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The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
Biography Hou Xin was born into a family connected to the imperial palace for generations. Already his grandfather and father served in the Imperial Guard, were high ranking officers directly assigned to the Emperor.
As a young boy however he had to face a fierce blow of fate which left him orphaned within one night when some the Emperor´s foes took out an act revenge on his father due to being the highest ranking General and right hand military consultant of the Emperor.
Both of his parents lost their lives – his father as the main target, his mother in a selfless attempt to save her husband.

After this devastating loss the Emperor himself took the young boy up as a ward and Hou Xin grew up next to the slightly older imperial sons, soon becoming the whole court´s ward as such. From an early age his soft-spoken, humble and most of the time unintentionally charming way secured him the likes of those he grew up with and those who raised him – also causing them to forgive the one or the other slyness and prank easily.

As soon as he was old enough Hou Xin joined the training of the Imperial Guards, following in the footsteps of his ancestors and rose through the ranks quickly thanks to his quick mind, his discipline and hard work which eventually gained him the rank of the youngest Commander to be known; implicitly loved and respected by his men.

And yet fate seemed not willing to let Hou Xin off the hook so easily coming back to him with a blow when due to his high rank among the court and faithful, brotherly relationship with the Emperor a Fox Demon, eager to claim imperial power, put him under his spell.
The female demon attempted to gain easy access to the imperial court and thus to the Emperor himself by seducing the young Commander. - Huo Xin however noticed the trickery and danger in the nick of time, yet the only way to break the hex he had been put under was to blind himself… a desperate deed done in faithful pursuit of his duties.

Yet this display of loyalty did not go unrewarded – especially as Hou Xin was determined to not allow himself to be doomed to helplessness caused by his blindness.
Instead he trained and worked even harder to overcome this obstacle, honing his other senses in a way that in the end he proved himself capbale and managed to maintain his status as a exceptional warrior, outstanding strategist and dedicated leader and even was promoted to the rank of General of the Imperial Guard.

fighting against evil is not a choice
Legal Full Name: Hou Xin
Nicknames: Hei Feng (Black Wind), General
Aliases: Wentai, Wang Sheng
Age: 36
Place Of Birth: depending on plot and setting
Current Residence: depending on plot and setting Physical Race: human
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: dark hazle
Built: slender, athletic
Height: 1,78m / 5ft9
Birthmarks/Scars: plenty - faint facial ones across the bridge of his nose and left and right to his self-blinded eyes Family Mother: Hou Shou Rong(deceased)
Father: Hou Wei (deceased)
Sister(S): none
Brother(S): none
Other Family: none Relationships Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: single
Current Relationship(S): married to his work
Past Relationship(S): none of your business Employment Occupation: > depending on verse, plot and setting: Demon&Monster Hunter/ General/Mercenary/Soldier...
Job Description: guess that´s rather self-explanatory
Employer: depending on verse, plot and setting: self-employed/emperor/government...
No one knows what you have been through or what your eyes have seen, but I can reassure you whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind.

The mysterious Geisha


Friend or Foe, time will tell

Wei Wuxian

Cultivator, Master of Demonic Cultivation


A dark deity with a hidden agenda

Lan Xichen

Lan Huan, courtesy name Lan Xichen is the current leader of the Gusu Lan Sect and a Grandmaster Cultivator

Xue Yang

Junior Culitvator of the Lanling Jin Sect and versed in Demonic Cultivation

Udo / Miyavi

Tundra Fea, living in disguise among humans

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Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt.

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High/Urban Fantasy - Asian/European Mythology -
- Action/Adventure -
Hou Xin
OOC Character and Verse information Hou Xin is a totally original character though heavily inspired by at least four different characters from Chinese/Japanese Fantasy/Action Movies: General Huo Xin (Movie Painted Skin2) who also is responsible for the charactername, Prince Ning Yi (TV Show the Rise of Phoenixes), General Wentai (Movie Huan Mulan), Hyakkimaru (Manga/Anime Dororo)and Zaitochi (Show/Movies Zaitochi).
He is a mix of all of them plus my own ideas, and I focus on different aspects and characteristics depending on the era and verse I set him up in.

In order to make Hou Xin adjustable to as many verses as possible his background and biography are not set in stone and can and will be adjusted in order to fit the individual setting.

Creativity is a huge, endlessly streaming source if you allow it to flow and run freely.

Possible verses may range from classical High Fantasy to Urban Fantasy (inclduding equally European and Chinese/Asian myths and legends) to settings in a more strictly historical context...
And he also can be fit into a lot of contemporary settings like monster/demon hunting, adventure stories,etc...
... whatever seems at least the tiniest bit plausible, bring it on.

Further - I am a multible SL RPer.
Meaning: all my storylines are individual adventures and stories - none are interlinked. No action or relationship happening in one SL is influencing any other.
skills and Abilities

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Characters: Hou Xin
Verses: High & Urban Fantasy / Asian & European Mythology / Adventure / Shadowhunters / the Untamed...
Playbys: Chen Kun
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Ancient, Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy,
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𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥

Jun 28th 2020 09:05

“This sort of behavior?” Erra repeated, and while Hou Xin and the other guards dropped their hands towards weapons, Erra folded his arms across his chest. He could feel a new energy all around them, coming from the guards. How exciting, his knowledge of these lands and her people was still faint enough that he could be rendered surprised but he did not see it as a bad thing. He was confident in his own prowess and skill, so much so that he did not worry for his own life despite the power surrounding him. He did, however, chuckle as Hou Xin’s civilized manner dissipated as he drew forth a fan. Had Erra not noted human ingenuity he might have directed his laughter at the choice of weapon, perhaps mock him and ask if he meant to beat away the heat of the sun with the small thing. “Are you so quick to jump to assumptions? I am showing you intentionally, so you may know what I possess.” Not entirely a lie, he had intended to present the guard with transparency in his bid to win them over enough to forge enough of an alliance that he might find himself before the emperor ere long. Yet it was also meant to raise questions among them, of his origins and abilities, whether this was the extent of his power or merely a taste. And it was not all, no, Erra opted not to unleash the blight of his nature.

He did observe the interaction taking place with vivid intensity, even if his outward appearance resembled one slightly bemused at the sudden arrival of the royal princess. Clearly she had a deep bond with Hou Xin, one that the other guards were well aware of, given another officer’s amused snort at the pair’s exchange. Interesting, and another little piece of the puzzle for Erra to tuck away later. Spectacles were mostly a distraction, and while Erra’s power was devastating when he fully utilized it, it was in the subtler methods he wrought true damage. Knowledge was his favorite weapon, truths his sharpest blades. Words could topple nations if spoken correctly and while everyone from Hou Xin to the princess made their judgments of him, he could only smile inwardly. Good. Let them believe him brash, so eager to show off that they would put their attention in guarding against his power, never mind what they showed in turn. The energy that put them above mere mortals, the relationships they had with each other. 

But with the energy came a thirst for more. Erra wanted to drink it in, dissect one of these guards and find a means to wield it for himself. It felt pure, in a way his power never could now, like it might chase away the very corruption pumping in his veins. He could draw power through blood, but things already were not going well. He had hoped the attack would rock the city, raise desperation enough that his offered aid would be readily accepted. Then again, he supposed if the Imperial Guard sought outside aid whenever there was a problem, they would not be fit to guard the emperor.

He turned his attention back to the young woman, sensing the strength of her immediately. This was another who would never be easily shaken.

“Your grace,” Erra began, keeping his eyes on Feng Po despite the tiger’s incessant circling. “These continued accusations and misunderstandings are the cause for your guards’ hesitation in returning to their duties. Little tricks? Intimidation? How many times must I say I have come here to help, is it so wrong to show how I mean to help? What power I offer? Have I not blatantly expressed what I want in return?”

He grinned at her, the light of the sun still dancing in his eyes. “I tread on the grounds of the Jade Emperor and his powerful dynasty. I come here seeking an audience with him, but see this is a tumultuous time for your Imperial City. Thus have I offered the power I revealed to your guards and have been met, with every turn, with suspicion and downright hostility. You set me as the villain? I see only the prejudice against one who is not your own. What a pity, I had hoped you would be more open-minded.”

The god sighed, dropping his arms back to his sides as he looked at all gathered here, affecting disappointment in his features. “What a pity indeed.” He clicked his tongue before his gaze fixated on Feng Po again.

“Very well, princess,” and he purred the title, “if I am such a nuisance and my assistance is not required I will leave you to clean up the rubble of your city.” He did prefer to weave his networks, get closer to his mark rather than instigate an all-out war, but if the stubbornness of the princess and general was anything to go by, he would scarcely make much headway along this path. Perhaps he ought to find those who led the assault and join up with them, lead them for a secondary attack and kill as many as necessary to clear a path to the emperor instead.

“Just remember, I did come here under a proverbial banner of peace, and feel no qualms in admitting that such a banner is not so offered much.”

𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥

Jun 17th 2020 11:52

Noble, humble, dedicated to duty...all the traits Erra rather abhorred all culminated into a single person. The smile on his face remained pleasant enough, perhaps touched with a sharp edge but not malicious, and yet as Hou Xin dismissed his words to state he was just like all the rest, the god could not help but sigh inwardly. He’d seen the type before, stalwart and true until the very end...foolishly stubborn, and that stubbornness was a nightmare. Erra had a feeling that Hou Xin would bring it to another level. He would be a difficult mark, but Erra never did back down from a challenge.

“That is quite presumptuous,” Erra replied calmly. “How do you I said it to gain anything at all? I may be unfamiliar with your customs, General, but then...it would seem you have no patience to observe mine either. Rude.” His smile widened. “Is that a spark of temper too? Or passion? So you are not a sheep bleating about duty and honor only. That is good, I would lose patience otherwise.”

Forced civility was not getting him very far and thus, Erra let himself drop the charade a little. They were in a time of potential war after all, given that the motivations behind the attackers was as yet unknown, there was no time to entertain the games of a foreigner. Erra could understand that and despite his words, he was hardly offended by Hou Xin’s reaction to him. “I told you when I arrived, your foes bested you and would spread darkness. They are wicked creatures, clinging to the shadows. I told you I could offer you the sun. But, you are not wrong...I do not offer it freely.”

Erra still did not break his gaze from Hou Xin, all but ignoring the other members of the guard still gathered around them. They were nothing, not even worthy of a glance. He was a god after all. Hou Xin just happened to be a proverbial gatekeeper, one he needed to get past to achieve his goals. “I have need to meet with your emperor, I realize that a stranger coming here with such a request after this attack is highly suspicious. It is why I mentioned your enemies in the first place. I can help you with them, so that you may see my desires do not align with theirs.”

And he showed them just a little, just a sign that he was no mere man, as what appeared to be two embers burned in his eyes. The other guards murmured at the sight and the area around them became warmer, heat exuding from the god’s form. “I do not see your empires, the lines of your borders that are drawn by blood and fire. These are truths for humans, and thus not truths for me. That is why I meddle, because I am here and therefore I can.”


Jun 11th 2020 19:26

This question was addressed not to his physical obstacle but to the explanation of his hip wound because Madoka was confident they would suspect her. Maybe, not as someone who injured the general but at least at failing to protect such an important figure. Hou Xin could talk a lot about the fair attitude to all soldiers but she was not born last morning. The hierarchy was unavoidable in the field of the army. There must be a figure of a ruler and ruled beings, a leader, and the followers. That’s how every military force was build and she didn’t doubt that Hou Xin knew it. He must be aware of this aspect the most between them two. After all, he was holding the high post. So, he should understand his wound would cause many questions. And the woman worried they would be about her service. She was still a foe in the eyes of the majority.  
She was in the opposite mood being unable to hide her alarm what might cherish the general. Frowned the vampire glanced up at him and tilted the head getting surprised by his response.

— Trading with foreigners? Sir, you mean the foreign criminals who escaped from their native lands? - she didn’t understand clearly what the man was talking about. Sighed the lieutenant shook the head and expressed her doubts, - I don’t want to seem disrespectful but, General, I doubt your people will believe in the tales of their leader getting hurt by some regular thugs. You are not just a soldier. People around, and even mod, should be aware of who you are and attacking you…that’s pretty disturbing. 

And soft chuckle escaped from her chest as she reacted to the nonsense of him being a clumsy blind man. 
—  I don’t know what is even more ridiculous, to tell them you were hurt by a bolter or you fell from your devoted horse. Sir, you are not a random visionless figure, you are one of the best warriors in your country, - her tone became serious again, - I don’t want to reproach you. I am sure you are aware of your action and speech. And I don’t impugn your skills. Especially, after our first meeting, I ought to doubt myself. I just have a small note: your people will blame me when they see your wound. No matter what you will tell them. But I must know your explanation. And that’s why I think…

She took a pause considering if she said too much. Usually, Madoka was not so talkative. Her opinion was never asked. She had stayed silent. After a pause and harsh exhale the woman offered:
— What if we tell the truth? We didn’t bury the bodies. I can show them what happened or lead them to that area. 

She was ignorant about the insecurities of the general. A priori the vampire believed the man had got over his struggles of lacking the ability to see. For her, he was an excellent fighter. And the last night didn’t throw a shadow on his experience, in her opinion. After all, it was amusing that the man, without any supernatural support, managed to kill a couple of such creatures. To be honest, Madoka blamed only herself for not noticing their presence earlier. Maybe, due to this inner feeling of guilt, they were pretty similar. 

~ 𝓚𝕚𝕪𝓸𝓶𝕚 ~

Jun 2nd 2020 11:51

Out Of Character

I apologize for this comment.
Yes, I know that you use it for roleplaying.
Just wanted to let you know that I will add you as a connection to my profile as a friend.
Hope that is fine with you.


xx Kiyomi xx
~ 𝓚𝕚𝕪𝓸𝓶𝕚 ~

Jun 1st 2020 17:51

Thank you so much for the add/ or accepting!

The name is Kiyomi and I'm a Pokemon OC! 
My character is a mix of Misty and May

I'm a big fan of the anime, video games, card games, etc!
Been roleplaying since the Myspace days.
I roleplay: Para, Multi & Semi.

Best Pokemon Trainer GIFs | Gfycat
It would be awesome to hear back from you !
Have an awesome day, week, morning, night!

 x Kiyomi x


May 30th 2020 20:30

As she grabbed her chest trying to calm down she did not care for his affliction all she cared about was his happiness an she acted like she didn’t know but she knew he knew that she did but she did not let it get between them or let him fall because of it. “It is okay I should have known you would have come in at that moment” she then tilted her head “My goodness let me fix this for you” she said as she walked over to him though in private it was okay as she then fixed his outfit and smiled. “Also sit so I can fix that hair of yours” she said to him before she saw him sit she saw two guard rush in she sighed and smiled “it is okay I just got scared of a small mouse is all” she said lying she did not want others to pity him or her as she smiled.

The guards nodded and bowed “alright your highness as long as your safe and okay” they said as they sheathed their weapons and left as she nodded she then had a comb in her belt around her waist she kept it for emergency in fact it was a comb he had given her nothing extravagant like her other belongings but she loved it all the same. “Sit down so I can fix that hair of yours now that we are alone since its improper but someone has to do it” she said with a smile. Though it was not traditional for a unmarried woman to fix a mans hair especially a man who she wasn’t married too but she did not care not at all she wanted him to look his best and who else better than someone that knows him.

As she saw him sit she then unpinned his hair and then started to comb through it strand by strand as she then leaned in a bit closer to fix the strands tying it up how it should he. She was good with details as she smiled humming a familiar song as she then finished up fixing his hair and then putting the hair pins in the proper place as she smiled and then finished up. “there all finished now stand up and lets make sure nothing else is out of place I know you feel uncomfortable about this but do not because I will be there to help you” she said with a smile as she then saw him get up. She inspected his outfit and circled him she fixed his belt and then fixed the rest of his robes and his armor and then nodded in satisfaction.

“there we go all proper and ready to go” she said cheerfully and smiled as she looked up at him and then smiled again. “If you need anything just ask alright but father is looking for you reason I had come here but I did not want you to get scolded by anyone” she said with a nod. “So if you would follow me to where my father is we can get this all done and over with” she said with a smile. She knew he is uncomfortable with large crowds especially a banquet honoring him as she then smiled walking with him out of the office and then to her fathers as she then got serious when they reached it. “here we are I will see you at the banquet do not make another mess or I will drag you out personally and fix you” she said and poked his chin a moment before leaving to finish the preparations for the banquet itself.

As soon as she left she went towards the court where the banquet was being held she looked around seeing everything in place making sure it was all getting done. It was rare for her to be dressed up like this wearing something that smells nice to boot many would have thought her to be dressed as she normally dressed ready for a battle here and there but today it was special. The person she knew and grew up essentially with helped him with a lot is getting his day to be honored and she wanted it to go without any problems or she hoped. She wasn’t just paying attention to the preparations she was also paying attention to some gossip about someone coming in with the wine staff or waiters and what not. As she heard them she wanted to keep mental notes she knew many were out to get them and her father.

As she heard the gossip she had a curious notion though no one would understand her gut instincts say for one and he is the one she did not want to worry him about hearing such things it could all be false like before. As she slightly turned she heard them gossip as she then cleared her throat “would that be all?” she asked as they all bowed and then left “sorry my lady we wont do it again” they said and left quickly to finish the rest of the decorating. She sighed this wasn’t her job but she promised her father she wouldn’t interfere with anything today so she had to listen. As she then finished she started to walk on the pavilion gardens as she saw the general standing there she smiled and went to the kitchen to get tea prepared. When she did she went back with a smile “would you care to have some tea with me?” she asked out loud before placing the tea on the small table near by as she then waited for his response.

𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥

May 30th 2020 15:10

Hou Xin was so cautious, but then could Erra blame him? He was a general of the Imperial Guard, if he was possessed of a laissez-faire attitude he could scarcely be counted on to keep anyone safe. While Erra thought to use the situation on hand to make him rush into an agreement of any sort, it would seem the young general was too wary for such an alliance without more context. It was something Erra did not discount, though if he was entirely honest he would have had great fun in seeing this cadre of impressive soldiers dance to his puppet strings from the start. He could be patient, however, the very fact he did not strike immediately after the Fox Demon failed attested to that. 

He could feel the tension surrounding them, perpetuated by the mystery of his arrival and request to speak with Hou Xin. Playing along, Erra bowed (barely, his pride would not allow him to bend to any) in response, rising with a swirl of the hand that appeared a gesture of welcome, though in truth was more a sardonic commentary on human custom to begin with. All these little rules of etiquette...the gods did not require them, did not need to make a show of respect. But these were not gods, even if they did guard one. 

“I am called Erra.” It was but one of many names, the one he held the most fondness for. The one that reminded him to forever make his creator lament the error of his judgment. But he was also Ra, Hvar Khsaita, and many more given by mortals. But these would only cast more questions about his person than he wished to answer, and though he could not be entirely sure - he did not feel as if his time permitted here was unlimited. At least not this peaceful, though wary, atmosphere. 

“I come from the West, I am from the city of Akkad within the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia.” It was where he landed after his Fall, after he’d been ousted from his creator’s golden palace and exiled to this world. Of course, when he landed the empire did not yet exist and the lands to the west of the crescent where the sun crashed became a desert, making the crescent all the richer for it. As civilizations rose around him, Erra found himself gravitating towards the kings of Akkadia, and they looked to him as their god. One to fear, one to give sacrifices to. He found he rather missed them and their fervor, so he would have to return once he got what he came here for.

“We have never met, so you may save your apologies. You’ve not forgotten a passing acquaintance,” he smirked, for a passing acquaintance could detail their bond exceptionally well at present, at least from his point of view. “I know much because I observe much,” he continued, clasping his hands behind his back and pacing slightly, everything about his posture relaxed to keep the guards from reaching for their weapons. Erra had no intention of fighting them now, he was adamant he should gain their trust. At least so much that they would not watch him with all the intensity of a hawk watching its prey. 

“And it’s quite difficult to miss your story.” His voice was innocent, so too was his expression though Hou Xin could not see it. “A valiant guard making such a sacrifice to keep to his duties. One who did not fade to obscurity for the hindrance of being blind but instead rose the ranks. Truly, it’s inspiring. A legend in the making, even if the pursuit of renown was never your intention.” He stopped pacing, his grin wider and juxtaposed with the hard expressions of the guards still following his every move so carefully. “Forgive me, I’m known to speak overly much. Call it a streak of narcissism, but be glad I caught myself sooner than I normally do.”


May 18th 2020 11:14

It was a solace that the general didn’t start questions how and when exactly she managed to liquidate the hunger. This part of her nature had never become a routine for Madoka even so much time later. She even killed people for the shogunate easier than for her thirst. It belonged to her wild and bestial origin which the vampire preferred to tame. She was used to the leash, it started calming her monstrosity. So, not discussing the way she slaked was a pure relief for the soldier. Watching the man Madoka stayed around in case he would need the support in order to settle down on the stallion due to his hip injure. Even though, the vampire was pretty terrified if Hei Feng decided to kick her if she approached closer to him and his owner. Luckily, Hou Xin didn’t need help. 


The night was peaceful. The sky was clear and the curtains of the moon rays poured the space around. The fresh wind from the river was guiding them, pointing the direction of the main road which they followed but couldn’t use directly. It was not very silent unlike last night: pipe of night birds and bass of owls, the rustling of sleepless small animals, the sough of the grass and murmuring of the high trees or knocking of bamboo holt. It became safe. Madoka sometimes was walking on the ground following a couple of horses and the general but most of the time she was hanging on the trees springing from one thick branch to another what created noises. It was very helpful for the man to trail the vampire and recognize her location. And on the terra thanks to the imperfect condition of the narrow path and her calmness the lieutenant’s steps were pretty audible. She didn’t hurry a lot, though sometimes she threw glances at the wound of the general. This concern, its origin was unknown for her. Inside her mind, Madoka was trying to convince herself that it was purely egoistic as she didn’t want to be blamed for his death or for his injures. But she couldn’t deny the small potion of guilt she was carrying. Guilt that she didn’t manage to protect the general from those newborns. And actually…she felt bad for killing those creatures too. They were her reflection. 


Madoka didn’t dive into her thoughts too much before she paid attention to her surroundings. They were different from the Japanese forests which were more grouped and the moonlight never touched the ground. This wood took more space and the air felt fresher, less moist. The unnecessity of breathing didn’t deprive her of the joy the woman could experience ruling the air and scenting it. The comforting state of mind was a rarity for her. 

At his question, the lieutenant glanced at Hou Xin, then up at the sky. 

— Yes, sir, there are some…under the protection of Qīnglóng (Azure Dragon). They must be a Heart, - she explained to him trying to find the whole constellation, - We are waited on the East, right, sir? 

No surprise the vampire had knowledge of astronomy. Despite the acute ears, she was still a living being and a soldier who often hid or wandered in the landscapes like this woods during nighttime. And the stars and the moon were her main guide. 

— What will you tell about your wound when we get the station? - she couldn’t help wondering. 

𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥

May 16th 2020 11:28


They reached a wing that had quite a lot of activity, as if the city was not seeing enough, but here there were many of the guard rushing about on their duties as they tried to wrest control back into their hands. Erra laughed lightly to himself as he saw it, curious how the Imperial Palace had been taken so completely by surprise. Even he would not have been able to pull it off, he was sure any assault he led would be observed as he tried to break past the defensive walls. That did answer the question he supposed. Perhaps the attack did not start beyond the walls, but within them. The tale became more interesting, a twist to the plot that he wanted to explore further for his own amusements as well as to ascertain his next move.

For however grand this scheme was, there was no denying that the guards and indeed the surrounding region, would be on high alert because of this. That meant the road to the Jade Emperor had new obstacles to surpass that were not there just a week prior. Already Erra waited a long time for this, and he found his temper stirring anew as he came to a resigned acceptance of this fact. Fortunately, his guide paused and indicated Erra should wait where he was. Erra waved him forward impatiently and heard voices beyond the threshold.

The same guard who brought him here returned, beckoning him to come inside. Erra smirked and followed him into the room. There were several men within, but Erra’s eyes immediately locked onto the young man with the pale robes. He knew that face, though he had never stood before him until now. He knew it from the Fox Demon who tried to use him to get to the emperor. Even if he’d been unsure, which he wasn’t, those unseeing eyes named General Hou Xin well enough. How ironic to be standing here out of sight of the general after being the one urging the demon to him. Hou Xin defeated that demoness, but the cost was indeed high.

Impatience was all but palpable as his intentions were still unknown. Erra came to the palace with the plan to play at being a foreign ambassador come to form an alliance. Well, this was hardly the time for that particular game, but he could use its essence all the same. He needed to get close to the emperor, but none would let any near their benevolent god after this. Erra needed to change tactics, change the role he had in mind. He cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. “You have done well,” this directed to Hou Xin, a hint of knowing of him before he continued. After all, it wouldn’t do to delve into that topic while there were so many present.

“Your foes bested you,” his words were somewhat disjointed, slow and measured as his mind continue to assimilate based on his still limited knowledge of this tongue.

“They shall do so again.”

The air was stifled with the power of magic, the stench of demons permeated the streets. As such, Erra did not feel it necessary to point out these things, he was sure the Elite Guard knew already what it was up against. Erra only wished he knew why this attack happened, it would make playing this part all the easier. He was…to put it distastefully given current company, going into this blind.

“They would cover the land in darkness. But I can offer you the sun…” for a price, of course it would come for a price. And he might show them what he could do, but did not offer that display immediately after this declaration. Erra knew well enough that one did not show everything they were capable of, nor explain their merits completely, in one go. It was a quick means to give the other side an advantage, perhaps without even realizing it until too late.

“Interested enough to talk?”

𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥

May 2nd 2020 13:40

It was a place shrouded in mystery even to him, for Erra had not found the opportunity to plunder and ravage these lands in the wake of his fall. Upon his expulsion from the Golden Palace of his Creator, stripped of everything he ever was and his essence twisted to a blight, he landed harshly in the fertile crescent and left scorched devastation in his wake. From there he struck out west and north, but never east. Never until recently, when word of the mighty prowess of the Jade Emperor became too often spoken of to ignore.

Thus, Erra found himself in the East, observing the Imperial Palace from afar and plotting his means to reach this mythical figure that passed from the lips of so many, regardless of origin or make, these creatures spoke with a sort of reverence that piqued Erra’s interest immensely. Alas, as was the case with most of those holding so much power, they had the defenses necessary to keep those like Erra out. He could not go waltzing into the Imperial Palace. He may be the embodiment of Chaos but his was a calculated sort of chaos, unleashed at the perfect moment and not the first course of action. No, Erra preferred the game, those clever twists and turns that got him close enough to strike before any even knew danger approached.

He began with a dialogue, not to any of the denizens of the Forbidden City nor the guards who protected his quarry, but to creatures outside the realm of mere humanity. They too could feel the immense energy of this place, and coveted it just as much as Erra did. The only difference between them was that Erra had the means to succeed, for while his nature had been changed his power remained exceptional. He was still a god, and these demons and creatures of the land could not touch him. So he used them. Notably a Fox Demon who caught his eye from her wicked tongue and clever tricks. They schemed together, late nights filled with the murmur of their voices as they spoke of how to accomplish their shared aspirations. Ultimately, he convinced her to make the first move; both because he knew she wanted to, but more so he could ascertain the abilities of those soldiers protecting the emperor. 

She chose a man named Hou Xin, a man connected to the emperor who Erra saw through her eyes but never face to face. Renowned in the area by the people, Erra could hardly wait for him to fall to the demon’s ministrations. Oh what a grand story it would make! He already found the script writ across his mind, a narrative constructed by his assumptions and desires. This Hou Xin would fall, and the door would be opened for Erra to step through and claim what he wanted. Power the likes he was not meant to have, power that would allow him to rise up and challenge his Creator; that Almighty God, and strike Him down...meticulously pulling Him to pieces for what He’d done against Erra for his curiosity.

Only the Fox Demon did not succeed, there was a level of determination to the mortal Erra did not foresee, a self mutilation in the form of plunging his world to eternal darkness. He might have found some vindictive pleasure in Hou Xin’s forced blindness, but he could not. All of those plans, undone in a single sacrifice. He was livid, pushed close to action as he often was when his temper roared through him like an inferno. He pushed it down, he began to plot again, designing a complicated puzzle that, once solved, would have him victorious.

Fate was against him in all matters concerning the emperor, however. Erra had descended from his rather luxurious home in the mountains beyond the city, determined that he would handle this through his own hand. He carried a missive written in his own hand, a foreign ambassador come to speak of alliances and treaties, strengthening two nations. He never had a chance to play the role, for approaching the city he could see smoke rising. That acrid black smoke of a dangerous fire, mingled with the voices caught by the wind that spoke of trouble in the great city. “A plague on all of this,” Erra hissed, embers deep in the pupils of his eyes flaring to life in his foul mood.

But perhaps not all had been lost, and he could use the current confusion to his advantage. Knowing no one and having none who knew him, whoever he tried to stop and ask for information only gave him an exasperated, harried look; unconcerned with this foreigner as too much burdened their minds already. Some attack from another nation, perhaps, humans playing at war again. He would not know until he got answers, and so Erra sought the one person he knew through proxy; he sought Hou Xin. 

God he may be, but that did not grant Erra omnipotence and he spent much time making wrong turns and getting himself lost in this city he did not know. As it did when vexation seized him, that miasmic heat began to radiate off his form, making others avoid him - frightful expressions overcoming them at the sight of his blazing eyes. 

Save for the Elite Guard, those valiant servants who did not give him a wide berth but rather stood in challenge, perhaps thinking they’d found the perpetrator of the attack. Unknown words were directed at him, spoken too quickly for his novice ear to make sense of, having not learned the complicated language fluently yet. “Hou Xin!” he snapped, voice inhuman and bellowing over their warning shouts. The guards exchanged looks amongst themselves, appearing wary still and now perplexed as well. 

“Let’s not try at being heroes,” Erra sighed when one of them drew a sword. “Tell me where Hou Xin is.”

The guard with sword in hand shook his head and Erra understood the words ‘follow me’ when he spoke them slowly. Whatever he might surmise from Erra’s presence and insistence to speak to one of their own, the god did not know, for the guard did not speak to him as he led him to the mark. Erra couldn’t blame the soldier, the attack seemed targeted on the Imperial Palace and it suffered quite a lot of damage. Whoever launched the assault, they’d done well. Erra couldn’t help but admire it, even if it irked him for interrupting his plans.

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