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May 11th 2020 - 11:11 PM

Even with as much as Oliver Queen had seen in his many years on the dating scene with all the different beautiful women he had been out with and everything, none of it could even come close to comparing to the image of the most pure and gorgeous body that was before him now. Oliver gasped with pure amazement at just how perfect of a form his Bobbi Morse truly had, growling a little in his throat when she removed her bra and tossed it aside so casually.

All the rippling muscles across his own entire naked body moved as one when Oliver stepped forward and took ahold of her lace panties with one hand and one of her beautiful bare breasts with the other. He then deftly pulled the panties down and off with her heels all at the same time, the other hand squeezing her breast hard as Oliver's mouth was lowered down and shoving that same breast deep inside his hungry and waiting mouth.

Then the other hand wrapped tightly around her waist as he feasted upon her breast with all the hunger and passion inside him that was for her and her alone. Oliver absolutely loved how her soft and truly pillowy breast both felt and tasted buried so deep inside his mouth, biting down  on the soft and tender flesh and then tugging back on the tip itself in-between his teeth some. He moaned and groaned as he continued to feast upon her breast until it became rock-hard as hell in his mouth, then he immediately moved his mouth over to the other one and repeated the exact same treatment to that breast as well.

Oliver could not remember the last time anyone had driven him quite this wild before, had inspired this much hunger and passion from him either for that matter, and he was unleashing every single part of it on her right now. This much was even more evident when he suddenly picked her up in his arms again and almost slamming her back down on the mattress itself, growling as he took ahold of her hips and starting very slowly to run his lips, teeth and tongue down the entire length of her naked body.

Looking up into her eyes as his lips finally trailed down over her hips, stomach and inner thighs, then running his tongue very slowly down and over her pu.s.s.y mound, circling the entire thing over and over again.

May 3rd 2020 - 6:01 PM

Oliver moaned and gasped in return to how she was responding, even more so when she put her hand underneath his shirt to touch his bare, tight and muscular chest, groaning in return and taking ahold of her ass with both hands now and giving it a very firm and tight squeeze as the elevator took them up to the floor of her suite. He growled and groaned as he continued to attack her lips with his own, and by the time the doors had opened back up Oliver had one of the straps of her dress pulled halfway down and was already covering her shoulder and collarbone with passionate kisses.

Thankfully no one else was walking around on that level at the time, and it also helped that her suite took up most of the floor itself alone. Oliver then picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the door of the suite itself, taking the keycard and sliding it into the door for them and then entering the suite with her still in his arms. After the door was shut and secure he carried her across the suite to the bedroom itself and placed her down on the bed itself, giving her a truly hungry look in his eyes as he then completely removed both his suit jacket and shirt, tossing both aside to reveal his bare and very muscular chest, waist, hips and arms, as well as his shoes and socks.

"Well well Miss Morris, I do believe you said something about showing me what lingerie you picked out for me tonight, and I am very curious to see it indeed. Though as you can tell now.......I am not really wearing any underwear at all" And with that he very uncermoniously udid his pants and let them drop to the floor, his hard as a rock and naked c.o.ck sprung free and bounced up and down a couple of times.

Oliver grinned big and wide as he now stood there before his Bobbi stark-naked as a jaybird, hoping she appreciated the view.  He also licked his lips with very obvious hunger and passion that he was all feeling for her right now, ready to tear her apart and make her scream to the high heavens as well.

Apr 30th 2020 - 2:47 AM

Oliver gasped and moaned over and over again, wanting to explode in her magical and amazing mouth right after they had parked in the restort parking lot, but just when he was finally fixing to let it all go she stopped suddenly and tugged on his tie to pull him close to her and teasing him a bit with her words before letting go and getting out of the car. He groaned noticeably and shot a quick glare her way as he pulled his pants back up and got out of the vehicle as well himself a few moments later.

"You are a true damn terrible but sexy as hell tease baby, and dammit all your mouth is truly the most amazing thing I have ever felt, on any part of my body for that matter. I definitely wasn't expecting that certain treat from you while I was driving but, I swear I was actually really close to exploding a few moments ago right before you stopped"

"But don't worry, not only do I have more then plenty of  (Juice) to give you, I promise I am going to get you back for that tease as well, in such a way that will have you screaming your lungs out" And with that he wrapped one arm around her waist and gave her ass a firm squeeze before walking with her through the parking lot and up to the front entrance of the resort. As they walked inside after the doorman had opened it for them, Oliver leaned towards her and gave her a soft kiss right on the side of her beautiful neck.

He walked with her over to one of the elevators and pressed the button for it to open, keeping his other arm wrapped tightly around her and keeping her close against him as well. The door finally opened and they stepped inside together with the door closing a moment or so later. "So are you going to press the button or should I my sweet Bobbi?"

Leaning up against her again and kissing her lips hungrily and passionately for several long and glorious seconds before finally pulling away just a bit and waiting to see if she would press the button herself still. Oliver seriously could not remember the last time he had felt this happy, excited, sexually frustrated and hungry all at the same exact time, and it was definitely all coming from her and her alone too. The power Bobbi was already having over him was nothing short of amazing, and honestly Oliver didn't really mind it at all.

Apr 17th 2020 - 5:25 AM

Oliver gasped with true surprise and shock, keeping both hands gripped on the steering wheel and his eyes as focused on the road in front of him as he possibly could manage to, given the current situation he now found himself in. Not that Oliver was complaining about it though either, not even in the least for that matter.  In fact he felt like he was in some kind of true heaven right now, which was more then evident by the fact that his c.ock was erect to it's full 9 inches now and quite rock-hard indeed.

He gasped and moaned out loud as he felt Bobbi's head start to bob up and down on him, hoping he wouldn't suddenly wake up and all of this ended up being some really crazy and wonderful dream. "Ohhhh god that's it, that's it!! OHHHHHH F.U.CK YESSSSSS BABY, SUCK THE HELL OUT OF THAT C.OCK!!!! FASTER AND DEEPER BABY, DEEP-THROAT ME PLEASE, AHHHH F.U.CKKKKK YESSSS!, DON'T STOP, OH GOD PLEASEEE DON'T STOP!!!"

Screaming at the top of his lungs as her lips and mouth continued to drive him completely insane, though still being able to keep all of his focus otherwise on his driving and the road somehow. The car sped up more and more now, reaching the resort itself just a few minutes later, though he decided to pause in one of the parking spots for now, putting the car in neutral so he could grip the back of her head in his hand and bury his c*ck even deeper inside her mouth. He groaned and arched his back more and more, encouraging her to go on, promising there would still be plenty more for her once they were inside her suite later on as well.

Oliver was going to wait until he came in her mouth this time, promising again there would be plenty more for her later on, hoping she would like the way he tasted once he did explode here before to long, taking his other hand and sliding it inside the top of her skirt from the back. His fingers slipped underneath her panties and squeezed the soft, smooth and plush skin of her bare ass hard in his hand, groaning out loud even more and more now, wondering just how much longer he would be able to last. 

He couldn't believe something like this was actually happening again, especially after so many years, but even so, nothing as incredible or wonderful as this had ever happened to him before. Sure he had dated many women in the past and had received more then his fair share of blowjobs and just sex in general but, never had any of that been with someone that he felt this strongly about, that had alreadly filled his heart with so much love. She was truly a special and amazing woman in every single way and Oliver knew that love for her would only grow more and more as time went on.

Apr 10th 2020 - 6:56 PM

Oliver smiled wide at her comment to him out loud right as she had finished eating her food as well, his heart skipping a few beats and feeling his own c.ock stirring a bit as well when she leaned over and whispered those words and that question into her ear. Clearing his throat a few times, he simply nodded in return with one single word whispered back to her "Both", as he snuck one of his hands underneath the table to reach across and squeeze her left inner thigh, brushing against and rubbing her now wet crotch with his thumb for a couple of seconds before pulling away slowly all together.

He gave her a wicked grin as he handed the waiter his own personal platinum card, telling him to add a 100 dollar tip to the bill as well, the waiter's face lighting up and quickly going to put Oliver's payment in. Oliver used this opportunity to lean over the table himself now and give Bobbi a light kiss on the lips, simply because he couldn't resist doing so any longer at all, loving how soft and smooth they tasted against his own. The waiter returned soon after and handed Oliver his card back and wished them both a great night, getting up from the table with Bobbi now and wrapping one arm around her shoulders as they walked out of the restaurant itself several seconds later.

Oliver walked her over to the car and opened the passenger side door for her, though suddenly taking her back in his arms and pulling her to him again, kissing her lips long, deep and passionately for several seconds, his hands going down over her ass and gripping it tightly. Oliver remained this way with her for about one glorious minute before finally pulling back to give her a bit of a sheepish grin.

"I uh......sorry about that, I just had to let off some of that steam we built up in there, otherwise I don't think I could have made it back to your resort anytime soon otherwise. But I think that will hold me for the moment, thankfully it's not far from here" And with that he released her and quickly went over to the driver's side after she had been seated and her door closed, closing his own door and starting up the powerful engine, which roared to life as they pulled out of the parking lot, exited onto the road and took off to the left and towards the resort itself.

Apr 5th 2020 - 12:51 AM

Oliver gave a grin in return to her last words, chuckling a bit to himself at how obvious it was to him that she was holding back so much she would have said otherwise back to him. He could also tell that her food that was in front of her now wasn't helping her resist from saying or doing more at all either, which honestly only made Oliver smile all the more so. Her cute and sexy purrs in response to his own somewhat subtle animalistic noises towards her was also serving to turn him on all the more so as well, devouring and tearing his food apart all that much faster now as well.

Bobbi's cute giggle was also something that made him groan a bit as well, downing at least 4 glasses of the wine while he was devouring the food, thankful that the food was so hearty and healthly. Otherwise the wine would have definitely been affecting him a lot more then it actually was right now, which was barely even a little bit honestly, a fact he was quite relived by honestly.

Before more then several more minutes had passed, Oliver's plate was completely empty and he felt quite full of food indeed, smiling over at her as she was finishing up her food as well. "Well I don't know about you but, I certainly can't for "dessert" myself, and I certainly hope your sweet tooth is fully prepared for the massive "sugar rush" it's fixing to be hit with here very, very soon." Smiling wide at his own use of special words for her and hoping she was picking up on his special code here as well, hoping it wasn't to subtle for her or anything, signaling to the waiter that he was ready for the check now too.

Oliver also was hoping at the same time that she had been enjoying all of the food she had ordered enough too for that matter, as he himself was quite proud of the food here and it always made him smile when someone new could have a chance to enjoy it as well. Especially someone as special as she definitely was becoming to him now as well.

Mar 29th 2020 - 9:12 PM

Oliver groaned a bit more at her words, licking his lips and smiling wide, deciding to say a few more daring words of his own in Italian as well now to her.   "Posso immaginarti in ginocchio di fronte a me proprio ora mentre prendo il mio grosso grosso cazzo e te lo spingo in fondo alla gola, fottendoti la bocca con le palle che ti sbattono contro il mento. Godiamoci prima questo pasto e poi torneremo nella tua suite per il dessert"

I can imagine you on your knees in front of me right now while I take my big thick c.o.ck and shove it deep down your throat, f.u.c.king your mouth with my balls slapping up against your chin. Let us enjoy this meal first and then we will go back to your suite for the dessert)  Giving her another smile and now rubbing his leg up against her inner thigh some as well, just lightly brushing against her crotch itself through her dress for a few moments before pulling his leg back again slowly.

The food arrived just a minute or so later, though Oliver's eyes never left hers throughout the meal itself, tearing into his meal with a truly vicious hunger and passion. He also made several feral but still somewhat subtle noises towards her here and there, not being able to remember a time that he had felt this hungry, had felt this strong and much of a desire for anyone in so very long. Sometimes Oliver was still not sure if this was just a beautiful dream or not, but even if it was, it was one he definitely never wanted to wake up from either.

It had been a really long time since he had sex of any kind at all, hell it had been forever since he had even been out on a date at all really. But here he was now having already been out twice to see this beautiful and truly amazing woman, not to mention the time he had spent at the resort with her making sure everything had been set up for her right. And of course there was no way he could forget their encounter the night before when he had been out on patrol either, or for that matter their initial meeting when he had almost ran right into her outside his main office building earlier that same day. It all made him smile as Oliver thought back on it all, amazed at just how much time they had already spent together in such a short amount of time.

Mar 9th 2020 - 10:57 PM

What Bobbi said to him in secret using a low voice and Italian as well made him smile a bit and lick his lips subtly a bit as well, though the heel of her foot rubbing up against his leg was what actually made him groan some. The comment she had made about what else she could possibly do to him with her lips was a bit vague even so, though Oliver still got the picture even so, and was enough to encourage his own response back to her as well.

Oliver first squeezed her hand a bit more and then moved his own leg to rub up against her own upper thigh now some too as he began to respond back in perfect Italian also in a very low voice. "Bene, posso dirti una cosa per certa Miss Morse, ti strapperei quelle mutandine da te prima di seppellire la mia faccia nelle tue ammollo bagnate pieghe della figa e mangiarti all'inferno fino a quando non esplodi fino in fondo nella mia bocca. E questo è sicuramente un dato dannato se non altro"

(Well, I can tell you one thing for certain Miss Morse, I would rip those panties right off of you before burying my face in your soaking wet p.u.s.sy folds and eating you the hell out until you exploded all deep inside my mouth. And that much is a damn fact for sure if nothing else" Winking at her as he said those words back to her, hoping he hadn't been to blunt with her just now, especially since she had tried to be just a bit less so with him.

He really couldn't help it after all, she had awoken a fire and desire within his being that he hadn't remembered ever feeling before, well at least not to near this intensity before for certain, besides he had never been one to censor words at all when it came to what Oliver knew he wanted more then anything. And that was a constant fact no matter what it actually was, as he had proven many times in the dealings with his businesses and company alone. He looked at her now with such a strong and obvious desire that it was more then apparent that Oliver was already undressing her from head to toe with his eyes.

Mar 9th 2020 - 8:24 PM

When Bobbi reached across the table to dab his eyes with the napkin he smiled a little, though what she did right after that was quite literally the last thing he had expected from her at all, which was saying quite a lot for someone as aware of others and his surroundings as Oliver was. The moment her lips connected with his own, he felt a powerful spark like none other he had ever experienced in his entire life, one that made his heart race faster then anything.

And when she pulled away to let him know she wasn't going to let him face this alone anymore no matter what, Oliver pulled her back towards him and pressed his lips against her again. He then kissed her with all the desire, love and passion he was starting to really feel for her in this moment here and now, wrapping his strong arms around her to pull her to him even more as he deepened the kiss.

They remained that way for several long seconds of slight moaning and gasping even before he finally was able to pull himself back from her once again, Oliver feeling his heart beating faster then it ever had before now. "I uh.......sorry if that was to much of a kiss all at once for you there Bobbi I.......just couldn't seem to help myself after you surprised me like that with your initial kiss and all" Smiling a bit sheepishly now, his features looking a bit flustered now as he sat back in his seat and did his best to calm himself and his heart down some before it ended up bursting right out of his chest or something.

It was about that time the waiter came back to their table with their drinks and to see if they had decided on what they wanted to order for their food as well. Oliver quickly looked over the menu, waiting for Bobbi to go first before deciding himself on a Tour of Italy, which consisted of Lasagna, Spaghetti with Italian Sausage Meatballs and Chicken Parmesan that would come with some Garlic Bread Toast.

He hoped thinking about the delicious food he had just ordered would help to keep him calm somewhat too, as those kisses alone had made him think about what it would be like to tear off all her clothes and violate the hell out of her body. This line of thinking had gotten him so hot and bothered that Oliver had even felt his pants tightening up somewhat too, grabbing the glass of wine that was poured for him a moment later and taking a long sip from it.

Mar 8th 2020 - 4:16 AM

When she mentioned the island to him, even though it was merely a passing remark, he couldn't help the large lump that formed in his throat, or the fact that his face darkened some as a result as well. Oliver shook his head and did his best to hide the sudden change, taking a hold of the hand she offered and squeezing it some. All the memories of the many years he had spent surviving in that terrible place started to flood back into his mind, forcing a smile onto his face now as she spoke to the sommelier about the wine and hoping it was enough to disguise how he was feeling at the moment.

He nodded with approval at the explanation of the wine list, understanding every single word that was spoken in Italian perfectly, his ears perking up when the sommelier mentioned the red wine especially. "That sounds like a pretty good choice to me, that is if Miss Morse here approves of course" Giving her a wink, though still feeling like his insides were raging like a tornado, his heart alone feeling like it had been ripped in several different places and Oliver found himself needing a drink right now more then he had all day long.

As soon as the man had left to go put in their drink order, he leaned in to her and looked her in the eyes, the smile on his face fading and letting his true emotions show instead. "I.......I need to say this now while I am still able to, and please don't say anything until I am finished, no matter how much you may want to or anything okay?"

Once he was sure she understood, Oliver began to tell her everything that had happened to him, from the time his parent's plane had crash-landed and he had dragged their bodies up onto the shore of the island he spent so many years on, to everything else that had happened since then. As he retold all of the horrible and even sometimes truly nightmarish events of his life to her, the tears started to fall down his cheeks, though his face itself remained stone-cold.

Oliver even included the times he died and had spent all that time in hell, this time going into detail as to what had actually all happened to him while he had been down there. Death was not only something that happened around him quite a lot, it was also just something he had come to expect in his everyday life, but now something was happening that hadn't before.

He was unloading every single part of himself to her, not censoring or holding anything back at all, and the effect it was having on him was so apparent that his own body began to visibly shake and tremble all over. Once he had finally told her everything it felt like a giant weight had just been dropped, one that he had been carrying around for far to long, and he honestly was feeling a little better in spite of the tears still flowing down his cheeks.
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