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The Chautre Family New Hope Story.

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Name: Joel Bacque

Title: Lord of Paris

Gender: Male

Relation: Queens Brother

Race: Lizard folk-Shape Shifter

Date of Birth: January 13, 1971

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Father’s Name: Basile Bacque

Mother’s Name: Audrey Boisselot

Ethnic Background / Race: White

Religion: Catholic

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Languages Spoken: French and English

Age: 50 years old

Marital Status: Single
Relationships Past and Present

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Relationship Status: Single
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Past Relationships: Input Info Whom:: LINK



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Here for:Friends,
Body type:Average
Occupation:Lord of Paris
Characters: Vivien Bacque
Verses: Family base on website and open within reason.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Celebrity, Crime, Crossover, Human, Open,
Status: Single
Member Since:March 01, 2020

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The Chautre Family

New Hope

The Chautre's Villa

As long as you're getting a second car, get
one that does things your first car can't. Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

The Chautre Family History

The Chautre family is a French family from the beginning were banking family which they gained their wealth from. At first when the family founded a bank called Chautre Bank they had a slow start after all this is the sixties. The family slowly started getting the respect for being fair with their customers. The family begin to have chain of their banks all over France the more banks they have the more money they would see.

As long as you're getting a second car, get
one that does things your first car can't. Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

When wealth really played for the family they ran for electing for being the next family to rule France and the family won the election. From that day forward they became Sweet Death while the family now bares the crest of S.D. After the family became rulers they build ten guilds to protect France and service her people. The family had a chapel for them to worship God safely.

As long as you're getting a second car, get
one that does things your first car can't. Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

Since the family began to rule made alliance with two countries Spain and Italy families base on overseas trading with each other. The family also begun to have nightclubs to open for young people to visit which are now well popular. The family also has a school for those who want to be an artist can go there while having some artist work for the family after training. Since the family and guild bares the crest they have a cove so the members can hold a meeting when one is needing to update everyone when any updates takes place. The Chautre family bought their own vineyard while producing their own wine while producing wine now means more money to the family slowly they were becoming to be known as a royal family that produces good wine. The royal family has seen its battles no matter how small or big they were in the end it was them who lasted in the war yet wounded but still alive and ready to fight at any battles their common enemies would want to pull next.

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