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Characters: Princess Lily Dra
Verses: Rise of Kings verse its App download it play then add me
Playbys: Brit
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Real Life,
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About me:
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Princess Lily Dra
Princess Lily Dra was named after her grams Lilith and Her Aunt Dra most in Modern times had never gotten to know her. Due to when the Devils Civil wars had begun. She had been sent back in time. So she would be safe. She even had her own castle. But those times were also war torn as well. That was went she met her Hero Dom. Who is her savior and love of her life. And now they returned to modern times to try and restore the broken Kingdom of Devils.

My Song to Dom I love you so much

As Most Stories Go
More to come in time I am sure
Who I'd like to meet:

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King of Devils Dom

55 minutes ago

He would smile and kiss her filing the kiss with so much love I promise to you will always be my number one girl and we will one day do all the things irl he thinks kissing her deeper holding her bodies together
King of Devils Dom

1 hour ago

Ahh ok my love
King of Devils Dom

1 hour ago

**sorry my love I'm answering alot of people**
King of Devils Dom

1 hour ago

He would kiss her more moving his tongue I to herouth letting it link with hers he was so happy to be back with her he missed her so much and he needed her in his life a
DK Johnny

3 hours ago

Yea sure that sounds like a good idea
King of Devils Dom

4 hours ago

He would hug her back tightly I'm so sorry Lily it is me I'm here I missed you so much I'm sorry I left I thought about you every night I was gone but dont worry ok I'll never be leaving againย  he says hugging her more them pressing his lips against hers kissing her passionately
DK Johnny

4 hours ago

He would stop hiding it and show her this is what was poking you and idk whatever you wanna do
King of Devils Dom

4 hours ago

Yes it's me I'm backย  he would smile holding out his arms
DK Johnny

4 hours ago

He blushes trying to hide it, it's nothing my love
DK Johnny

4 hours ago

He would blush hearing that she would get excited also his boner pressing against his pants hard making a noticable bulge "I miss it too my love"
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