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A friend can betray you, but an enemy will always stay the same.

115 years old
Old Harbour, Saint Catherine

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March 11 2021

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Orientation: No Answer
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Captain Maerlyn
Verses: Potc, or any I choose, Peter pan, once upon a time
Playbys: Mine own to know.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Member Since:March 30, 2020

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About me:
Isaac Maerlyn was a stowaway, aboard the death's lament at the age of only 16 and hiding amongst the cargo and rats. He survived on stolen food and drink, and spent his time studying Naval battle strategies for two months aboard the ship until the ships quarter master discovered him in the kitchens stealing food one night. He was given 10 lashes for stealing, one lash for sneaking aboard and at the end of a sentence of give days in the brig from the ship's Captain. Known only to Maerlyn as Roberts... He was offered a job. Isaac's father had been a sailor in the royal Navy, but had died at Sea. He taught Isaac all about the ships and how they run and after a short time of only two years he'd made himself almost invaluable to Captain Roberts. By his third year traveling aboar, "The Death's Lament," He had gained so much of the crews loyalty and respect that he'd been given the honor of first mate. After the captains original first mate had tried to rally a mutiny claiming Roberts had not provided them with enough bounty in the three years they'd been running with him. Roberts had always told Isaac that the reason he'd given The Lament it's name was that it was so fast it was said it could outrun death itself. Therefore it was Death's Lament to never be able to catch him or his ship. There were rumors in the scuttle that the first mate had been right all along, and that the Captain had been hoarding riches and having them buried for years. Amongst the crew there were five loyal to the captain as to become a sort of inner circle or cabinet. One night in an attempt to put the rumors to rest, Isaac snuck into the Captain's quarters and opened his ledgers. His eyes had adjusted to the dark some time ago from being cramped as a stowaway. He discovered the truth. The first mate had been right all along. He brought the news to the crew ringing the dinner bell as loud as he could and shouting the news. The crew were furious, they wanted to kill Roberts where he stood, Jack had other plans, He instead opted to maroon the captain on the island his riches were buried on. If they would allow him this one thing and allow him the ship he would distribute equally the riches stored, keeping enough only for himself to make repairs and stock the ship. When they found the captains riches hidden in a cave and not exactly buried. There was so much more than anyone had anticipated. He had stored the mains of each pillage for himself and only given the men the scraps. Feeling outraged, Isaac killed Roberts himself after a long and bloody fight with a sword. He took the lament for himself. And to this day sails the seas looking to explore new places, pillage and pilfer his way to glory and riches, and maybe one day buy a small island. Other pertinent information. He is a descendant of the once Great and powerful Merlin although he hasn't a clue how magic works or if it even exists within himself.
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тнe вlυe eyed ѕpιrιт

Mar 30th 2020 - 6:15 PM


Wait, hold up, what?

Do you not know your Eldërn?

 Hm, well I guess it has been a few malillia since its been used -scratches the side of his check before laughing-  That means, Hey there, how are you? Hah, You just learned somethin’ isn’t that cool?

Anyway! My name is Darou; Darou indeed, maybe you’ve heard of my world famous tavern? No?  Maybe perhaps my fighting skills, sure they are legendary! No?? Well thats a shame! Someday, I’ll show you a thing or too! If food or cool ass moves  arn't your scene, maybe how about an adventure I know yah wont forget?

Oh! Hey! Where are my manners? Its a pleasure to meet you, Who might you be again? 

--Thanks a ton for the acceptance! Lets become good writing buddies, shall we? Always up for an adventure, hit me up and we can discuss! No rush of course, i’ve got all the time in the world~until then, see yah later! 


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