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Short Story Third

Title:The mangled toes

Crime Thriller

Welcome boys and girls my name is Lola Crimson your host with the most bringing to you from my horror vault world of nightmares that will leave you with cold and fear with horror. So gather around at my campfire so I can tell you our third tale I am sure will have you leaving screaming in fear while needing that little light on to sleep at night because one never knows what lurks in the dark so do enjoy our third tale called the mangled toes.

When the mangled toes have begun to turn up all over Scotland and the citizens are very scared on who will be next while twelve murders within eleven weeks, while all the crimes are committed with the same weapon a sword, and still the Scottish Gaelic still have no clue who the heartless killer or killers are while that news made citizens more frighten. So the citizens of Scotland becoming so frightened that anyone refuses to be caught after dark since the crimes have begun in there town twelve dead bodies within eleven weeks only thing ever was found were mangled up bloody toes only thing left at the crime scene.

Mrs Sharon Raymond is a slender young woman and a very well known psychiatrist who a fondness for kite flying on weekends when weather allowed it but she doesn't know it just yet but she might be the only one who might be able stop this spiteful killer. But when she does get caught up in the web will be survive to tell who is doing these crimes or will the law find her dead also or will be it just her mangled fingers only thing that will be found who knows.

When her long time partner and wife, May Raymond, went missing while a letter was found, so now Mrs Raymond now finds herself thrown right into the centre of this investigation as her only clue was to locate the solid map if failed to do so her wife will die and if she calls the cops her wife will die and if she wants her alive she will do what she was told to do.

So now She will trust the help of a childhood friend who became a navigator by the name of Mildred Wu. So when Sharon got a hold of Mildred on the phone while Mildred already knew what was going on in Scotland as she to is very worried but hearing what her childhood friend was saying was even more worried as she agrees to help every which way she could.

Can Wu help Raymond in time to locate the solid map to save the love of her life May Raymond before the dangerous killer with his deadly sword strike again? Now the pair on the hunt looking for information on the solid map and where the current location the map in hand they need will be. Once the pair located the map they need to get they take the next flight to Rome, Italy where the map they need will be at. During the flight both Wu and Raymond did not sleep a wink because they are both worried not knowing when they return will May still be alive.

After 23 hour flight from Scotland to Rome, Italy the pair decide to check into ma hotel to check in and get a change of clothes on besides they had no idea how long they will be in Rome so after a nice long shower they both hit the bed while finally fell asleep but only slept four hours. First thing they did was get something to eat since it is morning early hours in Rome and what could possible be open when sun just rising. When the sun was finally out the two first finding a way to get online to locate this solid map once what they needed one wrote the details they need after left the hotel to get the map.

When they arrived at the location where the map would be they both pitched in to get the map at the shop that has the map they are looking for and once they paid for the map they headed back to the hotel. Once back to the hotel they gathered up their things and got the next flight back to Scotland hoping May is still alive and once they got back on the plane Sharon and Mildred still nervous as hell over the fact no information on May not whatsoever. It was twenty three hours later when they arrived back to Scotland from the plane they went straight where they had to go since they had known already so they never stopped to rest.

When they arrived at the location from arriving from cab they got out of the cab with the map in Sharon's hands. Once they got inside the house no soon they were ambushed by the men inside the house already waiting for them while May lays bloody on the floor she was already killed. Now Wu and Raymond now fighting for their lives with the six men that were inside the fight seem to last until the men decide to end it fast by stabbing both women with their swords while another one of them taking the map from Sharon now all three women lay on the floor all three bloody up badly with deep sword wounds.

Now that concludes this third story boys and girls I really do hope you enjoy this one while they could only get better coming from my world of nightmare vault. So this is your host with the most Lola Crimson bid thee a farewell until we meet again at the campfire for another round of stories coming from my world of nightmares vault and once more do bring your friends there is always room for more by this campfire.

Welcome to my world of nightmares


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Book One

Short Story One

Title:The Mangled Feet

A Crime Thriller

Welcome boys and girls my name is Lola Crimson your host with the most bringing to you from my horror vault world of nightmares that will leave you with cold and fear with horror. So gather around at my campfire so I can tell you our first tale I am sure will have you leaving screaming in fear while needing that little light on to sleep at night because one never knows what lurks in the dark so do enjoy our first tale called the mangled feet.

Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

When the mangled feet was beginning to turn up all over London while the british citizens are scared on who will be next because ten murders within ten weeks, all committed with the same weapon a clever, and still the bobbies still have no clue who the serial killer or killers are. Because there has been no arrest made the british people are slowly not wanting to go out at night because that was the time frame these crimes were all committed.

DI Joshua Russell is a handsome married man and who is a tuff drill instructor who has a fondness for tuff love but he doesn't know it just yet but he will be the one who might be able to stop this malicious killer before more fall victim. His wife Joyce Patterson who works at home being an book author while watching the news about the mangled feet as the story was unfold. While the killings are going on and no arrest made made Joyce very nervous as she is very happy she does not have to go out at night as she feels bad who does while hoping they will be safe.

But when his only daughter, Marion Barlow, is missing, now Joshua Russell now finds himself thrown right into the center of this investigation but his is only clue was to find spotty teapot as the letter was written to him while warning him if he wants to see his daughter alive not to go to the cops they will find out if he does so he won't do nothing stupid. Now joyce is crying her head off knowing her daughter is missing while hoping these crimes have nothing to do with her daughter missing but she is afraid it might be as she begins to pray to God for answers.

Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

So now he will get the help from his long time friend who became a high school teacher by the name of Kate Slaughterhouse. As Joshua was talking on the phone with Kate as she listens to what happen to his daughter and what he needs to locate so she agrees with helping him and also advice's him not to call the cops either to take the warning very serious. Soon as Kate got off the phone with Joshua she begins to pack the things they will need to locate this spotty teapot and anything else that can be useful for them as well.

Now can Slaughterhouse help Russell to locate the spotty teapot in a nick of time to save Russell's daughter and will she still be alive when they do find the teapot before the brutal killer and his deadly sharp clever strike again? Now the duel are off to locate the spotty teapot while relying online to locate any information of it and when they locate the information they needed they went to get the teapot and when they found it lucky for them it was for sale as Russell buys the vase now they wait for further instructions.

When the phone rang they got the next instructions as Russell took the address down which they had to go where his daughter will be held. When they arrived there was a man outside waiting for Russells arrival and when they got out the car the man handled them both inside the house. Once Russell and Slaughterhouse was inside Joshua noticed his daughter was already dead while covered in her own blood as he begins shouting. The men who was there as there listen to Joshua was shouting as they tried nothing but stand there laughing.

As Joshua was screaming at the men holding the teapot he was forced to find only to come here to find his daughter all bloody as all hell. The men got bored as they are talking to each other what to do next as they decide to kill the other two while still taking the teapot. So the men in the room pulled their handguns out while opening firing on Joshua and Kate as blood begins to spray everywhere on the walls while the bodies are jumping from every bullet that hit them until they fell dead to the floor while the walls covered with some of their blood as well. Now the men took the teapot strangely enough it didn't break as they make hast and left the scene now their crimes will go on while leaving the bobbies baffled who are doing the killing while finding Joshua and his friend along with his daughter brutal murder while that to will go unsolved.

Get a second car that can do things your
first car can't.

Now that comes to an end to our first campfire story so I do hope you enjoyed the first tale coming from my world of nightmare vault. I do hope you will come again because I will have much more tales to tell and do bring your friends because I do hope the next story I do tell by my lovely campfire will be a screamer. So this is your host with the most Lola Crimson as I bid thee a farewell and do come back for another round of horror tales next time I will have a snack with soda for you kiddies to enjoy while listening to our tales. Don't forget to sleep with your light on because I am sure one of my tales will leave one in much fear with horror.

Short Story Two

Title:The Curse of the Magic Blade

A Horror Story

Welcome boys and girls my name is Lola Crimson your host with the most bringing to you from my horror vault world of nightmares that will leave you with cold and fear with horror. So gather around at my campfire so I can tell you our second tale I am sure will have you leaving screaming in fear while needing that little light on to sleep at night because one never knows what lurks in the dark so do enjoy our second tale called the curse of the magic blade.

During the investigating of the death local doctor who is well known by all, as young doctor by the name of Boris Johnson who just uncovers about the legend that is a supernaturally-cursed, magic blade that is now circulating throughout Wales and as soon as anyone uses the blade, he or she has exactly 33 days left to live and on the 33 day they would be found dead by their loved ones in their bed yet no connections were ever made with any of the deaths. The doomed victims have appeared to be just ordinary people who lives a day to day life, but when they are photographed, they all look very translucent as the marked person feels like they are drained from life with no energy. While every time they try to eat and drink they would throw it back up with spots of blood mixed in with what they have vomit up.

When Boris finally gets an hold of the blade, while still refusing to believe the superstition because he never heard curses existed that they are made up stories to scare children. As the collage of images begin to flash into his mind: the images that began to flash was everyone who last owned the blade and the final image was their final day and when the images stopped flashing Boris started to vomit where he was.

When Boris finished vomiting he takes a photo of himself on his cell phone, when he viewed his photo now he really realize that the curse of the magic blade is very true so now he calls his long time friend, who is a nurse by the name of Annie Godfrey, for help. As Boris is talking to Annie while she is listening she agrees to help any way she could wasn't sure how she could but if she could she will any way she could. Now Annie has left the hospital since she was at work when Boris called now heading for the garage for her car so she can head to her friends home.

So when Annie examines the blade as she willingly submits herself to the curse now she finding that she to is having the same visions flash before her eyes as she sees flashing everyone who last owned the blade and next their final day so now she joins the queue for a supernatural death like Boris has been cursed to. Boris takes a photo he wants to make sure if Annie got touched by the cursed and when he viewed her photo he sees she has been touched the photo doesn't lie while Annie burst in tears to see she has been cursed. Now Boris tries to calm Annie down saying there has to be an answer to stop this curse and they won't stop until they find it that alone kinda calm Annie down but not much calming.

Now Boris and Annie want to pursue the quest to uncover if there is any meaning to these visions, along with if there is a solution there to end this curse so will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up? Now the search begins as they try to recall everything they saw in the flashing images while now Annie is looking on her ipad any information about the blade itself hoping there will be an answer there. As days start to go by while no answers where found anywhere while the two start to get really sick while that would hold up the search. More days went by as the two are now getting weaker and more sick now they can't seem to stop vomiting.

The couple never found the answer and they were found dead in Boris car by neighbors who called seeing that car for days being there and when the cops arrived saw the two people were dead as he calls in for help. When the two arrived at the hospital morgue hours later the doctors could not tell what Boris and Annie has died from the cause was labeled unknown. Meanwhile the magical blade has returned back on the streets to be sold once more as more victims will now fall for owning this blade while others are not so believing the curse exist still. Joyce now visits her husband's grave ever since she had the funeral service for him and his friend both buried next to each other as she paid for Annie's funeral as well since she had no family to help pay for Annie's funeral service.

Now that comes another end of another tale by the campfire while I do hope you boys and girls love the second story as I am sure the fear is beginning to fill one's mind by now. I do hope you all come back for another tale coming from my world of nightmare vault because I am sure I will have a screamer. So do come back again boys and girls for another round of horror stories by this lovely campfire by your host with the most Lola Crimson. So I bid thee a farewell and I am sure some already sleeping by a small light from hearing my horror stories that has filled them with cold fear while fearing now what could be in the dark.

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