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Jun 8th 2020 21:49


Darkness overwhelmed the young woman, having seized control when she collapsed next to the insolent wolf. It wasn’t the first time she stared darkness in the face as it consumed her mind. The dark magic that slammed into her core has managed to seep through the girl’s subconsciousness for a good torment. Such were the side effects that no one could anticipate. Once tainted by the Hollow, it never dissipates fully. Some strains simply lay dormant until something triggers them into waking or activates the centers where DNA was forever altered. 

“It’s all your fault.” She could hear the sobbing of a small child inside her mind, a hopeless cry that could shatter one’s heart. “You killed them, you killed everyone I loved!” The accusations were getting louder as the child shouted, causing agonizing headache. “You don’t deserve them. They’re better off without you!” At this point she begun to recognize her own voice from when she was little. “If you go back, they will die. You’ll kill them because you are a murderer!” The sobbing ceased as the child’s tone turned deeper and adult-like, threatening Hope. Her head was aching, breaking from the inside as if her brain was splitting in half. That pain was impossible to forget even when she did regain consciousness. The child’s words kept replaying in her head over and over again as she observed the sleeping wolf. 

A frown had settled on her porcelain features when she realized that she was staring too long. Shaking her head with an eye-roll, she brushed him off like a bad idea. Being a vampire has given her access to those inhibitions and untapped desires that she could suppress easily before but now it all seemed crystal clear to her. This is precisely why she figured it was best to stay away from them all but they didn’t listen and followed after in an attempt to stop her from wrecking havoc that did not concern them. 

If she could have prevented Josie from ever unlocking everyone’s memories, she would have because remembering Hope again was simply pointless when they were doomed to forget this Mikaelson once again. Because now, as a fully activated Tribrid, Hope had all the intention of jumping again and sealing the Malivore pit for good along with her fate. As much as Hope pretended not to give a damn anymore, she was just putting on a terrific show and her future actions will make it very believable. They couldn’t know the truth because then they will try to tamper with her plans and that was simply not allowed. Hope made her decision and she would see it through. Landon would be able to go back to Josie while Rafael will go back to being Landon’s best friend without a girl standing between them. No more monsters and everyone would finally revel in the peace that Hope Mikaelson could not attain for herself. She did not deserve it, she did not deserve them. It all made perfect sense. 

—Fast Forward—

Back in the dusty old room at the compound, Hope awaited for the ever defiant wolf to regain his senses. She chained him up to her bed so he could not escape. Today, this seemed like the most forgotten place in New Orleans—a perfect spot to keep him. No one dared to stick their nose here because the entire city was trembling in fear of the ruthless young Mikaelson. 

Hope had managed to take a shower and change into her usual black leather garb, leaving his shirt on the end table beside him. She’d probably have to assist him in donning it or just keep staring at his half naked frame, not that it bothered her or did it? Damn it, she caught herself staring again while sitting on the edge of the bed. His ankles were chained to the bed posts just like his wrists, so he wouldn’t get too violent in an attempt to break free.

She watched him rouse slowly and waited for him to take in the shock of his new confines and surroundings. “Ah, the sleeping beauty is finally awake.” Her smirking red lips uttered with a hint of sarcasm. A remorseless expression settled on her breath-taking features. “We’re home. Well, my home. Excuse the cobwebs, this place hasn’t been cleaned in ages. I bet you could befriend the spiders while I’m out...hunting.” Her azure gaze trailed off after that careless ramble, she avoided getting into detail about all the bloodshed that was yet to come. But what will she do with him now? Perhaps make him her pawn and use him in her wicked devise? 

His cooperation could actually be compelled, which he wasn’t aware of or anyone for that matter but Hope discovered that she was in fact the first creature in history to have such ability after having activated all three of her supernatural sides. However, she didn’t wish to resort to those methods with him unless she absolutely had to. “The place is protected by my magic and will repel any outside locator spell. They won’t find you and any such attempt could bring you harm.” She warned with a malicious smile, being dead serious with him. Perhaps being cruel to Rafael could finally open his enamored eyes to the truth—that she was a monster. Let’s see how quickly his love turns to hate. 


Jun 6th 2020 22:19

"Fight fight fight fight." The very words that are shouted outside the arena. They would seem odd to an outsider, but to the students of Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted it was normal. Alaric Saltzman and Jenna Saltzman were the head master and mistress of the gifted school in Mystic Falls. Welcome to the twilight zone where anything you say or do could land you in the fighting pits. Little do they know Katherine, the Queen of hell was the master and they were her puppets playing into her plans by her strings. It is your choice to see if you will be a good citizen fighting with the rebels or in the pits fighting for your life. Come and join us at PUGNA CLAVA and pick your side!.
Truth Bomb 💣

Jun 1st 2020 03:38

Should you still be interested in attending, today is the big day!

The wedding will begin at 5pm CST/11PM GMT
You are welcome to pop in and join at any time prior and accustom yourself to the server.

May 27th 2020 17:18

Latest Inuyasha X Kagome GIFs | Gfycat

May 26th 2020 14:49


Pin by Kaylee -chan on Inuyasha | Inuyasha, Kagome and inuyasha ...

May 24th 2020 11:13


Inuyasha Sit GIFs | Tenor

May 24th 2020 10:34

osuwari | Tumblr

Apr 8th 2020 19:34

Look at me now, I have everything
You gave to me and my heart can sing
I was a kid who could only drink
Dance on tables, making deals with devils
Like a drunk beauty queen

Fighting the fantasy, hooked on the scene
But you brought me to my knees
And it's all because of you

Apr 6th 2020 18:18

My editing skills are quite limited but I still hope you like some of these. 

Click on each to save and enjoy!
Love, Wifey.


Apr 3rd 2020 22:15

Wifey goals:

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