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Not here for sex nor Er*t*ca, ever.

Character is 14, the rper however is over 21 years old but the character won't date anyone until she is 16 or over, if ever.

Here to rp not for

15 years old
Port Angeles, Washington
United States

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March 11 2021

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Characters: Sarah Mohr
Verses: The Crow:Stairway to Heaven
Playbys: Katie Stuart
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Comic, Crime, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural, Television,
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About me:

Sarah is very stubborn/headstrong young girl. She is a pretty tough young girl but naive as well. Sarah is loyal and faithful, sarcastic and very tricky in a good way. She is fun and fun loving, playful and very energetic. Sarah is definitely more of a tomboy rather than a girly girl. However, she is also very naive and can be shy next to a guy she likes. Sarah is Street Smart, but she is smart even in school too, as soon as she started to go to school more often and all.

Sarah is way over protective of those she cares for. She is also good at lying and sneaking out if she thinks she has to. Sarah is very helpful. Sarah won't leave a friend in need no matter what, even if it puts her in danger. She always puts others first before herself. Sarah is sensitive, and it is easy to piss her off. It is hard to get a second chance with, her, but it's not impossible. Sarah is good at holding grudges.


Sarah Mohr was born to Darla and her husband at the time. Their lives weren't easy, but they managed. Sarah's father was abusive and a bad guy, but Darla hoped it would get better, but it didn't so one day, she tricked him and hurt him back, as she escaped with Sarah. They moved to Port Colombia, Wahington where they live ever since. She grew up there. Her mother, Darla to drugs and alcohol to drown her sorrow over the hell that she went through. Due to that, Sarah spent more time on the street rather than home, as sh avoided home as much as possible. Especially due to the fact that her mother saw a crazy guy that went by Funboy, who got her mom into drugs and alcohol in the first place. Who was a gang member. Sarah tried to avoid them all as much as possible. While on the street she met a young 21 -22 young woman named Shelly, a photographer, who became like a mother/older sister to her.

They became close friends, and through her, she met Eric Draven, who was Shelly's 26 - 27 years old boyfriend when Shelly introduced them. It was interesting meeting but they became friends too. Sarah spent time with them more than at home, as they in some way raised her and acted like parents/siblings/ guardians to her, even if they weren't really that to her. She grew attached to them and they to her, as they were like family to her and she to them, they loved her as a sister/daughter and she loved them as her siblings/ parents despite the fact that they weren't related. At times she even slept at their place. The day she heard they died was the worst day in her life. Shelly was 23 then and Eric 28 years old. Sarah was angry at the world and the gang her mom was connected to because of her boyfriend, as they killed them. She slept in their loft more than at home, even if the cop named Daryl kept finding her there and taking her back but with no luck.

Sarah visited their graves either before school or in middle of the school or even after. She missed them and refused to make new friends, not to lose them as she lost Eric and Shelly, as well as she didn't think she needed new friends. Sarah was one to find out Eric was alive as he came to the loft while she slept there, as without looking at him she threatened him but when he spoke she recognized him, but he tried to keep her away but she refused, as she didn't believe he was dangerous. The cop Daryl came and pulled her away from Eric and tried to get her to school but with no luck as she came back to where Eric was. Daryl became friends with her and Eric, even so, he was already her friend but he became Eric's friend too. Sarah's mom got cleaned from drugs and alcohol by Eric, without her knowing about it until the next day. She found her mom could and retorted to her which hurt her mom but then she apologized. Slowly they got close together and Sarah with Daryl helped Eric a lot. Even when there was a trial against him after which he was found innocent and released but the trial unknowingly was fake. Sarah helped Eric more than Daryl but still.

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