keep her books, even though Deva has a book of her own that she uses to check on those accountants' work to make sure they aren't stealing from her. Antonia has also been set up with the best security that money can buy. That includes facial recognition among other things that help Deva keep an eye on everything in her home and her businesses. Only Antonia, Deva, and her number 1 in security have access to this technology.

Deva is smart, shrewd, conniving, willing to do anything to make a buck. She can be very cordial and is a student of life, the art of selling sex as well as a good bullshit detector. The woman that took her in taught her many things. One particular skill was to learn how to study the micro tics of a person's face to learn if they were lying or telling the truth. She also taught her that everyone in her stable was also on the grift. From the servers and bartenders at her bar down to her stable of girls.

They are all taught ways to ply people for more and more of their money. Her number one rule is that if you aren't taking care of yourself and stealing some money to help yourself then you aren't willing to take care of her. They also sell drugs to her patrons to keep them pliant, more willing to spend money on their credit cards and to earn an extra buck for themselves and Deva.

Deva has extreme PTSD from her time growing up and all the things she's had to endure. She has severe panic attacks and tends to run when things get tough, as well as, severe anger issues. She smokes a lot of pot to keep her panic attacks at bay, and to keep herself calm. It is a necessity because if anyone that she works with or for caught on that she is weak in any way then they might think she is easy to take over.

Deva has a security detail that was held over from when her old Madame owned the place but she did kill off a few of the upper echelon to bring in people that she knew she could trust or manipulate, or both. Deva will use sex as a weapon to get what she wants and to keep people pliable.

Though, if you offer her money for anything sexually related when it comes to herself, you will tick her off and anger her very quickly. Deva is very easy to anger, Deva takes no shit from anyone and makes sure that everyone that works for her is very, very scared of her.

She has a secret playroom that she uses for torture to keep her people in line and due to her upbringing and her life, she has become a bit of a sociopath unless you get to know her on a deeper level. Under all her pain, anger, and fear, she still has that shy, brilliant kid hiding under it all and it only shows to those people she trusts and allows them to see it.

Deva has an affinity for knives, likes them during foreplay but only if she trusts the person. She uses skin grafting knives during her torture sessions because they hurt the most and she can go for a long time during a session before the person goes into shock or can be seriously hurt to the point of no return but she will use any and all torture to keep people compliant. Lucas taught her many things.

Deva is willing to do anything to make a buck and keep herself in power.

She hosts a fight club with a conglomerate of other important figures in the underground where the pot is 1.2 million dollars and it is a no holds barred, fight to the first blood or even death type of event.

She also studies human behavior and what people will be willing to pay for as far as sex goes. That goes into the realms of BDSM, Cosplay, p0rn, and much more. She is always looking for a new angle.

Deva owns a few legal businesses. Beauty salons being one of them and the other is a cleaning, tutoring, and babysitting business that is also a front for high-end escorts and the more prominent clientele that wants to keep their name and faces out of trouble and also to keep their wives out of their business.

Deva uses the girls from group one and group three in these businesses. The high-end girls take care of the men and the 3rd class girls take care of the more legal side of both her salons, as well as the tutoring, babysitting, and cleaning details.

Is multi-ship. So these connections are separate storylines. More to come, work in progress. Connections: Lucifer Morningstar: Devilish Persuasion Dean Winchester: Poughkeepsie Shawn Mickey Nick and Jordan
Who I'd like to meet:

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Dec 22nd 2020 - 6:32 AM

    Merry Axe-mess from the Helix family. Have a bloody good time.
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Geralt Hestus

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Sadly I do not have discord. Don't worry, I'm a pretty patient guy 
Geralt Hestus

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Dark mafia/blackmail rpg - discord required
Revenge is a dish best served cold

Stefano Morcelli, the head of the mafia that had run the streets of New York for the past six decades, has been murdered and his body was left on display for all of the city to see. This did not sit well with his daughter, the now mafia queen, Giorgina. She will stop at nothing to find out who had taken the only parent she had ever known. In Giorgina’s eyes, everyone is a suspect and there are no rules she won’t break in order to find the truth in the sea of deception and traitors that is called New York City.

We are Forsaken, a dark mafia crime roleplay group based in New York and we are reaching out to you to join our family of dark, creative writers. In our group you will find angsty storylines with loads of in character drama, dedicated writers, a friendly support system, and equality and tolerance for all types of characters. If you have any questions about the group itself or the audition process, please feel free to ask!

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I am Dean. 
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